John Chrin for Congress 17th.

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Wednesday, February 28th

John Chrin Candidate for Congress in the 17th District with WILK's Sue Henry


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This is John Lynch ran and John. Third person. That I know of that has been drawn out of the district that where they were running is this a coincidence or something further and good morning. According shoot great to be on oh Cheri don't. But feel a little bit suspicious about the way this all came down because like I said you're the third person I know that was drawn out of the district where they were running. Yeah you know look when you do something that way anyway up political process in terms of petitions circulating in people having spent. You know six months nine months in terms with the anticipation. Of what had been. The congressional districts of the part of picture first with the little disconcerting thing you know what. I always kept faith in the system and I think we'll get to the ready answer in the hunt. Okay so explain that the situation as it stands forward now and you are a Republican and you will continue. To Iran in the and district. Of not Mac cartwright is that correct. A 100% correct so like at a press surely show yesterday. And you know having spent time since may of flash true you're really campaigning. In Lucerne lack want. And down in Monroe. But still represented. Nearly 50% of the new beats district. And been just wonderful people in terms of the communities and the families that live there. And I believe that does the weight district is the place that pressure on and very committed to continue to rock. Pursued a process and you know win in November. So as it stands there's nothing that would prohibit you from running for this office at the moment correct tell. I'm not at all. But then again. May be the judge is well stepping into something else potentially in the constitution's. On a quite the quite clear that one only needs to be a resident of the state of Pennsylvania to run for commercial. Can you do not mean it was in the district. Believe that that may be used against you in any way shape or form. Yes you of course you have to anticipate but my message to voters is that. Respectfully. On the tenth generation so Nate got. And you know having grown up it's been the amount of time that I didn't stay. That was more the essence of quiet as a person. In their own communities you know so many new areas attitude district. Like I county and when Caroline. Those are places where I want with my grand offer to learn to say. Monroe County entrance and where is that we're at a agents where I worked well when I was in high school and college. I'm support vacation with my family for the last thirty years so. You know there will be some people I think whom they say oh she doesn't put in the district I would say it's far more important. Hate to understand. Pennsylvanians values. In what tribes. There wasn't Pennsylvania than to just say okay he's got a house district. Very good but such talk about who. John cherry an is. As an individual and what made you decide to seek this office because I love these stories and I think it's intriguing to find out. What makes people take this. I find it a bold step to run for office because it's sad time consuming and it does. Half personal and financial. Obviously stake in it. I didn't pinch you I never run for a elected political office before. So that it's something that it actually took in eight years those. Perseverance what my wife to finally get her to say yes this is it's okay when it finally Judas. And the guys who has lived the American dream you know like that I put I grew up in Gary humble background. And the Lehigh Valley. And can mean. It is something that you've been fortunate than white I think you should go back to the places that help the Asian new war in Cirque and I caddie. Very successful quarter investments. Are doing things around the United States. And what I'd like to do is bring that knowledge. Back to the eighth district to drive economic growth and prosperity for the people who would in the district. And that I look at dead crow representative. It I don't think that somebody who really puts. Our values as pennsylvanians first they seem to be much more akin to someone like me to closer than somebody doesn't really understand. That the American twinge great opportunity hardworking Americans and what it takes to restore. And I think my experience. Throughout my life in particular from a business perspective. It is something that's necessary to restore twelve reach. OK so let's talk a little bit about slam year over arching planned for that. And where you think you can help using your business acumen. Well look it begins with strong economy good jobs and higher paid for middle class workers. Beltran I was the white it is what the president in the it's administrate or would do in terms of the tax cuts and object. That's a great source step. But we need to do more students to think about not only were the economy is today. But where it's headed over the next ten wonders in terms of technology and innovation to the world that our young people. A given school. With the skills that they didn't. It has. Charmed sustain it normally arms. And can do that told the truth of the people are gonna career changes that. They get retrained in terms of what the commons and so what might you. Our emphasis is going to be very firmly on. The economy and job creation did you view the strong draw. I'll market strong economy. That does wonder which would certainly rather than they wanna try to attack file from the Serb troop the national perspective. So it really comes back to the economy. Okay and then the new eighth district. How do you envision something for the people that you would represent what are some of your ideas. Yeah applicants reported in its currency again haven't traveled the United States. Pennsylvania is unbelievable and wealth destruction it's not only in terms or regional peers but with other. Our state surrounding. Them has the look in terms of and so what are our competitive it's an entrance. One of the competitive inventions is she ought to contribute or location two major metropolitan areas up and down this coast. Fairly strong willed wage system and infrastructure. So those curtains in terms of logistics and distribution. But we're gonna wanna emphasize. We're also gonna wanna try to take advantage of low cost energy that we haven't stated terms of trolling to work more manufacturing companies. Into the district. It in you I get less focused on whether company comes into the eighth district. June 9 district or the seventh district because you know what for generations men and women. Has commuted to work to different places and we need to work together. I continue to do this. So other industries that I would be very focused on wooden things related to potential child it's a sector. We've got some of the best. Senators and operations center the senators in the district. Cellphone in them yet and handle account trip. Employs close to it to 15100 people one of the best in the entire now the system if not the best and into the student loan servicing company. So financial services and things related to health care another one that we need to do and and also manufacture. So. We have to have been those that can advocate. Out there really. Making it takes. Which studios. In boards around the country in terms of why this exceptional track to bring true it is because we've got wait. Hard working people with good values that are there. And it sort block operates a business that's one of the most important for the wanna look. When traveling in the country Jon and you're talking to our leaders from across the United States. We are relived it they seem like they might be interested based upon what you told them. There are some others you know they need to be convinced. In that part of it is any business that's gonna make an investment the first into the task force so it. How well do what the government a government function. So if you happen this functional local government that's formed big deficits that's got major problems they capped the Euro interest. And talking to those opportunities. That became the catalyst for people making more investments in Detroit. If they finally got in place of mayor who had the white school wall and let the garbage collected who's getting things done. That became the cat. So. We need to educate people. A note this period in terms and its potential in her that the normal history in terms of great confidence that what started out this week and emotional reason why we can't have that type of Renaissance. John any any other things they could did tell the audience before LA go because around that time though what what else would you like them to know about your platform. That. One of the under the guy who is not afraid to shake things up in the work unbelievably hard. That's what I've done my old white suit I've not been afraid to dream big. And I think the only political fortune Barack is not truly big enough but what substance they actually expect to cheat on it. Current juncture and I got to stay in touch with us as you pursue this in the what what is called the new eighth district for now. And maybe this isn't quite settled the matter may be it is but either way you're in it to win it right. I hope to iron into wouldn't work the people of northeastern Pennsylvania. Very debt John thanks to join in the center and it was our pleasure. Thank you ship.