Kevin Shivers, National Federation of Independent Businesses PA Executive State Director, about the small business optimism index

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Tuesday, January 9th

Kevin Shivers, National Federation of Independent Businesses Pennsylvania Executive State Director, talks to Frank Andrews about the small business optimism index going up in 2017.


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The small business optimism index. Just like when through the roof in December so I asked Kevin Shriver from the National Federation of Independent Businesses enjoy is how are you Kevin. Are great to be with you frank thank you so much happy new year happy new deal war is is confidence comes from. Calling it income clearly comes from the right from the top. You know the attitudes and small business owners not only in Pennsylvania across the country. Who have. You know bought all Lee and on the effort by president trump to roll back a tidal wave of regulations. Cut taxes to stimulate growth. And we have actually seen eight record. We had our small business optimism and text the number of small business owners who are bullish on the future of BI national economy and it's extraordinary. That just one year ago frank. But for the election. And a Barbie actually was talking about. Some renaming. Our surveys look pessimism indexed because Ford ten years. Some good numbers had been declining. And that the small employers were in such an emotional bolt dropped. The organization actually thought about changing the main to the cut for the middle indexed. An election happened and almost overnight. Attitudes about the economy and the future. You know what went off the charts. Now according to your website here and I also saw this on the Drudge Report this this is small business optimism index went from twelve point six. 205. That's at that incredible. Yes it is and you know what's extraordinary tell me what is the day before the election. Actually the date of the election in 2016. I was getting calls from our members small business people these are not publicly traded companies we represent. These are main street businesses and these employers. Or calling me about their plan. Let people go. Because they were expecting that the election wasn't gonna turn out the way that it bit. And literally overnight. We had calls from employers who were calling it outright lead again about the prospects of you know competing. And sixty income and creating jobs and all of that stems from the president do you. Of regulation. Regulate we just talked about that yet chopping right yeah this is no results insert it's like a wet blanket over the economy the last eight years. Bennett did actor first small business people. And you know when this administration came and it sent were gonna change that. And you know small employers you know naturally. Skeptical but more optimistic after the election. I'm like now they're seeing the results of of that. Commitment. And I think we're seeing not only be optimism of small business people. Consumer confidence is up the stock market is up. You have editorials that are. Out they're talking about the benefits they'll be. Does the recent job could not tech job creation and tax cut reform bill they just passed in Washington. So the numbers that we see in bleak. Small business optimism index like think or you know it's it's a feeling though of a lot of Americans that things are looking up. Now you know I guess perception is prisoner is sometimes greater than reality but I remember during the Christmas shopping season I was really concerned that the small businesses would have a hard time competing with the Amazon's of the world and today there's a story out and says Jeff do you Sosa CEO of Amazon is the reckless man in history. Of how. How are small businesses competing I mean is it now moving into the into the Internet as part of their product or what. Well you know I I have employers who were calling me if I needed about doing business again. Because they were always so worried about what the next edition of the federal register that the book that. You know showcase and all the new regulations. You know there were employers Webber they were. Retailers. Small retailers or manufacturers. Suppliers. You know there was like every every time that new federal register came out there was a hard swallow as to what is that going to be in my company. And you know this administration. They started tackling the regulations across the board. And you know you have to have small retailers. They love competition you know Amber's earner Wal-Mart or any of these big box stores. You know nothing. Sparks Z excitement and enthusiasm of an entrepreneur or like good old fashioned competition. And the government stepped scenes start creating rule. And changing the rules of the game may connect game harder. And you know I think that's what we've. I've seen what this optimism index is that there is they believe that you know what today I'm gonna get my shot. You know I might be going up against Goliath. But I have an opportunity here. That if I do everything that I'm capable of doing. Actually going to be a woman I'm gonna other do well today a little provide for my family and my employees are going to be well paid and that the great thing and cracked you know the biggest challenge that. Small employers have right now we're actually finding employees because you know our unemployment rate is what four point 1% it's. Kevin hit I don't mean to push on the spot but can you think of can you think of that of an example of a regulation that when I buy that actually helps small businesses. Alford or and that you know probably right off the top of your head dude is awful my head is up the waters of the US rule. You know the idea that you know you could have made possible. On your property. That could all would would result even beat you serve your property be regulated. By the environmental protection. Act. And any Environmental Protection Agency because the everywhere and that that puddle of water Wu's then flow. Through the ground into. An hour or further and ultimately would go to rate applicable water way that would govern by the Clean Water Act and so. There were far emerge. And developers. And others who were afraid of digging French polish trillion pitches or gardening on their yards because you're. That the the hard end of the federal government was going to come in. You know take a look at the overtime rules that will roll back which really punished. You know. You know hourly wage to workers who were then you know transition into management position. The Ferrari number of regulations do you know the impact of them in that in the financial industry a mean we are number community banks. Who were you know. Struggling. Because of the heavy handedness would be as consumer financial what protection bureau so there were. So many different regulations out there and that have been rolled back across the board that have helped. A multitude of industries. And that I think is the reason why you see optimism going up across the board. Well I'm excited about that I'm I think I called you right at the spur of the moment said hey we need to talk to you about this optimism index thank you for taking time out of your day Kevin Shriver is and I and you have a great new year. It is great to be with UN gut you know let's talk at the end of the year we can talk about all the jobs sort of increases. That you got it out I have yourself on that's dangerous. I don't buy everything.