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Following is a paid program the views or claims made are not necessarily those of WI OK staff management or sponsors and. It's time for Laurie in live. Distort your we did all right and now Gloria weigh in on double BYOK. Morning good morning how. I'm I'm sorry. And a good hundred. Let's go on nine your world. No I am well I had wonder boy home. I am for the weekend yes and at at and he I was so happy we have a boy. Then they wonder boy I'm getting more and CEO wonder boy junior they're wonderful and wonder boy and it's so anyway we'll free you just said hi anyway even though we ran there as pretty just Watson and that's why I was. I think. Anyway wonderful wonder boy they're on the same both my boys so Sean was home because he took the LS AT on frowns at Monday yes and so it was time for a couple days so we went to pick them up. And how I think he did. I'm he said he felt much better in many did the first lead and the first time we did great and led so we'll see what happens Kumble wins well now. Right and so we had a great we went to our favorite couch tomato place for a gluten free pizza and tomato soup. And it was fun in a lot's lot's of fun. But yeah he's came home and he was with me all weekend and it was a joy to have him. I sit on the ice and having Sean cannon volley home is like having ten kids count. I pulled tiny so independent like he just does and shine is much my mom what about this coming do that's how we just picked back. And as seen status counteract them now and how easy theory he likes to include he likes to be part does he likes to say Google make a plan you like. To follow through on those kind of things and timing is just you know. Flies in now so it's funny had the difference in their behavior. It was it was really funny to see him though I have to say it was a Saturday night that's when you came back. It beat them up for Fred Friday night and we had I had yes I'm well we went oh average studios they went to Brussels Brussels had a little problem with their own. Water airlines or something and so. We went down the studio sun and they were sitting there and I saw your son of a pull up in front of Cynthia who's. And I saw the white car Russians sentencing him and when he got out of the car I said well that's not Larissa and she's happy. I'm in great and I didn't even connect the so on could be such a big enough or any so when we drafts my cousin Sharon off I yeah. As a vaccine coming back and Sharon's and the front with wins I'm Sean. So he said mom I guess I'm Driving Miss Daisy as soon that's Rennes came back here. So that's why I even I was an even in the front I was in the back out after after he got out I just suck turn my head so well and that's not them and I just forgot about it yes. But it was us I thought I have to sign and I thought the sun was. Very engaged yet in the conversation with us that night. Then he was very present and it was really interesting to see him. Interactive course with Patrick which is always talents. But it was just nice assume he is really was very verbal and he was talking to us some. Asking questions and you know that's great yeah and he eighteen I said he'll be home for the fourth of July 1 few days and he'll be much more relaxed because. Course he was came home Friday and the test was until Monday afternoon so the whole weekend has continuing her study he did his prep. Exam right before it ends. You know so he yes so he's done is Harrington he's done vacuum left on Tuesday afternoon. And of course Barbara let him borrow her car so he can have this cart car for a couple weeks and then held drive home. With fire was tired for the fourth of July tanked so I don't know I was there as my sister always helped them out some. She's she Barbie thinks they're her kids you know my kid that's a good and they letters think it. You know that way they can go either one to he won't give it embargo well kinda thing I know it. Play you too young and of course but that's pretty you know without him they do indeed. But I am yes so we had a good time and Emma is was I'm. As I told him we mentioned her name masked. Am weak and she. I'm. Listens all the time goes to the podcast some lessons shy but. Don't pan out for my tennis doctor Andrew Taylor who apparently does listen to the spots. Morning. It's great so as you all are. Listening to this. Hopefully. We will be. In the company of my stepson who is arriving. This evening as we speak this is third saying. And he will be around for Father's Day would technically it's where you wonder yes I'm glad he's there this is Patrick. Is it has been talking about it forever. And yeah and I do so heavily to rent yes. So it's. Questionable as to more than that we can actually go out on the boat because the weather's going to be kind of crazy if I. We'll try it because I know that Tyler loves to be out on the boat. And it's great because I do know that he has an extremely high pressured. Deadline kind of job and so this is this is really good for him to be up there and to. Not be plugged in as much as he normally is when he's home yeah so it's good thing. Very happy yeah so I have a story until you do your resume. Well. My lean is a full time pharmacist. Who had worked with many of the chain drugstores over her career. She is survived the mergers and acquisitions and the ever revolving. Staffing of the stories. She has moved many times into bigger and better buildings. And always felt the moves were to her advantage until the last one. She decided the benefit package and salary with the world's largest retail store. But allow her to put in a few more years until retirement. When she could work part time and enjoy the life she planned in the heart of Atlanta Georgia. The house was sold the new Condo purchased. And their retirement party was behind her. Then she discovered that she did not like being in Atlanta she had some concerns. Over at the hiring of the of print and not been hiring of the people and the work ethic of those who were hired. And the apparent relaxing the rules but she's discovered were part of the southern culture. She was used to a faster pace a more accountable workforce. And the very least a reverence for being on time. If forced her considered the rigidity. With which she followed the rules and major question how important all that was to her. She realized much to her chagrin that it was non negotiable. Given that she decides to look for other employment in smaller pharmacies and even reach connected to her former employer. Who was really excited that she would consider return. Secure with the offer to go back to the former employers she took some time to think this through. She's decided to connect with a financial planner and let their professional review her financial situation. She thought she needed to work until she was 65 and then go part time but maybe not. She contacted me to review her situation knowing. Then I was not in her backyard but deferring to be assumed to values. Of the people in the area of her last employment. She said she did not feel like the confidence of the people she met an Atlanta. I understood their perspective but did not Cher and her beliefs. That the players I know when Atlanta had a different set of values. Yet I deferred to her wishes. We reviewed her savings investment plans for income goals and plans for retirement. And discovered that she had now but she needed to retire. As I explain this to her right this year disbelief and my calculations. And doubts of the sufficiency of our assets to carry her through retirement. I was wondering why this so difficult for her to accept. Then I got the story. As a child. Her parents told her they're saving for retirement was the most important goal of her working career. They helped us through pharmacy school quite an achievement for young woman in the day. And as soon as she was fine continuous employment because of the field she was and she married a year out of pharmacy school to another pharmacist. And they lived happily for over ten years. They did not have any children but she discovered he had another family. In another town he never told her about. She initiated the divorce and found that she lost lost half of her assets. To the divorce settlement. Given the terrible emotional and financial losses. She never remarried and assumed she would never be able to retire. She found it very difficult to believe the numbers I was showing her. I let that sink in her first few weeks but I can't go back to see where she was on the session. She told me she except that the job to return to her former employer in Atlanta. And she was willing to accept that she could work hard time if she wanted to but that she did not have to. Victory. Women now can I ask about that already had. Was he still married to these people are we was divorced and had another family just had a complete the other for another life yes company is like living in windy took a back in fort absolutely. Yeah unquestioned. And not have is why not just like really seriously that's so I would I I think just all the energy it takes to cover that up I don't I don't win I don't get an idea where every time I hear anything really really. And why I don't know apparently this this. Other family. Was a woman that he had mats. When he was in high school yeah and when he went away in a pharmacy school which she did me physically went away. She didn't want to tell her about this other thing because. It wasn't something and he really won it. If I. I think the woman was pregnant so you know he and I still blew a lot it's amazing I can't amazing and I don't know why she was just so afraid to push. Short and he's my son and her money just because is she was making us as much money is he wants me and only son and a split things up. And did he go back to the other person I don't know I never I didn't ask her. I I just might not see you happy that I mean I know it happens I just behind Nat. So bizarre it is bizarre it's a very bizarre situation is that why would Joseph. I don't think it's one of those things at once he can handle it. It's just so hard to disengage yourself from a because the lie gets bigger and bigger and bigger and I know you know and just. I don't know it's when they tell you never tell obvious tell the truth is the only story emerged during that early. Yeah instead that I'm sorry dad look at this blows my mind it's it's who really weird but and now it's us. OK I edit an hour and and that I felt so happy to see her actually. Except that that's something that happened 25 years ago and she still carried Indiana with her on some line. And then she married today did she found she did not remember will she ninety thing should not write anybody Sheen dating anyone now. So she's completely jaded now for the whole Brooklyn law never knows something like this may open up. A whole new world of freedom for she didn't realize how much all of that. Was running her life. So once you acknowledge it you see it in Marion changes told becomes what it is writes from them so she may start looking at this and saying oh well you know come on. Now I'm in I could look at retirement may be and don't need to work and if I find somebody made him open to finding somebody I hope she does site until. Because she's a very. She's a sweet one and that's stereo track see how good does Miller and how her life. It is and what it does it takes a hold those things and that was a devastating blow him. Well okay must we are gonna take a quick break you're listening this morning to Larry and when show and we will be right back. It's Saturday morning a little Korean live now. We'll relay. We're back with our guests have that one of our special guests and I guess experts. Doctor Barbara clocked at. Who is happy owner it can't gynecology associates and Scranton. Welcome doctor pock net. Thank you good morning good morning how are you have concrete sanctions. And we and a really good topic to talk about today carried very. Capital topic. So cadre happened. An article in the paper earlier this week and need help confine protection of the times Tribune it was about it the after the doctor section. Yeah I actually had patients coming in named AB article came out and they had what MI reading about. No need for pap smears after the agency can try it. Half and I said well I would have to be what what do they mean by that it. To be able to help them fight I went home and I pulled out the article addiction and I thought that it not guidelines have changed so much in the latitude. Five years sound that I would be wise to go over the curt recommendation. As they apply to you you know most of our female population and we take care of anyway. And so you know the irony was that poor woman that had told me that he would go irate about the article in the paper. Why is greater than Mickey died and had an abnormal pap smear and what Jimmie Johnson being evaluated for that happened here. I think he couldn't understand what. Why somebody would say eight. Graded in the age 65 would need to have a beer because it that would cape. She wouldn't have had heard that she wouldn't count actually had an abnormality. And we wouldn't have been going down that pathway of evaluation. So they're going to back. You know connection to the rule that we need to be you know thinking about when we make these overwhelming recommendations you. So get pap smears as we know we used to be a yearly event that. And you would arc in the time that you were a teenager and he would be you know. Couldn't a man of god Italian job and sent it very unpleasant event occurred on a yearly pay. Up and tell well let. At Drake though nobody likes to eat organic hello you either idiotic story in public let me tell and I hate them so. The pool then changed a couple of years ago they would maybe be younger females don't need pap smears. And and why did they say it actually before the age of 21. You don't need pap smear. And they re the that they pay that is only point 1% of cases of cervical cancer will actually occur before a woman aged twenty. They're the risk of having that they needed so lull. That it doesn't warrant the screening. They all unknown at this in human capital normal virus which in V virus that is responsible for the vast majority of abnormality. Of the pap smears. And though the human capital alma Biron who is. Generally can't and they sexually. Transmitted disease meaning you get at them and I'm having intercourse are coming into sexual contact with someone else who had the buyers. And tell and number eight. They're human couple on the virus infection is usually I'm acquired by young women I'm very shortly after they'd begun having sexual intercourse. I'm by nearly allocation of this buyers are cleared by their immune system because there you can connect so well but depiction. They'll clear the canyon the good reaction in one to two years Saturday is an expert skill it. Which a lot of times they had had a cervical. Minor minor cervical abnormalities that these career. What was happening was we were doing all he be content if evaluations including biographies and things of that sort what amounted to do it didn't mean that would have normally cleared on account anyway. Showed is usually made not to screen young people before the age of 21. Now because we need to 21 and 29. We shouldn't still be packed Dayton with pap smears it on and indefinite being yearly. I belong and the past there have been normal. You can screen these folks every three years. Well tell happier and happier hammered about it until pap smears which is a Serb all screening that hadn't been. Every three years. Now. That isn't instead of what you do that of course they screened for dependent have been easy. And then they also in some cases as well connected via air and at there's evidence of a human capital Loma virus infection. So screening with pap smears its. Now that's 2129. Total women aged. Thirty to pick each tie into the world can change a little tentative. So we talk about human capital Amman buyer and being the primary cause and you can we talk about. Being certainty dreamed of the human capital Amman virus and that are more likely to kind of disease than others. Until what I can't spend developing over the past many years. I'd eat big picnic patents. For human capital on the virus much can you determine whether you have the high risk appetite. So certain strain that he might apple requires much more likely collide. Cant just others such and so they specifically patent pretty high risk right. And it can dig it called the eight. I hope I did show. Quote I think meeting to attack you died which you go for a traditional pap smear. And you also get the human capital alma Byron tap dance. Now something different and the path that is something correct that if something different and they're speaking differently then jumped a patent had done this. This candidate is they didn't specifically for human capital alma Byron types. And Howard that would have gotten it done this pain and I am yeah I think and a different it's a different that you have to be quite a bit. Okay OK so yeah but they've determined that your pap smear is normal and you don't have these high respect of human capital alma virus that. And you don't need to have eight another testing sessions. For five years. Won't. Should tell her where are we hitting third and 6:30 am I take besides try to promote pet dating with. Pap smears and HEB patenting. Every five years in Turks turned him. But what they Ted was. If you don't have to go to a game. For some reason neither did they often does enjoy it not covered let whatever action then and you also can be candidate for every three year. Routine pap smears just because the age of 2129. OK okay then tell either the co parenting. Or are they a half alone every three years. Oh great Piaf and again to cut off with what age that he can't I think it can show. But they say that you know well how do they come up with these numbers well they start a look at act. The risk persons Benedict felt the risk of having to do need that person the benefit of you know the screening process. And so what they've decided is that the imprint of cervical cancer. It's not it declined after the age 65 and so I had clients that I was just gonna say the opposite because. You talk about had a robust. He. What immune system when you're younger guy right and we aides said and that gets more compromise Stefan at. Well Tony we can't them get more compromised by ear can co chair of likely went down tried clearly we yes exactly so what happened this cervical cancer occurs and I typically fifteen to 25 years after an HPV infection and so most of the people being exposed to HTV are younger women. Right therefore it at sixteen to 25 years at the risk of a woman at the age it'll take a deep sigh of acquiring new HPV infection is so low. But it doesn't justify. The pap smear confident and hand. Those given they say given the low risk of progression to cancer and that each rage there's no need to. I had screamed even if you've gotten a new sexual partner. Night. Okay. It got very hard contact understand when you then in an environment where actually you know we're all about prevention immoral about screening and again you know yearly visits are the way to go so that we don't miss any thing Mitch and I think that. What we need your candid when we talk about the captain Mary were only talking about the element that's hysterical can't learn. We are not talking about an annual exiting album and keeping the annual exams were only talking about. Keeping it up we're portion. Of the annual exam we've all you long to be you know I don't need at our annual report apple can get one in the game but it's not and they hand it. It made me amateur one part. But I can't hear it gives them very small part of the whole egg me on until what I really I cautioned people about Indians don't please don't think actually. I'm simply saying you don't need it capped a five years which means you get into it OK I don't. The reality of meeting an egg mayhem because all you walk and people forget that they need breast exam they need apparently somebody or they need a pelvic exam protection they need somebody to be looking in areas that they can't physically beaten pictures of Kim looks okay that there aren't any lesion there's carbon coral or abnormal coloration you know but again it's. I mean a breast exams and of course which need to be done so. While the guidelines for pap smear screening had changed because our technology has gotten better and art science has gotten better so that we understand what our real good kid and nothing more take away the fact that you don't need Jerry kingdom. You. And I I would tell you that I am one of those people that. Probably made that association as well. That if you don't need to get a pap smear you don't need to have big scam. And I correct such an important point and Cabrera recommend they read like Sam is still important. Right and it different from the primary care doctor Daniel Cunningham because they also have an annual exam and tell the gynecology enjoy it different from that. They're regular annual at 11 Latino little bit about people wind. Putting is getting hysterectomies you know it was dubbed a liar don't I need it happened and so if they hysterectomy was done for any leaner and other than cervical disease suffered due to these women have never had an abnormal pap pitch then at the time of its directing me you theoretically don't need to have additional happens we're just leading candidate which if you're not a high risk person. So if you have a patent. Any kind of cervical abnormalities truth when Kyodo over the years and you do you don't need to have more frequent pap smears regardless of hysterectomy I had checked me. But if you are usually moves four are abnormal bleeding or fibroid Dorn a very individual whatever it might might abandon it wasn't related to cervical disease. And your client today that you really don't need to continue with Mears screenings it. Yeah that's an important point can't a lot of women over the age of 65 has had a hysterectomy to that effect. They tell you exactly what date that out everybody irradiated meat ignited a hysterectomy because that was what. You can happen. Again they are putting objectively Charlotte haven't checked to make sure you know now this day and age we don't do that we have alternatives get insured and even try to use those specs but I haven't played that population and that older gal population. A lot of you need out there. Yeah whether they made it to our left and right exactly exactly has yet. Okay. So your I think your point was well made that. You would there are reasons why you would want to have pap smears after the age of 65. And there are playing Ares is why you don't need them either. You're a direct and I think that an individual arena and you really need to make sure that you're not neglecting them. Even if it doesn't exactly of course is gonna thank so there can get a different between all of those. Okay Barbara tell everybody where they can reach of their stake. Would like to get more information. Located across the street from regional hospital in a position to building a week can be low key and we can be reached by at all if I have been 03 or four or 999 that's. And you can also get information about our packet online at doctor Barbara plucked it dot com among all the paperwork and it's available online if you wish or wish wishing to schedule an appointment such a believe they would gladly go to your machine lead you into an idea what would be a best approach for you. Trying can't tell avoid another dairy shaking his. It sounds like a real deal. Apple. At such a refreshing way to approach it. Your health how about fast yes tap out says it's great thank you so much for being against some our show today. And we welcome and we will be right back quit attorney Barbara Harry you're listening to Villarreal and show. It's Saturday morning a little Korean live now. L'Oreal and good morning come back everybody you're listening to Lari and may show I'm Lori can be owner Larry can enterprises which is a fundraising. PR and special man business available on What you know easier today. Listen tell us iTunes because we have a pod cast of this show everybody in monster world well known on that so you can go on to iTunes and download. Oh REM and show and I have caller past episodes and subscribes independents and just say you know I was with Emma as we said earlier X and she said she couldn't find. She found it but she couldn't do the original web but anyway where he Lin go head you're who you go my name is Linda Evans I am what am I I am. The president and CEO of northeastern financial consultants. For a fee only financial planning firm in clarks summit. I'm also the author of a book called power of the purse. Tier free finances her baby boomer women available on Okay. And with us today. Is what I love to introduce it love it as now we say the lovely and talented and Smart. Attorney Barbara JO haren who's been practicing family law. For the last 36. ERS. Barbara is a partner with Hughes Nichols now hair on drink history and done more and why I'm. Well I think you as always. As always can always nice to be here and today I normally talk about it. Where does your support which are not pleasant topic now. But at it's what I do for a living. And I can be reached at and them by 703447171. And my offices at 1420 when he strength or street. IG divorce custody and support work in lack wanna Lucerne Susquehanna Wayne Wyoming. But also available on them. What what I'm really passionate about and and do what I know who Lori and Lynn are also passionate about is the women and clan three V project. That is run by you this for an area foundation. And if you don't know what that is back in 2014. A discretionary foundation decided that they were going to address the needs of women in in the lack running county area and they. We got together all of the powerful women in this area including him. People in this room and says okay what did what is it that we need to address and one of them that. One thing that they do is they help women business it's because when you help a woman's business you help our family. And so many women are supporting their children and what they do is they can't insure along with your business idea. And it have you goes through then at the university Scranton sons small business program. And they help you with your business plan. And you goes through coerce and it's a very serious course about. Doing business the right way. And then they help you in the loan you money. At that so one of the programs that I'm involved with because I meant to women that come out of their program that gets lent money. And you know I'm I'm. I know there were core group of women who did made the initial investment. If someone announced in your life on the men's. Which Lynne and I aren't in your Natalie and I am are you okay so I am now act but I want I will be as a matter of fact before we went on air. We spoke a little bit about that I've spoken to both browse Broderick and Diana are bedie to women Hawaii also now looks foreign bonds and just got my letter from alarmed recently each I'm and we have to say under the leadership there of larger jets. Is he unbelievable. Yet every time I'm with her I'm impressed even more yeah she's done a wonderful job and prior to heard Jeanne Babar who I adore with. I adore the woman has since such stay as women leaders for that foundation have been a tremendous LaRoche is I'm at it you know came an an and. An innovative thinker and changed very very creative yes and you are in programs. And she's getting funding for all of us programs yet she's getting money and a places that it. And made it a rest a bus terminal and and what's nice about what I really liked and I sent to the girls when they said to make. Would you consider. Being what is the first level of duck and a founding member okay so it is so would you can be you know commit to death because can we discuss the the price thundered down we wanna talk a fun event to be has found an out and out and another dollar years. Over the course of fighting right which I think it it and what I loved and I have said and I wasn't sure if it can be done I said since two dynamite bedie. You know I really. Wanna do that. But I like it a I'd like to do something monthly that I know it's in my budget and now and won't be cool yeah that Leonard DLR and Broder little know with ten is so important on matters like that. Would you please consider joining us and then it lists. The several the levels of which you can contribute and what then your involvement as that member is which and I'm preaching to the choir with both India. I am going to do because I think the commitment that but an especially if you think about it from a monthly standpoint you put you you put it in there and you know that's part of what you're eats you do something. Really good about what you're saying is is helping women. Achieve their dream and held. Is quick and other women are funding and not only funding but just hoping it wouldn't make your dreams come trial. Local PLO. And actually. I was at that screen area foundation board meeting yesterday. And they're putting in a new left an intermediate level Al Kali guiding member RA because they know some people can't do that 2000. Dollar a month commitment and so there are lesser ones and now there's an immediate 2000 a year conduct a guiding member via. So. What did I do we have money yeah about they blended two and two women. Who are starting this. They're small businesses. And there's three other programs the one program is the steam program where they go out to schools and they hire this woman. Who is a phenomenal. Teacher. And you would want to be in a class taught by this woman. If you've you've gone to her in her presentation. She was such a dynamo I can't imagine. Adding it teacher that was that good and she gets them the particularly girls interested in science technology engineering and math an art. And that they do programs with them there in Riverside schools there in the span schools they're expanding to other school districts. Because they realize this is an area where. Girls that may have been interested in science and math. It drops off at the seventh grade level. And they once knew why is that. And do whether or not it's a social issue or it's certainly nine act in. Academic thinkers they had the ability but sun suddenly the interest drops aftermath. So detente that's the point at which you really need to attack this and start saying OK what can we do you promote. Women in the sciences. And it's a terrific terrific program. And it's one of the four programs they act so there's still there's stamina. And steam trailed his art is is that a incarnations AM steam and it Louisiana's door and I got out without an ST writing. And then they added the art this AD in our. Let's tasted too Barbara and menu would detest the best you guys. Women who and I know mice and this is an island I'm talking I'm from my boys are boys and had two boys in and no girls. But even my son Tommy who was as talented as talented can be in the same realm and I said tanning bad 'cause your mind but you could go to Broadway and make it would bad boys and Everett and he said I'll never make the money I wanna make an up and heat it just said I'm not doing it because I wanna do something right can. Think I can make more money and and that is what happened so many even young girls who DNC do things their whole life they think I'm never gonna do anything with this so they stopped doing that. Anything artistic so to speak is they think that it's like you know battle lines starving artist is so. I attached to them right that's a problem the engineering issue were saying earlier action kids it's not it's glamorous or sexier whatever it is at the time so they they they stay away from a well. And also there's the perception and that's a man's pants sat down at. That's at the exact not male and so anyway I'm sick and actually I had that kind of experience when I when you always go to law school and I was in high school. A woman came to my high school and she was. Aid. Public defender in Montgomery County which is where the Bill Cosby trial right now and she came and spoke to my eight. To my high school bishop Kendrick in Norris town that is no longer. And said hey women can be lawyers and if you want to be a lawyer and you won a seamless like day in day out at the courthouse. Give me a call here's my phone number call me in shadow meat per day. And that's exactly what idea and his and you know like until then you never know you know female. This is 1973. And never seen a female attorney and I I don't I'm gonna take rabbi now and you did yes. And I followed her out on a day amounts think it was cool it when you say hey. I wanna do this when she will marry my mom said you thought eight. With me all the time. Yeah if you're an alien get hurt get lower you get paid to do to have. And my other son that as it at least I and I had an ability to get paid for what came natural strength though my mother was fine with that. There was one cousin that was a mail it was a journey. In dealing attorney in my family everybody else we're and other professions so in any event. I did this because somebody. Did it for you somebody did it for me hot cyanide I don't drain and that's and that's. Because in your head you have to say. This is possible absolute I could do that and see event that's so what you know the old what comes around globe goes around comes around whatever cash and in my immune to you know. When you have something happened teal. In that respect you hope you can make a difference to someone else and you know speaking about Linn Weaver it's just mentioned turning yesterday was the first woman admitted I know it's another momentous it was in the paper but a recent years there were very few women in the bar association for lack wanna county by year's cup was like Bridget Carey Leona lynch has the more they like to Joseph Miller I should learn yet be need them I'm as far as Asia yes younger trend these women weren't good when you start when I was aren't you glad it was. And a limb here my came from Philadelphia and they were very few women appear and it was it every time you are incurred courtroom you're the only woman there are other than the court reporter yeah and then things and so. You know it that it was suspect it was a very very different then you ain't enough financial yeah I guess they're very thin women in net to camp says the other programs that that they do. Is they do AE. A financial. Savings match program so. A woman who wanted to who. I should preface this. They realize that some people are set back by some financial issues. My car breaks down like tank into work I lose my job my thumb or IE you wanna buy a house I can buy a house whenever. So what they do is say they do savings programs with women. And they'll match it. Which is a phenomenal thing so it is so you do get you know if I'm saving her car and I. Save twice 500 dollars over the course in two years they match that. So now I had a lie a thousand towards a car and I could get reliable transportation so I can get two more discerning cap on how far. In this day that I think it's going back. I don't volunteer program. And then there's a health health and wellness because they realize that that's a real serious yes he's a moment a lot of women. So how amazing it is amazing another plug for discretionary foundation. They are now. Running a lot of of scholarship foundations I'm so let's say in your will you wanna start a scholarship. For a certain purpose. They will they will do all the work for you so this and it happens income just set it up and every year. Take it out again and it can't think. And I was on the committee dead and shows seventeen different scholarships and they do work for you. So they manage your money and it and they would administrate. The whole. Scholarship program as what a wonderful wonderful thing you can contact this get spring an area foundation. And ask for anybody hearsay you wanna set up a scholarship and they will there they do the work. It's a wonderfully REIT Grammy like in the area. Barbara thank you for that thank you for bringing them up into the attention of people if anyone's interest CD. In the women's philanthropy. And being part of that and I'm. Being someone who will make the big difference in young woman's life and looked calm for that to some Barbara thank you. Jim thank you for helping us some you know I know it's free and it's very high speed. Using our loving. I Melinda makes thanks for watching happy happy happy Father's Day to everybody yelling their. And we were I was listening watching or listening to thank you so much happened on Tuesday and my father Kevin Hamilton on CNBC next weekend thank you these safe. These same time I.