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Saturday July 15, 2017


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The following is a paid program the views or claims may you're not necessarily those of WI OK staff management or sponsors. It's time for Laurie in live. Distort your weekend. And now Gloria weigh in on double BYOK. Morning. Today. Mean Danner and you don't like humidity. But now my complaint does Johnny said to me when I came in Danny Lucas Skadden. Instead it. He said. She's stink when it's gonna grow into middle of January the flurries all around and it's dreary in and pray and flurry union freezing any takes fifteen blankets to get. Warm I said OK John thanks it is a kind of put. Our perspective that this. So anyway but again it's sort of the weakened supposed to be inspired bit of leg yes it's going to be very nice and yes we're gonna take an extended. We spend many mean Friday Saturday and I while cotton. Well aren't you something special. Yeah how come. You know. Actually has been it is Smart answer but I'm not done their demean dummy it's I don't answer is. That I am a friend is coming from New Jersey. It was gonna bring does some work I'm not. Friday afternoon. At the lake not covered under some marketing worked so he's coming up the bad and I said bone muscle or parents stayed there yet so when I. I'm bringing the entourage with me. How they've been my husband on the campus of the cam still yes and thank them up there so unless we're gonna do so should be spent. It's supposed to be nice so that I can I tell you that I saw something. On the the news less than an hour not happen announced that it was. On NBC about a woman who had. On your boss that she was. When you take today's offer mental health. And he honored her for recognizing that she needed to do. So as the south and in a mental health day tomorrow. So I have to call my bar. So yeah you hello Bonnie is I have a book I'm now trying to. Well what was best for me who I didn't hear that but I was sad thing about the woman. Has had issues with anxiety and depression and I guess in her job she was an extremely stressful situation for an extended period time and said the as she wrote an email to her boss who was in another town. And said that she was going to take. Two days off for mental health because she really needed it burn and he responded that he. And knowledge the fact that she knew enough to take care for us if I may have held at some help is help yes and he won record going to cancel that she could come back. Fully present. Which is not what I'm not look at not so I was gonna say anything. That's yes but you doing anyway I'm done I am good good for yeah those are being very nice return and I'm happy about that yeah. Yeah and I mean RT how. So I am I told you that. I was saying this. Did I tell you that. We left my car open the other night and somebody was in my car. And 15100 black Jefferson Eminem. And it's like the third time it's happened over the years I mean it once it's happened to mired twice to make. Brantley the first time they did they took change because in my console and CDs and this time it was not just an economic love that I had some little and I mean. Nickels dimes no corners because I had used them and I don't even each key change really anymore because I use my card for metres I never knew. You know so nothing else was taken but that no CD nothing. Meyer had moved the car and thought he lacked it's so I I didn't forget. But he you know he and I'm I'm just saying that I'm very cautious with that now for that because of that she's so it's time. It's been wasn't there so it was and how it got stolen from around the corner of the same night. I don't know and the same night might mood when I went up on the porch my chair was moved. Which spooked me out 'cause in the next day I went in and obviously there was some and in my car to the door wasn't closed on the lynch. So it was just really EU really feels so violated that somebody was sitting in your car we're going on your property and an end it just infuriates me that people think they have the right to do this kind of stuff I just I'm really. I I can't stand it so I'm. But anyway I found out the next day. I called the police and filed a report just so they know and that's how I know about the pick up because they called me just say there was a pic of stolen during the night. But if this happens all over where people come in cars they draft these kids off and they go around jiggling and trying to get me see if you're doors open and they go win and try to get in a sought to get money and then they're up the Price Chopper. Putting it in. The change thing to get money back is what they're doing for whatever the reason but I'm. Anyway so it happened the same now an MI cord Helms on my porch now. So the next night I'm sitting on my front porch I'm looking on from my on he's and I said oh dear god I know what happened. Myers figure on it I called Reeves because. The grounded part of my porch as two pieces of flash fabric. They put the shorter one on the longer one of the longer one on the shorter one and I kept forgetting to call them since they've been up in May that it was wrong so the other day I called and they sit on my double B a British accent so that's. Who was on the so into the porch and the chair had nothing to do you. Think are OS well panel that it was the same time DSL was pretty spooky that. Does that that was spooky but anyway so I'm. Just watch in lock your doors 'cause she just never know where you are what it is and who's gonna try and my house is all lit. It might stuff sign up my walkway Albrecht everything you know plus my alarm I mean it's it's they're so I should he think what. In I had an alarm on my car which automatic but it's it's not I sat laughter alarms Savannah south. That's happening aspect yes yes yes she's known you may meeting change that. Yeah MA the well how would they do that I mean you I don't know going off every time anybody is like LSU had a T they could do aware they Alicia key and you. It's not someone who Xian in your car. And I don't now. Is maybe that'll be new bold. On technology. Including now that they're doing all. Did you see that all electric cars and since it from 2019. Gonna have to have a lot of places where you can plug in another attempted thinking. I don't know where that's not going to be what was funny because CNN and we wrap bad we weren't that went for a ride through I'm. For the day to Peterson's and my air and I and we went to staff to this place called cone which is owned by. The sun set we stopped its settlers and thinking we can have lunch they don't have lunch during the day. Lovely lovely young woman who was the one of the chefs came mountain broadest iced tea and the issue was so we sat on the porch and she's so we go here here so we stopped in cocoon and outside of cocoon in holly they have a Tesla. Plug in they do this I don't know I was like just take a look at that and like oh my god a test of onion well. Well that's good yeah that's where I had the book signing at and the co okay what was left wingers are very nice. A lot of fun and for the day it was a beautiful day so. But I am so that's and we plan. Homelessness through Monday and we took the day and in a mental health and had a Mantilla and that's exactly right. It was nice to cut it was beautiful. From new really enjoy our beautiful day so we can and it was so nice to sit out on the back porch it's settlers in and we looked at the space and we have to go out there this day because. It's so pretty and and we went over to alleges. Which is I didn't realize was with the same. App different part of the old castle. Because it's the same but construction right. Architecture so that was called Sony and a really nice is. We have had friends who stayed in those rooms and lunches time and they're a very unusual will register very more modern looking whereas the settlers and is so. Quaint and you just in time it was screaming to me. Winter and spending a weekend going nowhere with a fireplace on that one fun it was. So neat but that Romo also had a little balcony to go. None the first floor off like gossip where the bar area is turned in a few steps it was right there is really pretty. So they have some. Area and usual configurations. For the rooms. They have. Spiral staircases like sun and yeah at ledge as you mean yeah and it's. And friends they were there with. Came down one spot and inactive when I am back up Shia and they had a yes being the end. Yeah so whatever but the the other thing about alleges that I don't like the fact that it's really what they call a tap as far. That whenever you order when you go to their restaurant ledges it's all these small portions wrong places will be easy innings. And if you don't like that then you can't get anything else you have to order millions of them so she's accurate if you're an eater who needs more than that. And a so that I love the that the setting event where are overlooked that her daughter flies farther beautiful. Piece. Yeah so that's will be ten minutes then we have fun. Spent so and then of course EGM managed. Oh Momo moment when you take those kind of days and you work for yourself Vienna jam everything else into every other day so then the last couple days it has been. Back to back to back to back we need just to buy a new duet. You know Africa and went south. That's if so it's again anyway I'm I am that this is an interesting. Question that I've never really talked about and I think it's worth. Exploring even further. But this is this is a guy named planned roofs and knocked who is a writer for the Wall Street Journal. And he answers questions that people send in in his area about retirement. So this question was I know you've written about moving in later life. What about spouses who wanted to retire to different places. I say I would like to relocate to a cooler climate but my wife first someplace warmer. Needless to say this is tricky any thoughts. And his answer was Roma's question hits uncomfortably close to home but Ali. It. Is he said the deal with those. My wife or retired teacher would like to move at some point to a small beach community but I'm reluctant to do so. I enjoy visiting the beats but I prefer living as we do near a large cities there's something more to do so far we have agreed to disagree. And I am fortunate that my wife loves our current home and neighbors but this issue isn't going away. Tricky is the right word in talking with retirees. Through the years we found a few issues are tougher to resolve the differences over where to live. Compromise is nice when it works but the biggest risk here is dragging an unwilling spouse to a new location. One simple but often expensive solution is maintaining two homes and dividing your time between them. My wife and I have talked about ending a small place at beats very small. Barring that the best advice. Is to begin discussing this question often and early ideally several years before retiring. In her book retirement for true psychologist and author Marianne Vander Velde. Offers a series of questions about moving in later life they can help spouses iron out differences. Among them. Do we want to stay put our shake things up for retirement living. If we decide to relocate what factors are most important to each of us how what drew rank and examples climate cost of living city vs country a bigger house a smaller place. Proximity to family. And we afford financially and emotionally to make a mistake where really it. That is a tough one because I've seen Feinstein the end and really regret that they didn't and they couldn't get out of the house but they peninsula. Which it was feels most strongly about where we should live. What mechanisms. Such as spending and out of season vacation and then desired location. Will help us share the decision equally. Finally if we don't agree how will we fashion a compromise. I think SN airy fairy or question. I do because there are so many couples that are really roller out there that I made an eighty degrees a harsh. Really it postpones retirement they won't move because they don't know where they're going to. It creates a lot of angst and anger and resentment you know so I like an idea which is something I've often said the people. If you're thinking about moving go and rent a place first period in. Offseason ia and see how it is when you lived there when all those people aren't there or not services collaborate. Right and what's available right and then you can decide nice pruning money Dallas should rent something where they wanna go before they buy any via the senior had stuck right okay. I so I'm clear impact Elisa Millar and when show we'll be back with doctor Kat and Kate who was here substituting for doctrine called the nova. And will be right back. It's Saturday morning with the Koreans live now. Great inland. Good morning. Good morning my name's Linda Evans and the president. And CEO of northeastern financial consultants birth the only financial planning firm in clarks summit. I'm also the author of a book called power of the first carefree finances for baby boomer women available on And I Laurie can the honor of Mari Chan enterprises which is a fundraising PR and special event is this. And we have our second guest expert who is at this point filling in referring. Usually guest expert. The would be doctor and also knows I found that veterinary referral emergency center good food so generate an essay did they can't. So our substitute. Guest expert today friend of hers. Doctor Catherine cat spreadsheet. It was an owner of the Abington equine hospital. And she and her husband talked Brad back our. Nudity area and they've been here for is yes. And Burgess sent a little a big fan up it's gonna turn. Welcome chat. Thank you thank you for adding me yeah that's that's also been fun and we have a visitor until we until I started without our knowledge our visitor who would be. Mr. Tyler back. Very I tight. I don't know if he's here with his mom so we her to even the house since he's in the house and I said I'm going to steal his dimples are so beautiful he. She'll. Intelligent I tell you that I love little boys yes against I a until they're not that little anywhere but I love them some. I'm glad you're here. So he sure only can hunt is my only hang east coach Oakmont. I miss those days I mean he's gone into second grainy. So he is. You've had two of what I did but I miss him I just missed out there so lovable at that age two little boys they love their mom right he's like yeah I'm yanked that's the beauty of its intra is just. Only now he's cling to their mother when they're when they're little and then. And girls mourning their dad and I thank you so weird Adam and I just want my kids to cling forever so I don't know how it follows that and every eighth goes up and changes and how little show and tell your your life and Lawrence and there and now it has been so again do we have a specific topic we're talking a so I want to end okay go ahead an opera update us. Com and play well come. The adding teeny tiny Hospira is is coming along we are. Thumb since I guess we've had vehement way section O'Bannon cancel my husband runs his general practitioner or assist. My myself come. Do the surgery portion. And so I am trying to put together the hospital and get that element who are just in the stages. Squaring up some financing and things like that and we should be looking embrace counts soon so it's pretty exciting time. Screen and down things are starting to come together. Once it has how how much exposure have you and I'm Brad had to the area the people know that you're here. What has happened in the last. That was August when you're known to our July of last year I think you re here. He knows she'll I have him the peanut gallery and let me tell you and pitch count has to like thanks best chances can't bank. I ever Canada and Canada may end okay so I mean we've had a fair amount but you never know if you're reaching all the right people. Obviously a ban on the show a few times. I am Ryan several ads in local horse magazines and things like add. Apparently done any TV spots or anything like facts I just I have such a certain demographic and I need to reach. One of the things have been doing recently near the base in FaceBook ads. And then you know you put in keywords such as Boris worm riding or inventing a show jumping or things like at and it's a lot of people have that. And our FaceBook as their interests. Then this ad pops up to and so we've been trying to do ads that are. Kind of pertinent to the timing here we did one about com news polls and breeding and things like that an early spring. So. Just kind of but at doctor backe has been out doing a lot with the mobile. Ambulance an anti abortionists or shouldn't I guess that's spend significantly. More so than what it was a year ago. Oh Fisher so yeah I mean that's good but how are people finding out about what it is that you do with you now are you I don't not a word of mouth yeah we are also out there and you know banging on the door and zero and I mean me. He speaks people and things like that but in honesty it. It really takes. Someone hearing from one of their trusted friend or trainer saying work or colleagues. And we can you try and fair enough I mean only change either. You know two of course is do the owners of courses have and they get insurance for the border yes yes yes so when right when church and tell me a little because I finest fast I love horses Simon into my rendition very sound bad. And we've done it before but can't tell me how to courses only have one child one baby at a time can they have more than one. The and they can have to clear links you very rarely but usually we actually duo we can't pinching on off I'm because it's pretty dangerous for them to China have to usually they lose the most. As what happened so they're not really senate to have twins un that's her that's really my husband's interest is every kind of things he loves that so. I checking for Klinsmann should have come and how much the gestation period forum both of course it is just sad here. Really in June yes they one full year while Ainge do. Move that's a long time show how much should they usually when I know can vary but what's the average below. Seven need it sounds like now. It depends what breeder really does depend I'm pretty ray draft or is there any pileup in cash and so many Morris is going to be really tiny center I don't go to the moms then when there would. Pregnant with them but what does the baby each are they physically is that but how up because that's such a big try AL Childs should be big carrying what what should do you see them get to stay temperament does search their ability to move just lessened as it gets old third hurry they Golan drill in ninety you will get stream them on Mack truck. As I could I ask as I did IA eliminated as a and idolized her Democrats and I'm buying into certain things and agenda boy they're usually that. My dad and now I have my Milo strange used to turn in your house our house and I'd. Time yeah one ounce of course is and yet they begin allowed big hand in it does flown down towards scene and a little bit I mean also go out and tanner around fielder Bebe. You know you can tell also Jersey on the panel Oklahoma's a mountainside here I'm announcing. Marriage so and the horses so now do you find that this area because I mean 'cause we are so close to mean a lot of times timeout. And for my. Rise with my iron arrow we jumped up around a bush so she used to make the I live and in done more aware of right asset write next in I'm black and half I'm not Scranton board action so I need convenience can't catch someone out you think wow here we live in this. Wonderful quick you know place to get places from where I am there you go. You know twenty miles or fifteen miles out you're in this beautiful countryside we. I am opened with so many working farms and and homes and people who just love horses and who their children or they ride it seems like there's a lab of course is around here. That people don't necessarily know about and but also the people then obviously who need to know that you Wear husband who's in general. The peace practitioner ended. Specifically furry find and you heard what you do as a surgeon I mean doesn't have a speech. Very intriguing for people to know hey we're in we have this right here now and it's gonna be better Frye didn't have to go where was it Cornell if it's still there somewhere I went to corn. Now or they go down to come in Atlantic in New Jersey how country sound there are usually leaving this state and when I came parent pay initially thought they would go to. And the new bonds right right away the roads are setup that's actually longer and then leaving the state okay. So highly and a Cornet they would go that there are some you yet about 5050 Carmela. And down and you're losing a big mouth. So yeah I mean I think it's enormous sense of comfort for them and even them if they don't need you won't we cannot have a moment. Where they see me do you were you there as to send secure enough he had there's just so many horses and horses and I love it. I know you've done. Lot of research when you're but in the end of the business plan for. The both the ambulatory and the surgery. Concept and what you're calling the equine hospital. So I am I was shocked. At how many horse. Lovers I guess who follow them work and and horse owners are. In all of north Eastern Pennsylvania and do so I don't know if you had that thumb brushed off your head but I know that there was. Us significantly greater number and I. You know if it can't you worked Alice to. Think to myself cleaner when I checked and since I'm not as strong but it I want to say it was Blake. Primary six per square miles so no matter where you are numb. But it in Pennsylvania and ninth or CSI aero weren't there. Think source associated buddy I do is the word yeah and it's neat so so where we're right up there and gum in your right I think it's a lot because there are some lunch. Land that's not necessarily big city didn't do. Must I think my not dealt with the fact that the now you're just a little bit but removed but the my pocono downs like what happens when each have like harness racing in the horses here and there is something that happens I mean obviously they're owned by people they live in different states whenever bunch does dad is that's something that comes into play free to with the with business and definitely does it mean. We will be a security Nash and that facility is while they won't have to go aspire to winning do you have an emergency situation. Such as can't garner contraband some sort of fracture. Thumb. So you mean back community as well below support and a banner and I think the Pope and so sent he get this until I got it now what did I say folk and I. Now I know it's the same thing when I I did that. I love that. I love but you've gone there again they know about it and we've gone there is posted some hard things we've spoken to be on things like that. For now all come we can't offer them too much different than what they have so I think you know we have the building in the surgical in bella is. You know him and have to shipping because I can't pass pollen can feel the surge surgeries I can you standing in the Xian in new creation. I am which is taking an eye out the other certain things you can do standing room. Just like that of course who was in the did Kentucky Derby yet the one I'm rates and the patch was NS name again. Hong and they do pretty well as on I actually facing an amazing with the and they do pretty well and what it is that usually disease or injury that. It can be either way a lot of times it's it's been suppressant RO all right and cancer and sent him. But again it can be injury tell the guy is well. On third. Flu so Wendy thinks this might you might give it a good time for a grand opening yet. We need building Chris look I don't know but in your mind whit did do you think it's gonna next spring spring this spring spring you know hey there. Irony. So cat if anyone needs you or your husband how do they get in touch with you Tyler sent available via there's always a no worries and he was with us. They added bonus. It was so our clinic minus 57090. For an 8800. Where Oslo on T spoke. Manning teeny tiny and we have a website which is out in any kind has come so there's all kinds information Mel while they're by. Feel free you I'm senate seem now there's a contact us gauge on the on the web site in the works well and otherwise just give us a column in. Chad and Alan every group. And more to come must know I also want to thank doctrine called the number of earth for giving up the spaces absolutely had so thank you already will be out. Right back with doctor Barbara talk that movie you're listening to Larry lynch on its. Saturday morning a little Korean live now. Great inland. SaaS my name and whenever you plan the president and CEO of northeastern financial consultant. Where the only financial planning firm o'clock comments and also the author of a book called power of the purse. Carefree finances for baby boomer women. Available on And I in my own home the glory can Interpol the fundraising ER specialist and it. And our guest expert today is doctor Barbara pluck that. Who is the owner of that can't gynecology. In Scranton Pennsylvania. And she has a wonderful topic for us talk about this afternoon. Morning sorry absolutely. To take it away doctor Barbara. So I thought we should talk about tirade did each of the very common phenomenon and I practiced. A lot of women are frustrated with. Do you wire don't I have irate is the Mattel sometimes a little bit of a tricky. Entity can diagnose. And treat. Until I thought we should take a little toured on pirate road today she to kill. I'm particular part about Hashimoto this tirade I guess which. She is a word that some people heard about and others maybe not so familiar with that but she mode owes the gentleman who carried diagnosed at the condition each of Bayreuth I think it is an inflammation. Of the thyroid Ahmed Gary dare each. Com and I am and one of the most common auto immune. And we are about auto immune being that the body is fighting lock it itself and it'll weighed in court and that. Cages Kyra indeed it's biting off site is owned thyroid. And it's thought that this is being actually can affect anywhere from thirteen to 38% of people in the general population which and it does an FYI and edit my mom used mud on the national drug best seller list for the last. Three years. So tirade Indian it prominent but I think irate I guess is Marcel. And I think that we know we know that. Conservative estimates. Eight that one in five women will be affected with Hashimoto to be at some point their lifetimes. Quite a large number of people and the problem mid. People feel sluggish or are. Something's not right eighth and they have all of these eighty than them but nothing is if you think enough skill. Illicit. You know treatment for that rob processed and and wanted to be dead. That the captain may not in the early and you the abnormal so a lot of the thyroid symptoms which can surely we can think of would be that he airlock. Cold in cholera and inability to lose weight. Mental thing that such a sadness and depression or forget let such acne puppy eight PI particular people with pop the ice. I'm nervousness anxiety trouble sleeping in non BA DB Nancy talk about vertigo or you know when done their people are giddy. All the symptoms aren't necessarily though that we would classically look at and worried symptoms but they can certainly be related to your thyroid. And so the idea behind this idea that inflammation that auto immune product that is that the body. Said that something in your immune system that your pirated or named Bader and it's trying to attack. And it comes to this trust that's either with our leaky gut which we talked about nod nod BM by the immune system attacks your thyroid. And it eventually me I'm become inefficient and doesn't work and so they're could be a different level of the Latin. And those airport somebody might be told that they really don't have thyroid kidney. And so the other thing that I wanna make sure that we understand it that there I think huge genetic. Component intends to run and Stanley. Are you autoimmune diseases and in particular. So if you have an autoimmune disease you may have won I don't mean to be your only member may have another. And going to be kind auto immunity is number 1 country run and am late in the acute it typically thyroid. Is much higher risk in women. You really should have those things look at geeks or you become symptomatic. So the idea that this I agent of the age one is that people have genetic predisposition. But they really don't have any manners and manifestations of the could be. And so that this is when things are just starting. You know that didn't mean it ever present in the system but. We haven't encountered a trigger or something that has pushed it over that edge and that is a very important eerie when it comes to autoimmune disease this. Got it you may have the genetic predisposition. To have a particular disease. But there are triggers that will push you into that. Condition itself and the environments and can be one of those and we talk a lot about environmental thing that I'm a huge diet curse you guys certainly come into play. When it comes killed that type of thing. Oh you have. Team that make you susceptible you have triggers in your environment and then your gut becomes leaky and it requires all three of those prophecy to push you over the edge in the thyroid disease especially she moto GP. They wanted to predisposition aged you that's when your auto immune system is just starting to attack your thyroid glands and that said you may be highly symptomatic because you're pirated under attack. Your lab may be normal. And that's a very frustrating stage of the disease because. People go to their tradition thinking they know what they're Bayreuth they know what can't be something that's normal and they're told that there's nothing wrong with their laps. And that we need to remember that we have to listen to the patient Ers. While latter exceedingly important in in making sure people think they you have to look and listen to that and the patience. But at age three. Now we're starting to see the thyroid gland not functioning well and the district called sub. Clinical iBook pirated them where they should read level three labs that we look at non PH. Three. The TF agent the brain monitoring hormone of the Iowa glanced at key treatment peak for the actual hormone coming out of the thyroid. And so it he would hate it may just be able that show that it slightly elevated. And you may not see got a different that the the Petrie at the peak four level. I think what makes a difference in the general looking at Bayreuth in and making sure you don't have Hashimoto. Is a presenter apt than in a body. And so an antibody is these it's fine at the immune system has. Started to mount a defense and so you'll be. Start to show up in the blood. And there's two different antibody that we look at we look at the pirate truck city in the body and then we'll look at the final globulin about it. And needs can be ordered but typically buy your condition but usually only when asked to be done so not everybody will look at a priority and a body. Out and more specifically they probably don't wanna look at pirate anybody if that he FH. In normal. Because they feel as though they shouldn't have to do that. The idea had staged. Four when I'm you know Hashimoto this truly involving the hybrid Glenn now you're truly getting abnormality that your laps. I'm Kelly it's at this point where you catch it. Early enough. And the stage score you have the ability to reverse the disease a manipulative progressed QH five with a thyroid is. They pleaded. And now you're having secondary autoimmune disease niche it is not likely that your priority can be it'll be able to be I'm weak but turned around and I'm completed back to a normal age. The idea here is to identify symptoms early. Pats early. And then try to initiate therapy that could reverse the process. One of the things that. You know we look at with a thyroid is the that the Rangers SH. It's cute age when it originally was god look at. That I think actually brought in people that were a great age ranges until included elderly people when they first developed the norm Ritchie at age and it also included people. That had. Compromised thyroid function showed that the greens are still could be what they they overly black it's you tried to beat you used the range tricky think to let us know whether act violated correct or not. And now I need. And their brain trying to bring the new range into that place where more amenable joke. The national academy of clinical biochemistry. State that the PH should be below 2.5. Many American college of a clinical endocrinologist actually wanna be that the FH range somewhere between point three and re. As opposed to where it is now with a point five. To four point five. So I like it he might be a big numbers at least and 2.5 Iowa of people closer to one. In battered I mean you're having better control of your thyroid study. Paid Greenpeace or all the need to be monitored because you can have a guarantee of that lab where. You know your your immune system it is playing games with your thyroid that your lab haven't read the lab manual don't look exactly like you think there's a new. But that's what that's at the point we look at the patient you can't tell me how your feel like. Because if your lab don't follow my guidelines that doesn't mean that your primary to not be efficient on the doesn't need more support. So I think it's important that we we think about irate symptom I think it's important that we act our position to help but if we feel that we're symptomatic. And we're we're having all of these other things it's. You know there and they said the list of thyroid tentative link eight. And it in bald lead the turnaround the treatment are irate is not and lectures you pill. You know Alex if we think about the causes of autoimmune disease in general. We get this ramp up immune system because of our league he got leaked I you know I got. Doesn't allow for the food to stay within its canal it allowed for particle to let outside of the canal the gut. And that's when the immune system starts to attack. And so if we think about proper eating. You need everybody knows the first thing on my list is to be gluten free because that's where a lot of the information comes from Gary create soy creek. Warned egg sugar peanut those in my highly inflammatory crude. They are very much appropriate predicted these almond very much need to be eliminated as we work strokes I'm trying to get the thyroid under control. So. I'm content thanks Barbara what's the difference between under active thyroid overactive thyroid and Hashimoto's. Siren night. I question kill hyper thyroid is over active that means you have too much I relayed I'm. Material being produced by your thyroid gland so we talk about peace corps and I felt like Annika my daddy happy that. Sure that the over anxious for the overactive anxious. In the rail. It's already heard and that's just like they're impaired can put my champion at them all the time. And they are read. There metabolism they go in and a you know 130 miles an hour all of the time. And that it counter out that that is the height 80. For the low thyroid where we don't have enough peachtree and not achieve or. Which make such incredibly sluggish. And so people are cold they have weak games there slowed their hired. You can have Caroline actually with either one. They feel like they just the metabolism has gone out the window that you really can't get it back on track. And how we photos halt initially in between. So the initial onset of the Hashimoto a infection or inclination you might see. An excessive release of the thyroid hormone from the thyroid gland and so they may initially presented at an overactive or deeper. Scenario. But as that process continue the thyroid gland becomes so under active and so distinction that it no longer makes them not violating the become a bow. The vast majority of people that has Hashimoto has thyroid I did end up being 80 or low thyroid people so that they have them the more sluggish tired cold picture. And they have the wired picture. But at the lab work doesn't adequately. I'll support that diagnosis of any impasse then how would someone or why would someone even though can get distracted. So we eat regular lab work. That he would HT three NT four may or may not be helpful I'm but it when you check in a body that's chiropractor but he embodied in the I would globulin in by it though it laid up is being positive. And you know your auto immune process has started and not put that perpetually category of Hashimoto. And so you know that's where we sometimes have to look a little bit deeper and find out why someone may have the engine that they have that our initial survey of their I went labs. A purity normal. Okay. Sorry Alan don't it's delving deeper into the into taking a closer look at the antibody that just the overall. I'm going work opt. Yes indeed and I actually would pirate in a body that might work up almost always. Because you know we don't want to mention the autoimmune process. We know that when you have one on I mean god that your rich for another autoimmune process and the earlier we can catch it and the better the chance that we can get them under control should go to really important for us to try to identify these things and there's so much tirade indeed out there and there's so many people with thyroid symptoms. Found that you need to make the diagnosis is that or is that not back. And I think that it it will warn at least the discussion with your provider can say hey. You know Q I have this sort is this something we should think about and anybody needs slam without appropriate for me. Okay and doctor look at these calorie Betty how they can reach you. This is located across from regional hospital in Scranton are a number 5703. Or 4999. Kevin. We also are online at doctor Barbara what that dot com you inpatient paperwork is available online. You can read a little bit about it there is well until we would certainly love to do that they didn't you and if he'd get some of the things that we can help you read. Thank you Barbara thank you Glenn thank you every once in Berlin London again we'll be here. We had a good weekend. They could be looking at a time and I.