Kyle Mullins Candidate for State Rep 112th

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Friday, April 6th

Kyle Mullins is running for State Rep in the 112th District. He joins WILK's Sue Henry to outline his campaign.


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Ranked in Panama glowing should thank your time at credit on holding assets it's a good plan and am after we give us know in the air we we just wanted to I'll leave. Exactly right it's eat you're running for the seat that is is held currently by Kevin Hagerty right. Talk act your your interest in that this particular seat and and give us some and details of who you are Kyle months. Thanks to black. Look at I've been. I've been interest in public service all my life and I think it should be a part of everyone's life. That at some point I've always I was raised by a very good compassionate can't always putting others before. Themselves in net so didn't and that's what led to two my interest in Manhattan helping people. This was a this is something and I talked about for a long time. And I yeah I. First person I talked to was my wife which this that's something I'd recommend any would be candidate out there so is the first step. And despite having no money in the newborn. She's wishing I. May decision to go ahead for this. So while we're up and running and we wanna do we we want and we're we feel a lot of thought momentum in an energy in this campaign. A lot of the a lot of the new. Random basis to the process and just one who one direct for the people under twelve. I can't put a year our biggest legislative priorities that you're looking out. I think you know we need to. Strengthen our communities and create jobs and you you have to do that by. First to making this a movement in the area that's that's conducive to. The future generations refining jobs good paying jobs. We need to increase our support public education we need to increase or support for trade schools so we can be training now are. Did future generations for the jobs of the future. Com I can go we need real property tax solutions sort of the later. I don't particularly. For seniors so on fixed income and we certainly need. Being unreasonable severance tax and lettuce final. OK okay let's talk about to increase support for public education arm work or paying a lot cower an effort to educate kids I mean that the price tag for each child is. Is pretty expensive and it goes I think anywhere between nine and thirteen thousand. Where we won it what does that mean she let what what do you mean you need more money for public education what where and where we get it. Certainly I think if it's got to be. In these things are are mutually exclusive I don't think that. Property tax solutions and a more robust and equitable education funding. Could that I don't think conflict with each other I can they can be complementary. An and I and I do think. There are solutions. Out there that. We can that we can focus on and I really look forward to be part of that conversation. You are are some you've worked for John Blake Cray. And out but her unpacked and did talk about. Do you have ours are your ideas his ideas because I'm sure people think there. Oh sure in the end and I and I thought I appreciate that it has been an honor to serve. As senator Blake's legislative director for the last seven years so I'm traveling back and forth between. Harrisburg. I'm session days in the district office on non session days and you know approached him about my interest in Indian running for this seat. The center was delighted and he told me do you know being your own man I'll go up there be your own man. On the campaign trail and and as a representative so. That's exactly what I plan on being I plan on how representing. The people under twelve district. An opinion you know in my own way. But we're proud of some of my experience and and the lessons learned one way. Do you still work for him. I cannot right trial might. Not probably nominating petitions on March 6 I slipped away this seat. Deserves a the first time a candidate. I. Do not feel it was appropriate to be a full time. Candidate and today senate staffer at the same time so I I slipped away. And I I think this seat in the program represented. He did talk about real property tax solutions what is your opinion of senate bill seventy sex. Sure I think I think I can stick absolutely 4% of those 76. Would. There were some compromise with some changes to locate it there there have been a lot of he's a lot of discussion and be back and forth on that on that proposal. And I don't blame people for. Further concerns and and and I certainly understand. What people will people go to I pick are probably act malignant they property taxes. We you know we certainly understand that burden is stinking it far too great on so many. People including Finley just starting out. And senior citizens on fixed income so. Senate bill 76. I'm doing it is a start and I think with the passage of last year's constitutional referendum where the voters spoke and said that. We can we can attack this property tax problem. We're with another with with an additional solutions which. The constitutional amendment last year enables us to target property tax relief just to homestead so we're not giving. Big corporate tax breaks. The pending a thirteen or fourteen billion dollar problem to solve. It's gotten past and so it would not require. It would not require that such an increasingly is a sales income. Poor. Big expansion to so many goods and services. Which concerns me so I think. The solution the solution that is there. You just need reasonable people to calmer on the table I'm looking very forward to be part of being part of that discussion and Harrisburg had been part of that discussion. And I think people on both sides of the aisle who won well not from my experience. Really interested in in an honest conversation aren't on solutions. Because. The people not the people out they're neat they're they're paying. The pain and in some cases far too much far more than they can bear. And and I certainly understand that. Current account Mans anything else before we laid up for today I'm sure we'll talk again in the future by the way that does thanks again to show it and then Gemini at closing thoughts are the people. The real estate and be well first and your listeners of their be grateful for their support on. On May fifteenth. Web site his vote Mullen dot com. And done it's it's it's important that our district has has real leadership. Down in Harrisburg. And and that's something I'm I'm really deliver on. Excellent surgeons ended and we appreciate it. Thanks for your time absolute.