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Thursday, October 19th

John Augustine of Penn's Northeast on Luring Amazon H-Q-2 to NEPA


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The end of the people who run Amazon are saying listen just because that's our other headquarters that doesn't mean it's going to be he's in second place it's going to be fabulous. Locally. We actually have some individuals who could end this their request for proposal. With Amazon John Augustine is the president and CEO of Japan's north east and you used to get there right just. We did a morning glory hunting and none Mao wonderful and it's great to talk to again. You know well tirade now we knew we got wind that this is happening they had to concerns facts that they were looking for and how did you decide dead dead by combining them. Are here you you could come up with a spot that would please them. Third what's important minority Sunni regional economic outlook group. That has its membership apiece and five channel and their lack of one up. Wayne Monroe and scooped gel and the reason why we were treaty here's what is that all too often Cheney's we're responding to projects individually. And we realize the long time ago that are rich resources. Com originally when we collectively hold those those assets together so let me in the dark he came out at least first with a look at that we should you know. There's a lot of things here where where we might not not be different however if we apply as a region. We meet almost every single level requirement and so that's why we decided to. Tarrant so what are the parts of the RP do you feel we are who are very very. Qualified to meet. So you can find. A location anywhere in the country to put a building but what you really need. It's talent and when it comes to Iraq Amazon's. I headquarters they're really on the cutting and just how we're looking artificial intelligence are robotics and that technology. I'm moving extremely quickly and so the first thing we look that was our colleges universities and found that would occur approximately nineteen colleges. We have over 40000 students that are in graduate and undergraduate programs. We have over a million people that tell lives are in works in the those regional panel which we have made great volume light. And so as we start to look at all these aspects and and kind of bring them to the top. I'm not so we decided to show anything about. Okay so we have three ED. Young handing gauge student population which is dead and still we have to offer as a region. We have a great transportation infrastructure when it comes to our interstate 8081. Who want to remove the major highways in the area where a lot of congress is moving. Are you can be billion Parker would post on virtually the same period up there are no pitched some people leave well what a great opportunity that this would be sort for folks at stake. I would certainly that processes is like she longed for our community. But what I compare ourselves to let you know what gender or or Austin and you look at the salaries of immigrants are under a thousand dollars a year. Aren't those aren't necessarily extremely high salary in major metro areas they're they're like changing the north Eastern Pennsylvania. Are when we look at. And the amount of opportunity that a couple like that would have to to comment community requires. And then literally blow it up over ninety. We feel gives us are the only chance the other thing that we saw is that. In doing this for fifteen years are key don't criteria almost never stayed the same or are obsolete change. You know the hope is that it should not Amazon media sat next company EB we have the chance to grow the next it was a. You know that's our hope always is that this is not one on the other John because they think go for a long time. The people who live here feel that there are often. Passed over for things and there's eyes than a Specter out there that says some things are kept away from them on purpose and I don't know how true that is. But day in regards to Tom it being our turn I think he should be is. A problem for big companies that are looking at us. But you know. But certainly it is suddenly you have one of the highest corporate. Letting taxes with a country. No I and legislators are also looking at that. That's certainly one aspect there's a lot of different ways you can now I have incorporated the company in and and where you do it certainly when you look at thought they'd be they're pretty good about itself. You know what they paid in tax and so I'm. But again that that's only one component of this week we really need to make sure that that. Collectively we're doing our that's how to make sure that folks know that northeastern Pennsylvania. Is open for business whether he had done. Or anyone else and and the one thing that I can say is that for the first time that I can certainly remember Ed that most voters. This is on the first try and our community and working together to do it truly regional application. Where everybody says it's it's not about necessarily need a much specific study it's about northeastern Pennsylvania the cooperation that we've had. From our partners have been unbelievable and in the packet it's it's actually in the air as we speak only to us Seattle Internet orders. I'm we have numerous. Letters of support from. Legislators from you know are thinking rational level down to a local supervisor. That's we've never done that before I mean you know we never pulled a cluster resources and admit he is all what can we do this for the next gently used. Well we'll support that level interest to try to attract other businesses here. Well I think once you open the door to this kind of fan. Collaboration it certainly doesn't bode well for the future I know you've probably Jon and reading about some of the other places that are also interested. And some of things day's promised. To. Since then there are these did you go outside the guidelines obviously. Did you put any kind of day in trickery in here or promise that would make this stand out or did you just kind of played dumb mental. Well I that's a tub and that there are there is a couple low housing and Meredith fortunately we have to wait until at least get stay in the aunt Sheila share. But you know we wanted to promise first in the ability of our people to deliver the auto city and watched we see. Actually incentives. Across the board trump. From other Cheney's and that's that necessary evil right that's very bright directly direct you now. And now we have to look at you know playing that part in making sure. That we are as competitive that as other areas. Well what's interesting is that this is an interesting way to do it marked Q usually there are crowded and secrecy I yet project X across your desk and you don't know. I don't know who the company elder what they're necessary looking forward amateurs aren't really turn things around by saying we are going to do he most public process out there. And certainly a signal that gives to things like hours. And Pennsylvania need billions seawater understates skilling whether virtual he's doing and how can we learn about from what they put on the table. Well I it out in Pittsburg they've actually promised free sandwiches and other 'cause I heard it and use it for a day. There were some other things that you people have been using us in on their own flash we just not gonna tell us what you have planned. I have let you know we'll certainly give value of those real forge pizza. You know whatever else do we need to do to us that they keep getting Amazon here certainly. I'm we will put our special sort I know it is bad but. You're gonna say it's good if you don't and stink bomb consistency you know you will know that you know our area fuel. On the industrial revolution. And now you know Amazon have the opportunity to fuel our technological options that we're we're just getting started and what a great opportunity for a company like that. To commit to our area really revitalize. How we do business and who really gives folks an opportunity. To you bodies when they went. Yeah and that this area does have good heritage in many ways and sometimes it is maligned that I I believe that like you we could be because we were before and maybe you went as a from the cemetery the other day should have prayed at the Graham and Jesse fell I don't know but I was there crashes and Jesse what do you say can you believe it. Anybody any yours again at five the American revolution and then nab burn the Coleman great CN Nagano on. And we also have Matt outstanding people who are in the community and sometimes we forget. There we have had some big wins here are just waiting for the next one. Have you seen any of those but acts of proposals come across your desk recently these things cab some. Have some potential forest John. Yeah I have you know our area is it's hot right now are or where are not much you can can making that are really going on Herman trans am plates are there's no question that e-commerce distribution. Our news into the vampire northeastern Pennsylvania absorption why they're packed just today or tomorrow. You know the thousands of yesterday certainly. Not what we're seeing it ain't so what are we won't council partners. I'm a couple under more jobs we will be coming up or simply an over industrial park and some large building there. The first step buildings being built constantly. In three years almost no building. Has started construction and Ben completed without a company. Looking in command tent and take out manufacturing is also or experience or come back. Because of the crisis social oil and natural gas in what we're seeing plastic thing fractures we just announced that. I know there's ninety jobs coming into the into the area that's going to be a class its manufacture that we'll all over the East Coast guy you're going to see. By the food cluster continued to to grow along with little segregation so. I think we have a really good opportunity right now autumn our economy is strong need to make sure that we trained. Good workers for good wage it's not our minimum wage jobs problem but those that what we want. To attract and I know you know the rumors about keeping leader about the case at all as the fighting numbering in the highest paying jobs. Who. At the end of the day that that's the best thing that we can do for our community. Well I will see what happens and none and so we wade is there any kind of indication announced. How Amazon will proceed after the closing of the submission process for the RVs what's next. Well I can only imagine that there and of course they looks like one of their distribution center where they're receiving. Hundreds of packages with such navy had a blind so we know there's a lot of well are peas in route then there will take some type of them to go through that. They had just indicated that they will most likely not make a decision. Up until next year. We certainly aren't going away to make sure to us you know Scott bars Arafat or stuff work that we're just gonna. It will not will announce next week what we submitted what properties. We put out there what we did the try to beat created by partnering with some local schools. And out yet but hope is that you know Amazon wasn't going to Billy knocked up it started small and it started somewhere and so get a good sign it aside. We want folks to know how we want you in northeastern Pennsylvania and how will do our best to help it grow and the next game. John honesty in the president and CEO of Japan's northeast given us the background on Amazon. H cute to look so it was nice to talk to N I wish us well of course I do I would be a fool not to and that I would hope that. Yeah if if not this one it may be in the featuring another and thanks again Russia. Think travel to really appreciate that very day.