Joe Peters, Republican candidate for Congress 8th district, talks Frank Andrews

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Monday, May 14th
Joe Peters, Republican candidate for Congress 8th Congressional District, talks Frank Andrews

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Joseph Peters who was on the line with us right now Josep how are you. I find frank how are you good to hear your voice and hello to your listening audience thank you very much I'm so tell tells us folks about you and why you decided to run I believe your slogan to send a cop to congress like I say it is my concern there isn't your company go to congress should they wind up arresting half of the lawmakers shot. That's what is takes strength and that's what we'll do this if I could convict the mafia I heard you deal with this one in Washington. Middle in my and why am I running frank a big reader questions and as I talk to people about the issues that affect them and you know we all want the grand Loftier issues are lower taxes and a better economy but. When I talked to people they would talk about the things affecting their lives every day like heroin. Appealing crisis. They're concerned about immigration and the wall. They're worried about our police being assassinated like or Third World country and I know that you're a big supporter of law enforcement and fire and EMS so I look back in my career I would build tremendous for the challenges. That affect every. Family at this time former streak cops say drug chief. Fellow mafia prosecutor I worked in the White House is as a senior official at the deputy drug czar and I know what it takes to deal with just heroin OP or crisis as an example. On the treatment side animal law enforcement. But I also heard you talking about and who you talk about the old freely crisis I don't know that anybody else decidedly you said that China has a role in that. I just dies because China is producing the sentinel. And worse than that they are mailing it to be US. They are sending it to Mexico word is being carried across the border have. And that's why a border wall is so important and that's why. Attacking this immigration problem is so important because so many issues intersect drugs. It's human slaves are young young girls being treated men and campus slaves guns and money laundering you name it. Terrorists walking across the border. It's happening at the border if we fix that it sticks are so many other ills and not you know we are welcoming country both sides of my grand parents came from other countries are. And it is no harm to the lawful immigrants to allow others just to take a pass. And walk across so we need to fix that border and it would help fix all the problems including the fentanyl that is in The Herald went and that is the killer. Of people you open a paper. And you're reading an obituary of a young child or teenager. It is incomprehensible. In a country like ours we need to affectionate. We need to deal with the pharma companies when needed help but doctors better prescribed shall we don't overprescribed and we need to deal where a flood insurance companies so they provide direct was it treatment. The longer than 28 days we don't tell people will only give me 28 days of cancer treatment now do so on the same has doubled truth prediction. Art would we just got a couple of text here and I'm gonna I'm gonna rapid fire throws some issues idealistic and just deal and quickly should someone wants to know where where you are on the pro life some pro choice issue if someone wants I don't very pro like someone once and know where you stand on Jerusalem and the US embassy there and someone also once and always think about the Iran deal. Well I think the president what is right on those 2 issues I am a big supporter president trump I supported him from the beginning. I think the embassy in Jerusalem not all honors history by strategically and tactically. They are I Wear one trendy in the Middle East. Unwavering. I and the establishment of that embassy warns the right thing. You mentioned absurd saying beyond pro life and I so that was absolutely. Collects. Now there are three candidates running what separates you from the other two. Authenticity. A public servant my whole life from street dropped the White House. The fact that I am part of the fabric of this community. By way of example mr. shrink apply in person I am sure. He spent his career in New Jersey worked on Wall Street west and a year ago decides he wants the accomplishment in Pennsylvania. I housed in the Lehigh Valley not even here. And they want to do we you know pretend the thousands of dollars of ads talking like he is the hometown guy he's not. I am. People want to know their congressmen they wondering hey Joseph Peters I remember him into streets are walking the beat in Scranton I remember him going to King's College in Lucerne county. I remember his dad who helped during the slide that coordinated that whole disaster recovery. Yeah it was the guy his chief of Pennsylvania narcotics that brought the undercover agents into. Eight open and looks very and strengthen an old forge people want one of their own giant shrimp cannot even vote for himself. Tomorrow because he's registered in New Jersey and the Lehigh valley high do you ask. Voters to vote for you when you don't vote yourself because you catch and then you say not to meet in the end times. Well if I win then I'll come in and live among the people sort of speaks. I think. I think it's clear our Jill I think I was yes sir. I'll glass interest him. Well I think it's clear that people want someone who knows them knows their hopes their problems are aspirations and knows Joseph Peter only answer two of them and not the other way around. Well thank you for taking time to call us and good luck tomorrow. Thank you frank I'm timing your earlier question my pleasure Joseph Peters who is running for the Republican nomination in the eighth congressional districts.