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Thursday, August 31st

What's Going On With the Joe Palooka Monument?  David DeCosmo has the details with WILK's Sue Henry


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Something is going on with the geopolitical monument. This was a comic strip that was created by a guy named ham Fisher who was from the city of Wilkes Booth Luke. And the monument is in a words by the ID do you net you've never seen any annoying annualized. Dave to Cosmo was involved in the so keeper to bring awareness attention and good vibes to the political monument right did. Well we're do we're happy to see that local contractor has. Decided to fix the base the monument itself is in great shape it was dedicated in 1976. And not a thing wrong with it but the years of the weather the rain have taken their call on the base so a local contract and group business stepped in their. Just poured. The concrete for the new Danish I think yesterday's show that hopefully that. Monument will go back Kia in place. Fairly shortly now know that monuments to replaces. A brawl on the supply act. That was initially believed. Nor. They present location. And that plaque was shoulder and back to oh in the 1970s probably around the track him the Agnes flood in this somebody apparently took the bronze to. They haven't melted down and and and make money from that show up I had done I'd done a radio editorial backed them calling for her replacement. Four at the of them memorial. Because she. The character. Shall polluted it is history is his representation. Of the people in our area his strained his. His never say die attitude did no matter what do was up against him. And the old child independent newspaper picked up on my editorial. And they formed a committee and I wish. Warnings for people want committee. And we decided rather than replaced bronze is bronze which might invites another except. We have a granite memorial. Built. And we would place is a little further shelf where there's at least to pull over spot the original. The original spot is she is right there against his side of the mountain and there's just no way you could. Pull over in traffic there without him endangering yourself. As far as the location. That vicious something that people tend to forget. And so I try to remind them that very first thing you see on that monument is not ham Fisher. It's not guilt Lucas although it above the bust of the polluted character there. The very first where you see on their art model to pull Luka. And that Asia that eerie because the mountain side. Behind that and memorial that monument. Was known and generally cool local police cash. Mao Toluca. I don't know that it was ever officially name that that by anybody. But that's why the original plaque was put against that mountain and that's why. The subsequent replacement. At memorial. Is in that general spot marking the mountain. That is so again generally known as mount pollute get. Okay now. I'm glad be clarified this stand because I was whom lock I is this year but now makes a little bit more cents. You you know this would be great for our radio people. Do you know if anywhere in the archives of CBS radio. They have the -- short that was produced. They probably. Would have bet because of the networks. Generally didn't get rid of anything they of the question would be. In what form it was recorded where it was you know electrical transcription what we would call fueled. Record or not but I know that there were. A number of movies made about the joke polluted character as a matter fact one of the features and I can't take this may now. Jimmy directly at as a whole yes it is his manager. Chose to Randy was of course a big name at the times show that was that was a pretty big thing. You know that the characters the publicly character originally. People where's where's published as sort of you know. Not very Smart. Boxer and and the character you Baltic. Into a really clean cut all American guys during. During World War II the the comic strip but it had written. Polluted as enlisting in the army. And he's never no never would throw fight people at all which is Stanford fir tree wind and what was right. Interestingly enough back in the seventies when we were having the new. Monument made the AM there was a felony and I think was Jodi Piero maybe pronouncing that wrong. Who would still writing the script and drawing the strip. And he wrote all four of the subcommittee is to discredit so cool chip but but he couldn't he couldn't register about the monument. So what he did malicious is ongoing story line at that time. It involved a beauty contest and so all for a bunch became judges in the beauty contest. And I still have some of the some of that particular strips that we were involved in one answer. One has a door was all the more names on it and as several others or caricatures. I'm quite recognizable back then because it's very long sideburns and it was no question was me. Yeah do you can she picture then send it to me by any chance to face oh yes actually I'll tell you how you look at as a as a cartoon character and I will. I'm and I. You and we'll email it to you so positive do you concede he can determine which one was me. Lama on the Ono by your name but there's so I'm Wikipedia they have some of the I guess the comic books up and there's a really great behind and it's a joke Luka Kato's the Nazis any crunching the Nazis with this fists. Yes yes system. Yep that's what I mean he. The they they all came into a character when when this picture was still writing it. That was an all American academy guys that you could just depend on it and and that's why. Even though the strip isn't around anymore I guess is more for the for the old timers. Including myself of that that. I feel it was really important that that. That character be preserved it means a part of our history. Whether you whether you know about the comic strip or not. Deli it's it's just something that was very much involved in this area. There was a character in the strip called little Max. Standing as a little kid with no way way way too big cat in a way way too big. Two big Coke I don't I don't remember feverish polka dot. But that character was based on. Maxed party koskie who won't Bordick pesky jewelry sure. And when Max was just a little kid. I guess they live near camp Fisher. And fisheries she match putting out his dad chat in his dad's coat walking around the house and that's where that character people from. Chenault and I think whichever other local people who were written him in one way or another or at least depicted in one way or another. Show. It's an honor to have been in this trip be in the oil that was after Fisher did it. Will they have the they have monument. I'm beef rededicate Gator in the room when I'm happy. I suspect it should be within the next two weeks now I have to tell you that. Wins this porch started I only knew about it because. Of the peace session on television. But there was no need for of the country could account detect anybody on the committee because of the committee. Is long since gone Wheatley you know we didn't. We don't own a monument to monument was dedicated to the people. That's another reason why in addition to being act mom pull Luka. When the money was raised to replace the original. You know the understanding wasn't going to be in that area and show is that it was a bit only fair to the people that donated. That'd be a match in general Jerry because that was to be understanding at the time. But a lot of people don't realize that the person you read on there's empty period pollute Kamal political. Ranked a day because not I know you got to a grand parenting duties to take care a great. Whole lot of money and I'm but I'm biting. At the bit Greg writes the some estate if you extra minutes standard yeah man bus and these times of the day. Little. Except where his middle name is David Anthony David the top. Yeah whom he eases he's TCU. I it's my you know I like you're a carry like to keep us informed about the dedication and in the meantime what we're gonna try to do this. Use our dissuade you get somebody at CBS to maybe try to dig that up at a prime be impossible will try anyway. Okay have a good shot at that and busy DB DB ago. Marriage to fifteen because most W I'll k.'s senior. Correspondent. Is skinny great I was wonder why that money that was in a weird spot it's by the the side of that retreat on nine. When your coming down from mountain top out right near the the notorious baby you're out.