Kyle Mullins, Democrat candidate for PA State Representative 112th district, talks to Frank Andrews

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Wednesday, May 9th

Kyle Mullins, Democrat candidate for PA State Representative 112th Legislative District, talks to Frank Andrews.


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And Karl Moline who was on the line with us right now hardly Kyle. I'm great great Oreo I'm doing well I'm I'm I appreciate you being here and I'll ask isn't quite the first question I'm asked all the candidates tell everybody who we are a little bit about your background so they get to know you. I appreciate you I appreciate that opportunity. I'm crowd moan some of 33 year old Democrat I was recent actual. And down my wife and I are currently written fame we have our own dear Drexel we have a fifteen month old son. Connor and down when you. You feel public service. In you know deep inside you. And and then we have Finley your own you feel usually more driven to wanna make it better area. Four in the future generations so that's. That's a lot of what's driving me and I'm just grateful to be here and then talk with some of the TARP W and some voters. Kyle I you're your yard signs your son looks just like you he's made me. For the poor kid at a candidate coming up and now he's he's Susie is beautiful family. All right now you you are a legislative aide to senator Blake correct. That's correct or stepped away from that dog role when it finally candidate paperwork on March 6 and I'm gonna. Full time candidate ever since I thought the this campaign in this seat does deserve a full time you know candidacy a full time effort and full time representative. So what one of the most important issues for you. I mean you have you have seen and say in some ways you have seen things from the inside my work and would the senator what what are the big issues. I have and these are issues that will continue to emerged. First and foremost as I walked the district. Tops on so many people's mind especially seniors on fixing company. Is that crushing property tax burden something I certainly understand my wife and I are homeowners and that we pay property taxes. My grandmother's 91 year old. Who do we is on a fixed income and of course who is paying property taxes so I understand. How difficult that is I understand the burden and I think go lawmakers should be honest and forthright with people. About the prospects of what we can actually accomplish in Harrisburg. We've tried mightily two to arrive at consensus over the last few sessions. It has been an issue of great debate. But I think we finally you know it should be at a point. Where we could turn the tide and come up with a solution that is a look agreeable to everybody involved Republicans Democrats. Working together. And focusing property tax relief toward primary homestead it's something it's certainly. It's certainly something that's. Far past due and I think. You wouldn't have to increase other taxes rates or it's you know the sales tax of the applicability to so many items. If you. Focused just on homes that's sound and increased our commitment to public education and state level of default. Okay now Kyle I know that you that you have been in the thick of this because it does senator Blake is still gets some criticism for the way he voted down on senate bill 76. So let's take it away from the senate house bill 76 to you support that piece of legislation and how would you vote if it was right now. Sure I would certainly. Support an amended version of that bill and I think that's the way we're heading. Thanks to a piece of legislation that when I was working on a Senate Finance Committee thanks to a peaceful legislation that we approved. That. Gave voters the opportunity to amend our state constitution to allow for. The type of compromise plan of focusing property tax relief on just some homes that's. So that I mentioned earlier so voters spoke last November we amended our constitution. And we are able can now distinguish between concepts and commercial properties. OK duke you're spot on unload but you said that you da house bill 76 you could support an amended version like what would be the amendment. Is sure under the under the current house and senate bill 76 you're looking at the roughly fourteen billion dollars cost her so much of that is so stay by corporate taxpayers. Or corporate property taxpayers. And amended version of that because I see it moving. It's like he's moving into the future and it seems that there's some interest on the other side of the I don't know well over senator Mario cabello Don little was on the line with few few few days ago regarding this very military alternatives. He would only need to call for the replacement of roughly half that cost about seven million dollars and he would provide for immediate release. Not the continuation of property. School property taxes. As long as I saw your school district at any form of debt. So I think there's I think there's meaningful thing and possible way forward. Under. And alternatives now just about to about five minutes before he went on the air I received. A news release that you've got to an endorsement today from the PS CA could you talk a little bit about that. Sure that's something I'm very proud ask and you know because we have. Educators are our buildings are our future and believe what I'm extremely proud. To have that support and and the trust. Of of educators in my district. So I am I look forward to working with them making sure that. All of the all of the resources that we need to make sure my child and all of her children. There's sufficient. Unfurled public education. Don't make sure all of those things are provided such increasing our commitment to public education. Something we've been trying to rebuild from the corporate area codes. They air cuts. And it. Also we need to it's closer disparity between rich and poor school districts I don't think that any. That's my child's education is any less or more valuable. That's another. And in another new and wealthier school district so I think. The more the states can step up to the plate and restored prior cuts to education. You also do believe people local property tax burden Muslim terrorist or steps away from educating our kids. Locals have no choice but to increase those property taxes so. This is such eight multifaceted. Problem. That we need to that we need to focus on and it's and it's just it's about it's about making sure I'll seasonable 76. If it works for everyone. It's about increasing our commitment to public education. And it's closing that disparity between rich and poor school districts. Column ask your question that and that and again and I've asked this so to everybody from them from the moment that the petitions to -- started and circulating you have run a very aggressive and ambitious campaign your yard sales went up REI signs when I'm first I believe of all the candidates you have been you know very active what is it what is your financing sources. Sure we have you know everyone everyone told me if you wait until Easter is over to put up charge to access the role on this week and we start to it almost of the hour. But or and they incredibly proud if these support I've received. Mostly from individuals. I have perceived I have received supports some support from. Organizations. Lately service workers. The who you know who represented. Serbs employees and nurses. What I perceived to have support from electricians from plumbers from considers. I mean you know these are these these people are the fabric in the colors of our community and I am incredibly grateful. To know that they believe in me as but I believe in them and hope to represent them. And but I'm incredibly proud that 80%. Of the fundraising. To might financing my campaign. Has come from individuals. Loved ones conference. Oh believe and makes my commitment to deceased. All right Colin and ask you to hold on we gotta take a break I got a few more questions when we come back for talking to Kyle -- democratic candidate for the 112 legislative districts as and we are talking to candidate Kyle lawless who is running for the 112 legislative districts. Kyle just a couple of couple basic questions. Are you in favor shrinking the legislature. Without a doubt I think. Certainly would just support him as these measure that's before. Other legislature right now to reduce the size of the house 251. I would certainly support that. And up a question that I I'm supposed to every candidate and I wanna be fair if you had everybody lined up. What one question should be asked to volunteer. Sure I it it's a question I could answer we're quite quickly that would be what bill would you introduce the first day what is you know what is your plan. They had to move from committee what's your plan and they get a 102 votes in the house 26 votes in the senate and and one governor's signature. I feel. Very ready. Two. To you know to abuse in relationships and the trust. I built on both sides of the aisle Republican and Democrat. And on both sides of the building house and senate. To get things done. So what bill would you introduce. Sir I think it's it's very simple it would be anyone who's the subject of PSA should have to relinquish their firearms. To. The to law enforcement. I think it's a very the common sense. Safety matter and I and I think character's. You know I know there's a number of woman's organization's. Pushing that middle boot hard and that's something that's at that seems as if it's a no brainer when I was something we should all get behind on day one. Of course in addition to the property tax solutions we've talked about earlier. Okay now now Kyle and I wanna ask this question you I'm sure you have some experience of this when when people talk about the property taxes people talk about any anything like this you know we always talk about contacting your legislature contacting you know your senator you have seen that doesn't really matter. It without a doubt I you can't. You can't forget who send you to Harrisburg. I think it's very important to have spoke very active. And did you know the Franken who's doing your time as a representative forwards regrets how important and critical this. I can never lose touch with the people who sent you there and who paid to go there. So in keeping. Beat keeping at this and you're to the ground and always remaining and in touch. With your constituents stand and what they are live and what they need. I'm the type of the type of votes they expect and the and this fiscal. Discipline and responsibility that. We're supposed to exercise. In the budgeting process and in every other legislative capacity. Both those are things that we should be held accountable for the count to so I would ask that of voters and hopefully my constituents. Now 112 district there are a couple of environmental issues talk a little bit about the power plant and the landfill. Sure I think gum to do to be clear I am opposed to the expansion of the landfill. I would. You know I'm reading a family in this area just like everyone else is and and I know power plant as. Certainly divided. It's sound an area families Scripps friends. An and I think you are we going forward. That we could you know certainly certainly do things. That are that are related there. Baseline routine recurring health studies and 2000 air quality and water. And soil quality. Tests require those those things. And baseline from recurring health site. We need to. We need to. Rebuild. The department of environmental protection. Which if there is another agency and other state agency is an important state regulator and environmental overseer. That in those budget and capacity has just been decimated in Harrisburg. That is something there are departments that are almost they can in Harrisburg. And these are the folks work. Supposed to be charged with us keeping us keeping our environments safe. So those are they and then finally we should be recycling far more to keep. As much waste out of landfills as possible I would support. I've increase in garbage tipping fees to revamp back on a one hour recycling statute. And require communities to be recycling it more. Types of waste materials. Kyle I wanna I wanna thank you for taking time to be here god bless you and your family and good luck on election night. And you frank thank you so much what my pleasure Kyle mollen democratic candidates for the 112 legislative district.