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Saturday July 14, 2018

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The following is a paid program the views or claims may or not necessarily those of WI OK staff management or sponsors an. It's time for Laurie in live. Just don't you we do ranks and now Gloria weigh in on double life okay. Good morning good morning how are you staying cool under Phil how are you. I am feeling really good much better than I did the last time I was here he and I think 56 days then I took off and around the holiday last week made a difference by feel. Much more. Rested. And healthy. And whenever so. Yeah that's good stuff yeah it's good I'm happy so what was going on your world this week. It. And well. I forget and trying to remember I did do things and I just can't remember what they are. To look back on my job I held to a couple you go to retailers Harris. I'm the first thing that we did was last weekend on Saturday we went through. Family gathering and Blake. Who celebrate the graduation one of pets cousins. Children. And when we went there we had a very interesting surprise and that the grandmother of all of these people and mother had passed away that morning. So this. Of that generation. I'm pat Patrick aides in Napoli his family his. Mother's maiden name was Tracy L. The work Fazio or Fazio and I thought I keep saying to both of them I don't know what's so he seems to have an answer forming in the family. But Tracy a Fazio. There were. Five siblings. Four I'm sorry for separatist. And the youngest is still with us is even though she has to man so that's. Santa Anita for from now who was living with her son and daughter in law and Fort Belvoir. In Virginia. And she is at this point relatively. Fixed and as far as where she can be she has full time care. This is the last survivor of that generation. And yeah it was interesting because when we got together for this. Graduation celebration at the lake. It was a lot of reminiscing. Then there were five. Children. A Santorum thing. And the four of them are still alive. And it's just that the interest saying that one of them but I didn't remember until we went so they. Doing a Monday night and squeals funeral home and we want the NA final guest for the hip nose thing and no way Scranton. And and a motion sickness and I. All the people it does a turning 00 failures. Just sorry I don't understand why I never left leg deficit did. So on one of the siblings of this event to earth these children. Is married to a woman's whose former name is. Mary busy man they. So she. Is very much. A part of China 10 I'm just right thanks so yes. And she is also the sister of Louis visit family. And the hands of attorney. That the sorry judge. Who are Marjorie. Visible anymore all you so they were all there and I found out from speaking to. I'm really busy nannies that he listens to us on Saturday morning's Ali what I do a shout out to him. And say yo low wage. And he's also currently. I think he said he was producing or directing or forget which is now a play he's he's great at writing plays and producing plays. It's called wit and it says the prominence Playhouse which he owns and it's running now through I think the end of July. And I don't know if anybody knows the story of lowly basic nanny but his wife Nancy visiting nanny who is no longer with us. The two of them are just characters that they they were really. Wild and crazy people who held nothing back as far as their emotions. Nancy died a few years ago. And these four years ago through four years ago from breast cancer. And this play call where it is about a man whose wife is dying from cancer. And I said Louie how could you produce a hat he said. I didn't think I could but he says it's a comedy if you can imagine that and I said OK I guess that's the name what it's. But he says it's a really interesting play anything there really enjoyed it so we throw that out to arm. Peeps that are around here that might have some. Free time on Friday Saturday's I think there's a mad man Sunday. At the province Playhouse column where it. And then. Weird is the permanent placement it's right near the corner and has my name and bull's head yeah. But not here I am right across the street from what he says for tallies restaurant. Which is done. Not north aimed at the other road out there and throw the right up there right right OK I was also wondering where that wasn't you it's now very close your my body eighties hair and around she's still OK I have no idea I. I've never been there a cut but that's what it should sell its courses two different for talent out ten and RAI. And that's that's CNN asked if so. That it after that then that was Monday night. Wednesday night I went soon am I doing. For a man who was probably. It was there is no probably about it my. Most favorite. Teacher and that's my compared room I saw he pastor lane the pick he was French and German so freshman. Russian tennis French and Russian he was kind of does it was and I only. She was the only teacher in the Scranton school district who talk Russian I had a struggle all the times to get enrollment in the good. Yeah that would do little but you know he's take Russian no I did not even though he won animated take an ice isn't there I am. I think a big part of it too is the fact that Russian has a different alphabet. Besides the fact that it's not one of the romance languages. So I was really really hard to do. I'm but he. It's not a link to mesa. I'm fine. So he had passed away and I went to see him and it was where I started thinking a lot about and holy lies to me and YE what I say that he was the best teacher I ever had. Meant it you've exposed a lot of teachers in your life and they all have different. Impact on your life but this guy was his head and shoulders above the rest. And I realized that because I was a teenager at that point I think I was fifteen or sixteen when I. Started French I started in eighth grade when I was at west Scranton and then. Because I was thrown in the class that was one of those who know where. They're down to the school caves. But Robert Morse school cage and we. We're forced to go somewhere about two weeks into our eighth grade so when we got there are classes are already filled night just threw me in the French. And I didn't really understand too much of it but I thought well if I'm going central what I did. And I have to take a language why no friends because solo them are from Hollywood that I had no idea where that was going when I made that decision. But heat for some reason. Decided that I was somebody that was really. Got to do something really big so he just kept pushing me. What a way beyond my comfort level. And he would I was enrolled in summer school. Which I never did before they ever had true but he said I wanted to enroll in summer school and I want to come in here. And first four hours a day I'm gonna have to go into the language lab which was one of these. Classrooms where they have these little carols and you sent there with headphones on and listen to things. For four hours today he had me in their listening to music. Conversations. With whatever was in French. And I did that two years and around anyone animated take the SATs and friends. And I thought oh come on I I don't. Well I did and I did really well let them sort it was thrilled when I didn't know was when we graduated. I had a hat while I had the highest scores in French but I also had the highest scores and friends of all of those. High schools in the Scripps school district so I got some kind of a little prize for that that's all here she was just so excited that. I I know I would never have done that had he not pushed me to do this season and what I learned out of it was the you keep pushing yourself to do things above and beyond the studying to do things you don't know how to do it but. There's been an excellent chance that you will come out of this really doing well. I have to thank him for that because it wasn't just the French it was the knowledge so I could do things beyond what I thought they can do you know and to keep Conan. Always need to teachers like that's funny because I ran into my. One of my female I of course I call them my favorite when my son yesterday nick until a lot but was that the historical society when I have no blocking and he does a lot of volunteer work there and of course he's retired. And so I want to sit. On my favorite teacher and he said my favorite students. A little unfriendly last. So he was in he went to we went to Spain he would be was one of the chaperones when they went far to wean. Two week giants behind junior and senior high ear and we had. Such a good time so anyway I just love them. And it's so he would he really was. A terrific teacher and I I just love being part of his his class and he was great and I mean it would be you know you think of the teachers you love yes it's funny because most of the teachers that I love this. The most were men. Teachers I mean miss coloring MJ collar and was my psychology teacher in ninth grade tens a twelfth grade at west she was incredible. And she was my she because I love psychology so she was my favorite their defense. Mr. Moseley and mr. Rask is and mr. patrol they weren't like those. Can bring those three guys stand out tour English one was social studies song actually I'm sure mr. Kelly till. Was civics and he was very good. And and I remember the time. In its tenth grade civics and I think you stick ace a class tonight. Could not remember once the question lessen any piece on me he can see me struggling any book came over its meaning us. Is everything all right I said no. He's so what's wrong many concede and everything else was number one question. As I said mr. Kelly I can't I just can't remember saying no what I said he goes lobbies either resting your paper is I don't know I said yeah. So he gave me one little hand and it snapped I suppose. And I broke the whole thing down and of course I got a hundred and I was so thrilled because it was I just could not think about it at all he did was give me like a little hint of some dinner and a kiss and the floodgates opened a skirted but he was also the studio where. I'd literally he's cork teacher can't. Where I took my eaten across the street across their idol neighbors and did her test for her and then gave her mind while I did hers and gave it back. Yes. Yes this is blatant seeing a lot of ice sheet I did she guides to help her get a grade you know. I mean I guess I got the one who cheated AM my eyes achieving our. I know you are aiding and abetting NASA says the draft where you can go. It's funny we can't go anywhere beyond those I I love those reflections on your teachers because you know how they really. Can make such a difference and we were gonna do a nice guy he passed and I read that he was because Meyer has said oh my god he was it's. Yes Larry I didn't write happy either have one of those drugs. He didn't take either one of those weeks. French or Russian. Well it was interesting meeting as he. Has three feelings yeah it's nice and when I first walked in and says hi to his his wife went oh he too is determined and that's. I sent mrs. parent my name is Linda Evans concealment. You are Linda and offends. He has your book great. Nextel is constant around this whole thing you're saying and I am so glad I truly she was my my big time. I don't you know I mean even after I ruled it was he lands a and he just turned any. So it was I'm it was really interest and the lesson I said essentially kids you know one of the things I loved about him as a teacher was his energy lawful. When he walked into the room he slammed the door and he would start at all in the Arnold do you think wow you just you had he had like John SpinRite could be mostly and I classic in Orlando to sash. All right well I am we will be right back here eliciting this morning to learn and lynch. Here Gloria and Lynn. Good morning good morning how are you. I'm fabulous. That's good and you I'm doing just fine you announced my name is Lynn Evans I am the managing director of women of substance LLC which is financial planning firm specifically for these financial needs of baby boomer women. I'm also the host of the podcast called power of the purse. And it's available on iTunes stitcher and Google play. And I'm Laurie can they don't have large cat enterprise is a just a fundraising PR and special than business. And did you get your AARP bank is now who hide them with Willie Nelson yeah yeah I did and reading an act at all goods and because there's a little quiz is here one because it's funny because I saw on my desk in my office today yeah. And I thought I did for her I brought it up with the stuff and because I bring on my may not that I shred when they don't and I thought I never looked at this issue this. Month so I did not get a but man I have a question for everybody asks. Don't poked. Excuse me which few have dinner with anybody. Peace living. There could be and why. Need to sit down have a nice dinner with somebody. And Andy Warren Buffett. I'm home. Just because I wanna know. What it was then took a guy from the cornfields. Of the midwest. To a man who learned that kind of knowledge and made such a huge fortune. There are steps along the way and there were most people would've said oh I can't do better at that doesn't make any sense and I I want to know about the failures have. I wanna know what what did he fail act and how does he get past that keep going. That's when I want to know from Warren Buffett now. If I want to have lunch with them I could pay less than the current rate is five million. To have lunch with them because every year he does that. She opens it up to people and whenever that money is says he gets he gives it to his foundation. So people didn't to have lunch with. I know and now but I would love this is having dinner when women just you know. Find out what he's all about and that's don't know what about you. The Bill Clinton. Why. Because I love this charisma and I love his people skills and I love that Wheeling and dealing kind of charismatic. Cash kind of just everything about that I dislike them. And so meg gonna happen and I hope someday you never know but if I could. Well he's well into his eighties many women millionaires play anyone in my poll he's not absolutely. In Tucson and go through less harm but. She's for that sake of those attendee in the two charismatic parts don't then that's connected part of I'm so glad we have the quiz okay it's very simple and it's only fourth question on. As and it's neither a war so you don't have to now formats not anything so he thinks blood test your breakfast IQ. And this one is which of these food choices. Would make you smarter start to your day. First one is the meat match up bacon first this sausage. I'm bacon why. Because. I think there's probably less fat in the Big Ten. And it's a smaller errant piece and I just think bacon is better for your man sausage thing. And I love both familiar right there down and the why is because. Issues bacon and then number the number of calories Johnston 131. Calories first is 277. It has a third less sodium and half so saturated fat. So bacon is definitely the choice. Number two. The potatoes showdown. Home Fries first this hash browns. Hash browns. Actually home from Comcast. And the choice and that's least fried we see in this case is the home Fries they're actually probably societies and and that's true that you you kind of it's the pop push down that home Fries don't they use the hash browns kind of are just passed around their on this there's some kinds of oil and let me know if that's true. I think potato slices present less surface area on which oil can take calls how can they deliver less fat and about 15% fewer calories. Not a whole lot but. I was gonna say because the reason I said hash browns because they're cut so thin that. Don't like more about a finer consistency and potato I was and think about the fat early and that point that contact Sharon and then the Super Bowls. High fiber cereal first this oatmeal. Which one is better. Oatmeal. Actually they're this answer is no this is so high fiber cereal. You're so sweet the most I ever have lower rates of heart disease diabetes even knee pain hip but there's fiber in oatmeal. I and that's because the one that's in this one is. Insoluble fiber. I'll talk time OK we sends to cleanse out the cone I guess the other line is soluble fiber. They delivered to that that the high fiber cereal and delivered more than twice as much fiber so Mayo with fewer calories compared and I agree with you then. You have to understand what kind of cyber because they both have. Different benefits and different. Disadvantages. OK in the fourth when his main dish events. Angry Sandra woods vs breakfast burrito. Eggs CN lynch Eric. Everytime I see that they command source because you have humble love and I know why because he's more Hague in the Marino. Yeah where fat calories and it's sometimes a burrito can be more calories itself and the two pieces of bread. Yep your right so restaurant burritos now restaurant for. Thousands and make sure extinguish that. They averaged over a thousand calorie happy to yeah. The average egg sandwich had just 722. Home while it also delivered 32 grams of protein and a mountain in one study led the 15% fewer calories consumed and a follow up one. Captain it was okay are. That says that's the quiz that's a quiz how polite sir you have been 5050 Andre. And another thing I I really like this too because. I am. A classic complainer of doctors' offices. And which way it being there and waiting. And watching and waiting and waiting again. 2 o'clock appointment you know see the doctor told PI AEI don't under and do you understand that you understand why that happened so I know. I do understand why because the first and Oreo cook or well that's one possibility but the other thing has sent. It starts in the morning and she's gone through the day so she got somebody who takes up more than their allotted time. Or there's an emergency. Or the doctor discovers something that requires immediate attention. That has to be done then and everybody gets thrown off. So this. Article in the same magazine AARP talks about the doctor diaries what physicians. Wish patients new. So first one is we are working on your case even if it looks like we have disappeared. Which. I don't I see that now I wonder. Can't fifteen minutes image I'm learning earlier cases and they're like oh boy here in the vs a well. He says when the doctors not at your bedside here she is writing up your valuation the plan in the orders at outrunning my hands into done the notes and stuff yeah oh so okay. I see that. And then number two when we keep you waiting it's not because we think our time is more valuable than yours TSA don't. Yes that is what I say honey I'm not really I've been doing a yes face. But here's here's their response if the patient before you Manson's blood in his or her stool or talks about suicidal impulses. Your appointment needs to wait your best bet this is scheduled the first appointment of the day while I am done that. But I don't the first appointment after lunch. And found that there were three people who had the first of claiming naturally because they own remark yes that infuriates. Me I think. Overbooking anticipating and I'm cancellation so well whenever they do. It's just annoying so here's what you deal why don't call. Kimco kimco deduct. A cup that's why that is your world but now he has his. And this is good this is something I didn't think about when and the man is test supporters you make sure your best friends with all of you doctors say can hang out with the math home more on the and you call mama and I experiment. And Gary and good and he's doing that's pretty that's the charismatic part of meaning Bill Clinton. Now I don't really handed him again you know women go ahead Eric. Many of us have PT EST. This doctor JoAnne Jarrett who wrote this said. I have nightmares about patients down an infinite hall. East for the problem worse than Milan. In my short career I seen a baby take her last breath I. I've watched a woman bleeding uncontrollably. After giving birth to lose consciousness as I worked. A pool of her blood expanding at my feet. I've heard a woman after having both legs dramatically severed saying goodbye to her father assuming she wouldn't survive. I could go on we know he signed up for it but keep in mind when you attempted to be angry with your doctor. We're under stress till yes true okay Harry don't give in paso now that's change. Number six falls frighten us we see the transformation from healthy inactive sick ill independent far too often. And frequently it's because of the fall. I preventive measure stands next to a strong Carrot Top ten standards just one foot without holding on. If you need support before the five to 102 mark your balance should be addressed. And number seven we want you to make decisions while clear headed. Passing a written description of your medical treatment wishes an advanced health care directive. Will ease the emergency situations for you. You're tier team in your loved ones all hospital patients are asked what their wishes would be if they're breathing are hard. Beat where to stop. But it's better to make it clear headed decision when you're not gripped by fear. You can find illegal advanced directive form an AARP does or her. And tell us if you're having memory issues a failing memory can be scary but even an age seventy and beyond. Memory issues are often caused by things doctor can help with. Depression. Medication affects heart problems are hormone abnormalities. Oh and avoid multitasking. Is over rated but. I don't and we have a choice do what exactly are good thanks Malcolm I can't do I lived in my past melting pot and you know why Dan. That's what we do best I actually find I can not I hate EMI functions so much better. Having to do many things at once verses. A day in and I don't have a lot going on. Yeah because I just like crazy as the the company well that's an. I'm not I just like to be Cumberland thinks it. In the hair junior third man and then songs from down south. Anyway. And another quick one who we make mistakes. Actually doctor's OK. Our fears screwing up is exhausting Wadey an ever present. Is the hardest thing about doctoring we do make mistakes be wary of anyone who won't admit half cash. And his mother and I loved and we know you've answered this question already and we're sorry to ask again. When you call for employment you're asked what's going on then when you're checked and you're asked again so when you finally get to see the doctor years ago story. But we can't help but we have to here with our own ears and why do we have to do it two times I won't get there. Dumb. I also think though people we need to beach just give people a break when you go we have to go. No only knew he is that you could be delayed and sit and chill out stop get nervous and make the time available when you go for as long as you have to go. He now because well yes there are things that they can't. I helped but after so long I do think people should just get up and leave IIIMEST. Give it's so long and then say forget yeah. Around couldn't agree I marked it is a busy and stay in their lyzard it is it's crazy so. What do you again. I think months I'm sick tell work sort of take a quick break you're listening to Larry when show Don Murray and show will be right back. Welcome back everybody you're listening to Lorena Michelle I'm large cannon the engine beach. I own an entertainer entertainer of the year. I am being. The owner of the Lari can't enterprise is it is a fundraising PR and special and business and I am Linda Evans I am the managing director of the financial planning firm called women of substance LLC. It was specifically denied. Hits it. Let's go. It was specifically designed. For the financial planning needs of baby boomer women. And I am also the host of the podcast called power of the purse. Available and I stitcher. ITunes is this earth and Google has dual NIC to church the. So anyway here we are you know I want to tell you. That last week I am I eight week you know we have the governor's arts awards happening at the cultural center on the eighth of August and so I am I was. Committee that is formed. As for not meeting for months and things are happening but we did first Friday this week that last Friday night. And so there was some of the someone location we Rhode rent studio RD. Doug Smith's and dixieland all stars performed and when he came and Doug said. I wouldn't set up set up outside so he set the the end out. Outside of studio our dear Rosie Duffy DN tunnel was kind enough to let us use her facility which I love. And it's right in the 300 have been a block of a Penn avenue S. And I'm. So it was so that was it it was after the that we open the door and the air 'cause it was so gorgeous they nab the air coming in because it was it was meant that these perfect night last week and Doug plane and then we set up some. Folding chairs outside and then we had a built in audience of a knee which is right next door contain people were outside having dinner. So and people walking by who congregated it was so it was wonderful so we had such a good time very cosmopolitan as plainly. And it does Cole so neat to be there and so we thank Rosie. Who has as they said studio idea and panned 310320. Four's smash acting and which I would be going to very short length. And east it was just it was beautiful I can't get there IE I eight. Was so relaxed. Just sitting in there I put my feet up and listen to Doug's music and it was so upbeat and people would grade I talked to. Some wonderful people. I'm the pilot girls from my side in the amount Julie. And it's acute this two twin sisters the little ones are names are Lucy and grace. And then CAD is the oldest daughter and she. Is. Senior going to be a senior at west and so we had big and big west Scranton. She's going to be. And they had so much fun just came out and being part of it but I'll tally it was packed downtown Manhattan. So then I'm Brandon Knight is time and and sounds. We're going to do it again Ambrose he's for the first. Friday in August as well so be nice the Jazz Fest will be going on the same time I think Tim Madison but it's going to be good. We guys still have not gotten any day since they moved I mean I even neither X and I really like to do that people love that the new south. Of course I'm of the DNC and it was there. Yeah I was slimy favorites but anyway. OK so this article I've tried present to sing and it in today's sentence we. Find that this is something very hard for families to talk about. And there's. An organization called Asian investor dot com. The title and this is a family member or ripping off your aging parent. It's one thing if you've got somebody who comes in from the outside to do it. But it's very hard to confront a sibling or an aunt or uncle or something when you suspect something. Not so good is going down. So. Here's the scenario. Kerry got concerned when her brother's suddenly began to exclude her from their moms financial affairs. It didn't feel right but she wasn't sure she could do anything about it. When she called she got that's slow burn feeling that comes over me this is the author when I hear about financial elder abuse. As a consultant for folks with aging parents it's not the first timer for this kind story. Carrying her brother's response to our share authority on the durable power of returning from. Mom and her lawyer has sent up that way at mom's request. It's nice in theory. This idea of being democratic. It's just not practical unwittingly is a lawyer had put the three siblings into a trap. One could say no to any decision and none of them could move forward that's dumb. That's right there is dumb. If anyone three said no then it doesn't going shall learn everything of course it should be immaturity he got three I AM okay. I am mom has to mention Terry reports. This makes her vulnerable even if she's functioning fairly well in caring for yourself at this time. Kerry's Brothers are starting down the path of making themselves. Suspects of the crime of elder abuse the size sending. Terry out of the decision. Decisions they've taken her car and are using her credit cards for personal things this is a brewing crisis. Your sermon warning signs everybody needs announced this is happening. You and your family number one a family member becomes secretive about the parents' finances. Carrie knew what moms regular expenses were and what she spent every month mom is 87. When Kerry got exclude her from online access to moms accounts here raised a red flag. To a family member who lives with the parent and depends on the parent for financial support. Terry's brother Jack lives with mom he has a job mom pays all those bills. This is gone on for some time now is using mom's credit card any apparently doesn't I'm Terry series spending. Three a family member begins to isolate the aging parents from others. When there's anyone blocking visits restricting access. Of other family members. To the elderly it's another red flagged the potential abuser doesn't want anybody looking too closely at what's going on. And the method to avoid scrutiny is to keep the elder away from the other family members. Number four an adult child insists. On being present when anyone else is with the aging parent. That's a big sign. I can be assigned an adult child is threatening the aging parent if here she talks about the financial manipulation the elder knows is going on. If fielder has concerns CB is it doesn't want the Asian parent to reveal list. Number five a family member has a substance abuse problem and has influence over an aging parent with memory problems. Drug and alcohol dependency can make a liar out of just about anyone who has physicians. Memory impaired aging parents are easy pickings from money to support the dependency habit. The adult child or other relative views is the relationship with the elder to manipulate loans. Out of the elder and the elder forgets what happens. Or can't make sense of that the says yes. Six sudden change in the state planning documents including durable powers of attorney. Cognitively impaired begin assembly of first but the elders are vulnerable to manipulation. Even in the early stages. When names on the legal documents suddenly get added or removed. It's a suspicious sign. Seven kidnapping and moving the elder to an adult child's home without notice. This is a tricky problem if adult. Protective services asks the elder. If he or she wants to do with the adult child's. And the elder says yes. There's nothing adult family services gonna do at that point home. More evidence of elder abuse will be needed to get law enforcement involved. As you do you suspect abuse and want to protect your aging parent contact adult protective services in your area collect the specific information that make you suspicious. Ahead of time. Yes you must name names give dates is suspicious activity and provide facts the authorities can check out. Our financial elder abuse problem in this country in this number blew me away. Cost elders two point nine. Billion dollars. Heard every year. Yeah and this thing is in my. People at convention. That's true you know that's the other thing yes it's and I won't tell you that sometimes. People don't believe. You the other person when you stick your neck out to make a claim. You can get your hands slapped 'cause I know that happened it happened. Yeah and it is crying shame why things. People don't believe are really going on and you end up looking like a jerk and by putting you're sticking your neck out to help something. Very that's like people don't do it because more sure of wealthy scrutiny. And then again if they say they're gonna do because they're being brainwashed have been manipulated by somebody. They're Venice tonight fast and it's happening and you look like an idiot. When you know that it is going on it's very difficult man and. Very difficult at this. Town I fortunately as the financial planner have never seen that kind of abuse and any of the client relationships I've had. But I do know that there are people that have Cummins who made because they want and does do some estate planning. It just to make sure that that didn't happen. To them and their children. And you know shame on the lawyer who let that go well. They everything he there's lawyers that do that until so you have to you just have to be yet to be very careful. Can't we and it's turned my. Yeah so anyway I hope you have a good weakening going to be at the lake. Probably. Yes well we appreciate you listening. Thank you so much we will be back next week have a great weekend. Be safe and please be nice I.