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Friday, April 20th

Joe Nardone Jr joins WILK's Sue Henry to talk about how the Galley of Sound will celebrate Record Store Day.


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And juniors here on WI OK on a very people who was at the beginning of records straight day he was there when it was invented right. Have I was I was in the room we were. Have a little convention trying to save the record business. And ten records stores up we if we are a few hundred stores about a hundred stores in our group and somebody said you know there's that free comic book day. And I went into free records that day. So we've we've evolved from free record date to lots of free stuff but lots of stuff to buy. And I think that this has given people an opportunity to maybe we don't come every day to come back and see what's new. You brought a bunch of stuff today for a record straight day in Jonathan juniors from the gallery of sound. Which is in no wilkes-barre. By the mall and in Scranton buy them off. That's correct and Dixon city and officially. DC. As so he every year they have this event and we love it because it just. It's it's it's throwback but then there's new things in and all the time so Lester as the tenth anniversary so you know that was a big deal we made it to ten years we've off. Been in business ten years longer than anybody would've predicted that's great we made it to the point where. Mine all sales have exceeded. Downloads sales. That day would ever come back nobody would I bet that that not nobody predicted that on. But this idea of having the physical products. Opening it up appealing the you know that they have. Plastic often and seeing what's in the record is pretty cool. And each and every year you guys put out a catalog of tie that titles and if you go to the gallery sound FaceBook page you can see in modest 400 titles this year just 400 titles it's hard I think we have about 398 amount Casey did a really good job the road from the man here we agree we we've got him off after almost all the it's stressful isn't it it's it's it's tricky president's Lotta work but it's it's also Lou my favorite day of the year. It has today it creates so much excitement enthusiasm and I I love to to go in and this year not only do you have. The the litany of things for sale behalf things in your story have live entertainment we've fourteen. Bands or artists playing over in both locations so we're we stepped up the lives scene for a. There is that we are real stage in one of our stores and we've created a space in Dickson city so we've got soloists most of plane affair but the guys out of the screen and seemed. Are going to be hang out with us in the afternoon. In Dickson city. And lots of the F people here around town and playing and says. At the guys and looks fairly spread out Zander indigo moon brass band Jack next to Leno with his ex in national artists which is on Joan jett's laid up there prodigies and Joan. I would rent and think in the fury and advance New York called trick be switched. And then it actually really good band there from Newburgh New York the coming down I don't little tour and then and we've got the rock Knology music academy. And when a cap and their and the instructors plane later in the day in patent they're they're good enough to plan public NASA there on the general. And we talked out a while ago about the beginnings of your your venture rock ecology and he seemed worried at the time in nine seem like. The parent here and there was a stressful year and let me tell. Diana and I'm now that you are trying to encourage and people like music because I I don't see. In some kids today that the passion and the enthusiasm for music that we had the kids that are in these Banzer paragon and toward him and other real serious enemy and that we've we've beginners in the school. But the bands are serious and they played the arena not too long ago the playing at the Kirby fest. After they do double bill on day in the afternoon records today will be a picker defense raising money for kids. And then that the calm down until that fine RTS two reliving onstage for a few few sets there you're Iran and the ragged to. It's like to be true musician as gigs ever extra carrier gear with go parent let's talk about does some of the things that are out this year for record straight day that to those who love a vinyl may be truly enthusiastic about. The most anticipated title in my hand is the Led Zeppelin. Double 07 inch yellow vinyl rock and roll and friends. Never had never heard the dish never heard versions until they knew it distant and out loose on the Internet there new knew each dealer outtakes I guess. I'm previous on on released sunset sound mix in the Olympic studios and a siesta from the studio you know to found some stuff and a it's a cool it's kind of cheap you know it's it's it's nice it's nice token for the day and must be to look important event quite a few of these but I'll pack you know in the a guy on movements right they did actually release said the digital copies of them yesterday and I do I download them but I didn't hear them. So I haven't heard yet either about it at their grade and the yellow finals now is a bonus for some people answer so I'm glad people come and for the and then you have. You have full grown records two years there's there's a brain to cure remakes them if you remember mixed up yeah I do right so this is mixed up part two on on pictured is called torn down. Eighteen new remixes by Robert Smith I'm psyched about this financial and man. And DJ and and night and records are negative you can find me if I mean after ten at Franklin's on the square and I'll definitely been something toughness because. You know back and added cure was right there for absolutely 100% so that's a good one that's another old stuff new stuff the Ramones. India sessions from the rough the rough mixes and leave home around which is a great record in every year there's a tradition they do a lullaby album for record survey they've been hits and misses in different ones and I've heard this one yet but. This year for the right the right crowd we've got the beastie boy. Lullaby mixes Dina chemical puts all the kids to only for a dramatic less people are psyched up about the grind house planet terror soundtrack looks likes it I think I'm just trying to figure at all because I don't know too much about it white vinyl. It's been Robert Rodriguez film. And and got some pretty cool music content and some vocal some stuff from the from the movie. We've got sound aren't a sides which is basically just have a comp that was never an on line on this is colored vinyl version of the highest. And then my favorite thing is when records come out for records or day that. Think in here that are made for there not really sure why they make them but they don't know what to do with the neither so. They that are sitting in the can and they don't really get on the Internet and things only happen with them. And there's two those things that are special for a discerning including the Rage Against The Machine. Live with the Democratic National Convention from the year 2000. And the other ones you know as your favor is the national. And it's the box their lives Richards according to think last year. And you know I don't know for aired dirty Nair who knows but you can actually own it on vinyl. And that China clear vinyl as well so it's kind of I will be there and of course. And then there's a beer time and of course his records in the year and you know that I could make great coaster round Sunday. So others are doc fish heads on their fourth year supporting. Record store day. So they have dogs fish canned music to drink beer too but they've added drink beer and make love to it's they changed up the idea certain. Stuart being and he got that passed the it to defender asked turn off the lights blurred. And and logistical burden for you on the same record they go. And then not only did they do that doctor shed big beer sponsor big guy and that the owners huge in the records you do new music. Convinced that the Flaming Lips who have always been a supporter records or they have always had special records on records hurting including. The end their version of dark side of the moon and other crazy things that they've done over time convince them to write a song for beer that hadn't been created yet. And put it all the other put on little a pinkish reddish mine all seven inch of the young Yemen the dragon record. Which matches the beer at the Flaming Lips are insane and we love them answer or doesn't it let's get a pink vinyl is very cool nice. The Frank Zappa lumpy gravy the orchestral version it's. Different than one you know. And it's in mono and it's on Burgundy vinyl and got a stack of these for. Emma is seen in the past when I heard it's on Mon and I think boy that I'm being cheat by people out on a it's my you know finals better models better sure exactly oh exactly four. Pat you know there's some stuff for people born in Iraq general and indie rock and everything like that there's an air church. Peace here 61 days he did covers I guess along this tour and that put six of Mon 78 mono record here. And after mature in this exists nowhere else so what does it cover. The better man turn the page. Rusty cage everybody loves to have an Allentown. An American woman featuring Glenn Hughes. He yeah. And then and then there's Taylor Swift did all of her early records on different colored vinyl each one so brings in different crowd Niall Horan did a pop thing ten inch. So you know and everybody gets involved so every everybody's driving there customers to record sir days on record store day. So it's kind of kind you know it's it's really cool and confluence of of people involved so that really in the beginning when this was a managers like ten records okay I'm thinking about it probably it was U2 Bruce Springsteen and a Bob Dylan. Jimi Hendrix. I can't remember the rest and they're and we end lots of free stuff more free stuff. Ten records. Stuff is okay I would rather have the record stuff up in time for your records and we've got some seven inches to get away. You know there's there's that one more country classic country. The Johnny Cash ultimate Folsom prison blues records is that Buffett's idea only five so rehearsals and you got the two shows you got the talking in between. Well all right there. Amazed by the way that things have transpired the way that they have for that they're really death of the record store goes along with the death of record store day. And both serve myths. At this point. Announced the rumor Roland with the enroll in little limited today the other great part about this as it gets the people in the store to see. I'm some of the other records that you have that are right aren't necessarily for records straight day of the year you haven't been stop we have we have lots of records across the dollar is you know kind of new at this thing dollar two dollars three dollar. We just stick came upon a collection of 9000 records. And and there were Rolen and out every single day. And there are some awesome records and Herman we've imposed and and if you fonts and NC Gramm you can see the videos of of some cool stuff we've been army post and out there. It's surprising that some of the values of some of these records with some of the records a command in the ninety's late ninety's. You know maybe Miller pressed 500 or thousand of them and and they're really valuable surprisingly. Cake being one from hard to believe it. The other thing the I didn't I was there of course naturally is that you and your team found. This on the short stroke consent of tests professor we we've we left though we left that we saved if you for this weekend as sprinkle them out there. Some awesome cassettes that worth sealed. Brand new in a time capsule I mean there as as time capsule as you can imagine Chris. Uh huh you know food guy has the seizing the band she's a cure. Smith's Morrissey. Some pretty nice titles than you came in invited I did and you know I contract yet I know you priceless thing and plus I put up on FaceBook says yeah that's your tactic. Here's the thing now. It I got the home. And I didn't I will open them obviously but it's why are you know it sounds like not because I have a car that actually has now back to reckon Anthony's and in that car. But it's just a special day I didn't open them all at once but all of them and slow it only opened them when I put them in the car. But there's so cool is such a throwback. To something that we thought went by the wayside. I would say that takes a little bit more of a novelty than record obviously because you DD don't don't don't tell urban Africa is that it. But that just yet. Isn't. Is maybe the integrity of how long outlast even if statements sealed it's sort of a time capsule tease for somebody like on had a tape of them to have it again and put on the on the mantle piece does that Reno as it sounds like and and every knows it. Record still some better than tapes and you can argue all day long that record sound better than CDs and some people cited CDs and better than records but they are some better than digital files Nelson better than us that the speaker on your cell phone and dad you know so Brit Britain and all that said you know. And there's that there's a you know we have a record that's not going anywhere the cassette. You know it's kind of cute yes and acute that it won't be here forever and that he'll put the matter anyway that's people want them because its quaint now. It's the nature the other day how was it. Can say trek I think so in the case this guy star hit a guy. It was expensive clothes and has kind of like Tony bounced and there was declared its fifth they were. I should put on ice there would be no longer have to laugh that was critical so the thing that people want to know about is what time. Do you open the open at 8 AM both locations some people get in line about seven that's good enough for most people. To be people tailgating at Hilton for. And we'll spare for your. You know. We have a lot of we have a lot of stock we spread it out we try to keep it fair we've you know one of anything for anybody easily can yet seeking a minute hoard any thing. You know that's the rules you and we play by the rules and and we spread it out and try to make it fair and and now it's a little hectic some people get a little excited in the milk and as long and he may have to wait and whenever I'm in aligning your star. I meet other people who are there for the same purpose right and it becomes kind of like discovery. Talking. Adventure because you meet people and you have a conversation with them and you're talking about what you want and we're just fine and since so if you go. And I think we get real record fans and get flippers are in business and I. Don't think so man I mean you know I can't say that one person buys one reckons his army go get this one record nickel pay for the rest of my records but you know. It's not like it's not it's not today the people in line we see them in every you know every day every week every month. And we know some were clustering and lots of our customers of summer regulars you know every once all we actually get customers and only two men and records verdict is a travel for an hour or more. But people know that we get the goods packaging income you deeply involved in an account that's that's it. And my and there are people who do profit off of this I mean I have seen some of the releases that are human out via learn the you know I mean that's that's that's a whole other thing. And it just like you know people then people complained to the lake they complain about the record business as a somehow we're part of that. Mean just like if you but you know some people by air jordans and then sell them for 300 dollar it's true so is that. How was that bad is it bad that records are valuable and actually have have currency on the Internet right now I mean if you laughter records you know people laughter record laughter record stores. Ten years ago. You know as a now record their currency on the Internet. And people are pissed so. It exactly well I Agassi it's a passionate topic for all of us and Nam and I'd like this I mean he was around for. In the you know he's he's he's energized by it he really is you know it's it's it's it it it's gone back to what he remembers and in his first store had only forty fives and that's it that's it. Wait guys Tino and we'll ask them we have a long time ago before before gallery of sound two on our downs records on North Hampton street. North Hampton whereabouts. Right across from the movie theater come up a little bit okay it's the stores the size of this scenario aka death and which is small. And all and yet just forty fives and then. Moves on to the I mean department store. In a multiple locations kind of right off the right off the Jack there and there and in Wilkes their Taylor and summer in New Jersey. And then they went bankrupt stock for a bunch of money and yet to recover from that. And somehow. Work. You know I was doing this thing still there I think some deals to that the part mr. over and then. Before the flood made a deal be in the whining going on 9072. Mastery that's restart as restart with gallery of Sam 1972 where. Where commemorating that as the year of galleries now most of before that was different things and it from my father and and a real long time it's easy Greek accidents or you and thanks for coming in today we will of the peace people of the segments thing.