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Saturday August 12, 2017


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The following is a paid program the views or claims made are not necessarily those of WI OK staff management or sponsors. It's time for Laurie in live. Distort your weekend. And now Gloria weigh. On don't lie okay. Morning. Morning how are you doing I'm doing fine today Harry you go lie I'm just Jim dandy thank you very much oh well I. Move before you came here I was asking. Mr. Jerry Lucas oil and I was just say look is cute mr. Lucas can and how he was and he says I am fair to partly cloudy I had at my mind. Eat it OK then ducky I'd bet they're like until. They would go and that's how we are we're doing well yes. So no. Hillary had my husband's going unless they can then went yes we did yeah I was in Cape May. And on the wing really really really interpret this time it was wonderful. Spent the time was my sister my niece. And them other than learning about. The vagaries of south parking cap. Wish I finally got straightened out yesterday. It was really a good time it was a wonderful. Weather. Time there was this really great and never got into the vis. It was too windy on the beads. But the temperature this is wonderful never even got to look. Pulled the pool in the hotel only to yet be born there that long 99 no I know you we yeah a long trip no one in a very short period. I'm that you had just when did you get there. I got there about 6:30 AM Friday night in Atlanta. 10 o'clock and sun yes so look how did you get any of those in the hours well. It was right across the street from us I mean literally we were on the behind get into though don't link you know it was just another week down there 02 Lampard. I love and you paint my brain and how we make you and I got checked with everybody yeah. How does a good week to two to three to four and a beach we are looking. I would love it that's so greedy couple books you had to. You know life going end and it can RNC eightieth birthday party hander was at my sisters you know we had an in barbarous. The pavilion sort of feminists say her cart court slash. It was turned in her yard is next store heir apparent that she owns a property right behind it. Right next to it I'm Rebecca and then I'm shocked faces. Form straight. And so didn't yard is connected to her in the back of her. Where her businesses the flower shops out it was beautiful she did beautiful job. And it was. We added it was like a little place that you didn't even know where you work and honesty and of course we have very Barbara has in that neck of the woods is very quiet neighbors she knew she Abbas to cemeteries so unless it gets its very quiet there has and that Australia treatment simply it was beautiful it was normal very very nice man by mother was very happy new. And it all worked out so all six of her grandsons were there. Wonderful country granddaughters were not better 36. Grandsons were there how can I ended the night before that. Yes deny your son's my sons who were in for those folks there now you're weekend but they were here nonetheless and nice and your stepson and NN dot. A lot and and if Patrick de wit and it is my mother and Matt Meyer and I we all went to Brussels had a nice about. Roundtable on the corner outside nicely music in the background and it was lovely so we had to. A good busy weekend's. Time. So yeah that lots of family and let let's see yeah a good result it was all good so none. Yeah so it's but speaking of another AM I have to tell you that we eat. Opened yet to comment on the food touring Miami is tied up by and for nanny who listens to west all the time yes. So we have two big shout out of the south San heightens Burnett I listened to any and done by Betty listen to us all the time every week. And I and this is for bar mrs. abernathy all the time subway listens for nannies at the lady who own those. Frank how are not enough this is the pizza. Yeah pizza and Sanderson an ass time. Right and I don't related to the old for candy store and that we miss. Can enjoy a west side you everybody went two for nannies she. But anyway so we say hi to Andrew nanny because she's listened to us could be of good stuff that they do indeed a good stuff. But I'm I want to say that Mansour is to be catering and my mother's party and Caroline. It was funny because the three ball he's worked there that was my going Caroline. Bonnie Catalan now and I'm Mary Kate. And I hope this sister Mary Kay I'm I don't hang in amber getting her last name spouting the same ball they saw on the three of them worked worked at and they worked. They were wonderful that was just a neat because Iran's I yens and my kids and urged the three of them they're doing what they had to do and and that is it was the food was. Delicious mar Mike bartender and it was great it was so I had all the way around it was sack Kathy records indicate kidney. And it was beautiful she didn't. My mother's a nursing cap on the top of the cake from another affair you know RN status itself. And can RA what is couldn't bend it couldn't have been nicer it was beautiful husky south. But you have to shout out to those commands such demand and think catering immense source it was great people didn't realize they do that so that was kind and I still. That even when you're there and you taking on something and so many people don't know it so hey that you think about us next time. So works. Nice plug it. It's a true got a different I don't yeah. Okay. Thanks so. You know we have to just experts with us I'm now we are blessed with beauty. Pardon me glad blessed with beauty without a blessed with good if not it legs yeah. But at the am here is very well OK so anyway. You get around that and I have just one thing I wanted to talk about because I think it's pretty interesting. Given what we know about the current state of people coming in and out of this country. There. For the and they're so a lot of people as a matter of fact 400000. People who are Americans. That have chosen. To live abroad for retirement. I'm purpose because. It is so much less expensive so if you have six dollars and you need final lifestyle. Going to these other places gives you much more freedom I'm much more ability to do some of the things you want to do. So. It's a wonderful thing a lot of people do and I know of a woman who does that send Mexico. She's living in a town where. And is filled with people who are all Americans. And so they it there's no problem with anything as far as the point which is concerned and the health care is so much less. It costs and they get. Good quality care I never knew that until you brought this up once before and how many people are leaving. To go until outside and how much cheaper it is an I don't know like the water issues and stuff and it's hard to get used to that Mexico solo or in any issues with that well yes that's part of the point is that there are some things you need to take into account if you're considering that. And at these most of these places I'm talking about have really. Some of the game so they are they're catering. So the American tastes which means the water has to be filtered it means. The amenities the restaurants and everything else have to be there because that's what Americans want and expect us. But the other side of that is what are the things that you need to look at Michael Floyd. What issues does does no one ever talk about. That you need to know about and what the one of them that I thought was so interesting. Was the cost of entry. Now I yeah I would just think she does get a pass for me go. But most countries require a group of people seeking residency not necessarily citizenship. Thousand big difference between right OK Craig a residency. You have to have a reliable income stream. Many want to see verifiable income of at least 2000 dollars a month but this can change from country to country. Panama's for example wants retirees have a thousand dollars a month. While the UK requires. 25000. Pounds per year or at the current rate is about 32000 dollars of American money a year in income. So you have to show that. Second thing is health care of course we talk about that all the time. It is they wanted you want to retain your US citizenship for one key reason and that's Social Security. So if you renounce your citizenship you're no longer receive benefits even if you retain your citizenship when you move abroad. You lose Medicare coverage. So yeah after researching choice is thoroughly because if you have health issues. Many experts have access to find health care and other countries and you've seen that where people have. Guns all different places in South America for. I'm all kinds of surgery plus offensive especially plastic surgery and things like that. Much much much less expensive. So it fits in some countries allow retirees it's gonna be scared but go ahead. Steered them. Some countries eliminate scared. Some retirees allowed some countries are retirees and via their national health plans. And others require private insurance Medicare part a covers over zoned it for retiree returns of the United States. But those who want to live abroad hard time however should keep up with the Medicare part B premium. Otherwise. You have to wait for that open enrollment period which is in the last quarter of the year so you lose it. So it's real estate does Sutherland. Rules about owning property vary greatly from country to country still need to work with a professional who specializes in real state law and your adopted country. In Mexico popular place for Americans to retire. Foreigners combined property in the interior but not within 62 miles of any border are 31 miles of any coastline. Dubai in a restricted area property must be purchased by a bank on behalf of the resident and be held in trust. Her personal finances and taxes these areas are as important as they are complicated. Some US banks well I you keep your account if you do not maintain a US address. If you use a foreign bank he'll need to file a yearly report a foreign bank and financial accounts with the US treasury. If the value of your foreign accounts exceeds 101000 dollars on any given day. Any given day. Or risk potentially steep penalties. US citizens must continue. Filing federal income and state income taxes when residing abroad even if they've even if you've moved all your assets to foreign country. You may oh yearly taxes in both the United States and your country residents. Many countries however has signed treaties with the US to avoid double taxation. And estate planning. Trust wills and powers of attorney set up in the United States. May not be balanced in a foreign country you're existing living well in health care proxy may not be binding. The same is true for your financial power of attorney. The person you point in the United States may not have the legal right to represent you in another country even if it's a close family member. So retiring abroad involves a great deal of research and planning and so I just want people don't realize that. Because it is very important it's seductive. To say oh yeah I'm going to live in another country. As soon courage and you have to look at what he's given up. So we get it yeah absolutely not I am staying here in the good old US of day I'm ever I'm staying right here. That's happening and. I feel that you can imagine I could okay. But also you know she forgot about we've got to talk don't tomato stakes are well yeah we should talk. I forgot yes because it was a private. Thing but you know just doesn't matter what are like finding true so every year we have to call we go to or not and Michael del Martin's house in the last four years. And week it's started by me seeing something in Martha Stewart's book. And I said you could do make and it was this that you about a bread with with with tomatoes and put a little pizza cut. And so we go we call it tomato Tuesday's of one Tuesday a year in August a bunch of is going to Michael Lamotte not a good Martin's house and Waverly so was the Gil Martin's Michael not a Katie. Linda Patrick gave to Napoli brandy Williams. And they were felt a McNulty. Deb Peterson. Yours truly admire him we had a wonderful wonderful time Brandon just Oki was mysteriously missing. Even though she couldn't come to it but it was a good so we had a lot of fun. Great food great food Michael does a great job a house is beautiful what a great back trap and sex ouch thanks into the Gil Martin's once again for hosting. Gary we're going to take a quick break here listening this morning so Larry and show will be right back it's Saturday morning I would Lori DeLeon and Lori inland. Good morning good morning. My name is Linda Evans and the president and CEO of northeastern financial consultants where fee only financial planning firm in clarks summit. I'm also the author of a book called power of the purse fear free finances for baby boomer women available on And I Larry can only the voice of outcome. I N I 8 AM and the owner of Hari skin enterprises which isn't fundraising PR and special event business. And our guest expert this morning is. Doctored the cold Lenovo who is the she surgeon. And at the owner and veterinarian and everything else I think. With see I'm so I called the emergency. These are very pretty girl an emergency. So clinic sent sent letters I like a stronger but I don't know why. I'm in clarks summit and I'm not sure can't talk about today Bennett anything. We can talk about animals and our error and being a mom and yes wonderful so welcomed the coal mining hurry both. Great scenario don't we just have to say full disclosure lit enough on her to Lou kitty cats ask you Calvin and hobbes the wild as they are adorable. It out of from a because vehicle we sell the time sometimes people. Leave it. Can you end up with pets current sometimes you want to do it to be. That but we're now. RSC and you know arrest brain rent. I think in both of their kiddies cases troll and they were both good samaritans have brought the men to do things together now they were sub prime time. There was a third lament I was trying to Celeron. I would have taken that but I don't only have two yeah. Is in the eats you know we do things and more on the topic there is currently in Syria the hostile but it doesn't mean home so let's let's go for cuts down on he's he is. But you get within a foot any thoughts on his back and throws up his belly in his. Just so global leader in news. His knees and gray. Super sexy. And you know going is just generally fluffy you know can you keep gone for the saudis don't want false you know he's trust me you don't want. Hey you don't want fluffy and then you can have mushy softy but this guy is he's I actually went out and I was taking in a moment and I tour. And as is under what I say I send him a picture of how. Today it is like yeah I mean come on into my garden I want my bros is to meet your command. Is Osama veterans here hegemony. Yeah yeah and I want me out yes to me now lives. I learned Wii controller will be. Now as stoning you know I don't think it does yeah. He's pretty awesome I actually seriously doubt about taking him home myself. But I have four I do I know you can do it yeah no harm allows speaks. In a little better than most the moon the littlest cutest little thing yeah she's yeah. Great picture icing on FaceBook who caught I think that can't be like. Far older than my now she has so much hair nets I'll just happened by the way everybody retired imam human child again and you'll my child yeah. I kid and my sheet is that this is amazing and I guess she's just trying to repair. Says I know you really is is amazing. Just wanna I wanna pay I was just like the ones who literally comes and helps me take care of her during the day on network even she is said this child has room to me I would never let her watch another child again because after this. I should just show you good today you really think she smiled also giggles oh my gosh how old is she now. She is her not to avoid a month yes is that China but she just had heard T finally came man. He looks she's getting so bad light she baby Calgary baby I love no love thing you know I don't think the second season. Ask them how wish she with the animals fantastic and they're good oh here. I'm so happy to watch a baby girl and I households in on dogs and cats and two things are trying to send. Of all the dogs. He's kind of mind baby. That I handled on main pock and she and Parker like they have this love thing happening and what kind busy. He's a little. Miniature. Conserve. Charm while trying to tell a guy. But she's just think she's the bee's knees and I think it's because he recognized quickly OK this is a little human that's really important to my mom yet so. I'm gonna like her ES and but he's also figured out she's a few dispenser now as well. Get ready in all I don't think you should think about getting. He is or how phases when they're eating something and a dog there's a cat takes it from them and they just colluded college at. This is either dropping something she's actually like giving it until my palm and yet he comes over and she holds her palm around he cleans her and I did raise the grade and yet is swinging back strong enough. Saw what's happening up at the center while I was busy I did she thought today I just want to briefly mentioned we. To start off I'll see if anybody wants more information we actually just I recently did a post about this a couple weeks ago on our FaceBook page so if you go to the FaceBook page you can kind of scroll back in time you'll see some posts about this but. You know there's not much sees analogy when it comes to say the surgical department with animals. However there is something that people referred to as a summer time surgical disease and that's something that's colder until paralysis. And we have seen. So many more cases this summer then we have seen in the recent past few years and I think it's because this has been a really wet humid kind of summer. People aren't appreciating how wet it's Pannemon last year it was ninety's super dry erase complaining about the heat but this year it's just been. You know more like August and June. So there is I learned a paralysis is generally an unknown we don't know why it's cause to. Humans and horses get this we tend to get an all horses get on one side dogs get on both sides. And it is a mechanism in the back to the throat in the larynx the becomes paralyzed and when that occurs. You no longer have the ability to breathe normally so it's kind of like don't that description I use is. I think in the Broadway stage big huge red curtains they're close to nine have to get air past those curtains. These things are pretty robust so your your larynx is not opening properly. Now take a dog that was normal a couple of weeks ago put the mountains beside a hot day and all the sudden you start to realize that there's an issue. The harder you yet. As anybody's out there who's as backers had some hammer respiratory issue now you start to have problem breathing you start to panic you breathe harder you start to panic it turns into a vicious cycle. So we've seen we had a lap and it typically happens in Labrador is more represented an other breeds of dogs. I'm we had a case a couple weeks back that actually came and we act was in a respiratory arrest went into cardiac arrest they did CPR got him back. And had taken in for emergency surgery. We've had and this is now I think the fourth case I just sent home a dog yesterday. That had learned a process and they say yeah I started last winter. But what happens is if you see it in wind turned it comes summer it's going to be really. It's not actually a summertime disease we just see it manifest in the summer of but I want to sit to do with the wetness because it's humid. So close so there it is trying to get a cooler with a way to god and delivered to the rules for learns a process patients are cool calm and collected even after surgery we always told parents cool calm and collected. Air conditioning and nice easy gentle walks don't get that you know don't get them exerted if it's. You know ten below zero when they're out romping around they might be okay because they're just staying cool calm and collected that. This this is something where you have to just imagine it's a respiratory issue so the heart they try to breathe hot humid it it doesn't go up before. It's funny you bringing this up because a friend of mine although she is bull dog she and the same kind of thing just happened to her I don't know if it's actually a stat I and that level it's similar because in bulldogs or Foley called break as a tried breeds. You know short pond is right Boston's. They tend to have Lauren Jill issues also but it's dollar and don't paralysis does. There issue is that they sometimes have an elongated soft palate. And so that's the slash B bid that separates between the throat and nasal passages. And that can actually get trapped on another mechanism called the ethical honest and I can throw Gonzales a new got some things like a skin flap. It closes Aussie airway now gets a mountaintop hot humid day Henry every and okay. So something different but similar and that's science and they're both surgical process is a learned process. For exceeds the approached the larynx from the outside and enact. And we basically if you go back to Broadway stage in those curtains. I'm going into the wing and a stage unemployment cord and I'm hoping one half the curtain and I'm permanently opening can't. So that they can breeze. And it's it's a surgical fixation. The downside is this is like the cruelest joke from mother nature. She makes lab suffer from this more often than any other breed and the first thing asked top chances after surgery ain't they can't swim anymore. Because they worry about order going into their treats him. Sometimes we are lucky this week that the parents at my laboratories and she hates the wire she runs from the water. But the vast majority of lab under every day right oh my gosh that's like my her favorite thing to do so. There's just something solar people hot humid days. Washing for breathing issues don't just assume it's like. You know it's easy to manifest or think that a human diseases in your dog it's not allergies it's not as not pass somebody see them. Obviously if you see blue guns are not being a bridge and onto us right away. Because less Johns PNC stay cool right tips so they step it isn't like Nat panting an issue does that kind of like your first symptoms sure one of the things is panting and you might say that their elbows come out from their chest. They tend to kind of talk their heads down are stretched their bodies out there trying to address every better. If they get muddy coloration they're no longer like spray paint they might get a little gray or blue. They can sometimes be coughing or trying to clear their throats but anything that just makes you feel like it's not right not quite all right I'm. Yeah I always tell people and I know we do at first I was especially for babies and dogs and stuff don't don't ask don't Saddam oh wow yeah exactly just how. Because our entire lives pretty I mean my sisters and five of them so and and I know we never even talked about this I hope she listens and any cash but damn she. I did most common breed a Labrador is not necessarily now that depends on region depends where you is how. And I'll tell you I've never lived in the region are areas that I've seen so many boxers and my entire life here author buzz everywhere yeah okay. But Labrador is gone achievers those are some of the more popular breed how regular you know tie everything goes through rogue I remember yeah eighties it was sure pays and I. Government is now you never seemed over men's but everybody's got a Rottweiler. Bernese Mountain Dog there's lots of breeds a kind of go in and out of popularity my nephew just got a couple weeks back. A new Finland and he says I properly say already up. He's a Teddy bear now this is big brown his hair sticks straight out. He's adorable and still putt IBC's a puppy but he's going to be like 200 miles normally physical person I sit on my guy and he's gonna see how cute is he their dorm. He's gonna see a lot of an orthopedic surgeon low. And I really. Yeah well there are sugar that's what is that there have been one at the age they just have lots of orthopedic issues here displays and osteoarthritis and Tricia pairs. All kinds of stuff that's so cute and look at best surgeon your facts pot theory and I'm sure. Yeah. No I don't get so. I'm we have another minute before you can tell people how to get in touch anything else you wanna. So I think this is China's pay attention can't just it's something you don't really think about. Surgeries are emergencies that are seasonal and in some ways it's not seasonal they are manifest more frequently in the season so so it's good then that if people think that the humid weather. May not be as bad but it can be really it's it's no matter what it is in this he'd just got to be careful exam no matter what yep exactly like you brought up that's not the same disease I'm talking about open. And a Bulldog yeah I don't know hot humid day in and trying to exert themselves and next thing you know that's very common yeah it's stroke collapse they can't breathe. Some Carlo plans. Any questions just you know I would say get older vets coming NCAA asked and how can people get in touch with Tim Thomson the phone number at the hospital is 5705877777. Hoping that he's an easy test. You can always go to our website which is me RE CPA dot com I we have a FaceBook page like I say there's a pretty good post on their about it. That's theories CPA. So anyway you need to reach out just let us now are stuck on end gaffes and I don't. Okay thank you after Sonoma. Anomalous cats and tasks we different because. Our thanks so we're going to take a quick break we'll be right back you're listening to the Larry and then shop it Saturday morning I would Lori DeLeon and. I don't worry it'll end. Okay we're back. Yeah my name is Linda Evans I'm the president and CEO of northeastern financial consultants. Where she only financial planning firm in clarks summit. And I'm also the author of a book called power of the purse. You're free finances for baby boomer women available on And I'm Laurie can be the owner Larry can't enterprises which is a fundraising appearance special event business. And we have some of the things talk about nearly six conine. I'm in I'm thinking announces AARP magazine knows Hansel in life until I like I can and they talk about some of the things that you know you need to be looking at. You know that the one of them is a that I thought was really pretty interest thing it's not a lot of money but. And when you need cash quick. What are some things you can do if you need cash. So under the robbing a bank which has not really not a couple but so much. I said I can think of another couple a wink wink. God had they can't Johnny asked say it's they can't stay the way playing I don't know any way that wink we are it it. I at number one does sell the shirt off your back. Rather than donate your toss your clothes sell them through trade Z that's TR a DE a SY. For women's designer goods. Or the real real RE AL RE AL men and women's luxury clothes and jewelry. They do is selling you collect a not insignificant check out of that's not a bad thing. Number to redeem US savings bonds I don't even know where I'm someone might not get back. Because they've been floating around from house on how you and then I kid of hung our eyes so they say more than 23 billion dollars for the nine teams heading then have matured but I'm not getting cash yet. So a 100 series 100 dollars of series. Purchase 55 years ago earned. All right break for a child is now worth 827. Dollars. So let's find those folks some pants on that. That's a nice vacation. Skinner I remember when I hit my kids when they got bonds are just the big thing back oh yeah we're born and I eat when they where I am 21 was like when they were in college I think when they hit 21. I took them and we redeem them and I guess you can't they just. The money which is great because it was a what we were even thinking about it and that makes their time I say I'm. As it backs its cache mile an an absentee and we did that was great they were thrilled that's good. Here's another one I you know boats called rent out your car. If your vehicle Sicilian driveway when I make money by renting it out to. Trial web sites such as turow TU RO and get around it's on word. The sites which take a share of their rental income that customers and ensure vehicles tell. I someone refer friends is still working recommending and job candidates here lawyer could earn you cash bonus. He is the person's hired him about two thirds of employers offer incentives to employees. For referring and you hire and the feature reach as much as ten grand yet. Another intend the pats Colombian around dogs become a dog sitter walkers through facts pet care our rover which can connect you with owners. And other one is to join a focus group. Participating in a focus group earns you fifty dollars to 250 dollars. For up to two hours of your time during which should give your frank opinion on what could be anything from cereal packaging to a bank's mobile app. To be considered first focus group sign up online with a company such as. Fields of work or slash singer associates that's SCH. LE. SI NG ER. This one I think and pass on one clean house. While not really literally but selling your old stuff get in jeans get an idea crane and Olivier and everything and I know I got a friend I have so many friends who tell me they put all the stuff and people come and pick it up Shia and they make a ton of money and income walk out well. How because people want them I don't think I think it's going for me it would be to finish a sex. You know a lot of times you get you inherit certain like a dining room set berliners. Let's go or an older one piece of how our trainers on yeah yes and frankly by China and they like them. And then the. And I don't know that necessarily is a Smart idea but they say tap your insurance so permanent life insurance has an investment component and that's so wrong to use that word. It is not an investment component. Is a buildup of okay. We'll tell you this anyhow turnovers and it's not. If you'd it's actually a return. Of your premium dollars that's really what it is. If you have such a policy come withdraw or borrow some of that cash no credit check needed but do you Wear either option for the glory you're just benefit. And I also you will have interest to say how much you've RO. So this does a couple good NC eight. New ways says get some cash for years looking for some. And I think for a lot of people if you look at it like there's a particular goal you have in mind ninety license. Get money put together for down payment and a house. Are you wanna going to vacation are you wanna buy some just for somebody. This is against us that you wanted to say OK I'll do and until I get it. And then you have to do anymore rank. So it's not a good thing. Love it we should do some light after what and in that. Oh. Now yes some stuff. Until now ankle things and I mentioned but who. And he'd just yeah. I'm grin I don't I don't mind me they aren't and won't mean anything I mean really I was generics. Really I don't well you know there's. As another article then I'm gonna bring you and you look at him like we all go over here there is. Another article I you're bringing in the sweet but I have to ended it because I cannot say somebody's telling me just say it all the couple we can't say some of these things on the radio how IRA but the title is a title and it is. When lusty baby boomer way and women. At that way and that I'm sorry I messed up part up. Lusty baby boomer women. With men who can't keep up with the wow. Wow now. The articles curry got a really great but it it's a funny thing is that we had a conversation about that and tomato Tuesday the other guests. And it was pretty funny but I don't wanna I don't want to mention any names and I thought it was great because it's one of those things that everybody thinks. You know by the time you get to be whatever 55 or 62. You're done you don't care and I think that's. This generation of baby boomer women are kind of put and that one. The Day of The Dead and I did you don't say that that's why they dish and I should thank you oh yeah thank you for bringing about her. Yes so but isn't very interesting article and this funny it was from a site that's something about sixties in the sixty. However is something like that but it's actually. It's a site that is a from either I can't tell where exactly and I I didn't see enough information on it it's either from Australia. The United Kingdom are New Zealand because it's written with. At the English spelling of words sorry and Calvin hunt. And some of the language saying this stuff that we wouldn't is left. I just thought it was interesting to see that because it's one of those topics that nobody ever talks about consulate calling so here we are but it is such an ordinary times it's such an important part into. Is I my baby home absolutely. World it really is were just. We are thrown away so many things and replacing it with one ever get out and just like it's a free throw better agree I'm ending to that kind of state Hillary or no way things and other stuff back. It's like it's us you know mess that they think it's him I guess I just keep moving along keep keep doing the PM. Did you know that the culture minister stink now yeah in the book and yep ten years married to what they call smoke and hunt country started parent and I'm gonna. And an Oscar you wrote this stuff and it Oscar winner. With a body of. He worked to die for MPS trillion actress who also started me. 1995 action film Batman forever has always had her pick of diverse roles. She played the wife of a crazy rich abuse of businessman. In the recent HBO women series big little lies to do over stereotype and I know what it is now I have never heard that. Okay there's a little stuffed his son's. These series and I never hear about. She stars as a civil war era head mistress and a gothic drama the big guy held. And long known for her cool composure she's been less guarded in public lately. Why not she said MI AH I'm coming in their place I think it who cares I can be whoever wannabe. I think did you start. About a fifth episode again so you know you can just. Just make up as you go on the you know I want to say something because we talked about this a little bit like make appoint a best. Is that after we when I was talking about Syria can get back at them the people need to understand that C and I think a lot of and I would love Bard to talk a little bit of this topic because bar and talk now one environment. An hour and a gynecologist who did a good practices gluten free. Lifestyle herself to match because she has. Celia disease or because she believes that the stuff you get gluten gluten causes a lot of inflammation in your body. And she chooses not to heated because oh. Now because she has Syria excel. I just need to I was just with someone who that we were talking about this and people need to understand that Sealy act disease. Is not just as bad it's not just we're choosing not to eat gluten because we don't feel like having yet. When you have Celia disease and you were diagnosed with that is is an actual auto immune disease which means your body attacks itself. So why we have. Alan people out there just like anything else please don't dismiss that as something that oh so big deal if he eats something you should need it in what's know it is and you can you do not. Go in deliberately in jest but anything with gluten and say okay suffer from OK yes you people do it I'm sure they dealt. But it is not it is not something he's taken lightly and making fun of people's dietary issues because of that is really not appropriate so people need to stop. When they talk about and realize that did it is it is something that people. When I know myself because I've been doing it for a year it is very difficult at times you sometimes don't know what you're getting the cross contamination. And the pain and what happens with that is trimmed terrific you don't wanna do it. They just like you know menace Celia disease is a serious autoimmune disorder that can incurred in genetically predispose. People. Where the ingestion of gluten lead to a damage in the small intestine is estimated to affect one in 100 people worldwide. Two and a half million. Are undiagnosed. And art risk of long term health complications. So. But it it it's and right it's the it's the protein that your body cannot digest and tolerates. And I just it just I was it just was this morning ticked me off because people. Oh poet no pun intended as this like oh we owe him and he didn't you stop it if you're diagnosed with that it's an illness it's an autoimmune disease this pay attention to it don't just look at people. Well you can just sell you mean you can shut up about it and drives me crazy. It is just let people alone if they have it but it got. Don't tell you can any pet is a lid shut up. It's like Sean tells me all the time on don't tell people you can needed to say I don't want any I sit now because a lot of times I do. Yeah I'd like me to my to do with the cake then the bursting KG. We I didn't need it she made us include. And free. I cookies which we had she did and OK fine restaurant who does right wonderful learning this may has absolutely free cookies Richard fabulous and every 18 gunman no one would know and brownies that we're there. But Kathy may is gluten free cups. K so alone which are delicious so toes and we do have to pay attention to an almost makes it's not just it's just it's like anything else. You if you don't know what you think kids and I don't mean this coming to Indiana ran to attend was so I do means Indiana but I don't need to. Insulting to people it's just it's just like anything else you know we you can daily candy don't minimize any keep. Because it's. It's not something you want to end up having to deal yeah so anyway. My friend however it did but anyway OK so. I am okay so we'll see you next week we thank you for listening and weekends can be safe and seasoned and nice guy.