Joe Peters (R) 11th District Congressional Candidate

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Tuesday, January 9th

The 5th name is now in the race for the seat currently held by Republican Congressman Lou Barletta.  Joe Peters of Wyoming County who served as former deputy state attorney general announced he's entering the race for the seat in the 11th Congressional district. It was 2016 the 60 year old ran unsuccessfully for state attorney general. Congressman Barletta is giving up the set to run against Democrat Bob Casey for the Senate seat.  3 Democrats have also announced they will run for the 11th district seat as well. He talks about his qualifications with WILK's Sue Henry


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Angel appears as our guest he announced yesterday. That he is running for congress in the eleventh congressional district Tai Jeff. Good morning to power you I'm sorry you. I am very well I think a little bit better than you should get well quickly please. I'm doing my darnedest now when you announced yesterday you did it using a video presentation that that talked about. Your career. The things that you've experienced during your life that actually would make you. Tailor made to be in the US congress and I thought that was a pretty good approach. Well I I felt. Voters need to know whom they are electing and why what are the issues. Jude does the candidate sort of match in terms of experience. The issues of the day in I think you mentioned. In the last half hour. Thumb that I really took a deliberate time to travel through the district because I didn't wanna be one of those people saying well it's an open seat I want to be the next congressman to succeed blue bar letter. I wanted to know that I could make a difference and and I traveled around I kept hearing the same issues. Over and over and first among them mortars bigger when open your crisis. And when I heard that and when I thought about. My background as former street cup and the chief of narcotics for the state and that. Federal mafia prosecutor at the mob is so involved in the drug issue and then. Having had the honor of working for two presidents in the White House in this senior position in the drug source office I. I thought I can help fix this. I can help. Every parent out there every person who opens up the newspaper and sadly we see almost daily the photo of a young person and whether it says that are not and there are many great souls and families who talk about what happened to their child they're teenager. We all know what the what the reason is behind that. So as I heard about this issue and I looked at my background. Into your question I thought maybe the best way to do this too can make my appeal. To the voters who will hire me in on never forget that I work for the voters and it's not the other way around. I thought why not talk about the issues of the day about which I had been hearing. And why my background is suited to really deal with goes in an aggressive and cost four way. Let's talk about the oh feeling issue because giant that there are. People listening today whether they be at parents or spouses or Brothers and sisters Hussein. We can't wait any longer for a solution this crisis is pressing us right now what you offer right now. For the people what was what suggestions. Well right now it's it's it's a matter of being aggressive and fighting this battle on all fronts this battle touches every person. There's no economic. Their national ask nick. There's no little herb been dimension to this. And the way to deal with it is too. Collectively reach out there and coerced if necessary but it repeats. Of this that can help. Six it in by that I mean. People looked at me as a competent prosecutor law enforcement is important especially to the drug trafficking gangs and the Mexican cartels and those in. Southeast Asia. But it's not just about law enforcement. As importantly probably more importantly now is education and we hear education and we think OK it's some class in the fifth grade. There is great but it's much more than that it's apparent. Educating their child at home that just because you see a prescription in the medicine cabinet it doesn't mean that that's okay for you to take. So parents can be soldiers in this battle as much as the police by getting rid of those old Buick better sitting around in the med medicine cabinet. It's dealing with insurance companies. Making the case that addiction is just as much a disease as cancer or any other disease and need then only treatment put. Long term inpatient. Treatment care if we're gonna deal with addiction and help people through recovery. It's engaging with positions. In physicians' assistants and pharmacists and nurses because sadly. When I was just straight up. Nobody wanted to be her attic because there was that notion. Of a person in the Alley with a needle in their arm that was the problem that and that in itself that picture. Kept people away. Now the problem is on its head and the delivery mechanism to heroin and sentinel an opiate addiction ironically. Has been that prescription. That the young wrestler who gets injured and is given. Too many actually code owns. Or. Oh or the Booth from the woman in this senior citizen who has a tooth problem and propane are given. Purpose cents. And what happens is. Unless. Those tools are controlled and unless the doctors thoughtful and says instead of twenty in a bottle I didn't give you poor. And calmly in two days in Woolsey if indeed anymore because what happens is that addiction is strong in encryption quickly. But the children out there and your doctor shopping or your buying pills on the street for fifty bucks and a pop. That doesn't last long and then what happens your prediction delivered due to the ten dollar bag of heroin. On the street in his bullpen or Wilkes-Barre or Scranton or anywhere else so we need to work on all fronts bring everybody together. Be aggressive we can't fool around with this anymore we can't just talk about it. I didn't and I know that the sentinels are real issue and it seems to be. Something that is I believe coming into the United States. Illegally all this fat non us she's just this can't possibly be from the pharmaceutical industry right. Sentinel is the killer. And it's not coming from the pharmaceutical industry you know we need to keep the pressure on. The doctors in the pharma companies to control when nobody wants to deny people pain medication but let it control it and moderate so people don't get addicted. When you're talking sentinel you're talking about it. Coming in from overseas through the mail you're talking about it coming in from Mexico. And sent them home now is that killer. With in that packet apparent when because it is so much more addictive than this error when itself in people don't know what's in there they don't know what amounts it's cheap to get. The drug dealers. You know at the pumps. Caught sentinel into heroin so they can expand the quality and then there's car sentinel which a lot of people don't even know about. It's actually an elephant tranquilizer. Which comes in from China virtually un monitored. Input we can't even in this search. Touch that because the couple greens on your skin and can call you potentially death or serious health problem in maybe even a road to addiction so it's that bad. Now you did mention little a lot of this activity does come to the United States sent through. On the illegal means feel about says Donald Trump and the the border while because that issues is is hot and cold it's on or off I understand it might come on flying back up both shortly in there might be asked. Sort of been dealing going on about that to do we need a border while. We do. And you can define that in this in a couple of different ways one night. When I worked in the and in the White House says it deputy drugstore one of my responsibilities was the southwest border that 2000 miles. A border which transits force states you know California Arizona New Mexico and Texas and and it is wide open in so many places. And not only is it. The sort of key to the drug problem and the flow of drugs into the country. But it is it is it intersect every other problem guns going back and forth human trafficking terrorism. People can walk across that border and we see in my working counterterrorism around the world we see a concerted effort on the part of terrorist organizations whether they be al-Qaeda or racist. Or any number to send people to Mexico. Into Canada but it's much tougher to get in through Canada. But to go to Mexico in just walk across that border. In the midst of everyone else so controlling that border. Border wall and whether wall means an actual wall whether it means geography that is so severe. That you can't cross where there mean the combination which Smart technologies. Would censor and some classified things that we do in the air and camera surveillance we definitely need or wall. There's been a lot of the issues across the country Joseph about to move legalizing marijuana either medicinal he. Or recreational lane or in some cases and boats and then now we have an attorney general of the United States who. I'm recently threw up some roadblocks to marijuana. Legalization known as as somebody who has worked on the streets and as a prosecutor. And it knows a thing or two about drugs what you see the issue of marijuana as both possible Madison. And their recreational marijuana. So you are trying to come at this in a deliberate way and she shed sort of taking. All of my experience what I saw on the street and all the way up. To the White House dealing with drug policy. And I'll say this at the outset I have never been a proponent of recreational. Flat out legalization of marijuana. It would be the road to disaster took. Countries that have tried that four years now we can look back and seeing the problems they have where they have an entire city of society's. Where there's a Malaysia where they have crime problems health problems and goes on and not having said that. It marijuana is medicine and truly legitimate medicine. Then I'm in favor of anybody getting the medicine that they need to help their condition the problem always has been. The efficacy of marijuana as medicine. CHC in the other two nab and only in marijuana. You know we don't. We don't go to the ballot box to vote for our heart medication. So why would we do that when it comes to marijuana so I guess what I'm saying is. If we can establish that in certain cases. Marijuana is legitimate medicine and the best medicine. Then we should use it that way it should go through the FDA like every other pharmaceutical. That we have there are there are ways to do experimental drugs to short. Cut that process and that's okay but we need medical oversight and we need marijuana as medicine. Only. Joseph Peters how do you see the issue of health care in America because I'm sure. That that it will not be something that it goes away quietly there's been so much chained to the rank her from both sides as some who believe. Obamacare has been extremely helpful to people and others who believe. It hasn't driven up costs and has led to. Lower quality health care for some individuals. Not within their own plans on how do you see that and also the expense of course. You know on the upside it and obamacare guess has provided some people with health care that didn't have it before but when you look at. The panoply of the impact. I think it's clear that you look at the day today anybody in public opinion polls that. Obamacare really hasn't and the answer and there are some real problems with the it and you know as as a conservative Republican I don't like the government telling me to do any thing there's a place for government but it's a minimalist. Do you that I have. And and so forth things like the mandate. Where I'm told to get health care a certain kind of held it there I don't think got a good thanks so I would be looking to. Repealing the replace obamacare not to deny people coverage but to come up with ways where it's more meaningful and it. Can help. Everyone get the health care that they require and I was talking to somebody yesterday and we're talking about issues of health care and lower taxes and Second Amendment and then you know and I. I've gotten me rating from the NRA because they truly believed in our individual liberties but. All of these things don't really matter. Unless we can live in this state insecure society. And you know we talked about the air would openly crisis. That is first among the issues but there's also the the homegrown terrorism problem. And and we look at things like that movie theater and or Colorado or. People in Times Square being run over with a vehicle or a bomb in a stadium logic it's. That's stadium could be at a high school stadium in any one of the nine counties in this district or. Anywhere across Pennsylvania rural urban it doesn't matter so. You know that was another thing that came up when people talked about the problems and my background that whole notion of dealing with domestic. Homegrown. Violent extremists. Terrorists that are driven. Idea ideologically. On the Internet with a few bucks you can rent a car you can buy a pressure cooker. It is easy and we need to work with. Every religion. Every community organization. We see something say something we need to work with parents who could in turn. We work with their children and so many of these problems we have whether it's the heroin opiate problem whether it's homegrown violent extremists whether it's people. Who twist their minds into wanting to assassinate the police officer so much of that. Starts in the home. Would parents and their children. GOP leaders running for US congress. In the eleventh district thank you so much for after introducing yourself to people who don't know you and letting us know about your platforms it's been a pleasure to have you on the show. So people can go to Joseph Peters dot com TV video you mentioned and I really appreciate your time and and that of your listeners this morning thanks.