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The following is a paid program the views or claims made are not necessarily those of WI OK staff management or sponsors. It's time for Laurie in live. Just don't you only gain ranks and now Gloria weigh in on double BYOK yeah. Good morning good morning good power it's a day. Just ducky. Oh chained here's my airline okay Jim you know what DND health and do you. And Guillen now we have I don't know what the fill in the blank yeah I don't get him so how was your week. I am busy your boy we hear a noise here for a one night he had one night. And when disease start. And she's intern ship and lost school money go yeah. Ozzie Ozzie and Canada's August he's he's works for Biden won mourned the rest of this month. And then he believes his apartment and his jab in DC and come home. And he's gone to Europe for a couple weeks and then he'll be home for the rest of the summer with his mother as he should be until all costs. That Louisiana live when he does so well he's living in one of the new dorms at the Yale Law School oh okay none and anti norms yes that cardiac. So it's a double rom annie's noses Romaine and that's what's gonna. Say yes so he's all excited. For a new beginnings again and it's funny because. I was I dragging down and you know me and Glassman music and yes. So of course I'm. Tim in Graz sun beat humble and kind can run and I am bottling. And the car okay yeah I. Because it's so. Truly it's so simple the words and if so I mean I'm a little bit of an issue with the word humble you because. I was so far into play it is foreign to me but it also is. You know I was once told by a very wise man that humility means finding your place in this universe and taking it. And so because. 'cause of that. I eight feel like he got up alone what you're given you as long as you're out is on injured. OK with that it's okay good kid so I don't really digging the the word humble I don't like that because why does somebody have to be. I am not saying anything about. What they are what they've done my couch eating leaves and just Dino when inept in the sun he says you know feel pride in yourself that to speak humble and kind and I guess that that and just you know I'm not saying it could be. You know. Obnoxious and ridiculous and bragging all the time but don't it doesn't hurt because is my father used to say if you don't blow your own horn no one's gonna do for an. Jim cat on his favorite rides and it's true because no any TV critic. Except maybe when you're no longer around in that drives me nuts till the end and that's enough value right is just like you know it just. Speaking of that my you know this week Adam. And I guess it was Tuesday. You'd use text but all these people are texting him out Kate Spade and it just. Broke my heart because you know she's rough you know we're pretty much were a year apart in age and I love her. Stop some a big fan and I know she didn't on the company will I guess they really wasn't thinking she didn't incite but the what I realized she didn't I remembered Yemen and I remember hearing that but. Did you know it's just it's so. It's also a classic. Example of money can't buy you have. Exactly no really and and makes that much is she had and the wonderful things as she has and that's still story you just never know what's going on people's worlds now because the end because appearance was and a phenomenal because. Tallahassee when his wealth really yes and whether it's mental health and physical health it's well. And every one to tell you because you can't abide that. You can't buy healthy can't buy. Happiness she can't buy eight mental health it's all it's it's if you look at what you have and that's getting back to I know it's like a kind of a Segway but it isn't. Because it's part of being okay with what you've been given and not being let call. I don't wanna talk about it oh don't say bad about me c'mon c'mon come out like you know I just don't like it's just my opinion I like people to beat out front about their goodness and their birthday gifts and. It's okay yeah. You know you don't have to keep but it ain't even sure how who appears saw combat cannot move cocaine ads I say that that kind of baby and sing your son. Back it up that's I don't care. Am. But it it's it did dad is just because it's it's using DD two of them outside world looking at somebody like Kate Spade. You think she has knocked them. And she had many thanks you know but it's. And I know it's a little too soon because so we're taping on Thursdays it's only two days none on this speculation around the stuff and you just can't leave anything to your reeling now. It's still you know to leave a thirteen year old daughter and she have to struggle all her life. Now to Reno to come to terms with that is it's hard. Yeah but to feel the Thatcher only way out I remember one time somebody phrase that can't belief about suicide that'd say. Whatever is calling nine is a temporary each suicide is a permanent situation can permanent solution to a temporary situation. And it elbow to damage doesn't seem temporary it's it's cut its chronic and it's. It's just we have to pay so much more attention to this illness because it is it's so ever present. And what do we don't candidate. Though that I think that the key word is it's chronic yet is something that isn't. It isn't a suicide isn't caused by an event or situation. A one time thing sometimes it is well did it but mostly there's a sense of that in the sense that. Oh they're there I go again I screwed up for a can never do anything right right but it's a chronic sense of self break. That is it that you find other things as feed right into the belief about yourself right and I ain't that special thing it just amazes you and elegant. I understand Robin Williams was somebody's it was because demanding until. So she was doing saying they Iranian inside his suicide and a Austin. Around him. And that it just it to me that was that if anybody said that to me I'd I'd grab them and say fascinating is to wipe the words how assets. Successful that's bizarre. So. Those are the kinds of pants that you think you know that's just people don't really care about that she apparently dense. And then make comments until her sister about who I know you don't ever like to go to funerals for please be sure to be there for mind. Things a so you know when he hears things like I'd you have to say someone missed a two here. Together he's a hell no though even if you do miss it. Even if you do get it what do you do that's what I think the biggest problem is there's people I know right now who are dealing with that stuff and what he's supposed to deal take him and placed them where do you what do you do with that I don't mean to suicide I mean with depression and bipolar. Situations where dared EG you'd think they just like okay do little with the deal with that and that's it. And I think we should have somebody on the show. Because we've never done that dealing specifically with this still no I think out yes but I think that there are a lot of resource is out there there is suicide help line all absolutely but that's so it'll or I could call and say I'm a friend who I think may be contemplating as well I don't know if that's the bad match and it's saint thinking that. I'm saying beach the depression issue that you think because everything else that looks like they got it together it's just something that's not gonna say they won't do that probably people thought that in al-Qaeda gain ground. Hope poorly Robin Williams when he. And I mean it's just he just seemed I don't think terrorism and now it's Colin is horrible it's going on with people and they do a really good job of masking it pretty. Could make Obama their lives and show you and you think what did I miss what's in the what should abide cook and was you know coalition would I just don't know. Think China is to make you really think about things can't go when it hits Phillies have a high profile people like yeah. As commit suicide he really have to. The stop and think I wonder who else is out there and you arranged when you look at it some again near. Here and someone you admire and you know you just love their things and he Tina you kinda just field. What parents. Can't connected in some way shape perform and it's just it's just hard it's done. So some of us who have been felt we will start up so Spezza and that's good you know I mean that's stuff we need to. Think about could only need to do many shell announced her people who had learned days. Birthdays. Block or wedding anniversaries. Pose that how you. Know. No I'm just thinking that this so many now because it's that time of year there Ireland everybody has served anniversaries. I was nice you know and you know Beverly Johnston from Wilkes-Barre now. Well she I'm I'm sure I just met her and analyzing it mattered before bench we rental and a committee together and she said she listens to our show you saying so we'll send raids in Beverly she's a sweet lady. And I'm. Anyway so but that's that you you know people tell us all the time reaches ice to. It's just try to remember picked up. I know Jack I know a sale or listen to show I'm Noah get a shower I don't know and I forget yeah now Saddam did that Limbaugh the other thing I want to say is that this week on announced Tuesday night. I'm went to silver purchase restaurant in them and holly. It's actually one of the properties owned by the settlers hospitality management company who also on sat present. You can read my favorite yes and the woman who was involved with that he hadn't seen me canceling her aunt who is one of the principles and that company. Pennant a meeting with a group that I am involved with called circle 200 and it was actually held in a private area of silver birch has restaurant. And we were outside and henin the most magnificent view I wanna sell or something isn't there. Stats online while Paul back oh where's the one who would use that. I did pretty well that's the other one yeah I can't think and they have time to break snapped bridges now. Whatever. That's a different property but if this is Oneida rain until yes. And that does have a beautiful waterfall but this one was is the most spectacular. View of the sons I've ever seen this it was what day it was. Tuesday night and they don't death and we had a wonderful group of people there and when do a shout out bent. I don't know the way you're dead but. We wanted to acknowledge Katie Leonard who is the new president of Johnson. School. Sees. This one of the new members of the circle 200 and I saw her a little bit before we got here and I just think it's great because. Doctor Andrew Penske. When senator. Yes you say and absence is saying and I know it do you led the charge to a woman actually running. Via high school. The college and now Katie has been groomed and is taking her place and I think it's wonderful. So I just wanna do a show had to Katie. Yeah and we also saw the very lovely candy Gil Martin who was also a new member circle 200. And it was very interesting to connect all the dots with all the women who were there from actually had a a code to motor coach that drove from Wilkes-Barre. How to play quanta Compaq. And with some of the women who came one of them was. A woman who is now going to be the president they wilkes-barre. So your wage. And so we made sure we connected her with JD. For the junior league and they had a very interesting conversation and the other woman who was in it was may have been. She's an Arab I same fairly recent days and she was also the president. Unseat Lucerne Tammany to nearly two and it was so interesting to listen to the differences. In just a cultural. Situations. Of what happens twenty years ago. Or thirty years ago when she was involved and when or where it is now and she mentioned that when she was the president of the junior leagues this is. Catherine Schaefer. That no one was recognized by their first names they were all mrs. John Shaffer premises somebody's house and she said. I was the first one and send you know my name is not John my name is captured and it's a she she made sure that her name listed was Catherine Schaefer. And she said it was just so bizarre and see the difference because as Katie said when we were talking about it. More than 50% of the women who are now members of junior league are single women. And professional women and they are doing what they're yelling and he's been turned on its head yeah I'm and so that mrs. Sean Shaffer has. No world anymore and I don't change never had Romans at a salary as it was is centrists and listens of that conversation that the two of them and it's not that long I know. And I we're going to continue this we're going to take a quick break you're listening to Larry and show will be right back. Your glory and win. Good morning good morning. My name is Linda Evans I am the managing director of the company admits I created three years ago actually this month. Called women of substance and as the financial planning firm. Dedicated to the needs special needs baby boomer women and I'm also the host so podcast. Called power of the purse podcast available on iTunes stitcher and Google play. And I Laurie can neon if Larry can't enterprises which is a fundraising PR and special events business you know and pick up by and a couple thoughts about what what we were just talk about a president. This is your least crazy stuff. So we all know what they have a son Andre and they instead had that mr. and mrs. blab a lock what does unanimous is get excited now. It's crazy I don't call you miss that then. Mac crowd that may as well I remember when I was a young kid working for third national bank right I waited and a woman. To open up her account and she told me her name was. Mrs. I'm just making this up mrs. John Dow now and I said. Do you as a first name a good guy that's I have to opening count I mean. I know enough cash and zero. Oh she was tiger boasts a bad thing it's really funny too because she was talking about serving on the committee. And doing some thing that would require a lot of time. And one of the women in the in the group said the worm as as she says to me yes I'll do it. And another woman center for honey don't have to ask her husband first. It's it's but now all I told puts should put that's. Was you know I mean I remember that with my grandmother. My grandmother was always mrs. William T Evans senior. Everywhere she went she was miss is that I can remember seeing a century club everywhere. Everywhere she was that name and I remember ask your when time because the pictures. But the caption under them in the newspaper were always the same thing it was mrs. in the guy's name. And I says something Torre said how come they don't put your first name in there and this is my grandmother died when I was seven so. In this again Rihanna and an idea. I must have been six. Maybe five looking at this in the paper and I wondered why she didn't have her name in there she said because that's just the way it is. I sent armed. The whale was now. Then I think I listen. I'm so happy we didn't have to be high. Really pay millions. True golf fans sending them badly people I Kennedy and the yes and eight actually the women had more of an identity what they did vs that name from the names and going to hear from in many cases yep him. And you know I watched this week planned it did you ever see the documentary. Amman Debian CI AMR Rogers. No I didn't was. I was sure I NN I because I never I've never seen it was wonderful because it's fifty years now nine for saying that aid and but stuff happens in the year. 68 actually but. I am it's just amazing that. But at the impact that that man Hannah and so many people from his kindness to differences. Do his love of jazz and instruments and music and just plain old kindness it's wonderful. You preview what did you watch EO Jim I'll I did I did because I thought it was really nice out prizes felt whenever I would see him even though. It to a great degree. You could make you could mocked him because it was so saccharine sweet some cases you wanted to say wakeup time now slider felt like and I am a but I love the fact that he offered that as it it was almost as of counterbalance. To the salsa was also going on the world 68. With the Vietnam War or any other thing I can't miss Ben and you know what I love to there's a it's on YouTube I guess it's it was not part of the documentary that I. I don't think it was in unless I miss that part of it because you would think it would be when PBS was appearing before. Senator kind of turned ever was and he spoke and that and and they were they awarded the money because it was just flat rate offset costs known notes you know. Kim saying his piece about public broadcasting and down. Excuse one of the first show us on camera. Really interesting but I just think what a remarkable man and all of you know the people who work from Michael Keaton who worked in Pittsburg and he kind of threw us it was in the documentary. And actually Michael Keaton won one of the governor's arts awards in Pennsylvania years before because. He's a bum. Born and raised in the Pittsburgh area which is where they shot mr. Rodgers Annie said he was in the fuel to show us. And I think he's they were caught the flying zucchini or something I and then he he was he was also one of Smith flipped the switch on the trolley from an age he was talking about that than. And John Lithgow and eight. Just and that young girl that Esperanza Spalding to know who she is was she's in a new where artist and she never she didn't she wasn't in the occur on the show but she remembers it. And how she feels it into an even at cirrus is a silver star still Silverstein down stone gash she was speaking about him and it was a wonderful. I'm wonderful doctors I went half and then get a WVA now of course in between they have the pitch for I become a member but. The program itself was. It was great he knew he was just I believe. And his wife was on she was interviewed and talked about times in uncertain times with him and he was with this big gorilla and that he said that I think guess he taped 9000 shows or something more. Something like that I don't know if I am an Aetna is 9900. I don't know and beat that was his favorite with the guerrilla. Us and the gorilla was trying to hug him and he's. It was the Betty had so do you people like I am Perlman coming out this crutches with his braces on his legs as a young man to. And a little boy in a wheelchair. And it ended the differences of who people. Are and how the mailman who is starting it's just it's just a wonderful way to know that show like that could still be as if not more so important today right. I have death so I was very happy sitting watching my an 8 o'clock the other night and put it right into my phone so I knew it would I would like to scheduling. You don't want it to I didn't want to miss it up so yeah it was good well that's okay yeah. So what else what else do we have well I think we don't quit just don't know. Tour and how can love mommies are for you know marriage okay so this is what kind of a quiz to its Sundance fashion there lipstick you know we're doing financial literacy. This is from. A website called financial engines there actually. People who go in Sioux corporations and provides. That kind of education for people with borrowing K plans. So it's kind of financial literacy literacy quiz. And the caption here is even though many Americans are feeling more financially. Secure compared to five years ago. I think as far as and that actually. Only 6% or able to pass the quiz about a broader range of financial decisions they most likely won't need to make. But they're starting out or more established making poor financial decisions. Today could undermine your financial health in the future. Are right. First class. At least he's toured Foster Houston though none of them on hand at least how many months of living expenses. Should you aim to have in an emergency fund. 123 months three is six months one year or more. Well I was going to say six months but since it's three to six. It Maine in May be here so I don't if that's the trick once me because I wanna say six but that would put that would mean 343. Foreign five apply as well so. A year. 36 through eight and a half as saying that generally know what I'm saying yeah he's my general. Lowell is you should have three to six months of saying expenses and your emergency fund could but I would say to this is my own traditions the desk. If you're single person responsible for your. I do your own living expenses I would have six. Okay because. Three might work if you're in a situation where you have to. Wage earners. So that the other one could pick it up hopefully should have both unemployed at the same time. But that would really but that's my answer is so threes sex is really whether there's a plan. How much life insurance should do purchase if you're annual income. Is 75000. Dollars. 75000. 900000. Or 1500000. Well. You need is much it will you're dead out right. So if it's the sixth saw the kids. A problem. I don't know for the guys don't go for a million but I I really don't probably. I I have no idea so I'm just guess and and go for the mouse to uncanny. All right so the answer is 750. Now pat. It's ten times the amount of hearing come and I do not agree with that you think it should be more no I think it should be a formula that's what they're using here. What you don't know what the other situation as an end and they say. Decisions about life insurance are highly personal depend on factors. Such as mortgage debt marital status dependent children or parents. Where you live another life circumstances. Then they say as a general rule multiply your income by ten to add to give you an estimate of how much you should have. And then they say add 100000 dollars per child for college expenses. So this person would need a million if that were the case. Anyway OK let's say that what is the average annual rate of inflation. For college tuition. Around the country. 2%. 5%. 8% eleven to 11%. I don't. Courage I sedate that's correct. 8%. On average kind that this is about double the average annual increase in general inflation. As 80% annual inflation college tuition doubles every nine years. Knots. Yeah okay tour false. Only individuals with a net worth of at least five point 45 million dollars. Or couples with a net worth of at least ten million dollars. Need to worry about estate plans. Tour false and correct them. Yes I mean any ring bells because I got that gave okay. We should do something else. You know from worldly it's okay it's important happening and the state plan what I was referring to is the amount of money that you can pass without federal. They ranks right. But it's not just about. Yeah yeah so you're right that is the way this. OK if you take out alone for 20000 dollars with an annual interest rate believe it or not of 20%. But don't make any payments. How much will you oh at the end of four years. Hi how blessed and joining 183040. Or over 40000. Over. Our 40010. Is a tour money or forty you're right I was over Puerto Sosa iron. Because of the crazy interest yes I mean who's still in the I was not making any payment type but that's that's a dirt and a half but the loan amount to doubled to 40000 dollars in about three point six years. Is it better to take your pension benefit as a lump sum or is a lifetime monthly paycheck. I would say that depends on year do you need to and will your desire she did every investor do you need it force. To supplement your and come I'd that's. Totally is the right answer and it depends how can get something. Next on how much could the typically healthy married couple. Retiring this year day 65. Covered by Medicare. Expect to spend an. Out of pocket costs. For health care through retirement. 1350000. I'm health care meaning that the supplemental insurance and and anxiety and Donna the Molson. But their relatively healthy and if so. You're talking just basic food out of pocket expense a woman the numbers just they a hundred. 20300. I would say and I am it's I would say it's either fifteen it's either a or B. Can pinpoint I don't know peak. The answer is 260000. And again it's not turn well that's what they sent. I don't know you know they do all this on a day which is the wish of the following is not covered by Medicare part it's eight or. Hospital care dental care ambulance services hospice. Art clinical research dental. Correct. EF but that's dancer. Let's see how many norm with two questions. A typical 65 year old man can expect to live on average for how many more years. 10152025. This morning the number 65. How many more years on average and he left 10152025. I'm in the say. Fifty feet. 5020. Pence fifteen not funny. We're gonna take one hand and that's eight is there I'm not claim more years as head so why don't we take a quick break and we'll be right back and finish this quiz your listening Hilario Lin show will be right back. Here Gloria and Lynn. Good morning. My name is Linda Evans I am the managing director of company. And substance which is I'm designed specifically to take care of these financial needs of baby boomer women. I'm also the host of the podcast called power of the purse. Available on iTunes stature and Google play. And I'm Larry cameo in a flurry can enterprises are just fundraising PR and special event business and we were in the middle of a quiz but it's ms. cabin is they quiz earth and the quizzed her with a queasy. Queasy. OK high tech way. If you purchase the bonds and interest rates rise. What will happen to the price. Of the bond. It will rise it was stay in the same are or will fall. Interest or stock. Interest your bonds. Rates rise. What will happen to the price of the bond to it will stay the same no. No opera go down and don't know and then answer and because I think when Ned and stack rates are higher bands are lower traditionally aren't they. So onion as say Lula so interest rates would do I don't know the answer and has his that would fall was file so yeah same answer as best stuff as if the stock goes higher and the bands are lower. Is it BS but the grief not necessarily because noses are referring to the interest rates I know so it's the same answer that. But interest rates when they go off that means the bond you're holding. Is of less value if you bought it last year I felt so therefore the price of it will fall because I don't know enough about I'm still in an answer. No patents you don't do that no doubt. And so I. Aaron and then. What is the latest aids tuition can defer claiming social security and receive an income and increased benefit. The last aids that you can do this. Now Nolan though that it increases every year that yes take it yeah there isn't there's a time when it doesn't make a difference Wrangler okay. So that's a true 656670. Or 72. I'm gonna say 66. And answers sent. Seventy from how you're going to really know it and it goes up 8%. F series full retirement and he switches and depends on when you were born. The list saying your case is 67. Okay so if you defer that payment every year and clears seventy he gets 8% more added to your benefit until seven day. And then after that they don't stop. Jimmy of the 8% and I say so that's how it works and what should take and that. Could I do think people should takes us the securities and is there L well I do only because I think it depends on the situation like for instance with Patrick. He was unemployed. When he was any existing OK so there was really no need for him to wait so he took a sixty true. I am on the other hand our employee. And fully vested right NAFTA right call that. I could take my Social Security but I choose not to. Because I don't need it right now and this building entry is ending billing getting our plan break. So even though I'm still contributing to it which I am and it's also growing. Why do it if you don't there's no need to do it a cup so. Based on what your answers are. Drum roll now is sad. 82%. Did well I put some answers and for his. Don't too bad I like to be noticed lit up age and you got a forty wants to show exactly because they didn't get there. I knew Wyoming got to get Israelis worry it's for right okay so I'm Canada's. I'd try and did you Kermit I do indeed have assigned that case you actually got in here and they may well present paying. Aren't there should any missile prove to the average person who says. To link you the answer is yes most of us an update now hello no I do and I usually don't. Always be perfect dozens raw and unfiltered. And stuff I don't know when enough about himself he's. I'm okay. Police say admit it yes I know it's fine. Because I don't. When you consider that this guy said that output that not discuss the person who created the quiz that was only 4% of the people actually. Passed the test I'm already passed it once passed seventy you have to hit. It still is OK yes well the year and you did OK the idea. 41. Dominican that well I. Think anyone is much you actually got here though I held tough can't and I handled. Yes we can sell current. So let's give them something else I wanted to talk to know you're both so this will go to visit the last weekend hello we end up in the water we actually with the help of my dear friends. Got the vote into the slept I'm in the afternoon on Saturday when the rain finally stopped. We got an all. Roped up so then it's it's I did that dance that you did before you mess for dinner guests how calm and and so we got them all done and then we came back and we had dinner that night and I have to say that we went to a trolleys and the guy does another great move with the chocolate yes that is safe for me it was a delicious could looked it looked really really good. It was a definite chocolate fix. It they do that. Can only cake with just several layers and they do V gluten free cheese cake with Justin Glenn men and then they have Lamine and pumpkin during the holiday right right then they made their chocolate. Couple oil well with a three way early strength and an icing was as thick as the latest events surrounding the case right it was. Yes Tony this is looking for us because we had nap and there are any sim. We should then one PC and left for he said I sued cake I made a cake for your friend and needing even show watch. So well in. I'm glad he's as it was wonderful and a half but have a Tim telling this story is it's a little dude his little grandson he's. I know money isn't he asked a durable enough wow. He's and I wanted to say to Tony while he was Thomas town you can't do those things with a two year. Well holding OK here I don't exactly. Actually leaking of that have you been watching the and bad basketball champions now. Now I don't know let me tell you that I am not a fan of basketball and off we need to relax. The jury find the whole back and forth thing. It's just that I think I'll let my like football and I like baseball that I like basketball league east it's not gonna happen. I had my kids have played little little guy I mean they weren't good they just. That there are they they did with they could to be part of the team you know selling female athletes they want they're just they're good Smart kids but they weren't athletes you know they claim they played baseball on T bond but thinks so they participated in team sports. But so we went and then I went when I was in high school and should he do that to support but it's just never been my my favorite things but when it comes to the championship because I've always liked certain teams like the lost their lakers were armed and still are my father loved the Celtics that they were games that we had to watch because my father wanna just to know enough about every sport. I'm mostly football but so when it comes to the championship I like any and that that's when it's exciting yeah. And this is some nice people. But you know some it's some of the players there are cool and so I Golden State and the cavs are playing of course in the finals and so I'm a Golden State fan. I like could I just love. A lot of those West Coast and east and West Coast teams and so I did and I love Seth Curry it's Seth staff so let's just say Stefano Stefan curry. And I just think bear there's a bunch of those guys that I just they're excellent and they're up against. From then LeBron James guy and who everybody is just like vote and I'm just I just don't he's now my. These guys a couple of tonight he's steady season wonderful. I just don't. I just don't care enough about him but I like the other guys on the other teams so I'm rooting for them and their three to the comparing. So I'm hoping they win because if they wind up. Freddie nineties and which will be when you're listening last night and they're playing. In Cleveland so I'm almost hoping that they winning Cleveland so they'll go back. Two. LA to play the game and no women around the hometown that's mouth again this is better to win. When you're in your hometown right and. So should the Eagles but except difference in Philadelphia he's only game in which annually on eBay and all this whole thing that's going on in the White House. And so did know and I think a lot of that the towns in Pennsylvania. Are trying to create the same. Thing of having the team come here and there and do phrase a non kinds of stuff for them because. I guess just don't know why it's taking so long for them to go to the White House anyway I don't on the golf my. I don't know. You know so then they have different reports of only two gonna show up ten we're gonna show up none or Nash oh I don't know. And that's up for conjecture at this point how do you know who would have shown up. Don't know but don't. The thing is I think somewhere along the line it would be nice to have a big party with that you know really really great I mean I. I hit yes Pennsylvania and it's it's a good thank you end up a couple things well one I just read in the Scranton times today about some guy who. Lives go to lives in Miami and Philadelphia and the guy that the guy who's the quarterback who didn't play last year what's his last name when when its cash harsh pain and he walked through the it. I am. And every B was saying hi to everyone smiling and so this guy got up and went back CME said he was sleeping any tapped in recent please take my. Boarding pass this in my seat near Annie said none I know I'm fine just the way AM and he's known how would you really your big guy is bigger seats recline he's like no no thank you very much but I'm OK he's like all right so should he tried he went back to a seat and then on the way Audi thank dumps. And then he found out later that he had just come back he just then in Haiti helping. I'm but with the families and the people of Haiti yeah. And so sitting then in a first class seat was not he just needed to blend in with everybody else did and they they just say he's a remarkable guy like that. An easy story to hear the high heels above the southern yeah you know again. There's an interesting season for them with him back I now. Ferry was saying nice losing out there once I have. Forget arsenic falls that's it ALC. He's the one that to the jogger who I was still unknown type. That game was great it was wonderful now. I indeed yes and then what do you think about the implosion of the I Harrison avenue bridge. I just don't buy it did you actually yes I can hear and I was thinking to myself I wonder what. But it's gonna feel like to go by and and Nancy I just don't difference. And it it's you know under construction the road to get up to 81 yeah it's so you can't see what's down there but I was just thinking I'd love to see what it looks like live and in person because I saw the implosion. Fourteen different times answer and a very. FaceBook announced. But it's just interesting to watch Santa Ana and I was really taken by a the approach that most of the people talked about about the fact that it was generations ago. Go and in the history and was so important to end all gone in a few seconds now yeah I never had all that wrapped enjoy the only good thing that makes me sad now. That's the FD del. But I'm there is a giant balloon ride pain today Harrison avenue bridge. And he isn't done more artist who has nanny did a lot of on this cold breakers a lot of his workers in the Everhart museum and I had to merge if for some lunch. Yeah and that actually dad bridge was commissions that painting to go to the White House when Hillary and Bill Clinton. Was president because of Hillary's connection to Scranton so was aimed at hung in the White House and that's that's Harris now. Avenue bridge it's much angle still hangs in the upper parts anyway we're gonna go yeah thanks for listening everybody have a wonderful weekend. And be safe and please be nice I all I.