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The following is a paid program the views or claims may or not necessarily those of WI OK staff management or sponsors and it's time for Laurie in live. Does don't you only do pranks and now Gloria weigh in on double BYOK. Morning how are you today her. In the heat feeling the need to eight. RE PE. Please. No snack or down that path through. It was good for you it's just turn and line on my radio on this someone in my songs on the rail link on par. How can I forget which one it has but I don't feel like you can't let you know coming in hot and like yeah. So anyway. Yes. Yeah and the heat. It's the let's not you know we did no one wants seniors complain because events complaining about a great so earnest just appreciate it and be happy. And yes thankful because you know what there's no rain. Good which she's been crazy yeah it's it's the humidity is just really back it's like tropical I'm press mound we'll see what happens. Best of the week was big and then I understand that you are banned. Fairy. It's worth their money is spiritual enough well that's true but. Very diligence yes and that attending the though being that eighth day thus far yes. And how many years have you done well you know ever since we're little. Yeah we had to go and check in it and you did during lent. We had to get up every morning early and go just to NASA before we went to school on my father required that we got up every day. Went to mass before we went to school for every day in my anti he would step Saturday because of course Sunday we would always go to church can't. And but Saturday we didn't have to but every other day we had to a thank you and so then had no Nina time we had to go every single night at 7 o'clock to the massive no vina. Every night and of course when you're little and you have to go to those things. The bride is always and my father and now we sit and answer after you know Sina will go to this snack that feed these refreshment stand and you can get something because of course it's always. What can we get what can we get so we always did. Just like my mother would. Hollywood walk around may dog park Renee would make Scranton we were little kids we would stab at this place in south side and get chocolate covered bananas afterwards. So you were also reportedly who want. To. Enron went back Amy so kind of an ice cream and a kind of adding that you can cold thing that you could it be to have in the summer when you were. You know. Exercising so bad depleted because I'm sure everything we had depleted what we burned off walking around the lake but nonetheless we can't sell what the hell yeah. I'm sure when you've got older we're glad to have the old beer. Now we weren't identical beer knock my father used to say when we had if you like your friends to come over no problem will have will have a keg of brewed beer. Well I'll root beer have roots here and never because he owned beer distribution that would never happen. So but anyway so I'm so used to calling him minister I eat you know got older I would go here in there. And something very it's. Fear it will happen for me. Way back in 1997. There at and no vina and I it just never left me in it was a it was a very it was at a very tough time in my life. And I eight just there was just something about it that happened and I just believe that that's. Ground is so sacred and holy and I just love going so every year now for about the last 878 years. I plug it right into my calendar. And make it would you know work around it especially now since I'm in my own business. I'm and I make sure I go to the 330 which is just no Mina every day that way takes about a full hour from. The time you lead to get there to being their for the half hour to getting back so it's an hour of time that I block out to be there. And it's very important to me and I love to be there and the people there and just being up on that hill and beautiful land of west Scranton how can you not want to be up there. Of course sacred ground is when Scranton some. How else really dancing and his family income. How. I am so it just I just love it I love it thank. So you've and there are. Not just to say yesterday what the priest who was giving his. He's speaking. In any comment about the words and how words can affect. Put your thoughts in your own belief in your belief and others on what others think because you're saying things in Xiamen on this kinda stuff. At one point he said this is just but he said Lance hold onto your hat he said that you don't have guns he said. I'm women he's talked about got to be innocent and and he said and women that loved to gossip. Of course men do until the week college binding. He says this he said they had asked the no Mina. This is the east of Saint Andrews rackets mob third unless Jesus hee yeah mother Mary Mary thank. I was a little. Talking about shame and talking about words that I was a little. Tenet and I thought whoa and I look to watch the other other women's reactions sitting underneath the tent in and they also like to. Cringe still analysts and now than of course seed to ever win the guys doing until but notice we said first that was just to cover I think. I am I I wasn't very happy with that and off I don't know if somebody of yeah I don't like that that wasn't right you're sitting there EF. For the feast of saint and who was obviously a woman and I don't care gossip beach you're talking negatively about words or how positive they can be too. And then you're gonna say gossip and women who loved to gossip. The inflection was a really. There of course man due to mobile we Colin bonding that's how exactly when he said. So somebody thinks that's an idea until I don't think that was right that's why I'm saying right now you know I'm saying and I'm not other then. Did it and then that that's what I get out of that is. Very rewarding. And I cops this grand cops are there in their. Dealing with people in their cars in the heat of it and they are doing a wonderful job they're always kind they're friendly they're considered a bit older folks coming in going into. God bless these older folks it with wheelchairs and and and canes and it. It's buried there because they believe. And it's such a neat thing to see believers and believing in something and making that as they combat pilgrimage every year time it's yeah I love it I love being. South. That's so today we too were taping on Thursday two days that will be my fourth fourth stand ready can't believe it. Coming days and ten and and so would you have some priest who speaks to a different priest speak. Nearly. And they announce who they are and they both do their thing. Yeah and this guy the first day. Who was speaking today I was so I'd love to stories this is talking about a guy. Oh he was it sitting watching a man he was he was sitting reading a book in a window I forget I think I wanna say said in Minneapolis. And he was I think he said that he was at a window and he wanted to people watch. And he saw this guy walking across the street with two canes and he said it took several changes of the lights. For the man to get across four lanes and people were patient not really but say you know here's a guy with two canes you looked ordered. Andy says he's probably coming out of cash is a little part basement apartment for the first time. And you know from the get from the wind terror and he's in option Annie had made all these assumptions based on looking at the man anything about me any such an interesting Facebook's. What I wouldn't give to the other top ten back and would not T hear his story in just spot if that's so the guy made it across the street and and then priest started reading his book that he was reading. Couple minutes later it and he gets to tap on the shoulder and he says would you mind if I sit with you alone be told it's the guy walking across history with the canes. Annie sat down with them and they had this conversation and it turns out that no he doesn't live in the basement apartment. He owns the building that he lives in and I don't think he had a was 96 years old and he has a wife and they were going on to some other property for the weekend and just to the hole. And he was Methodist. And he said he didn't tellem that he was a pre season and a pair of jeans and a T shirt on so he would not know but I didn't feel like this every time you say your priest people talk about religion and usually. You know that starts and so anyway it but what he was saying wasn't in it you titled you know don't. I'm judge a book by its cover. I am kind of thing and we all do that we all look at people we believe that there this battered the other. And that may we may not be right that was the first and in the second one was changed today is this old man who was and I'm. A like a homeless guy and he never would look up except when someone would walk by he would say change today. And he would you he didn't know if he meant. Extra change or. How did he mean that and what it was is that he said he never no one ever pays attention don't they kind of walked across the street. And the priest says he found himself doing the same thing they ignore that person and he said don't ignore me I'm a human being regardless of what it is I don't have I'm human being so changed today. Could be your perspective on what you're looking at and that was just that's so I thought that was named justice inflection changed today. Our anyway you I just learned because I love the spoken word and I love to listen so means Alaska because I take all these little things. I was happy you stopped. Making judgments about infants in spring you know. I'm a human being we all do that but I think a little bit differently I'm I'm drinker anyway I don't. I think we dollar judgmental. People everybody kind of does that there's no way of getting around it but I always look at things I'd try to beat them. A little more. Okay about the strike smiling people I waved to them marks. I don't just didn't usually ignore people I just I don't listen don't talk to people the people who I know you know naming. Nobody I don't I do I need to make it that like Johnny Lucas. I I little man is he got his haircut too by the way I look at him in just a nice and cool. Looks like he went to Joseph west the barber from west side years ago but anyway I am. It so yeah like you make she's when you listen and those you see those things it makes you thanked and I think that's all. This is no mean it does is simply open your eyes if you're listening to what they're saying to what. Is there and try to. Take a little bit away from it so I was every one of these evenings a formal mass group now all of the marks up at 33330. Is now being only. Well was so that means is only the know Venus Hugo the other ones there's amass about 20/20 five minute. No mask. And then the no mean afterwards OS I mean I mean it's a prayer is all about pretty sane man and as this theme whenever there they're talking about every there's FEMA has for the year. And then you say the prayers and Singh missed backhand the Sany answer him and those kind of things and you'd say so many prayers in a row and I am it's it's natural that when you say say no means that the prayer a series of prayer. And stuff so it's great arm. So if you haven't been given a shack. Good. I don't even know what time we started DO. That's OK I we're still OK affair with three more minutes subject. I'm too busy and my soapbox. Less so I went to CBOs for Dan band who have been sent the night you and I am my errands done math for catching me there when Sean and I went. We went with I'm Diana might all day but iron I and we had a lovely time. I'm salmon delicious. I am great tie and and. That was my nine and was my week out farewell episode. I'm. Beautiful absolutely spectacular week and yeah last week. No we'll spend the the weekend at only. And the bow down for it to some spectacular writes. It was just really wonderful there was really nice time to be at only. Love opening the windows at nighttime playing the cooler air amana was really nice here and wish I wish summer was always like that. Again San Diego whether or something yeah I can't. Experience. A both of these and we get it here we say there's real extreme here this Indians lived in between is not enough around here is it. But I I do a people sank. He'll be complaining minutes. You know ten below ten degrees unlike no I won't because it's easier to get warm and it is to get or afraid to think about so. I heard him Indians. Yeah so what I am where we went back and we think. Think it's time for us think tanks and I take a break and we will be right back you're listening this morning to go Lorena and show. It's Saturday morning I would Gloria Molina now. L'Oreal. Good morning good morning. My name is Linda Evans and the president and CEO of northeastern financial consultants birth the only financial planning firm in mark's comment. Animosity author of the book of power of the purse. Carefree finances for baby boomer women available on I'm I'm Laurie can the owners large and enterprises. Which is a fundraising PR. And special events business. And here we are. Did you did indeed it is yes here react I don't know whose birthday is coming up close and can aren't. Unless I think she will be AD they now pay 880 man. He's been up if the bond and the other them Bertha is now. My sister on JoAnne cannon was yesterday in nineteen and happy birthday to JoAnne. And down now finally now I'm a plane thought. Of and. I had something that I thought was and sing and everybody always. I'm. Has something nasty to say about Fox News. And that they think that. Even though they say Aron and something when they talk about themselves. As there are a lot of people who feel that it's significantly biased and I usually when I kept things from Fox News take it with us. France also speak. But. This and I believe it but don't hand them this was interesting because it wasn't really written by eight. I don't think it's up and that's one of the announcers than that for the ethic on the Talking Heads that we used to saying. This is written by a person I don't know if it's a male or female person because that person's name is star. Hughes. Gorham. I mean girl I think so. But and one at this was done last year around the time of equal pay day which is usually the content of April. And it's that it's an awareness day to recognize the fact that. Women still earn about 78 cents of every dollar that a man earns in the same position. So it's just an opportunity to bring that to the four. And last year. See what I'm patsy wrote this article that I thought was really interesting because it is right on point. And she said that as we draw awareness to such an important issue weren't linked to bring some attention. To a disheartening figure. By the 2015. Fidelity Investments money fit women's study. According to the study 80%. Of women. Confessed they have refrained from and feel uncomfortable. With discussing their finances with those they're close to. Their parents spouses. Siblings best friends etc. 80%. Women around the world at work so hard to break connect glass ceiling. Balance at all and earn the same wages as their male counterparts. Yet an alarming number of women don't discuss the core reason for that wage cap money. With those who love and care about them the most so the question is why. And spend like my console ever here for you if this is why I don't thing. Most researchers point towards confidence. From the early days in a woman's education. Women are less confident and more timid in fields like math. Science and computer programming as those have historically been male dominated. And more heavily encouraged by young male students. For a young male students. It's no surprise that as women move into adulthood they are not as confident in their math skills and bus. Their financial know how given their history throughout early education. But I can't help but disagree with the lack of confidence is the main reason 80% of women are uncomfortable discussing money. After all women now make up 60% of university graduates. Almost all of whom are required to complete a certain degree of math and basic business courses. According to fidelity survey in 92% of women want to learn more about financial planning. 75%. Want to learn more about money and investing. An 83%. When he gets more involved in their finances in the next year. What's even more interesting is that 82% of women are confident in managing. Their day to day functioning. Well confidence undoubtedly comes in the play with women and money the real reason so many women the real reason. So many women don't feel comfortable discussing their finances is the negative. Stigma. Associated with it. The organization. Called ban bossy. States. And a little boy asserts in south is called the leader. With yet we're a little girl does the same she risks being branded the Aussie. Same goes for women in money when women talk about money in an authoritative way. There is a belief and negative stigma that women are not only bossy that bush sheet it says to go into ambitious. It's a badge of honor for men but it makes women seem money hungry and aggressive. As is stands women are already twice as likely to be labeled bossy than their male counterparts and the common indicator for Boston mass. Is a focus our authority power and status and that includes money. According to Harvard Business Review high achieving women experience social backlash because their very success. And specifically the behaviors that created that success. Violates our expectations about how women are supposed to be safe. If a woman acts out of character. And is not feminine. Nurturing and kind with her communication. She's disliked. For most of discussing money and finances is considered masculine and much show. And it's not surprising that women fear backlash in approaching a topics such as fat. So how do we make some changes here we changed the language. We just need to ban the word bossy and need to eliminate the negative stigma associated with women discussing their finances. It does not make the woman money hungry but rather educated Smart and prepared. Number to get educated education. Is key component to change young girls schools should be proud to excel in math. Science and computer programming. Young women in college should be required to enroll and personal finance and accounting classes. Regardless of their major for ray ray ray. And number three embrace asking for help. Most people view asking for help as the weakness but in reality those on the giving end and I don't look filled by giving help. Asking for help as a great way to start the conversation as it relates to your finances. And will get you use is speaking about it without coming from a powerful. Authoritative position. We're moving in the right direction but there's still a lot of work to be done. I believe the true progress will be made only eight dollars that the real issue deterring women talking about money is not confidence. But self imposed limitations and are thinking. Only then a month teachers. Parents businesses and society at large to be able to identify the real challenge at hand. And work to fix it. I don't like yeah who why it is bossy have to be. I'm a negative word well because it's usually. A word that if you I know the connotation is that it's it's someone who wants and lord it over someone else. I put. Women's it would it's OK but I liked it a nice to be bossy gossip I do I like to be bossy I think in all honesty I think most women. Wanna be like that I don't think there's a I don't like that as a negative way I like to meet bossy. Well we know what I think I. Think it's some call me bossy I don't care and so did good yeah. I just thought that was interesting take out of because I do think that it's got nothing to do with confidence I'm in the sense that. You don't hit it because you are person who has gone up through the ranks. And and sees something. It doesn't mean that you have to give up your femininity in the process I don't know why and then nurturing those communications. Up all night and stuff. Enigma and it's time for us to change out our business pop. And some of women trying to adapt to the male model of how do you. Climbed the letter. That we might want to include some things that women are really good at and say. So little better model since they're not only do that fit there are some organizations within and then men I think if tests planned you know how they. With the Cecil felt was when. If I found this is he fired her was let go recently because of see I'm really anti woman. Environment fit in my own brand of company Africa but it's such as I'm inside a I am a older. Yeah I was at me over. Camp and ten minute honey because I don't know if you do you use Cooper now I have used it many times I'm in the bigger cities. Especially in Florida. And what I find interesting is the majority of the the people who were drivers. For women. And they were women because they could. Fit that in there. There's I it's absolutely great thing if you can do that I mean I would love to do it I would love it because I think it's like. Taxi cab confessional she can kinda get that kind of stuff. I would love to like to do that tick tick claim my TV mark get him in there and a dozen people of course are getting the car. I would love to do that I don't kidding because I think people say the darnedest things aren't window. I think you would be great and I no friend of mine does do we he overs and. And the stories I love it I don't stories are very now but when I I also like about it is that. I noticed that the ones that really get the biggest thefts are the ones who take the time and effort. To actually cheap especially in Florida cape cold water bottles in their car and when you get and they ask you which are like water bottle and at the Phillip they're trying to make it really be a wonderful experience. Mountain they wanna know what radio station UN listen to him and I wanna listen any and you know are you comfortable that they air around wrecked whenever it is this is really accommodating my finger right and I like women went and never I've never used it because I've never really. He had to I inch in New York I can still ideal cab. And the thing you know cab driver they turned me. And I had no but I don't mind and I think I like the yellow things spun around but anyway. So whenever I saw a week we have the love that merry me fiscal Sears or mass the last person sees in a perfect environment. You feel you've had to make it although they have the road here. So how would you notice things like that in your world. Well I have worked. Up through the ranks bureau of my many years of banking and now you know I have to say for me personally it's always been very positive environmental or women. And when we work with things like affirmative action. If you're looking at. Pairing pairing women for higher level positions as opposed to man now those are things that you you need to keep track up from an affirmative actions in play. But sometimes it's tough to be able to. Find the women win the skills that you need in the background right there have had the opportunity to go through. Those particular Johnson can't really good at them to fill the positions that you're looking for. And Mary's invite as it is senior vice president human resources director says she would know. To all of that men and Siena you got to be real careful. I have to say any organizations that I NN. Hand and an art great organizations that support from women. You know four or promotional means that there is a place to put them. Also for educational needs you know we have. We are very and I think and at looking at the person in the skills we're looking at. I'm education that we can provide Greece and he thought it conferences and in schools and I don't see any and that. Where has to be a man as opposed to run its then the woman so I am I'm very fortunate and that in where I've been coming through. I'm in the car propelled fun. That's fidelity thankfully. There and we are going to take a quick break come right back in speak with the lovely. Senior vice president human resource is director Mary me Nichols about all things fidelity and we will be right back in listening to my mind. It's Saturday morning a little Korean Lin and great inland. Good morning. My name is Linda Evans I'm president and CEO of northeastern financial consultants. First the only financial planning firm in clarks summit am also the author of a book called power of the purse. Your freeze finances. For baby boomer women. They'll on And Oreo and save the World Bank shape and I'm Ari can I and the owners aren't getting enterprises which is a fundraising PR and special man business. And our guest expert this morning Europe presenting fidelity bank is very lovely Mary T make pickles. Who is a senior vice president and I understand that's her recent compromise. I'm nothing Miller land bound and and she's also the human resource director at fidelity bank. She's been with fidelity bank for eleven years where she's held the position of senior trust the investment officer. And currently heads the human resource and us department. She has over thirty years of experience and trust services in more than fifteen years and human resource that's. As a member of the senior management team at fidelity banks you both physicians. And various committees in the organization. Oh listen my speed right and 30 that's. Sometimes I do what I say those thirty years and trust in the fifteen years in human resource and I got on top of each other may hear some of them have been the same time. Yeah wait Leon Panetta as otherwise 45 years of banking used to be walking in here with a game. He and Eddy OK if Sierra did you go to some exciting news infidelity is a new birth it's. Yeah there's no I'm saying we're very excited about this we will be building a new grants. In Dallas. And the downed shopping senator. And in dissipate that that will be some time opening up sometime. Early next year. So. We have our flagship branch is taking me scene in west side. They can sign them. And in pits and so it'll be designed very similar to that. Very eco friendly green banked home but it's very exciting because we are happy to expand. Especially dynamos and Kenny Perry alien a couple of inches and there are now. So this will really add to. The market in the losing Kenny area and that's something as we talk at this tournament before that time I'm an area over there it. A lot you know. I'm my is busy is a lot of research that goes behind him where to put in and off again and so we've done our researcher very very pleased with. On the spot that we have there. They're really looking forward to entering the market ever sent how many branches so that people that you have it be eleven cents and below then. So where was in luck gonna analysts are in Cantonese. This isn't considered black one early concerns that was our concern is how many Lucerne. Branches are there we have to ray camp hit send and can stand a turnaround is there any are third in the moon. Somewhere other counties are you my uncle I can eat that's it and we have. So but it is exciting because there are a lot of things that come along with the new. Branch and it's not just a building but it's. Service that you can provide to them customers there. And it provides a lot of opportunity we're going to be hiring a branch manager in your brand staff there. So where are now on the search looking for. Someone from the Dallas area that really knows the market they're each coming around that office for us. And at the thing that I like about. The whole hiring processes is first and off finding that 30%. And allowing. He or she to remain and help build the staff there and so that there's a real tight in the community. We're pretty community oriented which I think. Anybody that thinks with us in I know both of you do as well. We're very community focused and I bankers are always out there so being able to provide back community. Service to the area. Is something that we're really looking forward to as well. And it and like you said it's just beach it's really beautifully done. Vilnius. You know Nelson might ask to 'cause we talked about this in May be it's already over house the house the new play house time is that. Finalized during no not yet actually. This morning I was working on our efforts. Today again with and it's going to be in Ellsworth park a hug and which is in German postcards vote. And the children in the community are choosing from I had three designs. And so with feed last week of July into the first week of August. Our bankers are going to be out building have played out in the ball so what we do is is I go out to. All are bankers in you know I was up for this and you can come out and help the spilled. And he had a crew is it comes now we recruit coming every day Monday through Friday. He barely any offense putting on their Fidelity's share in Spain and hammers. I'm not gonna actually building. The play house so we did this in the paint art a couple of years ago time. And it was very well received. And the people who worked on. Really loved it so we have crews going out now and it does a lot of things it does a lot of things for the community brings in new amenities to the art. It gets our name out there as well but. The thing that I like about the whole construction part of it. Is that our bankers get to work together and do something that's not thinking. And bring people in from all different departments. To people that might not have the opportunity to work together. During the workday. Now can go out there any more social setting. And really make him a big accomplishment marked the other in. Know each other better than Mary do you have to maintain man house at the commitment days like what the where is that house. It is when you go into the park it's up. To the last I find the ball feels. I'll catch the illness that are up there you it's up there. We do going in do maintenance that left behind county. Takes chairmen as part of out there. Aren't I. Will go up from time to time and it needs to be repainted. When we first announcer ninety Ellsworth park. We did have a big event up at the plan up and not make it part. Fry the bankers and an event on a Saturday running kids. I'm the eleven did maintenance painting staining. New mauled Chia. Really make it look at. So my answer really fun brother and it's just like anything with homeownership the thing they constant need for. Maintenance. That's absolutely a good thing so is there some benefit general contractor or somebody who else but this the other does everybody says it's in kids and demand doesn't come like a kid or some well it does Beano. One of the things about doing your president is you always learn from it. I'm so when we did that the as a definite theme park. We had to kick in we had the directions and we had some. Bankers they knew some things about construction but it was a little difficult. Trying to figure everything out so we do have a general contract I was working went missing deadly day AM Iraq that's yeah yeah. Well and as you said you think now we can do this. Then you get there it's. As ever I ever got to builders. Put a Meyer calls and get the destruction sounds any instruction. I have spent my time a tragic joined in and so they're really looking forward to it again incidence of untamed for them. Big accomplishment and how's the lemonade going in this time in the air lemonade sales well. Lemonade you mean as far as the kids still do that don't name their kids would be happy do they have Lemony (%expletive) that we gave out. In May I just actually they're little entrepreneur hi I'm just so cute yeah or yeah it is somebody once said never ever. Pass a lemonade stand with children and now I something. And one time and I think that's the taste of what it this just number it just don't know how else do you do when it just can't go honey what you want though is what Iran build. Off the are so cute it's like that guy go commercial Garrett is with. I used tear the other day she charges she said battle before dollars in rent he doesn't watch for lending and well I Vista this to visit. You have been well you know I and then the ideally you commercial would actually ice teach what's Ice-T doing these. Nothing's funny anyway. And in our case we would have to have an iced teas and parents live and eliminates yes yes that was a little and Arnie Palmer and I'm both paid out here. Someone else we were talking Mary before earth we went on air. About some other stuff that you have going on just in general V community awareness. At this how many years it's the house is and is how many years ago was a house the first month only because fourth through freer is like oh here. So that's happening and then years lemonade is always going on what else is going on with the conch and again talking about Arab in the last segment about women end. I'm. Financial literacy and yes in all the stuff that is how is that how is that coming along tap project well good and a and a. To say one of the things that's really big for us is is community involvement. Overall from financial literacy to helping out organizations. And part of our mission say it is is our mission save menace. Making are too many prosper. And we have this really neat program where we give everybody paid hours to go out and work in the community. So in other words I have forty hours a year that I can go out. And work in the community the bank pays you for that. The organization. Its the benefit of the things that I do so we do a lot of things we have programs where. Teach children to save or we go out to the schools. They participate into unity reading days. We have crews all the time they're going in Saint Francis kitchen. And one of the things that we do any HR has come up with. Different opportunities. To send the bankers out and they record their time nine. What organizations they're supporting and on the powers that they've given and we're always looking for an at this is fairly great venue for me to say to. Organizations that are listening as we're looking for good organizations to support. Where we can send her fingers out to. To work with them whether it's it's going into. A nursing on putting and a programmer. You know hosting a bingo for them or. You know building a clean house silver serving at the soup kitchen. And we're always out doing it pains banging. Think it's just love it. I just love it does everybody does every employee get the opportunity to get to if they can to get some kind of time to do that. Everybody gets okay. Hours doing a cup and I just this morning I was going around Santa couple spots here so we can you send from your department. We can get out the mornings are the team effort really to yeah but most of the time out their roster out for something that's coming up. And by the end of the day until done yet and they're saying I'm getting get a chance to get my name in there. So look just anxious feel good anyway and that kind of stuff and doing with the group. Cut you know with your colleagues will then why not anything guest at time zones and I have to work I can't do well he had bad time you're gonna do it. Now you're going to have because is going to it creates bad diversion from work and you don't do something that makes you feel good and it's. It all comes together now know which track of the hours that people do for after hours because a lot of concern boards. We give them our own personal time. You know sometimes I'm just. Put together a laundry list because who put in the names and we've got for ages and the Boys and Girls Club in different colleges and universities in. Different organizations with the united way. The chamber of commerce is that if Saddam on these boards and I really am a lot of their time but you know or Cheney thank and that's part of what it was clearly out absolutely. Absolutely. Well we Mary please let everybody know how. Can they if anyone needs to get. In touch with anybody. Four or whether you're applying for a job. I'm especially in Dallas right you have got a bit this is gonna start happening how does someone get in touch what's the best way to do that well. On our website which is thank you fidelity dot com there is a section there or. Job openings. I'm in a place to send your resume. Email it to her ability to. An arrangement. The best way to get into. Reza me. So you can do everything online now. Combo CM new brands in. Dallas playing nice to have you back. It's like I'm seeing any. So Lynn. I guess weekends it's. And everywhere now they're thank you so much and listening we so appreciate it have a wonderful weekend in the seat next week it's easy to save. These payments. I.