John Holland PSEA Field Director

Newsmaker Interviews
Wednesday, September 20th

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OK good now we can hear you now you're with the with the Abington picket line correct. Part of our Europe in the in the Abington heights area with this but the teachers I'm happy that I. Area right now correct up here there can't order OK can you give us an update on what's going on there. Sure. That you actually teachers are still out on strike and I would say that the teachers are doing a great job under morale high. And I think it's great that the standing up for themselves then for what's right did you know he happened and quite. Schoolteacher. Have been trying to reach an agreement with the cabin and flight school district and every proposal that the capitol heights. Teacher represented the district it's fair reasonable and affordable. And it's a shame because you know you're in them heights. Unfortunately it seems that the tactic for contract negotiation they acted on strike because the school board. Like the top performing school. And yet they're not treated that way by the acting white school board as a historic week so. And I'm talking you're going to want to talk about school boards and perhaps it's time person blueboard reform. In Pennsylvania likely outlook comes. Frank took a bullet into Kenya should know jolly little batch required the school board member. Is that. So yeah page at least eighteen years of age. Of the disparate you can pick it ballot. No we kept people off the streets now some school board members do a good job. But unfortunately some doubts so people off the streets. Current charge of arts that. Multimillion dollar objects. You know multi million dollar physical facility. And yet there's no requirement that school board member except that you're at least eighteen page. Liberal districts and yet not convicted felon John it wouldn't look at that. In order to managing millions of dollars of taxpayer money and output times that money mismanaged. Are you know actually used to represent school boards for seven or eight years. For Pennsylvania school boards association. And I couldn't say with confidence you're basically treat type the school board members. And this in back to Britain while you have this group a school board members. Cool. Get elected to the school board for power reasons. Like politics they want to move up the political latter bit like being able to pull out chops. Elect the prestige of that. And then you have another group the axe grinder is worst patients who report members. You know no matter what we're never going to increased tax it's. The situation they have good power sure we're going to make them pay. And that you have another group which unfortunately oftentimes sent the smallest group which is truly are lipstick. Conduct for the benefit of the children. That's that but the community. A a lot we don't realize the importance of education kind of value education. John what we're. Did you also give us an update on Dallas we're getting quite a few people who were calling asking what's going. Alex. What ballots we need to balance school board. Proposal on Tuesday. And the school invite this that they have no counterproposal. That they're not going to give a counterproposal. So it actually checked negotiating with up audit got reputed to negotiate we cured EB proposals. Ballot but also we gave them again it was fair reasonable and affordable. And that is very important because. We offered to Dallas school board. Changing. One under 74000. Dollars. I'm trying to beat by and change according certain numbers. But we also brought in an independent insurance consultants. Are told LC every vote. Joint presentation to be that ballots or board members and city of bargaining team of the doubt school district. It's all independent insurance broker. Each way that we could save an additional 600000. Plus dollar per year. And the Dallas school what was thought to get that information on bits and we've been waiting since. August 29. So that's. Quite some time ago in the ballots will ports still haven't produced information that we need. Part act independent insurance can't solve it needs. To give them a more solid figure on those statements. As a especially egregious I think. Wouldn't this important new debt strike set for this Friday. And it almost the entire months go by without providing the necessary information. Helpful like this right. Well let's let's hope that both of them get settled John thank you for calling in thank you for the update I'm grateful you have a good day.