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Saturday August 5, 2017


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The following is a paid program the views or claims made are not necessarily those of WI OK staff management or sponsors. It's time for Laurie in live. Distort your weekend. And now Gloria weigh in on double BYOK. I'm telling you. Stay here. As they have no microphones but yes I'm concerned parents yeah. Not just this week he had a wild following an even now vessel used to have her think I remembered the Internet until he and now there. Another just book marks the end of the book end we'll get this cook Mark Penn from them yeah so anyway. So you're weak. And no we play another day another dollar and you know what I'm hearing us on yeah. He's actually I'm not I'm was and slightly. Off. Dysfunctional but I am I now. Oh good I found my phone. That I left at the car's gonna sit out two bent. And I didn't he ask so how wage you're in week I was. Your bag full of goodies Miley Miley was great and. I had I'm very wild and crazy week I mean in the sense that there was so much activity going nominee. I thank my head spinning but the good news for us we did it to the late last week and participants thing and sometimes. But whether or something else just stops us from going so leery of their last week and I actually. Did a lot of things intentionally. To force myself to relax and thank my head. It myself I'm my head. Because otherwise it carried up with you when you just keep thinking about everything so I actually went found the basement where. I have. My grandmother's. Upright piano. And I sat there and found some of my mom's old sheet music. And start playing the piano I did that about half an hour and it was great it was great system. Do that do nothing I didn't know you could kind of him saying see you learn something new every day yeah. So I I looked and it they think well if you know event that or piano needs to be. Tune to some of those strings don't even work. But it would cost me about a thousand dollars to with that fact in the shape our party asked some piano tuners about it. The only problem with the lives since the basement still I don't think has announced. The lack of humidity. That even if I did get an all put back together again infant go immediately. Within a very short period time. Out of phone too and again because they are. Brings them. So not if you get a plug in a you and I have one. Attached to the piano and Japanese plug it in tennis comes in and beeps when it needs water it's the light doesn't Bebo a light goes on a links. Because my piano which is a beautiful old X a lounge piano it's beautiful. It was refurbished and I'm Mary trichet at a dinner and my sister and I. But that's for timing many many years ago when he was taking lessons it's a baby grand and it's in my living room and it's mere window switch is not really be optimal place. And so because of that we have a automatic. Humidifier do you what I guess I guess it's a humidifier there's water I don't now. Well I have the d.s in Minot fire in the basement. And it's not a nun I know this is cooked right into the piano and it's on mechanisms aren't the same old bounce their poll bay and it needs to be yet that's coming at the best place where but I'm saying they do have things that you can. Look at because I have this beautiful piano sitting in my many Germany keeps screaming out. Learn how to set me up well then we have to play so I'm going to and I'm by EMI AM in the press system and any days of many hours. On contemplation I think. I wanna have some Ben might want them to come to my house I don't wanna go somewhere else you can do that has I had my piano why go somewhere sounds nice place to look into that. Still a problem with the piano as an instrument that can learn to play can't area right now yeah. Just the keyboards and that's a pain in the air temp is meant but no that was fun I enjoyed it and after about half an hour. And then I went upstairs until they porch. I had the boys with Maine ha so they were outside being crazy and how would I want to share. And it wasn't this time once before but they would like both doing the same banged on the death or something like clinch it looked like they were sunbathing on the belly. Another bash they were laying there. History final this time. They thought that they would be able to get hummingbirds they're calling yeah yeah. Top ten so you know they they. Carry on with the illusion or delusion. That they can do now hunt they can't. Where they are jumping an area will understand something in there but that but the thing is the birds are a little bit too Smart for us yes they are they see them there and they and they beat us right Ali time. They I'll do they come down and they still really it was you know tonight and forty wings have. Yes and so they base they sit beside at some point okay it's safe they're gonna actually stick their feet in Mary Beth some. General Carter and they do and then they leave. And then that the tooth that's apparent. Plan when he FF firing yeah. There's still a little bump us coming birthday dragonfly silenced and so in an arm viewed if they aren't the window and but I love them how fast their wings mojo there it's incredible. Released here in nature is unbelievable if you sit and pay attention to us well really. This past week and they said they did we saw the hummingbirds we saw. I'm some very very large buzzards Turkey buzzards we saw some. American bald Eagles. We saw a dear mommy daddy and a little tiny ones with the spots still on them. Police are turkeys well the deer are always in now one little patch as a as Bambi says. Mother says on the man out so you there are now one and a location you do every every night they come down and walked in. Right in front of our house and eat your stuff they you don't wanna talk I don't I always look at them they're Monad here that's not your salads. Somehow during this conversation I think that Marlon Perkins should be our guest house. Well anyway. It was a good relaxing weekend relents and it's been hospitalized since the only thing did you see what I oppose and space now for you. Old money. They are on the boat. And I took a picture. The boat. I'm the bulk of the fight underneath a big spiral we don't see why did you do that and I want to and that's who I senate to everybody and I said this is just for Lari and now I know. I knew what the web they make are beautiful. And really look at them detail but now. Banesha one day we roundabout the one and only time and there was a spider and me and had to be decides about half dollar. And I looked and I just I I didn't feel I looked down and then ice why did it and I am aware when Tim instead I think we got him going go wink wink. I don't know I know mine from Pollard Santorum and a what does that mean all I see still there no matter how big egos. I'm pretty bake it Mary thank Kim on the size you have to honor. Yes son I can IEA aren't they don't either Mamo came to their creeping crawling and I get to CB GB slower student I was just is that a concern screaming out was John Donvan rally almost got both but. Hey it seems ecosystem in tacky mean spider Sierra then yeah. And other diet that's the idea of that but I still don't blink. And last week after speaking of eating bugs and insects and stuff. So I am. Sleep. In my round last week last Thursday night and I am a weight into Baghdad. And what's is that so I happen to just open my eyes. And I looked cheap and at the window closest to me. Is. Is it inside or is it outside I'm thinking maariv Ding Dong is so outside it would be flying away the heat it's definitely inside and it fell down onto the window well the well the wind down and then I slowly get out of my bed and it is starting to climb back up the screen and then I go around the bed and I'm like books I delicate cap like after a rabbit or something and I'm looking at it. And like seed just please go up further go further growth scream for that so finally it went up and then fell again. And then the third time's a charm it went up and it got far enough up and I went over and I slam the the window down shot so that's caught now between the screen and the wind out so it can't fly ended can't fly out it's not hurt. It's just trying to get the heck out of there and I'm thinking I'm at least I can go to sleep well I was getting laid out so I knew he'd soon be gone like I. And say yeah the. And hang upside down when she did like Dracula. And so in the morning I went over to look at him and I was like not gonna and the window Adam you know any one moment he's likely and there are upside down. And then of course. So he was traps I thought okay that's all right and one other time I was able to do that then my dying your Johnson mom isn't birds flying around and here when he was a little kid the bird it was a I knew it was a bad it was nighttime soap. I'm at and I trapped him in between the window on the screen this time some higher had to come in and Friday night climb out the second window. And then take the screen out and about he. I go out slow wet but you should've seen him it was like somebody waking him up for mine from Mike and from hibernation is guys like on my key I think it had DNC could Rob Bowman say. I'm still tired and any flu. Thank I don't know where he went but he is so it's actually god I thought back to my house here with the other night and I'm in the end no house there aren't. Annan just flying around outside I am by if you notice you. We really haven't seen them why they haven't seen them no other diet I know from now when he knows I'm writing means it's a population coming back now Greg Kelly had so many naps last year was because the bats die. I mean they didn't and they weren't around but I have not seen many flying around but then unaware that some my mother said to me last night how needy kid in while mom is fine no. He would've done in yachts but probably coming in the front door or whatever and then Sonny gray and thank god I didn't hear him. Like or implied by Amy or something while I was asleep as I would bend I mean it was weird enough to hear that noise because it was so unusual. But the so he's. And I got. And speaking of and can RN if you see and had an. 80 she doesn't care fight Taliban once she makes me tell everyone she wants me to mention her name every time. Doesn't she when she says to make sure you mention my name. Yeah so make sure you tell everyone I'm eighty years old and went with serve is her official birth budget today in August 5 that she's eighty years old are. Sorry so she's in granting the Wilson bash up but does I can't even say about honest and it's going to be lovely miss rapper is making AKK and then. And man's source is doing be catering. Hands. Arms until operated actually it's a barber shop and she just turned it up the outside it's going to be beautiful summer I have read so anyway. If you see you're happy eightieth I hope some is the thanks picture Somalia so I mean you know I think we'll have a good time. I mean when that we didn't hire anybody for a Nelson told Julie actually may emission car. I mean she is a. But that's gonna get usually in the summer on a Saturday weddings are for Jolie so we'll we'll take regular that's her. But anyway so here we are so Patrick gazes Napoli and Meyer mask events attended a based on AM this past week they go all the time and love it and they had a wonderful time in these. Yes it sounds just have to increasing amount of food they eat rather than going to be I'm kind of caught a at Stanford and I. Yeah yeah now it is why doesn't have to keep my city asks them all the time and 21 he knows just popcorn. Because he doesn't Al but he eats he's a good there isn't really good either but the thing is he got to just get a fire and Harry and prince French Jews and Aaron Smith and in front of connecting on any food you put anywhere in front of him. He he will eat iron right well even if you don't want to answer. Yeah I candidate by guy screamed yeah okay well we're gong to take a quick break you're listening this morning to the Larry human show and we will be right back he said. Early morning little Korean live now. We'll relay and. Good morning good morning I'm. Goodnight my name I name is Linda Evans and. President and CEO of northeastern financial consultants. We're fee only financial planning firm in clarks summit and I am also the author of a book called power of the purse. Fear free finances for baby boomer women the veil on food and found the pot yeah well yeah what about how well guys I think in worship at ten. Come on China to go on an idea gonna. I am Larry can I am the owner Larry can enterprises which is a fundraising PR and special event business and an asset firm it's a well I elbow I was still but I got up a can go on either Lori is being the podcasts and then general because I tell you need in. I hope not an issue I don't I'm not mean we should do until act I pinched. You guys doing aerials thank. Knowledge you know got that all of that out there would be out of its fish anywhere I need oh. You know they would not ask you this you know and I have to do to another. Inks birthday have to give Iran until. Mister Irving cater. Earth cater I'm August 1 turned 100 years all its. Ma 100. Years old he is unbelievable. He said the curious little guy I absolutely love them at ease. Totally. He's amazing it's just an amazing man his son Jimmy cater and my Aaron best buddies. And I'm Jimmy and his wife Carol cater takes such good care their dad he lives independently. But they're very good time take care about it. I'm and Carol the daughter is the daughter monster so if that's so nice when you see. Being diner lined the sunrise so loving and caring to Europe parent and that's how careless earth. And he's just securities and telling you just wanna take them home with you when you made them. So if you if you're out there and you remember if if you really if you know Jimmy or Carol just know that. Herbs birthday was August 1 a big big 100 years in Freiburg. So happy birthday is now affecting missing quite happy apparently means to you. Happy birthday. Tune in food. Happy parents saying dear. Kuhn. Have you heard me to EU happy birthday mr. Kato we love him. Are a hundred years and that's incredible man. Isn't it I just kinda and even them as being good how ironic he's wonderful so so great yeah so there we got. Q what did Wear him merry go. I son story today yeah so here we go. Well. Sharing is a veterinarian. With more than thirty years of practice under her belt. She has decided to retire and will consider doing so in about a year when she finds a suitable successor for the business. She is several key employees in mind and has not yet spoken to any of them to learn of their interest. Until she's certain that this is the path she wants to follow. Our business has been very successful over the last ten years. As they awareness of pet health as increased by the population in general. And in the geographic area her practice covers. She had instituted. A 401K plan which he funded to the Max over at same time period. She was able to create some automatic investment accounts for the local broker. Those dogs she took care of for the better part of the last twenty years. She has no idea of those investments were and are suitable for Hershey just trusted them. As this question of retirement succession looms large in her world. She decided to seek advice on planner who has no vested interest in the results. She had wondered about those investments for years but just never got around looking in the of she learned recently that the broker had retired to warmer sunny climate. And was transferring his book of business to another local broker who she did not now. She figured the time was right to get a second opinion and see where she stood. She found me from a search online and requested an initial interview. She was prepared as much as anyone was and we spent an hour together. Sarah was very opens were review of everything she owned that money may you know she was ready to make whatever changes. She needed to make to get things moving. First she wanted to know if she had the necessary resources to be able to retire to Florida. Where she had a winter home. As of the states she never got to be there for more than a week or two in February. I love the place and the neighborhood. I stopped through there. I asked her she had lived there during the summer months and the hurricane season. She said she did not and realized that might feel a whole different story I agree. I asked you to consider that a different locale with a different year round climate might he mourned her life and she says she never thought about it that way. I also wanted her to consult with a succession expert on the issues she needed to consider. In the selection of a likely candidate for the business. It really wasn't about the technical veterinary skills spoke more about their business skills which she had no way of knowing at this point. I suggest that an expert on succession planning. Would help for a look at ways to determine the presence of these skills for the lack thereof. She left that meeting realizing shoot more homework to do before either of us but help her decide that the time was ripe for her to sell the business and retire. More to come. And. Airing nice. So tonight I ask you before when you do this to you asked tell these people you're using them not in their either. To get asked who you can or do you just do it the type I to a because I change enough for the NCAA and it's. Nobody else has and in my yes. That's that's why our. So it was an interesting conversation. And what are you hearing these days about people. Retiring and just read in the paper this morning. About people are dying more on the job because baby boomers are working and most of it is because of it differently move things more slowly their reaction time is in there I am. Yeah they say vision impairment stuff like that he's so. I'm. Do you still see people wanting. To staying. Working yeah did you find them more likely since starting his second career. I your business in mind doesn't IC more than staying to simply because. They don't know what else to do. Mean for a lot of people they've they've never thought beyond. The financial piece of retired. So it at the thought of just not getting up from going to work in the morning. And having some place adult. Is so scary for most of these people they just wanna keep bill on time because they don't have an alternative. If they had an alternative that really was back compelling that they wanna get out of bed the morning and go do what I think more of the woods. Or inside of being there to the story they're gonna carry me out here. Boots up everywhere. This knowing that if it's this or maybe they'll work for another five do you think people should start looking at the plane and went up to do that consigned to hear more people tell me. That date so me. To. Companies is a friend of mine works and for the government produced and she. Works with other companies and these other companies have already told him when he retires. He want that he can. Work for them. I don't know everything and they line them up played up at a local company you know so I I think the fact those kind of things you should start to see how should they unit figure out what we are you gonna be in an end up and then you won't maybe you'll feel a little less. I am. Unhappy about leaving where your act now I think the. Piece that makes most people afraid and I know this is something that we don't talk about but the thing and make some frayed ends. They have developed. A family. With the people who worked with. And the thought of just walking away from that and not having that support system. Or that sense of a social. Interaction. Is so more frightening than the job. So if they found another situation. Where they could create that kind of family or like it to send somebody they already know. And maybe they've already worked with purchasing department they've already worked with they. I'm director of ops personnel they've already done something where it's more than just one person and that company. There's an automatic sense. Well I'm just gonna go right from one thing to another but it's it's familiar for me. So I know that if if I go to the the next company. And I am OK because I know these eight great and that's fine that'll work. But I think most people don't think of themselves as being marketable past the age of sixty something. And why would anybody else. Want to do that my own name guys wanna hire me if I'm talking about retirement right. So they don't even think that they don't even think to look at that but I think that people also recognize. That it as we set a thousand times here. My mother or father's retirement is not my retire right NI until it got another 1520 years are very productive time when I'm sixty. So if I wanna go do something else on a more tests on a more tailored for specific basis like you what you just talked about. That's perfect as it allows me to bring all my skill sets and then there's people already know how I work because they've been working with major although I'm not errant air hire right so that they do this for far less than when I'm making now. But I'm still doing it's helping me and helping the company and helping my retirement I. Right so there there is great advantage to doing stuff like that but people don't think that they'll think of themselves. As being marketable. Past a certain date. And I can tell you or. And act absolute example. If a client who retired at 55 because he could. Financially if they find out what is it ends it with himself he may need. He actually found a good friend who had a business. And needed any channel and again at full of not full time three days a week. But he's doing something that he really loves that the challenge for him. It's helping with market development. And it's something that is great for everybody everybody wins in this circumstance. And yes there are opportunities to go into a completely different career. And that's something else the people have considered. Time to start when year maybe three or four years where you expect retired. Go to school there and degree and something for a technical skills to deal completely different career but you're already ready. We know I ground running and until I think you have to be a little more thoughtful though and looking much since that there are so many things you can joke. You're saying that gig. And when you can't dig big yeah what's the word after. Yeah economy that figure yes it does take a couple of jabs you do they get paid for the jab and that sent. And that's nice too that's perfect for a lot of people especially who wanna move to another area. As long as you learn enough about the area and how to navigate and you learn on the job. You can do over driving and now in a town that's. And not your son now so okay great and I I owe it to the tiniest hurdle is to learn how to get to where it. A good game but then with the navigation. Man with deep yes but doesn't matter about it. And then after a while you learn what Michelin cut your Daschle exactly. And they shortcuts because you know just. I'm denouncing you know I think yeah I think it's emption and what are the must know how many people are still moving into Florida. I don't know you know at what rate into bad state that people come from north. To retire in the south or if it's mostly just. Four or five months out of the year like snowbird kind of thing I think because the baby boomer generation is now. Getting to the point where there's such a massive force 101000 not retire is that a day 101000. Is 65 hours every day yeah. They're moving somewhere. But I don't think they're moving all the Florida as much as they have been that's why I'm saying and I wonder how did you deal more. To them the the west to Arizona when Arizona is about and that's deadly earth and and a lot of them are moving south to South Carolina and north are yeah. In Tennessee antenna yeah intensity. And a bearing down okay well. We're going to take a break we'll be right back you're listening to Larry mentioned. It's Saturday morning with the Koreans live now. Delivery inland. Welcome back everybody you're listening to Gloria lane show and I'm Laurie can the owners large and enterprises which is a fundraising PR and special men business avail one Amazon dot. Tombouctou. EE. Henin tied in a pod cast yes this is Cynthia names to be yet to big things renamed the Gossip Girl podcast. A good note on the limb caught up. And I got here. And I am Linda Evans and the president and CEO of northeastern financial consultants birth the only. Financial planning firm in clarks summit am also the author of a book called power of the purse carefree finances for baby boomer women. Male bought the gun on anti gun I. Sorry I'm just and there is a podcast how hard the first time because it vary in downtown and so we ire. With these lovely knee Asia Arora who is. One of our guest experts for ERA one source realty niece she is General Counsel or counsel for ERA. ERA has about a hundred agents in it. Ten counties with seven offices have. And. On constantly and growing as I because that we say in 101000 counties in the first time but anyway I'm Ignatius with us so. And you don't want to say before you. Start should just give a shout out to enhance that even shut up just a little memory of I don't know if you read the paper about DC day who passed away who is that AM she was with a wrap on a seven she was a DJ and she was Dodd talked to a several times through the years should grade boys. I am she passed away a couple of days ago and it just kind of you know she was a woman in this business and she's been there a long time and I'm just just in the everytime you touch the I spoke to her she could not have been nicer grade voice and I'm just so you know as another as we women in in this business and hers is totally different but. You know it's just a heartbreaking when I read Chris Chris Kelly's come this morning since two no she passed so. Our cause I was a parrot Jane was the end if you can't last seven and she knew so much your voice is great and just isn't any Tammy talk to she was a lot blatant and some just know we're thinking of her and her family now. So anyway maybe shut. What's happening in the world of RE. And currently are you on Saturday. Yeah ha yeah yeah. Take a beach at the end so it's summer obviously Kansas selling season is Apple's. And there's a lot of new inventory on the Marquette to India runs and listening to mean tang. Okay I'm thank you telling them to announce the best time to list your house. And we aren't doing a lot of different things with the corporate actually. So I'm a lot of people don't know ERA is actually I franchise just like holding current or 121 and I'm there's ERA franchise's all throughout the world actually I came up. From the metro on parents and an engineering franchise has total year round so Sinead is never too far away now you know. Companies have been yeah. And so a lot of people and in theory I don't know that we actually have bad. Backing of a multinational company behind us who aren't independently owned and operated franchised obviously. I'm sort local roots are really strong but we have the benefit of basically. A huge company. Behind us to help us with tools that these we help you sell your house and help our agents frontier house until one of those tools which. Has been around but hasn't really been focused on four of the past couple years is the seller security clamp. And I'm sure I've grown remembers they hear it adds that. We ran a prayer we sad if we can't tell your house Erie while quiet. So their corporate is be launching this plan I make some changes and and we're really excited because it's mean really different. Or at the north eastern northeastern Pennsylvania region because no other real estate companies able to offer this to clients and potential consumers. And it's a Billy really cool program it's not a gimmick a lot of people think all in all. It it's just a gimmick to get EEO phone calls and it actually. Is the real plan there's criteria ankle Islamic fact. And when I was explaining to win before we started the show today with that you get an offer on your house but if your your. Custody sentence them program. Corporate makes an offer TU for your house I'm so it's backed by eight Erie corporate. That's really cool because you know all going into your listing you have a backup plan so if you. One of the criteria is that you have to purchase another. House through ER I obviously I'm it's your booking an easy thing you're saying great from my dream house is on the market and I wanna move. But I just found that house to buy this other house it's a concrete options you just really call one of our offices. Check out our web saint. I'm gonna be releasing press material on it see in India billboard or 20 after Lisa newspaper ads about it. I'm by you can get an offer on you iron property. And you can put our friend and another copy theme keep your property that your opening in right now still listed for six months. But you know what your baseline on phrase is I just keep program. You mean headed time you know what they would give fuel to put a little I traditionally great and and then you can still see get the best of both are out and you get to keep their house on the market anti about our offer comes and I think die and then they you know I am I taking manage in this I just keep program using this old house I don't want any market timing and go by mainstream passages came on and I can't. Now do. The UID requirements Ford because. And I think that's important. Like the appraisals. On this not so there's like a list of criteria that you have to compile it. Before you can get accepted in programs you you basically as a salaried work with your realtor to apply your. Particular property to the program. And there's different with onions to get an appraised non I have to be. Like a home warranty and inspection tiny woman to be addressed in the property needs to be addressed. There are some of I mean nothing comes for free and there's him up front responsibilities. For sellers. But it is. Kind of an amazing program because. No other real estate company offers that. And how often I know that's always been there but like you said they're read you know re upping it out and pushing until people feel good that Brit I don't think he used to say that but I don't think it was people really focused on that and a bench so it's always good right up front and to talk about bad option regardless. Because at least you need to know. What it is you're going to be faced west. If you don't salad in the traditional fashion how well do we have a percentage of any that pet that have been tapped into an an instant hit it in all the years I've been there that's never I've never had to use that so I. It doesn't happen often each I'm so acts. Of initial. And that they had the program they intend to do special training on an honorary Asian student teaching mansion event until at this and now is kind of not a problem. Throughout the whole all the earring franchises but a lot of injuries thought it was again make any did you really want means it has its out to clients. Avery brand today and mean there's a criteria much clearer. So the aging beauty that is actually a viable program for their client and hopefully legit training and become assets decertified and be able to go I. Their clients into the program. My name mean I had a broker I'm so obviously she's. I'm qualified in certified to apply the properties to the program Sheila cast and and so what she's been doing is it some and interest and NN is your presents the preliminary information in the in Chico as I explained everything to them. I'm in more detail to the clients because. Israel and other complicated other program I'm sore right now working on focusing maintaining the Indians. For the every lunch and everything and we just got. And you back and web site to our team here I would just. I'm part agents how to get a published and unpublished materials markings here a lot stop just got revamp some. This QB launches part of that also. There's not. We didn't really focus on hand for the past three and a career is not an option for clients by now. With every line should speak com. Sort of more. I don't mean even claim these kids teens and I am willing to listen to with the programmer and you know do things necessary to apply for the program. But here's the thing to do you do all those things that he needs mutual fund the program house is gonna stop. Regardless regardless. Right by you have the security that's that's comes to our security plan of saying you know what I feel more comfortable going jumping off Fran on these other house says. Because I know it's basically like an in house relocation program. And then went and that's exactly what is so then does that disk then does the local ERA Ben read list the property to salad a Pacman off at. Aaron and then a benign you'd taken the emotion completely out of bed right which is always the thing that. Screws up deals because people look at how is which they should it. As such. Connection and and eat and in need. The power of bad feeling that emotion and they led bad sometimes cloud what they need to dope in the SS yeah I would accept did not younger kids that's not criticism to accept what needs to be done it's very dense. Com you're planning to think. It tools. We're able to offer sort of duty and the emotion on that we have other tools also I mean it's beneficial for agents. You know we're interested in pursuing real estate as a career earache does offer a lot of tools that other companies don't. This is like a fly by night sort of well I think your house is worth as much but we have spreadsheets that corporate has mean in calculations based upon years and years and years and down out. With the absorption rains pricing analysis grades today. This mr. Imus is seller this is where your house should be priced at a price it in this brains here's the number of houses who are now. Matter on sale are forced down estranged. Here's a number of houses that have sold this range and you can prevent and craft tier clients. And a spreadsheet that shows them in play and love numbers like I loved iron and and tell you coming into this I feel like diamonds they've. You know you're talking about. If my soul. Frank has been saying he had all the Dow up all the information is great iron it's not a sales job it's real racy element and non canning. A lot of smoke and we are able to provide that accurate data based upon our local and I says and they spreadsheets. I really like them because it's fair data. I did ankle an impact only needs three com's because I want you I want you price your house love so itself I think I he viewed that. Extend a hand and knowing that oh yeah yeah. Iranian mind here's I bet sold in the past three months years I'm better still for sale and here's I don't expired that didn't south. And you can see here's your overlap a price range so this is where your house should be priced to get a taste out in the next three months. And you know I think it's important to for people understand and in this business. MLS means things have been sold on the MLS through the system doesn't mean that there if you say oh I know this was all that bad if that's sold outside in a private sale to be and totally. Something. Else yeah people need to know that because you can't if you're presenting facts from an MLS and it's from the MLS. I don't snatched from countywide assessment stuffed into a you know from the disasters office it's factual what you have. Based on what they did which is important to know. And it iMac though multi less doesn't take into account details through sellout that's our right ordered them through their board of realtors. I'm so if people Iranian neighbors sold our house to resign. And prices are a little different. I'm investment is not really accurate I went out there it's a different a whole different ballgame. But it's important to know that because so many people think oh I knew OK but that wasn't just so you know this is where it's coming. Use south still what else because you have about another minute meeting should all really excited about this. Also are still all recruiting and hiring new agents indoor or any experienced agents are interested in a confidential conversation and they can give us a call. Sinead as you know all is available. I if you're looking for us he can collect in finance on the web at www. ERA one dot com it's an amber Lyon. And are intended to these things I really can't. I'm and then if you need. I think our office in talks mean I talk to anybody else listening how I 7058. And then nineteen anyway. My stuff I know just sometimes seems to me don't come and say hi you never know who you might run. Yeah you might be and I might even be there I when I walked in the agreement thank you all the I love the so anyway how Cheney should thank you very nice inside when. We'll see you next week have a good weekend and again shout happy birthday to end Chad no RN yeah bloody Amanda and we will see as soon these safe and he makes.