Julio Rivera, editor of Reactionary Times, about immigration, with Frank Andrews

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Tuesday, February 13th

Julio Rivera, editor of Reactionary Times, talks about immigration with Frank Andrews.


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Julio Rivera is the editor of reactionary times and he is on the line with us right now Leo thank you so much for joining us. Or a hundred meter break first of all tell us about a reactionary times what is it who are you. Well online immature Rivera and not reactionary to our new web site. I'm dead and focus it on the conservative but I've been editorials. We do our own media we have confer a reactionary time. TV it will record armed radio I'll we've gotten major event could cover those will be yet she cracked. Our next week. Our men in addition the data McCollum. Okay now let me ask you very simple question explain everything that's going on with Washington about immigration. Not well known as well I didn't do what sort of have to. Plain and simple the Republicans had the opportunity. Cup board. The Democrats. In Q giving them basically everything they could go back or what would've been on the table they could've gotten spending we're farm. All of you know I'll report non discretionary spending they kind of guy in the military spending increases that they want they could have done at all. And it would they could've done. But what I thinks I should have happened you know public floating around the number up. One point eight million. To go ahead and legalize. That many so called Greenberg the only real stacked up recipient. I believe total no more than 800000 up either people. We've many believe that's been at American taxpayers. Into going ahead and educating them thought the majority of the emerging police employed some of them are even in military. If you wanted to go ahead and to a long term. Spending deal would give the Republican. Everything they can they campaigned on whether or not they actually really wanted even though they campaigned on that actually debatable if you look at the way a lot of people legislator but eight. Are unfortunately but they could've done that now hope. What we have based on don't go horrendous. Long term spending bill. That they went ahead and put into place in the in the wee hours of Friday. The last week. God knows what we're gonna get we may actually get an amnesty number of bigger. They even the one point eight million which many are speculating. I don't know how that helps. The Republicans. In the mid term election you know I did it on the Democrats are basically get to go back to their constituency and they hate. What in charge here obviously. You know come what I think that this Republican congress mean. Notwithstanding probably prompt I had done a lot. You know they did you been able to enact you know I get something if you wanna look at it unilaterally. You know some of the Dutch executive. There a directive did have taken place if you are okay. But even these congressmen. And need senator and the weak leadership that currently there right now on Capitol Hill is not getting it done. Julio. Aren't you supposed to be by virtue of the fact that you're Latino in favor of like massive amnesty you sound like you're well balanced here. Yeah now I'll go one further out ultimately I'm not well balanced you don't do it all really immigration hawk because I mean glad believe what that. I believe that. You know it you can enter our country illegally we have a right to our borders. I think that we shuttle by united taxation system there Tony but so many people played paying into our system. No bite you when you have open border. Doug you know as far as extending services and the unfunded liabilities that are attached to pensions for people like key turn. And police officers and firemen and the people that we need. I don't population growth because of that. Unemployment I mean that they are completely. Unsustainable. So I mean I have always been kind of an immigration walk but you're right people do I don't confront me on that issue walked in and say. Aren't you kind of voting against your interest here or something like that would have kind of you know I don't believe that because I'm a part Reid did not duck part written dissent album American citizen born in America and identified as an American. And you know what I'm and a different set of circumstances because the weather all born here or there could be a citizen. But regardless of that you know whether to Hawaii you know whether overlap you know whenever that you know I'd fielded in the united state at an age you know. We have a right to the border and I big tax Payer. Have a right to be respected by DP and I have every little distinctive special interest to come up. You know kind of dominate the way to do you need congressmen try to manipulate voters. Well now Julio asked people wanna get in touch with do you or your bureau website how they get in touch with reactionary times. Reactionary kind dot com the web site we're around wherever reactionary Q and that's my personal Twitter it. All I oh yeah it's when Leo was a slight doubt it's kind of silly but the other thing that actually get you because I got my own body nude back. Washington high and low life that are clash daily right we knew people in the chicks a bunch of plea for. Well when when things start getting voted on down there might call you back in bugs you again thank you very much truly up for joining us. Hey no problem with a play your god bless god bless shoot.