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Saturday, July 21st
Saturday July 21, 2018

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The following is a paid program the views or claims made are not necessarily those of WI OK staff management or sponsors. It's time for Laurie in live. Distort your weekend. And now Gloria weigh in on double BYOK. Oh the good morning how orient and how are you today and thanks. Fine. Seattle. Well it's a beautiful day in the neighborhood well is today yes. As for recording messages quite a lovely day and you know I realize and misty and it was a Robin Williams asked him documentary on the other night. I forgot you did. I hope they replayed the no absolutely Welsh which channel is an unannounced or if warrant that was. Now I'm now know Clinton now was Monday night and I forgot all about is seated him it's even in my calendar and how to watch. And I didn't HBO. Once you know I have to learn to relax after rocketing. And we web experience for sing and I love hands so I didn't realize door analysts think it. If you asked and I didn't realize he was stuck close to Billy Chris oh yeah I knew they were friends and even realize they are very very good. And lo and tell you after that it was. Are freaking rain it was hard for reaching some but. And did you watch and you watch him as a performer. And he is just so distance with his ability to think on his feet so fast I'm going to make jokes about things that. You wouldn't even. I want to go there and it's just it's rapid fire the way comes out of me. Now he's very he was very hard to interview I'll tell you yeah. Allenby and I can tell just by watching people who do because he's so and when you're another gas that we're not the one being and thank you are like if he was done. Johnny had Johnny Carson thanks I gotta love them but I'm like I know and didn't let him enter any of them show if there was someone else sitting there he would but but but. You know but right into it it was very because it was just did the neurons are flying and yeah. Ask firings us fence and Howie is but yet here was interesting it was so married I have. Well done I have to learn a thing isn't a majority of that was actually him. House making it wasn't a narrator in the background I kind it was more a part of this probably in 8590%. While thinking time. Well good I'm glad I have to say it again. Check out so now you know I started my two my known. Mean Angelina started his hands on the seventeenth and don't run into that through the twenties sex so we're taping on Thursday so this is my third day telling. And done I just love and I always love that I. We make like do you put it into right into my calendar enough that sometimes it works as you said I put an end to watch them do it. It's been dumping and until March but I do that every day and I love it I just love. Going to bed. Beautiful beautiful basilica and gone up that hill it's so neat it's just it's a good feeling. And I have to take a sign no one I know one of our upcoming sponsors so I mean Angela because they always tell us in advance what they'll be speaking out so. She it made me think about because I know she's she's going to be speaking about I'm random acts of kindness so I'm. What it entails we will find out next segment but I speaking of bad it made me think yesterday I was at no vina. And just sitting under the tender to tents outside and this bless you and this woman. And her. Children it was we didn't even know they had just started and she was trying to get a cease. The bush was looking for a seat I guess. And she started she just was kind of looking and walked past and these two young boys. And could be I don't know and the eighteen to twenty years old maybe a little younger maybe a little older I don't know. They got Japanese man excuse me you know you can have my sea. High school young kids skiing and they just got up and then walked over and stood and she sat down and I I was sitting next to. I am telling me and she was visiting. If from Philadelphia area she and I sat together which is under my kids cousin and I mean it. Helens a sweetheart and she said I'm. I spoke to her and I said boy their man they're bound toss them while hot. And she's a gap so like it was and I wanted to go over to them but amino mean it was going and I want to disturb them and then when I looked at the end. I I know. Be right and is it as it ended I saw when they work and then some and came up to me and it throw me off so I never got over to complement the bunch. We didn't so so. Beautifully done and I shot at no Venus and two young guys again that's been given that the seat say it was just it was just a good thing sounds. Random act of kindness that was good. Publishing in the NYI I have a question for you about by the time. When you do things like that. You know when your line in. Our at this happens to a lot of times when we used to be able to. Paid for the tolls at the term I guess you know you know what the hole was or at least thought you knew it was. But how do you know. How do you know the person behind you if you're in a you know aligned to let's say Dunkin' Donuts or something. How do you know what the person is going to order. So that you know what to pay because when you get up there you say you did it they already had the order in for the most part. And they say what's the value you can say what is the value of where who cares whatever it is they say pay it but some people but and the Dow just say I'll pay for disguise since they said. I'll alliances got a plaque coffee or something so did you color that's right they already they know because they had been later you'll learn that there are they doing and when you get up there they say. Fear them you're good OK let's call. So I. I know I had thought about that but yeah yeah but it's it's just it's just neat things. And told both so I'll never forget this time my you're paid some of these we were meant crossing the diamond. The Delaware. We let everybody get in and Meyer gave the guy bush announced an extra buck or whatever was for the guy behind this and wouldn't you know he gets a ticket says he didn't pay. They can't get any any. And I paid really do I pay myself a pay it forward. And a guy and he got out of the because he put a sim right dead in her you know that you did it and you pay this guy behind you and he base they said. So they believe they said you know you're right you're done glue it's a mistake on our part but how he had to do Whitney thank. I just wish. He's like last time I listen do you ever random act of come. I know it's a dollar a big deal you know so but anyway it was funny those goods so. So that is doing no Venus yes and last Friday night I was at the wedding of Michael. John ball deep and Elizabeth and college she'd go. And who got married ads too deep pond the barn and glistening cons it's in false. And it was the first time that I've ever been there and the middle of the barn and glistening kind and it was it's beautiful. OK Andy three can't do not have the barn door that opens and closes tabs beautiful like white. Linen fabric like draped beautifully I need size there's just an old some breaks silo like guys snap brick but Abbott my guess Andrew black silo option that they turned into a waterfall seek if you're the water trickling. I am a white lights everywhere chandelier. And ceiling fans up. Hi H and then I hope all white padded chairs with the marine they're so you this son was like the leaning in through their vote than the lines the slats of the boy it was. It was so beautiful Jimmy Gibbons did the ceremony it was. Absolutely fabulous and then you walk up a little bit further and there's the barn where they had the actual reception. Which was absolutely beautiful this about a different Shanda Lee bird but big and white light send. It was at Constantine has to be catering an hour on the deck I think a wraparound deck with the Irish right there lived a cocktail hour and they have a big outside that tent so that you could go. Go outside to smoke or whatever down underneath and it was absolutely beautiful. I listen very would be right up my Alley anyway because I love that barn kind of thing again but it was. It it could have been in my beautiful day and she looked a lit Elizabeth or Liz looked gorgeous Michael look handsome as could be Caroline and Mary Kay. Which are Denny dynamite Bob these daughters. Where we gorgeous Amanda is this is sisters she was maid of honor. Date it's everybody loves spectacular it was so beautifully done and I said I can think it Esther was like weddings so again. But I'm telling you I was gay looking forward to it and B I was so thrilled when I got there 'cause we just had such a great time. It was perfect and that pleases deals by Sox. This is one of those things are sunny owner. And I said Tom I says excuse me are you beyond he suggests is their problem. No I did and I can't tell you work and I just wanted to compliment mention this place is absolutely beautifully so called thanks and been open since. 2015. And we're adding that this barn this part of the barn just became available we just got this ready and it's it's a word an actual working farm and it is I guess I'm asking yeah. So they don't use those barns for anything and all I guess for those they down but but there's farming now I don't know what kind of arming actually goes on things but like in what they have like a rusty old wheel to wheel barrel says I'm sitting outside of that. Do when you go win with all little baby petunias and assignment that was painted in white that said damn this is what this is where your story begins and just looked really really pretty little touches like in Tiki looking unbeaten very natural looking ways. The Y eight and a summer day it was just. It was perfect I wonder who did the design interior design the whole the fact that. Found because I have to really not just look nice it has to flow again if you notice that they had these. Big containers outside of the barn can hide three big. I'm beyond that we can water like we can get a drink they had lemonade. Ice teas and water and then they had bottled water and by a few bottles of beer like in this old fashion. Ice cooler kind of sank. And it was just did it look like they say everything was there it was and then he walked up a little little ways and that's when he their reception was it was. It really I said he told my son Mike the other days Mike out it was so beautiful. I just absolutely loved it it was it was great so it's nice to just have to say. More word embryo I made a wedding weekend comes to the saint Michael's. And I think it's Maryland I'm not sure presidency outer banks. Were north of the outer banks. That's inside a tiger. So it's one of these deals where you go down on Friday. It there's an event and these are all. Low key barbecue and outdoor picnic kind of things on Friday night. The benefit of semi formal wedding on Saturday and a full brunt chance Sunday. So it's that they Cozumel or a weekend this is a and what in my college friends so I'm Janice Ackerman her youngest now that's wrong when I was a birthday treat this. Her oldest son. Kind Ackerman is getting married and can't wait to go disk and I did this this guy is Shania command shift and I have a very special relationship she's candlelight go. Son I didn't have you know that kind of thing so I'm really I'm just so excited about going to win him and. I might birthday so every day and time that's it thanks. Very nice. Yeah no I just don't Wear wet I have a wedding in September. One of my best friends and then I have. A wedding in nova both their local and then have a wedding in November of one of my dear friends daughters who will be. Married and the ones at the Radisson and I actually I forget when Lindsay is going to be Josh became the invitation sounds like. I am all very happy and my friend Lynne boss is getting married she's fifty just turned 57. And she is getting married for the first time. Kush for her and the yeah. Her husband Jimmy is wonderful so it's going to be fun to be NIC I just talked to the other day because her birthday was the fourteenth. Of July and we spoke and I. I'm just it just to say she's really excited what may decide to get married 57 I they've been together for a long time non. And they decided to do it and to what I have to go forward. But there's a lot of legal issues that make marriage a lot more attractive to people now living together via you know so. That's that's kinda does a great thing and now I'm just happy she's scary threat he's just agreed to do wonderful guy and she's just so happy so great Kia. So let's say no way no no I take a break because we have our. Guest expert as they spoke about before and miss Angela. Powell who works toward the REC or their chairs frown on emergency Centre in clarks summit. And we will be right back you're listening this morning July mainly shop. Here Gloria and Lynn. I everybody welcome back you. Larry and Lynn's show I'm Lari caddie and I and the honor of Larry captain enterprises which is a fundraising PR and special event business and I am whenever. And so I am the managing director of a company called women of substance LLC. Which is a financial planning firm diversity financial planning needs of baby boomer women. And I am also the host of podcast called power of the purse available on iTunes. Stitcher and go move play. It is my pleasure to introduce one of our guest expert today Angela Powell who is the public affairs liaison. Team is it. Has had a safe and with a veterinary referral emergency center and clarks summit welcome Mantilla. True it's great to be back yeah hey hey hey glad he knows she's back. And can't say and we when he Angelo we lover and so we're asking. I was very happy that you're here I'm sure they will talk about an event that's coming up that you're gonna be a part of this series and he yeah. This is this seventy years foreigner and culpable stock. It helped by a true friend animal welfare seminary in Montrose PA. I'm they're going to be having an events add salt springs park which is in Franklin forks it's right around. It's their biggest event in the year and it's gonna have to music vendors. A bunch of adopt the bulldogs again and changed and it's a dog apparently. I don't think he's had my husband to dogs felt OK true friend does have cats and dogs okay. It's a dog friendly event and we're going to be setting up as a sponsor will be there when it's. I have fun stuff to give Howell will be there answering any questions you may have. About her service is we're gonna try to have some doctors and technicians there to answer more technical questions. For gonna be there all day it's from one to 6 PM and if you're Saturday's yes it is. It's August 18 tied in aren't you say. It's ten dollars pre sale and fifteen dollars acting heat but it will be there all day someone who's six so. Stop I will be taking pictures for social media will be giving away funds stuff. And it's a decree no kill shelter. And it all the money benefits stem cells and use that this is that this thinks it's okay disobey their 7:7. PM participants for all those years. We have been at least for the past couple okay. I just wondered because that that's something new that I didn't ever hear burgers. Very c.'s web sites or anything else for. For post server so it's cool thing what's it called again when it's 60 Walsh. Stop. Any aspect and I love it that's thinking yes I do not at the end I worry pedal but and there are green welfare senator that we worked closely US. And we try to help them win it's. Adoptions. And must. If the animal's unique hair and later on and we try to partner with them to make sure that everyone gets the care that they need so that's good yeah. It's a really nice events in the last year and a great turnout so we're hoping for another good summer day can go. And I met I'm still so pretty such a pretty little town on the sand home still a month and it's Amman true knowledge. Stick at but where are I guess my home still is still. It is the married and that is today yeah deal when you sit Montrose couple Montrose is great goes. And not an option good start over and I took us. I'm sure it is nice throws it and I look around a minister and why did I honest to god I heard. I don't Dell could I really did. And things like is that a good thing because the issue would probably. Witness said I'm it's not hostility might hurt us. Blackberry Treo Italian though Montrose so much what's the name of the park where it is it's called samples springs park. It's a little Norris of Montrose it's in Franklin forks and Pennsylvania and America. It's a really nine east we gorgeous wooded area there's tons of all water said the dogs can go play in this drone nearby a and it's it's in a shaded areas so it's not too high. There's going to be indoor and outdoor vendors who have already. Yeah. Okay so tell us more Deanna. Note to all the stuff that's going on and DR greasy with. Random ad which I just love that term random acts of kindness religion we should be doing every day we just put downs and just say in bringing. So what what are you guys up to a test well I. I actually went through my notes to try to find me origins of the random acts of kind is and I could really pinpoint it so. I just started seeing a little notes here and there in mid February in early march. Seeing. Let's stays a random acts of kindness let's get the whole staff involved. And so we send out a message to all the sassy adminstration the doctors. Do you guys have any businesses organizations. Individuals and a business that have gone and been beyond whether work related or personal. Come and if you do. Please you know give them shadowed and and we'll take care of the rest so we have a list so maybe 25 to thirty businesses. And organizations. That were nominated. So in the past. Couple months we've been going out into the cleaning. There is random acts of kindness for these people so. We've done a new. I'm there with a custom cookies cookie baskets we've done and hi candy and snacks we've done entries of bagels be done. Potted plants and floral arrangements. One of the businesses that. The Ares he works very closely went to and it is called. Tourism phenomenon. Pet memorial services and and they do a lot of the after care. For pets that come in and we treated them to like a fully catered lunch because there are mountain west Chester Pennsylvania is so. We send that out Saddam. Us and we still have a couple on the way including the grand finale one which is gonna be. Really big. And it's so. Are you close the grand finale 1%. The program ends after that Texas for the year well I think hate in this most current batch of candidates and nominees. That's going to be the largest. Us. Coordinated effort and then neat if we do another rounds. In the future we'll see how that goes I think this is going to be the big lions so that'll be coming up soon because her. But we've had a lot of great feedback we've had social media tags we've had cards and thinking and so we've had. You know let people stopping by just Dana thank you so much we don't know we did but we're so happy. And they in turn paid if Florida as well. The best thing Trisha is no way I do that and somebody thanks man out hot and what what did she do though is inspired you know. To do the same thing burger which is Y eight I eight cannot see and anonymous giving. For that very reason that people are inspired. By eight other people's access to turn it makes them think I should do that are we should do better maybe I can do it puts the seed of thought into their mind to do something so can do anonymously whose you don't know it is people's attention is that I understand why people do that. I just don't like him because rainy you should be good that's like a leadership type. I think that you could do that you don't even know an inspirational thing really gets someone else to think I hate I should think about doing something like that which is why I think it's so important. But I'm. I I totally agree because once they see it. They can OK now we should do we should do this and on my god what did we do that makes us qualify for something like fashion we're no different then. And I'm sure this has happened to you guys because almost everyone I don't have to stoke. And if I'm in the Duncan Donna mind getting a nice tee and I pull up the summit says your Ice-T was paid for like it was. I do that. A lot but when it when it happens to you. You don't you think unlike so those it's such a neat thing to think OK it's a two dollar and 43 cent piece. Really piece of happiness he think like as somebody thought about it and making do you know the person or not and most people don't want they just pull out they go to say don't lie is they just wanna duet. So that's sort of what you guys are doing it's not because someone's it's something that you are staff for your physicians by hate these people deserve to be recognized re engineer it's that simple. Exactly. It's either sing as they've done and for the companies or are seeing is they win this. Randy in line at the coffee shop for standing in line to pay bills somewhere. And they just CDs individuals going the extra Mueller above and beyond are doing some things. Outside the scope of their job requirements that just. Stuck in their head and the fact that we had such an outpouring from the staff. From events that happens. A couple weeks before her couple months before the fact that that's still stuck in their brain. After herb. Work seeing in home life for months at a time is is significant and he could see the people's faces just light up Blake. Well this is for I sweated we did little you know or we don't need in public it. We don't freak wing area and we don't have pets we don't freak when you're in your organization and stuff. It's it's night and that it's just the concept as well PH signed the Y Nina SAY what do you do and how old. You define yourself when you think. Known as little exactly that's a B I love that I think that is fabulous and but it shouldn't go on Cuba about your day and add a like a box filled with all kinds of candy shows up just because I. That's it didn't. It can be I mean those little things make you happy when you think you wondering when you think all now I and then hopefully make should stay and happier game there because people are watching and you don't really now from so we'll listen that's nominating people who. You're staff yes physician your ass yes. And webpage she said well they didn't don't necessarily have to deal with the REC or you didn't have been a patient care whatever it's just that these people they inch PR EC a their end. Who are employed. They are owl and see this and they do it. And that's so cool we. We we know truly need to and that's a real good perk for the employee because that's something that she is like an added benefit to them like they can just come in and they know that the doctors and that's. That staffer gonna support them again hey I saw this happen let's train and we're all jumping into this and make that that's a great way a great morale booster groups I think it's wonderful. How many have you done point five cent a lot of them. Are you so to one C three fourths. 678910111213. 14151617. We've got an eighteen so far and how they'll market out while I'm all right so it's wonderful it's exciting CN allows selection. Our listeners and how bad. I was with you Angelo or somebody did post the stuff on FaceBook balloting management and so there's always stuff so go on FaceBook and what do you do with superb light. Played Kim is so annoying hair and her. He'll be somebody others on their ears. Your friend become a friend so you can see all of these wonderful things and I think what's so cool about the post since the pictures you take. And the people who are just shocked her comment so happy to every seemed all these wonderful. Guess her group truly nice it's a great thing to do for I don't really agree. Initiative and I'm happy that it is script created and I am happy and where are continuing to do it. And student is spontaneity and they makes it that much more exciting has knowing to prepare for it came down quite a lot of I think it's raining and tell everybody if you would how. What what the senate where the sender is so and the hospital is and somehow making in touch with and anyone who may need their services Shuler. Our open 24 hours a day seven days a week every day of the year including weekends and holidays we're at 318 Northern Boulevard in clarks summit. Trade off of 81 and the turnpike. I if you need to give us a call the number is 5705877777. And we are find blinked seeing you two faced both in state grand. And Twitter Yankee and I love the billboard that's up with a dodgy looking ominous says. Almost hang in there are almost there and love him so Q so Q what thank you for joining us thank you for having me. And we hopefully will maybe we'll see UN to Graham poll by next month. So our guests today are you guys as she publishing college south and the grown from a yes but I kind of rental costs and tell NBC that I. And up next we have our second guest expert doctor Barbara taught that you're listening to Larry and inch shell and we will be right back. Here Gloria inland. Hi everybody welcome back. It was named Gloria and Sheila Murray hadn't been loaded up along I want to putt to hundreds of TR a special event that won't. And my name the play and Evans and I am they've managing director of the paper called women have stopped them LOC. The good but I started a couple of years ago but typically for the Neko baby boomer women Marco been host to the podcast. Called power of the purge. That's available on iTunes that your and go apply. And our guest expert who morning. It doctor Barbara talk net go to owner of advanced gynecology at both here and Scranton. Good morning. Doctor Murray how are you don't good how are you thank you know why don't we talk about the morning. Or talk about Indy that. That I've talked about it before a little while ago I'm ready and Kirk begin what. I was completely. Shocked by a patient. Goal looked to be normal tide matter fact we thought she would actually. A low BMI hammer gonna talk about that little that what could that mean low BMI and attitude surgery honored I thought you know good achieved almost too skinny kid to have surgery got it's almost difficult to do surgery on people that are too skinny and Mo would be old when I look insider coming are coming with. Pull up. I've got a hold of my guy like isn't this the one they talk about how much that skinny fat one actually is more trouble them then. Being obese or overweight. And that's because there had lived all around the vital organs and lived all around the interior and there's really no. Prediction or no reason to think that these people are as unhealthy as they really car. And legal and ethical to came out just last week about skinny fat and how we might be an increased risk of dementia with skinny fat. More to do so it noted about. As we get older we talk a bit about that when you're talking about growth hormone. Added we get older and our growth hormone levels actually decline. And growth hormone did not. The that there are responsible for making it grow but it's responsible for making multiple math. And not that good and though I'd be age. As we get older our growth hormone level goes down. And we tend to make more fat and muscle. And this is a part of the problem come again this peavy back. The people that are making more fat and they call that Asarco. Emea month that fat making. You become are hoping he'd take. Muscle loss. And you don't have the good strong muffled to keep you burning calories in and keeping you strong. But instead your body has a lot of this grounded. It does unease people. The folks that they thought were the skinny fat folks and they they've decided that you can actually. Have a you actually have a higher risk of all. Timers disease. Indeed people. Well if I did pick defensively we understand that. People that have diabetes. Because they have their unhealthy they also have a risk of dementia. And the people that are in need that got that way because they're eating habits aren't great. And show what they find that with these folks that they. They can cute eaten a lot of bad food they eat a lot of car me. They don't need a lot of protein. They tend to be ED Ben years and then we skipped practice and we gave we drink a lot of coffee and then on weekend and week you know we do all that the eating and things of that sort and so deep. People. Claim that they don't have an issue with their weight and but they're really not healthy folks. And that put them at risk for dementia among many other things diabetes being the other thing. And kill and you know it it behooves us Q you know like the back of the food that day we have to make sure that we are. Eating a reasonably. Most of the time. And show. We have with. How do you prevent being there how do you stay healthy enough that you. You know have aren't healthy then the inside to develop healthy on the outside. And how do you know get one of these people elect Lindy how do you know. You know we talked about I've mentioned. BMI a diet but that'd be worried that most people look at. That BMI is there. Gauge of wait I can't reverse this heightened. And this month and said that the BMI is really not a great tool. For helping us predicted. Who's healthy who's not healthy it's simply a it says that designation for overweight and obesity. But it doesn't really give us. Beat how much that you have as a coach Q how much wait you haven't and there are. There are machines that look at your body fat percentage is and those machines are available in different positions opposite that the body composition analysis and that actually telling you your body fat Matt. And give you ranges and with which you should fall within. But of course not everybody has those body come cheap they're a little bit on the expensive side and show would be good can find somebody who had that for you and then. Go ahead and get that measurement done and then you can follow that over time. What we do use growth hormone for various reasons can help with muscle mass building. We followed the body count analysis says that's one way of making sure the your growth hormone is doing what you wanna deal. So even if you don't have a body copy machine. Dare recommendations for how do you cure uber skinny fat syndrome and I think are just really good. They're good day. Cool to begin with. He'll leave it the first rule out would be to consider eating a low. Like he makes it low diet showed low life in it means when you eat a particular food. The rise in your blood sugar is low it's only a little bit so for instance locally can make food. I'd be buried he. Or apples as opposed to a high glee can make food which would be the melons in the pineapple from the mango. Show locally in Lakewood also beat the non starchy foods. Protein. Feed speed and vegetable thing is about sort of eating of course that the healthier food that you could shoot. I'm making she'd do you get I could amount of protein and get it throughout your day. The other thing that would be recommended it don't drink your calories so don't drink a lot of sweet. And gotten huge Blake came and true accuse this of course never showed up. And of course recommendation it for three to four glasses of wine and alcohol week. Don't do white flour with talked about this before the white flour. You know it's not healthy forest in any way I'm I'm actually more about gluten free. Favoring person. For many reasons up from an inflammatory and point. But we know anything that flour or sugar like we'll break down into sugar in your body. And that's bike or blood sugar which then puts you at risk for this skinny fat syndrome. Granted it would be a fabulous thing for us to choose from I think that I'm here it's so much easier. To incorporate a plant based diet ambitious so many option. That we have available to us and grilling is so much easier. That you know we can kind of eliminate the need for card if we get increased our vegetable intake. Barbara you know I know we talked about the the orbit the GO most situation. But corn is there something that everybody associated with summer. I bet civil Carol is that something it corn and sugar and that show which would probably bad for the guy can make these senate. But it still about double is that something of value. And eat corn the hard diet like you're talking about. Again so the whole key demo thing and the issue. If you confined which it's you know it almost impossible without I aimed at non GMO basic need because the feed manufacturers are pushing all of those. The heirloom variety and the non GMO variety out of the market. You know quarter and while people love it nick says that available on the bonded. Really is probably not one of the best food for you eat because of all of those things that still remains on the highly inflammatory foods listed. Regardless of the form which you get it with pictures summertime cropper at. And you know stroke than her or otherwise I'm so I really don't recommend corn. So what do below guy can make a vegetable that we have available to us now. 00 that. All vegetables should be on the lower like an echo vegetables that are not starchy Tokyo take out the potatoes and sweet potatoes and things of that sort of vegetables that are. You know. More green and squash it is in and got tomatoes. You know anything from a vegetable garden. Peppers cucumbers. Any of those things would volunteer lower life they make it low calorie. Food. What about parents were. Don't care Richard I vegetable that would be a worthy KE give it a little bit at starts there but really. Not like potatoes and things of that sort of root vegetables. Our our good for us in the long run they don't have that you have a little bit of a starch a fact. But not anything like a potato might. And show I would say that you know parents are perfectly fine birth to eat. Colors are. Getting Barack and me are bell and called Mario and or play an issue with deluge could say oh tie. She. Would go a little Fuller and proportion in every angle on the trigger down. She should get it if you can't wait it Heatley extremities. And you carry your middle you were more susceptible to heart disease that even things like that it back. Bush is adding that same being that you're speaking or is it more is that women have a LE EO in every where they eat that are these people you look at. Go outside and they have double. Don't say who would be bellied pig is an and that's where they become or is it that we get every where have a bell get. Don't know they actually think that the folks that have the belly even though we know that they could be a little bit more their overweight we tell them they obesity is not good feeling to have all these other associated problems they actually think that the any person. That really you don't see the valley. The ski meet that person had a much greater risk of harm from their disease for instance if they have. Part indeed they have a higher risk of having you know deaths from heart to be that they have diabetes they have a higher risk of more complications from diabetes that obesity is a good one issue but the skinny fat person that you cannot recognize. I'm looking at them is worse. And showed those folks for the one that really you have to have your blood sugar measure get to the issuer not diabetic. You have to have it in a limb because of course insulin is what helps your blood sugar got Debbie insulin look at you need to look at your cholesterol profile your triglycerides. And your HDL your good cholesterol. You need to look at these blood pact that would be more predictive of your overall health. And simply looking at the person because I'm telling you I look at this gal and I literally said to myself. Oh my gosh she's really poor then and this surgery gonna be a little bit difficult for me and I got to the N that I thought. We need to treat that person at the skinny fat person down the road and she needs to be in help we need to evaluate her appropriately. So you'll catch you off guard if you're not doing the appropriate tactic. Pat I'm could talk you into contention a real big purse but I mean how would that we're gonna Dalia backcourt again go to. They're they're they're totally different than some little skinny fat correct they may not be totally different. They may have you know more carried in their belly then they should happen. But about a lot of these skinny people you we would never think that they would be unhealthy. Eighteen Amherst and skinny and run and mild. And then they their unhealthy in the end they end up with some good deed that he would not have predicted huh. And what I commend Obama saying he talked about arbor we're on idol hump announced this. Yeah yeah where are day. I'm just dump it in the opposite may have them. I'm at a special it looks like a scale. And it just it the way it can help it calibrate. And look at your percent body weight your skeletal muscle mass your percentage of water. You hold. Q he handled your feet of one Q metal played. And it calculates based on. Where you're holding it where you're standing all of these different measurement from army to do trunk through leg. And show it you know there are there in a different than conditioned offices that they have. But they don't weight management I'm sure they have won that give a primary care doctor that does a lot of weight management I'm sure they have by cop machine. Arab. So I think it is that it's important for us. And I brought it up for a couple of reasons one well looking at you know how to be healthier. I'm kill we'd we want to make sure that we are doing the right thing to keep us healthier with eating appropriately. I'm getting good exercise than it actually chart from that perspective. It's not going out on entry miles it's actually doing some weight lifting and strength training to keep your muscle mass strong because as we age we lose our Michael math. We want to make sure that that but doesn't happen. Okay. How can make I'm Barbara. We're located across the street from regional hospital in Scranton a number 5703449997. How many combine the online at doctor Barbara pluck that PL you'd eat cake and eat eat eat dot com. Great Britain both say Barbara once again informed it as always planned. Thank you everybody at. Home for the weekend to clean will be. Heard there won't be safe and clean the nice. But I thought I had.