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The following is a paid program the views or claims made are not necessarily those of WI OK staff management or sponsors. It's time for Laurie in live. Distort your weekend ranks and now Gloria weigh in on double BYOK. However many. House and you're listening to Larry lynch show. We never introduce ourselves in the first parts are just so we don't mind clear even though the intro had just happened. So what do we can win you should have put a little. Yeah I had Dylan things last Friday went to New Jersey. And them at our taxes done. I guy that we've been going through for probably. You twice I years we did the math we were there. And that was fine everything worked out just. Perfectly. On the way back we decided to stop at a restaurant. In. Strolls or. Right we decided it wasn't east Strasburg and at this town are from home called memento it's. And it's setback in off the road I don't know what it wasn't a former life. But the guy who bought the restaurant and is the shaft. Is so classically trained from the culinary institute he's originally from Italy. Still has a heavy Italian accent and the food is absolutely I. Think in time I've been there. And I would say to anybody. Though it's really cool place the food from the start then deserts from the breads and salads is. Incredibly fresh and really good. So we had a wonderful time there really enjoyed that. And a great there where do we go on Saturday in Atlanta friends. In my Saturday night in boot. And apple premium brand into. A wedding that was actually there again with probably thirty somehow I where there Sonia. The thing. We got there the note these are forward on their way ethical term in our order and but that was I was and missing Baylor but I really don't know wedding Evers and Alfredo down well. Action anyway but they have a good tunnel say it seemed anywhere anything imminent. But we we never even got the late this week and hasn't another. Thank you let's yucky trying to. We need to amp rain rain go away. Well again. Course and I had just completed today your Thursday as were taping yesterday the same hands feast of singing and day yesterday NAND. Ten days straight Amy didn't have it again as I did and I buried and I said yesterday it was stone dead Peterson that. I love when it's all over. Not I don't mean but when you spent sense of it you did what you were sent what you set out to do that sense of accomplishment those little things you put on Indy I'm. Yourself and you say I'm gonna do it and and you do it and that it's nothing it was a and I don't mean that's like oh it's arduous certainly isn't but. You know putting it into making sure you get it don't we get it's it's some it's a commitment and I mean I it was very. This that it was a nice beautiful day and just I'm it was very I'm very happy. It's scary. And lightning from Maine cell. This good. They're good is inherent in more anymore. Comments about. The freeze announced. I asked a few people. About it now yeah I heard that I did hear that and but they didn't they said because of the follow up if they didn't think anything of it some. I did but that's up. But anything to him now. I really. Ask Maria Elena asked him. Learn but what happens. From that point forward Huber seven more days and you went there for a no vina yeah did you hear anything else have any interest. Sounds. Poorly there's nobody here it's so many things I am. That you take away but the let let it yesterday I am losing yesterday. I'm yes was I'm Martin Luther King's daughter who this priest had met. And she said that when he was she was a little girl her name is Joan Mondale when she was a little girl whenever he went away and went come home. He would. She would run to him and he would hug her and hold her nanny would. To walk around with Tarek and put her up on capitol refrigerator Annie would say you meet blue line India I think he called her dirt yelled something it was a cute little nickname jump. And she never would do it she's always said I'm I'm not not willing she was she was just he's so while on duty said she was afraid. So I'm one time there was a threat and Hitler sure was many times that I don't know for sure but a threat on his life and he had each came home that night and I'm she says she could tell he was really deep and thought but he still nonetheless she ran to him he put a wrap on the refrigerator and he said John. Jump on Monday John. And she jumped and he Cotter and peace and he hugged journey was so he said never let you know I never be paralyzed by your fears like deep deep you know don't let it stop you from doing what you need to deal. It's an end so with the priest said at the end was. After that was the beginning of the sermon and then at the end. He was talking about. I'm taking risks in not being afraid not landing like fear of airplanes like I have a different things. Fear is don't let them stop you from doing what you wanna dove face your fears. And and then at the end she said so it in the end I am at his last part was John. You know don't let it to John anything jump guide it will it will catch it was what in the and was about so he. Always do which alleys like they tied them back into okay what they start out West Bend and I was sort of know what what this was they said they don't want when he said he's afraid of heights in this little boy you said to him. When she's would you climb up to the tough both and the notre dam could be Johnny synapse of the United Center and he was talking to two little boys because he is afraid of heights. And a little boy said if I hold your hand to where you can't pick and he says so you never know where Christ is present is what he was saying like that the littlest cans of the four year old trying to say if I hold your hand we golf meaning that's gonna take away your fear can. So that was more it was all about sexier basin and I don't like what I sound like I'm preaching religion I'm certainly not 'cause I'm far from match. Extremely spiritual I AM but those are the lessons on you know from being a Catholic in a good girl my most you know my life and doing what I wanna do no have to do it years ago and wanna do now she man it's important we do wit and so those are the things you take away because they're like in any life lesson. But that fierce face your fears duke sensing he goes to some people are afraid to fly an opinion are you talking to me 'cause I I know those things. You're limited out because. You're afraid right. So what is take a step to what does Shia and John you're going to be caught ones that's not if we're doing is you're afraid of flying well it isn't. I don't I should go out to California to see timing he has San Francisco. And I have a bend their plane times before but I just haven't gone since he's there and I should make appointing golf. I have been as you know without the aid of I'm drugs or alcohol. God to Florida and having no issue. But you know going six hours family lane when I haven't banana Monte and that's bad is that's just. It's the it's that lack of can it's just a control thing here all the way up there at 21 half hours is one thing he can sleep in your there. 656. Hours. Just a little. I. Had the same fear of flying I'm fine yeah I mean absolutely. Beyond Patrick. I would you talk about people sitting in a sea of white not going at idea every little thing that prey on the plane I freak out. You know like they bring up the landing gear and pocket in the place thought. Thought we are a ton of great eye opener of a good guy and I went through that so many times and I don't know what broke it. But at some point I guess what I learned was the more you do it. And that more times you do it and nothing happens. The more comfortable you are doing and I still don't ever I don't like flying. I would prefer not fly but it doesn't bother me anymore like it is still I can get on a plane and go. If I got through some of those stupid storms that we had in what we called the puddle jumpers between them they're good scary out there the worse. Between the here and down Philadelphia are here and one of the other cubs. They are the worse. We you know what I decided that I think if you. You know we were talking about first class and in the last couple times and twice and I've gone in the last couple years I've done first class on purpose because I thought at least there's nobody next to near you're not squished and you're not it in the ear and you just feel like. More comfort or whatever. I'm soaps but what I forget who I was with the ninth you have to be kidding for two and half hours you need to I said it's not even that it's the comfort level. They took away some of the theater of because it's also bad screw up and some of Zaire and they say no really cycle let's see here on an airplane I wanna go. First class then the so he's paid the extra and you do we have to go. And a story it's just like anything else you want something you just made me gonna have to pay the difference fourth so that's what I sent I'll go. Is science that's how I can go up. Well the worst ones for me at the Bane a nine hour trip. I couldn't I didn't wave. Frankfurt and now now are. I'm down I'm gonna it's not even the fear as much as I have no tolerance to sit that long like now it was all right now it was horrible the staff did that. That standard and when Tommy tells me in Europe he's so used to come across the country and then I'll back. I he senate last time I was eleven hours in my Patty Duke are people go to Australia lowered the Far East and I seventeen hours now I know what. I did go to school why you couple times as a young child like a young kid and then. Older as an adult and I it that drove me crazy too bad I didn't have as much fear that because again this was all pre nine. Eleven ill so that's. Yeah and I think that there is some value in which he said the let them. Life lesson of walking through your fear and doing things that you're not comfortable doing because when you get on the other side event you have to think about it sang moon wasn't that bad. Right and that's good to end any other way to look at that is I didn't do it in people look at it I think. What eat eat eat what do you mean make the Bible what in. That's stupid to be so afraid about what everybody's fears are real to them so you hearing judge although I do would think why would you be afraid of the but that's just we all do that it's human nature to to judge but their fees so when I do it and they sit and and go on an airplane that was a big pink from me so having finding something. That enables me to feel less afraid like the first class think if I go once a year. Wine then. That's fine that's been and that's one thing I can do then I feel better about it than I do it. That's just an it just makes me feel there's just less crazy those people it's you. I hear ya 'cause then the claustrophobia things keep paying all this and keep Scott. The but anyway so we're gonna take a quick break. Enough of this airplane stuff and now we'll be right back we have another guest expert with the speed to today. I'm Barbara. But one of the best cakes in the world comes all of the best takes comfort truly scrumptious so we'll be right back you're listening to Larry and shop. It's Saturday morning with the Korean DeLeon and delivery of live. And and as they announced before we have the lovely Kathy record with this Cathy is the honor of truly scrumptious. Which is located in a Miami avenue in Kingston. Shouldn't land they hide well go high Orleans. I'm fine thank you Harry I notice a big smile on your. Hung bunch. Yes drummer. I'm probably it's so is this something you wanna share with us own our listeners I think yes I do what's that well. I mean. Huge decision over the past few weeks I mean I've been thinking about this for the past couple years and I'm I'm going to retire. Around the from truly scrumptious. My last day my both the date of my last cake delivery will be made 26 turning eighteen. So I'm still taking orders I still I spoke with all the bribes that I have contracts with and explain to what I'm doing in. So I'm. Moving on to the next phase in my life I'm 58 years old and I'm ready to do that and spend more time with my family do you know what the next phases. Is now. Laugh a working fewer hours but yeah. First thing any less on your feet gas standing Nassau my feet from. So I think you back consulting actually. They do have a lot of business experience. And and I don't take its fierce yes think big experience as well. So was humor takes me from Kathy you've made a lot of big life decisions over the years. And handsome you know who. Things take you out of left field that you didn't expect and yet you sit here now at the age of 58 and saying I'm going to go. Make a firm decision that my business in you've been in business for how many years and it takes its top fifteen yes a fifteen which is a nice round number two. And he's he been doing that a long time man. When you get to that point and you can say because so many people are they wanna do it in you know this when they came back it off where I can let me get through this and then I'll do it kind of what do you think was the true deciding point I how did you know. And once you set I'm gonna do it. Again facing your fears. Right now and radios that's a big thing is scary so when you said. When when it if someone was saying to you jumped Kathy make that decision. It was scary but when you did how did you feel non life. Like so freeing yet I think so freeing. What a relief. I'm healthy now so that I just went to Sloan Kettering within the past couple weeks and had my. Annual check up and all the blood work and everything and I've been healthy for awhile so. It just seem to. Backup the decision even more room. Great yeah yeah so I'm I'm so relieved I hoped to sell the business as well as. The buildings and has been an eye on the building. Or to apartments. Upstairs as well as truly scrumptious cakes studio and. So. That's a plan it's a commercial kitchen yeah yeah it's just finish this and it's our commercial zone building my mom. So how many what is the apartments in the upstairs how many fathers to two apartment a one bedroom or two bedroom or right it does two bedroom one bath and ten. And. The feet each or about 8900 square feet and tour on the smaller side. And then he kicks studios 16100 square feet. I mean it's it has top of the line commercial equipment. It's I would call a turn key for someone who either wants to. Continue to do cakes or. A small really nice upscale. Restaurant or a wine bar are catering and caring if that would be outstanding and we do have tables and chairs. Yeah. If you. It would meet you can do so many different things where it's based and now we also have a wet full basement I mean I'm sorry a dry basement. Well as an alleyway and thank you don't know why aren't I think and I. Only play well let me ask a little wet fart like me does we have Barbara and we're. Cry baby and a high honor and I capital. Even. In those storms that we had a series is no water in the CNN. Maybe to list as a running in Loveland now and I ideas what I'm a couple storage rooms downstairs and so. Probably that the next time we tape. I'll let you know who the real terrorists so yeah hey don't call and ask you have to be represented either by an attorney or real terms. Yen and so I had that planned well. I signed the papers for someone's and I. So what did your bride's saying when you compound they were very supportive and they thanked means for telling them personally because the last thing I want and you know when your bride it's a very emotional time and there's. A great deal of stress in the planning process and the last thing I want to do it any pride. Is to add extra stress to them so I want them to know personally. That analysts don't do their K everything's going to be fine but I want them to you know I want them to hear from me. So. And they were terrible support in May of eighteen birdies so you gonna do an official. Retirement parties have nothing on June 1 sub. Talk about that I think you should I think you should do it there is Shannon a big blasts the party the last wedding cake I'm doing it. It's for the dawn. On her. This family I've been doing them from almost anyone. And I found my start in Chile scrumptious and the mom. Was the school nurse so I mean seminary lower school and took care of Caroline's my daughter so many times over the years. And she. That their families or are so many kicks or me so that's the date of their daughters morning. Eighth best time ending at first and starting and ending both but cans with the same that I. Mary nice I like the way networks that is good. So when EU and when you decide these things. We need the wind I know you've been contemplating that like wow how mode game what was his. Oh he's so happy he did you are doing more work quicker if you didn't know her everything he doesn't have done. Learn he's so happy moment now Russian Caroline's. My daughter I. And was. Because from whenever she could remember I was always doing cakes right so for her it's very bittersweet it's sort of an honest I'm just I'm. Our first child burden. Spin no no pun intended. But it is something I I've been thinking about it first few years. And I think more so this year and I I think. Just being nostalgic because Karen my daughter graduated from college. So was sort of the end of a certain period of my life from the start of another one and and I think no. When I when I had my check up few weeks ago I've it was OK this is a dozen. I hang on the T yeah great oh. Being you stand naked gay I don't really mean I think I was. A Mason decision and he DE do you face the fear and then you go to the doctor I don't always facing another feared now. Did you go win one year doesn't mean it's so again Iran and how you never know and pray you walk out with that. Feeling that has to be man. Themselves maintenance wow and you are talking about what the priest who has. The homily that that you heard. I wish I heard dot com Alicia. Please isn't it yeah. Got a couple of thought that the father's father Chad just told us. I'm afraid I wish and we didn't know rethink that can't accept a fine I'm it's not a M and sometimes it's tough to do I can't tell you their best and I should not be saying this on the radio but there have been times when. I am afraid and I postpone the appointment again. On the and it's the worst thing I can do because the third is a problem that's something that I have to face an honor and just have run without them. Good. If you just have to do that and just that's just the way and as part of my life it's my normal. And I have to I I just have to do it. It's like somebody said repent and dates help and I think it's gonna actually just do it and carrying on in the thing. You got me. Now just a nobody would be in Canada I have some blood work and this morning sun doesn't have a humorous though I have to rip enough. Mexico and doing my money and I know you're an irony it's gonna stick to the hair on her much till you re great. Still a very all of Brett and Jamie yesterday dig out of a Kathie let everybody know how. Tom obviously that's reiterate cap beat. Is closing her business next year may eighteenth I'm retiring hiring and I'm not out early closing she's holding. She's she is retiring her business on the eighteenth. And but she is working full force seem crazy until that point if someone needs cake or whatever you offer whatever you can do it may looking forward. Till that point how they get in touch with you. It takes first dot com. Or. 570283. K. And we don't see any KPM laugh at eat cake urged remember that always a week take first right. Well thanks. For joining us can't be good I'm like jammed and best I wish I want to thank you wonderful banks and can't you be onto the end of the year talking more and more about what retirement free him right now retired and I'm closing your feeling tired and tired but tiring and great life. They will be right back with the attorney Barbara. Here Gloria and win. Here freeze finances. And gave up and with us today is our guest expert one of our guest experts. Attorney Barbara. 36 years. Family lives she is a partner with Hughes Nickels and O'Hara I'm drinkers street in the good old done mark Pennsylvania. And Babs is with this as I caller affectionately but attorney O'Hare until I'm you know no one calls we found. I don't say this I I don't even like back I saw I can't do my second I don't know what I do I come every ads saying every Barbara I know that none of them liked it right well my sister does my scenario in mind that I learned how. Iron into your sister incest I didn't call Barbara. That would I would want only somebody Tommy battle scene because of the infamous in the lovely mob Bob all it's a Streisand and her Babs I love. But anyway I am Barbara from the occasion let me get away did yeah I feel. I'd say. Yeah anyway it was here we go so what what are we trust so I like to bring nighttime or you're sitting steaming today ash and I I do as well. I'd like to be timely in this stuff and course and I do divorce custody and support in the five county area around you're like my only concern Susquehanna Wayne and and Wyoming. And what's going on now is everyone's jockeying for position for custody and the other children. Well vacation. Is pretty well over more now Owens school of OK count so what used to be a quiet time in the family courts. Venus summer. Is now on very busy time because everyone is trying to get 'cause kids are kids situated fiscal year. The most courts not all of them but most accords don't like it. Changing custody your primary custody of the child in the middle school year. Which accepts. Absolutely so. The questions come up of weird can I send my child to school we can send your child to school if you if the China. If you are the parent and as primary custody. That's where the tab should go to school but I do a joint legal custody and you recently moved you really need consent of the other parent. So it's nice just okay fine I was living in Lucerne downloading and lack wanna and now I'm just gonna do acts so. Number one you really do need to consider any other parent and if you have primary custody challenge should be going is just go there. What happens a lot of times now is when you have shared physical custody. And then it's it's kinda warm between might. Where they would get this. So if the child's been going to school one place more likely than not they should put. But there are a lot of lot of people had at this point to grab it and say why don't want to chat go back there and now go to school where where I left. The next. Problem becomes bust because people think and I don't know why they think this the people think. The school district should bused to wherever my child needs to go. But they're not Yankee great. They're gonna bus which you know that they will comedy two if you both live in the same school district. And the child on Monday Tuesday Thursday and Friday we'll go into mom's house. And on Wednesday going to dad's house and typically you know allow you to do that. It can be. Kinda tough on young children to know what day you dig and we aren't which bust out yeah exactly exactly and I had a responsibility on the right it does he kennel. To be honest I think it's really tough on the child especially a young child to say what gains it. I had won custody case where the grandmother would put. A penny if he if the child is gone back to mom's house in their show where diamonds they're gone back to my dad's house. The child would literally go to issue and see what day is it. As to where do I need to go good they did have a loafers. True. MRI but it I think that would result. And there's no illusion enterprise peninsula so you look at this and say them. Okay fine. I need have a case right now where in the parents are up and no one parent is in north pocono the other ones in Carbondale. And dad really expected that they my dad's at the school district went. The wood but I transportation. And typically the public schools are not gonna provide transportation outside the district which makes cents. They're not and we know it just because the to a viewed live it up opposite ends of the county does it mean that you're gonna get free bused in for the we know but I have to say I never really. Thought about this this way my parents who have the shared custody. Really think I I never thought but what if you do because so many people I know that are divorced are within the same region so wasn't an EU Clinton and issue within a separate part of the attorney. That's why can't what do they what happens then what you might have to provide your own transportation. Do you have somebody go lost his gun on for one of the one of the couple of the days then yes wow yeah and you know my and and yes it's an inconvenience. But when I ask you gonna do or have the child go back is someplace and then you picked them up there. OK Ellie Dennis friend's house or something anti war and let me say entered a a lot of immigrant here Tom come so if the child. You know four days and Louie goes to maternal grandmother's house then it makes sense on your day and have a chunk of the maternal grand grandmother's house. If you're at a district you pick up the maternal grandmother's house when you get out of work because let's face it he can have his kids sit near the curb. And that's unsafe in this world. And then you would drive the child the next morning. Because that that. That's what makes cents does it's not what people wanna do but it is a Meeks spoke once barred do you see people I should even say this but I it's gone in my mind some who say it to people who deliberately moved fully. Far away to cause an issue. Right I've seen that yet if the other characters I think I I've seen that. Where they said I'm. What do I moves you know down to Philly or what have I moved to Allentown. Well there's relocation rules so if you can't just say I'm going to move and you're ulterior million instant heard the other parent I. And limit the amount time that they see and people do that. And so the court applies a standard does say okay. Is the ulterior motive to hurt the other parents time in seeing the child. Or if you're really moving forward is a better job right word you really moving through that and pay. Frequently I'll have people say well you know all I'm gonna move down the here and I'll say it better happen the jock and a better job and you have now. And I look at you like you're crazy. But orange or what the court would aboard to stay with the parent may say you can though. But the child sitting here via okay and you would get them on weekends you might OK and that's not via if it's really number they wanna do. Because the court looks looks at this and tries to preserve those relationships. With the parent. So if you're motive is. I'll moved two hours away so dad doesn't see the child. And quite honestly the court's gonna see through that many times and kind and they're gonna start asking. Logical questions about you know. Do you have a better job you're going to or is it no job at all which. If you know that there's. There are now up on standards finance and you really need to look at those standards and say could satisfy MF and plan a move like. So what you want people to know up there than it is not is it now is the time that if this is something that's taking place don't wait an hour. I'm this stuff to be honest with you it's probably today late ia where you know you're running an on an emergency now of which. The court at this point is they're all jammed up because. No we shouldn't it is sit around waiting for you can't just say on this eighteenth well I need to take care of this than. Ever how does that work when you. At a situation where. Let's say the divorce has RD happen and one of the two spouses. Says I'm going every marry. And my husband or wife lives two hours away and pat has a great job how does that affect and and that person has primary custody yes a pack. Then he number one you need to send a notification and it's required under the statute they send notification the other parent and you. There's a form to dude it's been nice and audio to the non custodial parent yeah. I a intend to move and this formats to be sent sixty days prior year removed. I advise people to do it is who is they have an inkling that they might move. Because number one you need to give the court enough time to settle that's because alas he wanna do is say OK fine. My husband needs to start they are October 1 and I'm not gonna leave enough time for the court to do this but the court might say is. Pay child stays here. You can go off with your husband. And now you're in a limbo because maybe you're somehow Smith. Yeah so you know you you can make things very difficult on yourself if you don't allow adequate enough time to do it to handle let's. So back to that knows relocation. You need to let them know let the other parent knowing rating. We're going to be moving to school district it chance going to be actual school that the child's going to. And any proposed schedule when they continued child. So I have a lot of parents that they you know they meet in Allentown right off the turnpike. I came down to your hilly and yeah. And the other parents still appear Nen. People did it would be as a weekend that ready on the weekend so this is really going to be very impractical for you to try to keep up a schedule lake. EE can do a four hour roundtrip on school. So what happens then is the court then awards the long weekends to hit TV. Eight to the parent on custody. Awards more time this summer may be a good chunk of the summer mom the weekend between Christmas and new years to try to make up that. The hard part is he never really have the same. Relationship with the child that you do if you're seeing them every day every I think you know every couple days a week. Or. I mean there's a lot of parents now have 5050 custody if one parent and says I'm just an up and move. The court looks and goes through their standards of should be allowed relocation. Now we're doing in in your case where OK might my husband got transfer. And this is a good job in your new job left ear for him. Then the quicken is seeded number one you're not doing it where a bad purpose. And secondly. That it are you proposing a scheduled this reasonable for the parent to see China. Orgies the other parent and say fine if John can stay where they aren't in stand the same school and I'll I'll move for primary custody. And now they can happen. So you know it it it's a big life changing event. And a by the same token you know it's no longer just your choice of mount something moot. And I I realize that put somebody in a bind if there's spell cents okay fine now imovie but he's not worked on inclusion and that's okay. Okay. Confusing fired I'm Heidi keep in Australia. It's well same answer every bit every day use it's I kind of knew about it a different every day is a what's that word and being me is then. Now the net and an understanding of the indirect account and that come anyway barb how can arm people can get in touch and I think the are my office is being done more and have 1421. East drinkers street in done more. And I can be reached at 57034. Or 7171. And we thank you very much always a pleasure to do is we see in next month saying yes you. Okay everybody. We are. Going to say goodbye have a good weekend we'll see you next weekend. Please be nice I please be safe and he's nice I have the other night. I don't I don't I can't. I don't buy.