John Malcolm of the Heritage Foundation about gun violence and school safety

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Monday, March 5th

John Malcolm, Vice President, Institute for Constitutional Government, Director of the Meese Center for Legal & Judicial Studies and Senior Legal Fellow, of the Heritage Foundation talks to Frank Andrews about gun violence and school safety and more.


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John Malcolm is on the line with us right now representing The Heritage Foundation John thanks for joining us. It could do it you tell towed from our audience a little bit about what The Heritage Foundation isn't what you do. Short while The Heritage Foundation is a research and educational institution has to you know mission designed to promote conservative public policy solutions to the Barry's problems that we faced. It's been in existence. Since 1974. And we sort of cover. Think I will deal with the national defense and foreign policy issues domestic economic policy. Domestic social policy. And also will weigh in a whole panoply of legal and constitutional issues. I am the vice president of the institute for constitutional government so it's and that's sort of latter category dealing with the constitution and and and laws that affect public policy. That's my primary area of expertise. So what about it are used the one that they do economy call want to come up with a solution for darn gun violence and the whole situation is going on now. Well an awful lot involved with with gun violence. And of course school safety and and in light of this horrific shooting that happened at Parkland. High in a ball school's disciplinary procedures involved in mental health issues. Involves cultural. Issues but certainly there are also issues involving gun violence and a loss in the Second Amendment. I actually kind of take a team approach and I have a hand and as well see. And and when when you take that team approached well. What what is your what is your role than you try to talk to lawmakers do you try and gosh and get this information out for public opinion what do what actually do you do. Yes any any and all of the above so well at The Heritage Foundation is. Located on Capitol Hill but we have. You know people across the country whom we deal with we have a group of scholars and all of the areas I that I mentioned so we don't need whipped outside interest groups will meet with lawmakers hurtful talk to each other we'll talk with other scholars. And we'll develop policies traditions that we think make sense to. And then we will publish those who publish those in the form of back grounder and legal memoranda. Or occasion on blogs we have daily blog site called the daily signal people to go to heritage dot org and read our scholarship and a whole host of areas and then we have an outreach. Components doubled due to TV and radio interviews and whatever. That's the matter happens to be able testify before congress or state legislative bodies. And then we have a lobbying arm heritage action for America that will actually. Go up to Capitol Hill and and push policy positions that The Heritage Foundation bleaker best for the country. You know John it's amazing what one week we will be talking nonstop about doc got the next week we'll be talking nonstop about our reducing drug prices the next week we'll be talking nonstop about the Second Amendment or or or restricting violence and protecting our schools and then I I said so the audience when there's so you know will be here six months from now on will be saying I wonder what I've done this seems like nothing gets done are we gonna are we gonna ever see that that that kind of craziness in Washington. You know stop the infighting and actually get stuff done. Well 'cause people are very very passionately. About their views and there is a lot of a division your washing their feet that's reflective of division. About the way forward in our run in our country that kind of debate. Is is healthy development when it becomes a rancorous as particularly pleasant and not always helpful I'll I think that we should have. Robot has made about different issues and The Heritage Foundation certainly in the mix of all of that in terms of getting things done. You know whether you're making progress or you're regressing depends I suppose under particular political beliefs. But for instance there's The Heritage Foundation purported number of proposals on a variety of issues from taxes to doc and you know travel I travel ban in North Korea on many of which have been adopted by the -- administration you were just talking before about still Paris being imposed that happens to be a policy position that The Heritage Foundation does not agree with so will have a robust debate with the administration and why doesn't agree with that. We believe ultimately it hurts it hurts consumers in the the marketplace is the best place to decide these sorts of things. And that's you know birther protectionism. Ultimately lead to retaliation and that it's not. You know he's not very helpful to our economy. You know I'm not that I'm not asking you to figure out the trump mentality here but I mean I shouldn't say it seems like a lot of times he comes up with these ideas. But they are ideas to try and force some kind of response that he doesn't really expect to have tariffs on steel but he will will threaten it until he desperately wants it to do you understand I'm saying. Well I Duhon. And we'll see how this all plays out I mean of course if if China and other countries and I decided they're going to back down and and and reduced tariffs that they imposed on our goods that's all for the good but of course that they don't and they choose to retaliate. In it would affect other industries to cause maximum contour economy could end up having a race to the bottom I can be game of chicken it's getting played and see how it plays out. All right John Malcolm from The Heritage Foundation thank you so much for joining us John. Great to be with you that John Malcolm Heritage Foundation.