Lackawanna County Commissioner Pat O'Malley, now against reassessment, talks to Frank Andrews

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Thursday, November 9th

Lackawanna County Commissioner Pat O'Malley, who is now against reasssessment after seeing the results of the vote on the question on Election Day, talks to Frank Andrews


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We've asked a commissioner pat O'Malley to join us again commissioner. What what were the results like Scott you know overwhelming right against it. Well what happened first of all yes there was a very historical day we gather. First I mean this year's vote Democrat became the district attorney turning our fault and that equally historic was reassessment. All. 50000. Votes were cast yesterday approximately. 40000 them being cast. We're actually tap worthy actual for a reassessment. 66. Point. 31%. To 33. Point. 69%. For the different from the chow. So last week as well eyeball test like 40000 and that's that's like two to one yeah. So total 10. You know even though you know that the court. You know. Stop this. And you know since the that this came forward to make it to stop but I just wish you know people noticed what happened. In July if they wanna Coke or a patient came forward earlier and it could have been really you know I mean it could've been. Things look good kills. But you know at this point you know the people boys who were hurt. You mean they came out and implement unique situation but have eternal over the ballot then literally looked for. And they came out and they voted formally you know I mean sports games for or against. That's an N and Jeff horror but story he's a staff writer for the Scranton times his first line is. Unless resurrected by the courts now you know you and Lorena are now against this so I'm assuming in in your term or however long you guys in there that and we're not gonna see reassessment but can attend the course force assign new. I'm sure that the courts could that they wanted to I'm sure that that can happen but that's what I'm going back. I'd I'd I was elected by the citizens of lack wanna count and people came out yesterday and they voted overwhelmingly on behalf of their families. But they were just reassessment. I've worked on behalf of the citizens. And the vast majority that voted yesterday. War against its us all hot and stay out of this idea that military leader before I Christopher Cummings. That was the vote against reassessment and I think the metal. Where you are you surprised were you surprised at all by by the the results and surprised by the margin. And I didn't I wasn't sure how this is going to be because that's when you know would also put fear that that happened. And I would ensure. That's what I thought we'd best supporters say he has a bar owners aren't stupid than I can only be educated. Guess the big turn the page. Yeah I mean there are two questions there and then look for the question. Memphis inward formed as a we tried to make sure they were educated. The literature that we put out there the party was straight down on the metal. So what does war or against reassessment of for people to make the bigger body out of their family and hobbyists out would affect them. And it went though. All right pat I appreciate you calling in on now that I'm back your WOK I'll be driving you crazy alive so you have to put a that's tough. I thought all right thanks a lot commissioner pat O'Malley who came out and said hey you guys vote on the on the question 66%. Said no. So he changed his position he is now opposed to it.