Kevin Stewart, President & CEO, PA Motor Truck Association about ELDs with Frank Andrews

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Wednesday, December 6th

Kevin Stewart, President & CEO of Pennsylvania Moto Truck Association, talks to Frank Andrews about the Electronic Logging Devices (ELD) to keep records of truck drivers.


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And Kevin Stewart is the president and CEO and he's on the line with us right now so Kevin tell us everything up but we need to nobody yelled these. Good afternoon frank are you I'm good thanks counts that I did you know piece you're really going to take he wouldn't say carver. Carly but I records and hours of service on paper. And is now going to move that into an electronic format. Not gonna be tied into the vehicle sold well Google with a lot of beef and that the driver who previously on paper are going to be done automatically. But a growing number I changed to the hours of service would rule that. You know do the Golden State is saying that I didn't have to put a lot of people want both before. I don't have to quit my vehicle with an electronic log into my ex. Well who would not have to fill out a long book. There's there's a lot of different exemptions or exemptions for first one went to operate the vehicle prior to 1999. The vehicle diagnostic systems on those vehicles are gonna capture the information they need so those oak trees I'm. Generally. Folks who operate vocal drivers those that operate within a hundred air mile radius of what do burn more more work reporting location. So I work in the in world error and I drew a walk on the mild stroke all around Wilkes-Barre and I stayed within that geographic area. And I didn't work more than a twelve hour day I'm exempt from the requirement you people who keep a lot of smoke therefore would not have to happen electronic log in to buy. How would be like may be led to a delivery. The truck for some some company where they just kind of stay in their general marketing. Are doing that tripe and then also at C that an exemption broadened out Ford drivers operate vehicle but don't require commercial driver's license smaller. Smaller trucks contractor landscaper was. That operated vehicle generally that don't require CO light combat that range they'll stretch about 250 mile radius. And even if I cross state lines that that read welcome change. I'd still don't have to keep a paper log book now it's not gonna have to put electronic locking device in my vehicle. You know what when we talked about this the other day without the calls overcoming were saying well who's behind this suit is that the lawyers behind this is a dead Sprint Cup trucking companies behind this is actually a federal government and they're right. There and it there was I congress. Then the congressional mandate. It was initially. And all and it was Serb crap in 2012. And actually came into effect it was enough in 2015. And it was a two year period in which company he become compliant with a walk. Still any idea what these costs and and while I ask you that someone tax and so you can actually get an app on your Smartphone that will do Lou thought ELD service. At that that's cracked and then literally Granger has. Well I I know I wonder why carriers and spoke to. He invested tens of thousands of dollars in the equipment the coroner vehicles and also there's. Third the monthly fee to operate the software from from the management side. But there's also low cost devices that I talked to another manufacturer Abbott device that. Plugged into the connection in your vehicle cost 200 dollars and there's go back in charges there's no monthly C you can operated authors mark. Don't now know Pennsylvania motor truck association. Does a lot of different things I was on your website and it it appears that part of part of your job is is lobbying norm you at least being in touch with federal and local lawmakers. Are so let me ask you this. As as someone that's you know working with lawmakers is this a good thing for truckers. Sport that the car. There are some concerns would blow up the hour the stronger as a whole ball while we're not necessarily oppose an electronic locking device mandate. But there are healed because again all we're doing is taking you know what drivers it on paper. And now be at electronically. But there are some issues that the bigger problem really is with the hours of service Goldman's well I think that's what some of the concerns are. Feel like comment about wanting to buy a record might try and down to the second. So barber have work windows and driving windows and carry it that they have to rest. A little while book that kind recorder in fifteen minute increments where do you feel like common clogging the write it down to the second. So fiber basically at a fourteen hour work window that I work. If I drive one minute past at fourteen hour under the electronic wanting to fight I'm in violation. And what what what does that mean you know signed. Are you to get fine you can play at a service in net. If you could stop a law enforcement urban didn't require you to take a mandatory rest break could be up to ten hours. So so again that that's some of the contentions and the issue. You really do you know being served down to discipline. We're the paper log books or more in fifteen minutes increments. Now this is a done deal Laurent the deadline is the eighteenth and it's so it's all finished a stun me they get everybody has to have this right above the limit exemptions. There my my understanding and burn burn is not going to be an extension. There there have been through creepy what they call it's all been forced them period. Well law enforcement can still stop vehicle operators. If they issue a violation right now simple violations coming into the company's safety score. And they could also be placed out of service for certain violations whether or not going to be able to continue the track. Maybe count me in Sicily in scoring and me being placed out of service since being delayed until April 1 began and they call us all enforcement current. Okay I went to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration website which is kinda like calling the Pentagon you know trying to throw all of all the legal red tape here so I imagine I imagine your organization is is at least some place for people can get some straight answers how people get in touch with you. They can they can contact us live by phone are our phone number deserved 7177617. Watch YouTube or they can go to our web site. It's www. PM TA dot org. I'll we we have a full time safety directory here. Who's available to help and answer questions. Again and many of my spot because really feel decent and there. You know I don't get a lot of the questions that arise Ethiopian woman stuck numbers as always available to help someone out here. Kevin thanks for taking time on your dad know you were in Harrisburg and we will erupted just thank you so much for talking to us. Thank you frank sorry that you took Kevin Stewart is the president CEO of the Pennsylvania motor truck association.