Newsmaker Interviews
Tuesday, February 20th

Republican Congressional candidate Joe Peters talks to WILK's Webster and Nancy about the new Congressional map in Pa. and how it affects him and his race. 


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Seeing that as we have Joseph Peters a Republican who has been. Has told us and it has put his hat in the ring Indiana Republican primary for the end lube or like to see what relentless string will be the end beauty bar that is seen banality of these districts changed real what's gonna happen so we have a witness a joke Peter's good morning good morning and they are wedge there I don't. So this. This changes things if this is implemented now I know that Republicans have said that they're going to. Argue against us so let's talk about though what happens if this sub plan is in place because you would death and then what district would you end up then. Well right now if you look at the map I am living in Wyoming county and I would be in the twelfth district the new twelve which is Tom Marino's district. Right you would not be in the district that Bartlett is leaving so it does not at this map is in place you would be and to marina. Correct what was blue bar letters that eleven district which ran all the way from Wyoming true parent all the way down bearish burden Carlyle and he basically gone. And pieces and parts of it are getting. A number of districts that all the eighth and the ninth and those are all new numbers so it's kind of crazy first of the citizens and secondly path toward candidate because you you know you don't know where you're running time which district you regard. So you put the timing and and you obviously you know Ben out and talking to voters now if she if you do if this map stands UC is it true that you would not then run against Tom Marino. I am leaning toward not running against summary no I would not do that I I think he's Serb well. And we've been friends a long time agency banned the DA and in Williamsport and like combing county. I'm I'm getting lots of calls of course for me to consider. To what their options and and those are because. Wyoming county is now contiguous on one side with the new age which is a lot wanna county and eastern half of Lucerne county where. Congress dramatic right currently is incumbent. And there's also I'm I'm contiguous to the new nine where there is no incumbent. So oh. Amateur Barry you to move from grade if you were to run and one of those districts. Well we answered yes but. Congress is probably one of the few if not only offers where you don't actually have to live in the district. So I'll be a member of optics then more than a requirement. Correct John it's crazy here and I think you know people will be much more forgiving because. Things have changed so often it could still change you know this appealed to the federal courts. I'm a part of the Republicans in the legislature. Could bring yet a different maps or. Or shouldn't. As one of the original. I could happen now if this stands sell. You're saying that your considering whether you would Ronnie in at one of those other districts yet not move so then you would just have to say. On the during yourself at the mercy of because you don't have to deal. But you know in the past it would be somebody saying William they dilemma the district but you're saying you think you would get almost a pass because of the fact that this is such a crazy year. I I think so and frankly you know I grew up in Alaska wanna county. My dad was a two term mayor there I was a police officer there so I'm known in in that area this new eighth congressional district. I have also been campaigning for the most part in what you know it has been the eleventh district blue bar leather seats. And I've been working in so many of those counties and I think that's why people are urging me to consider running in one of those. So we don't want those would you would you lean more towards someone you Marty and working in the ninth. Where the numbers also probably would save you a bit more. And so the numbers in the ninth are more Republican than the numbers in mediation. But I am kind of a known commodity in each and they said because of growing up I wanna yet spending all this time. In the counties that are in the current ninth so I'm frankly Nancy not leaning in any direction just trying to sort it all out. Had a crazy I mean hopefully that you get old if it is a challenge this will be something that will be decided in a timely fashion because. Because he's already got and especially for a candidate of the clock me running if you don't have a definitive map are not you know. And and perhaps still move the date back. I would think that at this point anyway that should be something legislature should be talking about moving the date back to give more time if if need be. Yeah because time and a BS the essence I don't know what they won't do that you know petitions for the congressional candidates are scheduled to start. Next week and of course we have remained distant primary so it's going to be a mad dash to get signatures once it is finally determined after this latest appeal. What the final final final map looks like. Well it's just really crazy stuff Ari so keep hasn't really awesome because obviously he'll have to let the people Null. I'll what your plans are only find out where this thing had sighed thank you so much so for check in with us we do appreciate that you're welcome and thanks a careful.