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The following is a paid program the views or claims made are not necessarily those of WI OK staff management or sponsors. It's time for Laurie in live. Distort your weekend right side and now Gloria weigh in on double BYOK. Good morning good morning I'm. How are you on this fine day wonderful it's a beautiful day sentence you to for the day but you'll be listened to us on Saturday morning which is supposed to bring up and he. But yen. Aren't allowed in comments I'm paying attention but it's a beautiful day on Thursday so okay beautiful day in the neighborhood today. Today and then the seventeenth if a couple of birthday announcements OK now I'm happy I am my cousin he's. She Amos cabin I 'cause I don't think my cousin Jimmy K inside I have the street to cousin Jimmy my cousin Jimmy my uncle Billy's son Jimmy cabinet and his wife air and Clinton clarks summit and they have a beautiful child by the name of Seamus cabinet today in the seventeenth which 'cause we're taping on Thursday she is Seamus Kevin's birthday so if you see him get in the big shout out he's a good boy. From clarks summit and I love the kid he's adorable. So happy birthday Seamus and today would have been my grandma cabins. 119. Birthday all. I'm hit I think snatched Cole. Yeah so I am yeah so we Seamus was born on her birthday so. And big thing big happens czar. But lots of people of course they try to do my FaceBook birthdays you know go on and yes you know who else Alice dancing you know Allen's death and lover today Sampras they tell where this isn't the end. And I noticed she was somewhere and yeah I saw that he hoped that she's a Q a celebrating something I thought it. That was her birthday maybe it was so was the day before or two days before with their friends but she's so sweet south anyway. I'm happy birthday to law. And this and who else is births for a while much of an. But those are the ones I needed to make sure reach some kind. Did all right so I was talking to Eddie. Ms. Falco McNulty the other day and we brand Brenda bestow keys for the first time in awhile so Brenda says that somebody said to her recently. Are you not are you demanded are you and Laurie Manning each other about my personal life she said Lisa why haven't heard you mentioning your name I said I haven't been with us recently. So now we're at a house on Sunday night Meyer and Andy and Brenda ninth. And of course Nancy hurston her sister. Her mother who lives right next story Antony had to Brenda big shot onto the answer Falco I lover she came over from laps so Andy was telling me the story of a lady who saw her in church and said I wish I knew my name. And she said all I hear you went to Gil Martin's short tomatoes Tuesday and what are not that you possess specific but anyway she's I listened to mission to Larry went. As it did she tell you it was battery and last week about my Celia. A Philly experience. And I don't know if she needs she said she said you were saying something but she said she loves to listen so I wish I knew who was so if you're listening in you talk and they. The horse and ideals but I am seeing you never know what's gonna pay attention. First. Time. So yeah that's. Generally go someplace last week that we says to ourselves we have to talk. I can't remember where was. Can't figure out last week now classroom and I think we talked about it than last week we said it was the week before. Well yeah I'm trying to think where was I know there was some place last week. The ice thought to myself hey it's from the things incinerate your show and I've no idea what was. But just what happened the last thing in my and I went up to the park today dog. Hoya Doug Smith an air Malloy in a couple people are playing and it was so nice it's so it's pretty Indy in the back busy Monad back in the near the pool yes yes and usually on Sunday we would get we weren't there and Sunday do enough for. If they start at 2 o'clock in this summer and that was really nice and Olympic and Doug and Bob's lessen your head I. Dinner at my house with three of those with. Dudes admired Doug Babb on Tuesday and Doug said I hope you're coming up we're playing again tomorrow night so we did that we went out to the park and sat. And it was so nice it's just sits and it's yeah. You know you it's the end of the summer and it's just a good feeling and I mean there aren't that happens all the time during the summer but it just was a beautiful night there was little tiny bit crisp. Shut out of the I was so yes so it was nice we had a nice time in Dayton to Demi dug an errand to a beautiful job. And it was nice leaking. Attended which is also good so was it was so it was a good thing. And then dug in March and Doug and Bob and Meyer and I were having dinner and my night they were leaving Iran on the front porch just started raining on Tuesday night and I looked to my phone you know FaceBook pops up those that so many years ago today you. And so low and behold what pops up but the jazz festival photo from the newspaper with Chris stored in a seven years ago. From the bad night and if your heart of this three of the founding members Bob and Doug and I went there and Meyer and having dinner and that thing popped up some. You ask you to say. I like those things happened because they come that was now goes years of how can you don't think about it you know thinks seven years now we I just don't mean it yeah. If it's unbelievable so yeah. I'm. So anyway those birds. Couple things we did this week and I am. The weekend was a little quiet which I'm happy to tell you are my sunshine is coming home this weekend. And then we are all some iron nine going in us. Force Saturday for a few hours were driving to new hope to it. To mr. Khader who we told Luis Dina talked about a hundred years old his birthday party is Saturday so we don't know his daughter lives there so we're going for and then after its early afternoon party saw. I say it's my I can't believe its way because I don't think a gentleman celebrating its hundredth birthday is gone into the wee hours of the night on this educator you never now. Yeah with his son James in ever now so but anyway that's our plan. For the weekend well I I. I remembered what it was so I wanted to talk about because it happened after we recorded last week but. I don't I mentioned this that I'm on Tuesday I was unsavory masa flash no luck this week but last week. And I went there because I had some business doing west Scranton and I thought my said the best idea I guess I thought maybe I'll just go their for lunch because I do love. Fish for tuna salad no I just love food. The garden salad countless sifted through this incredible and I know it's wonderful so you can either dressing merit to don't notice I didn't ask you can buy anyway go ahead it is well folk it is when I didn't. Went across north main avenue I. Pulled into the parking lot that's that the cross streets on on main out of gas from where they are on the corner. And what I did that. I pulled into a space that was right next to those crossroad so. It was the last one you could the last row that was there and I couldn't see from the direction that I was coming into with the spots. I could see that there was one of those concrete barriers that they usually do at the end of a parking space to let you know you know you're good you're done. What I didn't know was that particular one had to rusted spikes sticking out of it I couldn't see it from the way I came in. So. There was a man across the street who was ad in the what would we would call the basement unsavory mindset because of pressure goes down on the ground right right. And he was on cell phone and he saw me. Do that and realized that I didn't know that that's what was going on. And I just decided to bag the car because I thought I was too close to that. Concrete barrier and what I did I couldn't feel that I was dragging her polling. So he saw an and he was over there waving Amy stop stop don't do so he hung up from when we talk until it came across the street. And send me your hung up on the thing don't don't try to do anything I said okay he says see if you can move forward a little bit maybe it will where I can release it. So I did that and didn't weren't these things are. Solid in the country. So he said to me. I so like a soft comfortable laying at the gate just against the taller something to get up over there is a non an Alley said. Or you know on ice and gone and I play is savory mother he says. Cohen Ares I and my son's coming over he's a man we will see if we can lift the car of Hudson okay. This is thank you so I went NN headlines and fifteen minutes later he walked and any obviously knew the guy who only assured the business and they said hi to each other. Kenny came over toward our name is Al they don't via and he says said you're fine everything's okay. There's a little bit of terror in the under the bumper underneath but you're good you're Ross had. I said thanks complex I really appreciated so who is safe. So I finished my lunch and I and the way out I asked the guy you say he's al-Qaeda knows AS the owner of this mentally is that who was a man's name many told mini set was. Dan Blase. I said okay. Oh I love you so painter yes there are right I said thank you I appreciate that. She's so tall he is a great series. I he wasn't. Era when I left so I thought okay what can I do for this guy because you know I don't know what he likes it doesn't like but I thought okay. He's he's Italian so maybe what I'll do is go to candlelight and it was gets attention and I guess so yeah and did you. I called first and spoke to. Pennies B I learned my don't know are so many is is not yet yes. So she sent me. I'll be happy given gift certificates she says the matter of fact he comes in here yes it does and embassies and I also know her daughter has done very well how we're friends on FaceBook and we're back and forth all the time. I said it she said you just domineering get it. And I will let her know that it's here she can tell her father to command again. So I'm Saturday morning. I drove down the derby and Carolina is and I have to admit to you that is the first time in my life that I ever been in that store. Well that's did you not well I'm not Italian either how adept. I don't know because I am you know didn't bite on it means I am I walked by it all the time when I walked down the west Britain's. I just hope he can every day I never went down in Iceland nice this summer nothing. Look I may have to sheltered when I know where I do not it's good yeah so when I was there I thought all right I remembered. The conversations we've had I'm Daryn yes about that holds easily yeah are via that they are. So I thought well aren't I'm an empire Hosea sew I bought one of the mild ones and I was so impressed by the fact that it was about 1 o'clock. And they still had them stallion phrase that's 53 film on them and what is the Adele and and I'm getting ahead of myself right so I did all that. I also but six in the cookies that or in the deli take courses I love the chocolate ones aren't so I asked. As I'm coming up the front door. There's a car and it's right on the on the the sidewalks yet and I'm thinking why is he pulled up on the sidewalk. I don't know but anyway I look I went by and I went to my car which was parked along the side. I backed down and came towards the exit the entrance or exit I'll mention north main avenue and as a guy who was in the car on the sidewalk is now backing up. And I think think. And it does slimmer I didn't make. He came out there of with a bag. That was filled within had to be at least a dozen calls you know DS. New York played and how much outside says this night obviously was originally. From here. Came back to buy all these but he zipped out the other way I course is yes sure everything and I'm not okay. A look at the parking lot New Jersey Philadelphia all of these cars were parked there on a Saturday for a many from here but I couldn't get over the number of cars that were from out of town that has come there to get those Sony's and they buy them. 56 a limited time I'm no wonder they have to keep and staff well are in the economic. Find somebody sitting in the back table with Pablo about landing on the ice and everything else is a dark hair ran out of six KF. Against guys whatever they deliberate but there at you know big. Political converse all yeah and then dealers penny and had Carol her mom and care and Carroll sister. I am and mr. Ganassi are on the front and then composite cousin on my feels left clos Carol penny penny on the dollar cash and I you know so I had and written a little note. To Dan gauzy and could figure certificate inside event. Selig and David so then woman there and she said so overall I'm really gets them. He is one of the nicest men in the world I remember meeting dance years ago when I was just a young girl 716 to eighteen working and guarantees and west side and a quarter and he would come in all the time and -- and I'd seen and he's in great pain journeys. He's a wonderful guys to see that so despite all things out to Kansas thank you so much. I really increased our. Fairly young guys they can line around here you are gay Carolinas and in west say okay we're going to take a very quick break. We'll be right back you're listening to Larry and show it Saturday morning how little Korean live now. Oh great inland. Welcome back everybody you're listening to Larry and Lin Cheryl I'm Laurie caddie and I am the owner of Larry can enterprises which is a fundraising PR and special event business and I am Linda Evans I am the president and CEO of. Northeastern financial consultants. Where fee only financial planning firm in clarks summit. I'm also the author of a book called power of the purse carefree finances for baby boomer women kill my thank you very Dana. OK so a couple things about retirement stuff that I thought he was really very interesting kind of taken us. But. This what was called why loneliness is more dangerous than obesity. In retirement tour in general in general how but I think that the does the picture here that goes along with us as an older person. Now it's actually Cate Blanchett are blanch at however yeah selection and that the season a period custom year end. That was in a movie recently I forget when he plays both of them for healthcare. That's a mechanic. OK I am I don't know what the movie was but I it's obviously one of the Weinstein Brothers and because of that's the good underneath the fence with each. Copyright is so one of the lonely is number and sometimes it only the most dangerous but only praise on the science okay. Loneliness is just as much of a public health hazard as obesity. If not more so according to research presented at the American Psychological Association annual conference. Pre surge from a 148 studies involving 300000. Participants. Showed people had greater social connections. Had a 50% reduced risk of dying early. And another set of research involving seventy studies. Representing 3.4 million people. In North America Europe Asia and Australia. Found social isolation. Loneliness are living alone he's played significant role in premature deaths. Over 42 million Americans over the age of 45 suffer from chronic loneliness. And more than one quarter of the population lives alone and more than half are unmarried. People they consider themselves lonely were less likely to engage in social activities. Such as going to religious services volunteering you're finding hobby. This was a study done by AARP. One theory. Loneliness and isolation can lead to anxiety. And without taking action it's only likely get worse the antidote to loneliness is activity. Going outside and doing chores in the house are meeting someone for dinner. What's more friends and family also play an important role when people get older and sex. Helping them through their recovery or even spawning symptoms that a person might let go untreated. Lonely people are more likely to ever higher use of medication. And a higher incidence of falling. And as such. And increasing. Their their risk of requiring long term care. Obesity obesity can also lead to an early death. And shortens the life from the person more so than other preventable health problems including smoking and high blood pressure. On the upside they're more likely to visit their general practitioner. There's a body of research to support this serious study from the University of Arizona published in January showed that lonely people. Or less likely to have close relationships. Managed daily stresses maintain their health or sleep well. It fell loneliness is highly individual and determined by a person's expectations and needs. Older people in particular. May face a higher risk of loneliness because of the loss of family and friends or job. And merely being singled out a living alone doesn't necessarily mean a person's unhappy or indeed lonely particularly from many Milan heels. Young single people feel more of a connection to others than their married counterparts according to a study. The number of people who never married has been growing over the years and a record percentage 25% may never marry. Choice activated personal assistants this is interesting I like Amazon's hot Alexa in Apple's Siri. Had been reviewed favorably by elderly Americans and people with disabilities. These devices let them control their environments such as she is music and partly because it acts as a companion answering questions. Technology can help people pull themselves out of loneliness that direct human interaction is still better depending on how long the person has an isolated. Sometimes baby steps help. I love it that's very interesting though you feel. Forget it NEC event. The people who do those meals on wheels I guess sometimes see only. Killing men and at the end that he faced hey when I commend and announce almost like they don't care about the meals mills just excuse for them. There will be there again but it is amazing how many people live in isolation. They don't even realize now you don't even know that. And and is wanting to live alone. But could be alone doesn't mean you're alone play correct and those are two different things here I'm alone. Verses I'm lonely right two different things gift. Because it you know. We set we talk about that on the and we talked about in the past that. You know the living by yourself and not in outs in the and it score Alex so many people I know including myself. I love it yeah I is not because I like people Kamal burned but when my when I'm nine. Just to something like when you have your boy is fair when they come home are one of them come home. Do you feel very different about you are you resentful and now I don't know I am thrilled that there but I what I am is I'm just I'm just doesn't need clean freak as you know more neat freak. And so it Dino I might have some hives going on occasionally they don't have things the way they. I want to but I'd have to shut up and let it go but I love when they're home and sit and Tommy and I couple years ago got into a little argument he said I'm not coming how many more. Because he's Spanish he doesn't want to deal with my. Over the top craziness of uniqueness and I said Welsh do you need to understand that this is still my house. OK so I expect you to be respectful to my wishy you don't have to be doing exactly and that night that's my fault if I may do feel that way. I'm sorry but you still have to respect what I want done in the house you don't have did it doesn't have to be to be exact way I do it. But you have to be respectful of me and what this place looks like in the time I take and the money I spend an everything else to keep but the way it is a mind that way that doesn't mean that when UConn you I have to I have to loosen up but I do what I've been doing that as we had to talk about three years about. I thought okay I'm just going in the loosened up a little money go and that's what I dealt to the point. They're bedroom is in the attic OK they mountain. For mild and it's Bob wonder fund Barbara Knight as I say a million times before and Michelle Barbara my sister and I are bedroom as and they. And it can we loved it. And and I'm so the boys were out there and so when they come home there in their beds. So no one even if someone came upstairs to my second floor they're not seeing unmade beds or anything else years ago when they were little of course I went up in the beds are made I made them. Now of course they don't make their beds and I don't go up to make Khamese. I don't let it go until then when you're out. On the show the wife at this point. But I don't I just don't I'm I gags there's things I you have to let Gupta found those and that's it and I know many people say I just shut the door Welsh. In this case Henry went past because it's upstairs and you can't see it right so but yes. You get used to being alone. But it and and you can might get but that doesn't equate to loneliness and that's it there's a big difference there. I I think often of my uncle the one whose house is that my brain Tamarine home. Because he was always alone there. They need and then as he got older he. Got more worse. More idea of every closeup I am from and I really think she cross salon idea between the living alone and loving and and being really love component is it isn't easy the thing is. There are many people who live with many people who are alone. Who are lonely lonely night and so it doesn't that doesn't matter it's just eat you can like that alone time and living alone but he has to have the other stuff to balance it yeah. An invite people and be part of and be out and do we have to deal. Just make 'cause then really when you are social like that coming home and being around you relish it because. It's I. You know I am I can tell and cleans baby Aaron hunt but you know I I think. If we talked about this. Couple years ago that there was. And trend going on with retirees were they were buying these little villas are homes. That were in. Oh and on clay and yeah they were you I understand each other current and they had their own little house. But all of their front sidewalks came onto a common area yeah. And they knew their neighbors and they really that out so many women and joined in this and they would. Branson but two or three friends would do a spy one of those you address the exact at least that's certainly is staying connected is staying together but they still have their own space. And that is the difference I think and I tell you bad. About marriage I think people would fought would see if they are far better in marriage is they had their each and if you had a have to Dublin human Danny side. I think what happens is and they say that all the time you bring your baggage they bring mare's. And the Samsonite no Louis Vuitton never tells me Mac and mix well you know naming so that's why. This is used to. Sleep and I don't appear as well it's the commitment to near you gotta learn to live in the speech yeah I get stabbed but you know what the doesn't always fly. I know. So that makes perfect sense because they still have the space but they have their friends close by when the family home whomever it may be an. And the thing about it then makes a good example we just talked about was found having the person come from meals on wheels yeah you don't have to wait for one person to come one time during the day each do you have the freedom than to say I wanna go outside zone as part. Does and they don't talk to my neighbor's home maybe don't feel like giving guns on my back porch and just say go away yes. But it's an opportunity for you went to choose. That you want to have some companionship for you don't well. I we were going by the and building looks great but we were driving up the side street and there was so many of the residents. Sitting outside in the dizzy now all of round denied the bench Foreman roster and I did you see how a night like that's. That is could Cree creating set you know I'm stubborn. And interpersonal and being part of being outside being part of your community and just having that sense of personalization and and in the neighbors and you could tell like goat meat I don't know some people are obviously married living there but the point is there weren't nice mix of people all hanging out chatting. And I thought that's what and it there was nothing going on at the theater was strictly they did they were the residents there and that's nice to those places where you have that again can relate to. The other people on the building. And I think the other nice part about that too is that you develop the kind of I'm an understanding of who everybody else is so that if somebody doesn't show up for line you can tell you and the whole time. You have a sense of community that will help you hung so maybe they need some medication and they don't take it and you can tell by who they're being. The move that probably was a mess and so. It's just it's a good thing that the whole concept of having neighbors and the that. Community that we used to have when we grew up for a brain knew everybody ran down the street. People don't do that anymore who don't know who's there and people don't want you know who's there might. And that's what's I think that's a piece that's missing from so much of what creates the loneliness is the people just feel they're imposing on neighbors if they go over and asked them. And I think of the plays were we live where we get there's a constant turnover of people because it's I kind of a community. Town home site. For many people it's the first stop bird it could be the last cup for foreign nursing how do you put there are a lot of things that go on timeout and I just thank. It's too bad we don't get to know people you see people driving open downstream is some kind of them. But it whenever. Well then I was just there's so when you do see your neighbors go introduce yourself yes right well and I came up yeah the neighbors I don't know I like him. And that's true warrior one day shout out to them very guy and that guy who brings your garbage cans and other I was standing in there you don't trust our right we're gonna take a quick break. You heard at all about social station here so take a fast break and we'll be right back you're listening to Larry when shock. It's Saturday morning a little Korean live now. I don't look great inland. Good morning my name is Lynn Evans I am the president. And CEO of northeastern financial consultant. Where fee only financial planning firm Clark comment I'm also the author of the book. Called power of the purse carefree finances her baby boomer women available on And our guest expert today. His attorney Barbara O'Hara who would then. Practicing a think tank which I think is a funny word dragnet play together right practicing. Attorney specializing in family. Law and kids with the firm. I'm against right now casino colleagues turned into. I'm. If you put me first guy like that but I can't think of that O'Hara got the eggs you know. I do I always wanted to put you first leg I had really ready. Blinking an eye on Nichols might not but I appreciate that thank you well I'm I'm glad and I thank you very much for your forbearance on that went ten for getting them. I wanna put your first star for that and I play well you're my good friend. Thanks and welcome bill so he knew it is very nice talking in and we have something very interesting to talk about today you know it keeps that to me. Posh error that. You know I love to do things that have numbered them like heaven whatever. Or five whatever path I've known yet I only 15 years yourself. I found one and hit the seven divorced this debunks. Become OK I admit there's a lot of misinformation out there. And take it away people people come to be all the time and they'll eighty things like there's patent. And many many times he they had to an attorney. And they're not accurate and yankees. You know I think it's funny because people will yet there's. Do a Google search and think that that's what the life and or hears something at a hairdresser or a bar. And I think that's with a life and you take I don't know that's not yet. Though this is this is one of them go. Let Tebow be a peek at in the divorce if he can't get the first is one in Q marriages end in divorce and that's actually isn't true. And if not now you resent the divorce rate actually has been falling in the last couple decades. Yeah in 1980 women when they go fault divorce came in it would be very very high because a lot of people have been waiting for a no fault statute and a haven. So that with very high it's now gone down. Since the 1988. And secondly what really truly thought this statistic is second marriage. Great divorces are so much higher. Go oh if you go back. I'm that everybody's been screaming about land to it's really only the first and it took them well when people say one that killed they mean all marriages. And the I can't think for the second the third the for the business fixed. I really my cup yet it's a tough and accurate off the statistics don't agree on this article more accurate. Great for American divorce is more like 40%. OK okay that's a good thing. Yeah this second myth is living together before his marriage lowers the chance to divorce and that many that it'd look at it co habitation really give you an indication of will this marriage last bit is statistically they hang out. And if you look at that you think well if you get like a trial run why you think. But why isn't that true and what they pounded people's expectations about marriage might be different than their expectations about clarification. And I think that if there's so much as people expect of each other once they're married. Man with marriage come. Children and the end of may be your diet healthy get a mortgage and although and other structures that you may not have when you have. The bill habitation relationship. Of we share an apartment and everything everything. On. Show are out. How that affected but and I I think is color timing and you do it well and Hollywood likes to scream about it. But you have how many people that have done all that. And then got married they have the kid they have the house. They have all that stops without marriage. And then they get married first primary than at the end of the whole thing. It can't help that make it different you talk about could have easily. What the Pennsylvania divorce case and if they will look at your marital property acquired Skype and complicated issue just premier gay marriage. Oh I'll have people to come in and they've had kids kids. They lived together for ten years and they got married and have only been married for a year kids. If they're very hard conversation to have with somebody that you're only get a year cure of its. Even though you may be with him for the last ten years plus fifteen years and they look at you like you've got beat cream heat. Now I'm able that's something here. Because I was working and we were doing this together and that's true. All of that cure however that's not how it works Cody if you written in Pennsylvania and Pennsylvania look at disease is the years of marriage. No if you're looking at years of marriage four or all of the acquisition of property division of the pension stuff like that. Yeah you're only starting making America as down. Kid yourself. That yes it does matter I I hear time and time again because they've from the younger generation. That's a marriage as a matter it's just a piece of paper and that's not true leader in this country that the divorce cope with it was written with this and other. Protecting that good and health care when you take off and you're having your kid treat poor kids. And then he you know he's he went off with its nurses secretary his best friend. But. At that point when you're saying hey it didn't marry matter that we weren't married where you're like thank about the support. Mean you're you know you're not getting alimony tendency to say you're not getting alimony and your not dividing America country. And then we'll go about your conversation to have because they look at kit like even like eat your steal money out of the pocket and you're not because. There's the institution of marriage gives you your legal right and without the institution of marriage you don't have to shrink. You know what about the kid and child support community and you had a relationship if you account for what I'm seeing and many times is then breaking up and the kids get older. Well and if you're only if you only have a seventeen A half year old child. Don't expect much child support because that will end at that child eighteenth birthday your ankle graduation whichever is the later. And my back the cup conversation I have with people can't because they look at kids today or wait a minute how Miguel is coming home. And yes that's the real tough thing because he didn't get married and now you have this this situation of I've been reading his kids the last climbed about ready to graduate and now he he's leaving and and tell me we're coming to get out to help. Now not so easy you know miss the myth number three. Clinton and I've never even heard this significant marriages are more likely to Blanton first marriages and that wanna get. That's not true I don't even know who cuts came up with them their coach is Gary discuss that we're not gonna do everything. Number the number of Ford and bush is incredibly expensive. Well. Then they'll just take everything. Else why did the divorce costs so much. And the Icrc is because it would Wear them. But all kidding aside I mean that people hear the ridiculous things about Hollywood divorces well yeah left enough. Like wily darn county are not Hollywood sources. And they they are not so ridiculously expensive that you can't do that you shouldn't eat good. Legal advice. And that's that you really need to do rather then today oh geez I'm not gonna do that but somebody I once knew. Got a divorce and boycotting too much money in their firm not gonna give you really know the particulars that. They may have been fighting over custody order it. 90% of that rather than saying okay fine that was their divorce cost. And that's not a good indication of what your divorce I can't go go well interview. Good qualified divorce attorney but before you do anything. And before you need to recoup. My brother has a brother the cardiologist and he had a five. I'm big on a magnate it is it is half that says. My medical degree is better than your Google search and quite honestly I am not a lawyer a legal to create a Google search. Don't go out and get good advice don't get OK okay fine I read it because you don't know the quality of of the author and how much knowledge they really have an offering them. From the neck and yes. Is it that all ex wife get alimony actually what I hear in Pennsylvania. Is people think they actually don't have alimony to a deal. And I can't tell you how many times people academy. Oh well I can't get alimony. Well. You know if it's harder to get alimony and baffled about import yet again. Get Pennsylvania had alimony yet they give. Though there's criterion for it and you have to see what's what factors. Are you satisfied with that criteria and to see happen you know how what you do in a lot of cases a divorce master may wanna give you a greater share of the app that if he. Act as if you're the the sounds good and then party but if there's no accent and yes I've had cases with and without that had to Wear Wear my I got alma. Oh. I hear from people that people think you don't get alimony Pennsylvania and this myth that. In this article says alcoholic wife get alimony and that pressure either red numbers sick mother almost always get happy the children. It was true back in the 1980s. And I got out of lawful. And the 1990s. And more and more of it getting TV I know I didn't get much going county had been that way for awhile. That fathers are getting more and more time. And is this the this court are starting to become much. More I'm blind and gender and say OK fine it's really taking care of these children and you have an active. Co parent here they really want to take care of these children. Dell do you look at that they look at people who work schedule the availability and he'd try kids can molded athletes scheduled in the best interest of the children. The lamp. The myth is that the US divorce rate is higher than every other country which I've heard and actually we're sick though not trying hard enough but I'm really shows. Russia. Ella root. Ukraine multimedia and the Cayman Islands are higher than I. Go well at the US is not the highest in divorce. And perhaps ironically below is our Sri Lanka Brazil and and Italy. Which now why do you think that is. We think it's a different tolerance level in though if maybe Tyler Perry may be religion maybe cultural yeah. That's another thing I wonder why the right and they get okay. I Manny because that it's a country that is not really known. Or is religion. Affiliation and in the whole thing with. Taken out all the people that found the church or stuff like that maybe that meant different things don't care may be kids even knows it's pretty strong. I mean this is elicited. See this secret church is pretty strong during this. Hey Perry cabinetry that you're it's no secret church. Can't be out well the underground church. Ten trial explain yeah I think that's the point is that it's not it's not though maybe now within I don't know but we know that there was a time during the revolution then. Surely after that where religion with just not something that the current practice. And I really think that the strength of religion and and that those other countries that you mentioned like Italy and Brazil. Is very strong and so I suspect that. Some that may have a big. Roland and I November dark even if we take out. Although I'm. Well they call them eastern European. Countries as well as for the country that are high. If we take tomorrow we're really cautioned council. Yeah. And true talent how you look at the ticket I was surprised due respect I thought yeah. I'm my husband and I ran in India in march of that here and I think I asked about the divorce rate and it was not high. And our guide bed my sister in law got a divorce 25 years ago we're still talking about it so I think you get a pretty low. Yeah straight pin and like India entry I got because you're not culturally. Right how exactly the drunk and I think that's a big difference if you have prided that they did have classified as it as Philip thinkers about this in India. Even put it they did but if they did it was fascinating. If it's become a had to explain to us what all the initial plans. But they even put in their salaries and the outcome of what they want. Oh my goodness it was if it was amazing. It would absolutely amazing and putting in your salary I think this is what I earned and I'm an engineer and they were putting their campus. You know why can't they where they were looking for someone of in my past. Really interest it and so fascinating. Is encode most of those will be your ultimately would be arranged marriages. Actually I would think a lot are arranged marriages however the fact that they're looking through classify it means that the case of our commitment of capital. But I. I guess not they'll look at wave beyond the careful what they wouldn't be given the challenge of someone who had mentioned he listened to the show. The attorney Gene Kelly. Oh hey don't let me. And he enjoys hue and glory and when that he grew up with eight pitchers and he enjoyed that the friendly camaraderie between the kid here. That's really nice being here at the parade this well thank attorney Kelly we really appreciate dad now I know we have one person listening. More than once I know I know I know we did just that frequently and I believe we have about 5000 listened to every weekend held off. NA OK to have the kid I lived leadership. Yeah and then the thing. Well unfortunately. We run through overtime here. Well Barbara tell everybody how they can reach him I can be reached at 5703. Scoreboard then went head and one and a packet. A lot in luck wanna return Wyoming Wayne and and I can damage law which is of course I can't quite OK I have but I like Hank maybe I'd with the Larry lynch so great.