Joe Harris of Roll Call in studio with Frank Andrews on guns and school safety

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Thursday, February 22nd

Joe Harris of Roll Call in Scranton in studio with Frank Andrews talks about guns, gun control, and school safety


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Now Joseph Harris is a gentleman has been with us before he is a retired police officer he is the owner of roll call he. OK and as soon as he saw the stuff happening he texted me and said I'm available if you need anything which I really appreciate so he's in the studio right now our Joseph. Frank thank you it's great to be back until now I'm sorry that every time I call you we have a crisis like this but to. And it happens to offer what is I'm just gonna cry and say hi if I don't work now I said that I had three questions I have a million more but these are my three. I'm one when you have all this media attention. You know the NRA speaking NC pack and you know the big meetings and all this stuff does that have an influence on gun sales. Well sure yeah absolutely that's demean people buy more guns or people buy more guns. I guess here's AB. The good news is that dumb there's no walk. She factual data that shows that there is named key increase of crime when people are purchasing. More guns it's just really not there's only so many people in the country and you know and coalition longer and at a time so I mean now what. One guy with twenty young uses no more dangerous and one guy one guy on them you know Wannstedt. You know hurt somebody. But I mean like for instance in new in New Jersey the governor just signed a law that banned armor piercing our ammunition to does that mean people who you know are gonna say why can't general run out and buy it before a span. Well yeah they well they well on our armor piercing. It's it's actually been illegal to us sell. Armor piercing anyway it was not illegal to possess there was a different sound. I says a retailer for so we can't legally sell armor piercing. You could possess said but I also believe there is another law on the books that by utilizing armor piercing ammunition during the commission of a crime it is in and of itself an additional crimes into my body armor and body armor is not illegal to own and possess but wearing and during the commission of a crime. Is it is an additional crimes now I I said and you correct me anything I say that is not correct I want should just west me across the head with a newspaper guy trash but I said DAR fifteen has become like the posters gun for you know everything misread that I'm okay worst time. Are you seeing and increased interest in people. 01 and they are fifteen because they figure is going to be taken away. It sure. That's happened since I mean. He had happens every everybody wants some that they can't have doesn't matter what it is whether you may have an interest in and are not we can't have it while I I got to hurry up via when in case I can never have more heavily and then you'll see the prices spike and then you know Google eventually come back down even if they ban air fifteens are still. Hundreds of thousands of them out there it's not like get the rare rub Babe Ruth card where he and others a handful. There's there's literally thousands hundreds of thousands and don't let that that's a point like in other words if they say OK they are fifteens are banned. There're so many people that already have you have to confiscate them to get rid of they ar fifteens on the street right. Yeah. Employee de France you know you would confiscate familiar to get a mall absolutely not anybody that has bad intentions or that just says. I'm not worried about you frank but if somebody says a longer break the law mean they're criminals by definition it doesn't matter. You would give appears I understand that. You'll still have people make him you know their own weapons and there'll garages and and you know smuggle the longer you know through the border trap I've borders it. It aids. Drugs have been illegal for a long time and I know this is the same arguments that are pretty has drugs are illegal was so get drugs and an end around around we go but if you know hey ar fifteens are such a big concern. That that's fine me if he if you if you think that nobody should have and they are fifteen that that's fine. What I did you frame put put my assessments I spent more time. I eight and fifteen years of law enforcement and I don't really have the luxury of dealing and I'll feel good or dealing and emotions or dealing in our politics are employed local correctness. I spent all my time dealing in facts figures and stats that said I'd I don't have that luxury deceive any other way so memory loss stuff. The make the argument we should have guns we should not have guns that's fine continue to fight write your congressman if you don't think they should have guns and do whatever it is and that's what America's evolved. I spend more movement more of my time on actually mitigating it or attempting to prevent as much mass murders they can and that's what. Happens we're talking about dubbed risk assessments rich I'm. Why is DAR fifteen popular I mean as as a weapon I mean it but when we were talking on this George banks used EAR fifteen so it's not like it just popped up. While I mean. They are a air sixteens and there rounds that it's it's an easy it's easy gun to shoot it's it's a great sporting weapon. Ammunition it is not that expensive it's a good gone for people learn on new people get into the sports is minimal kick to it people talk about the air fifteen men and and they always used the term high powered rifle behind it. That is dare fifteen. And 5562 to three round. You can't even hunt for the sat in the state of Pennsylvania because a sound powerful enough. It afforded to try to shoot a deer are you all your deer rifles are going to be much more powerful. And I don't wanna get off track but I won't necessarily demons the high powered rifle. Mom higher capacity magazines they can take but it but the high power rifle and it's not it's each. That's why it's desirable it's a it's a sporting rifle. Thank you don't have to break your shoulder when you're shooting it because it's it doesn't have a high power like let's say thirty S excellent so you would not. Define it as an assault weapons. Or more but bed that's just dumb to. Further somebody's political agenda and IE I would define it that way nor would they even respond to something like that it that's that's a political talking point that I I really don't get involved and. But but you know when you talk about an AR. It if it blessing and a dear fifty was never there's other kinds of they are in Iraq there's not like they are fifteen gone in and that kind of weapon doesn't exist anymore if we can talk about improvised explosive devices OK you learn how to make them anywhere Obama not to elaborate but it's it's that everybody singer potential for the Dow way com it's illegal to even attempt to manufacture an improvised explosive device now it happens now the big question. What are your thoughts and arming teachers. Well this stuff up minutes John I want to hear that I wanna hear the president the president talked about this first sound bite and I'm concealed carry for teachers. I think it concealed permits for. Having teachers and letting people know there are people who believe god you won't happen in my opinion you're happy shooting because he's people like our. It's okay but he's he's pushing for this what you thought what are your thoughts okay. Whether or not you agree with the president or disagree with them not the hardest part for me to even take my angle now is that you've played the president's so you're gonna have half the country. Automatically be disapproval and they usually because they came from a politician that's not popular tell you're absolutely right we know we can't get the politics out of it just comes so if we just take it take a half a second for your listeners and pretend we didn't even hear a politician's voice behind and I'm gonna narrowed down this way it's very simple as this is same thing I speak to us school administrators about. In every app emergency operation planning F five stages you have prevention protection mitigation response and recovery ray now or in the recovery stage as a country after this then devastating shooting in Florida all right. The prevention is of course sure early warning signs finding your people mental illness identifying them there's a lot that goes into this but that a mere prevention your protection is you protections stage is you your mission statement there's too hard your site's security. Locked doors in. All that stuff that goes along with that. They only get into the Medicaid mitigation. OK so one all the safety valves fell. Bad guys in the bad guys doing damage that we have to stop it. Many gay I'd tie guy I spoke to some administrators a couple days ago. And how one person said absolutely not I'm you know I'm not sure enough for the that they set I I I don't that's fine if you're not firming teachers that that's okay. But have a disruption what's your disrupt her. What did you eat if your plan is to. You know wade tell law enforcement gets through that then so be it that's when most of the schools are doing now anyway. She won't go back to call Mott the Columbine. And I know the law enforcement community was under a lot of attack because. There was a lot of people game children who were waiting outside the saucers are actually do what they were trained to do. We've learned from that we learn that training could be improved we improved Donna it's not a slot mission it's a it's a patrol officer mission. We went to two men entries the first two officers that show up go and take out the suspect. And that means stepping over the injured literally it's a gruesome thought but that's we got to do you have one mission statement. And that is to stop the action disrupt them. Now we're looking out and they in in another way and we said okay William the first officer on scene you don't even have time to wait for backup. Get column. Stop the action. It's all about time we don't have 45 minutes to wait for slot to show up you don't even have enough time for your back up to show up. Do you sit do why I think that our teachers should be armed. If what ever it's going to take him to disrupt or stop the action if any teacher that is going to say you know I I don't think it's a good idea I would say fine. As long as your will on to you throw yourself into might be our hero down in Florida did the football coach if you're willing to throw yourself in front of that person. And disrupt and stop more children from being harmed that's fine Fisher of the decision makers. It's not the children okay they're guess they have to do whatever you decided for your district did it that you they're gonna do whatever. So are you willing to be the disruptive. Your chances are going to be slime your ER urgent checks guys straight day your chances are going to be very high that you're you're gonna be a casualty your self. We can give you a a fighting chance harmed. I and I know the first thought in people's heads are they're educators side there that they can't be armed as if our teachers aren't Smart enough for can't figure out or can't actually learn or take it to its three week course to learn about. Rules of engagement to learn about sections of view some full use of force. Could there be casualties. Other casualties and because did you know let's say the teacher mr. subject absolutely. Same thing could happen with law enforcement there could be other casualties. What is all about mitigation at this point. I've done these these are key points when we come back from your take a break would come back Allen talked to about training and oh touchy about the safety assessment for the schools. Minutes after 4 o'clock I'm frank and Bruce WYOK we're talking to enjoy Harrison roll call Joseph is a retired police officer he is an expert on weapons and he is also an expert who does school safety assessments JoAnne summit in a Texan and ask this if you have any thoughts on changing the age to 21 from purchasing. Just make a different people so why you joined the army eighteen you know and you know I have. Weapon but. Tell me. I I would leave that open for a discussion I I don't dumb I don't have a strong stance on that to be quite honest either way. You know what I I had I had my first gun obviously I was eighteen I was a young man. Bomb went. I I'm not gonna have par burn it's they've said you have to be 21 years before anyone to drink alcohol I know it's not the same. But dumb I I really don't have a about you on that. Second question that was Texans are you personally comfortable. With the background checks that are in place now or would you rather see something stronger less strong there is the government doing what needs to do. Yeah hum. I I I would say I would say I admit that that yes there there is definitely an area that the mental health area that we can definitely delve into a little bit deeper and I I'd like to see the mental help. The study's start. As young as you know while five years of age. Carried through through life whether or not by the time that person becomes an adult. We we you know we should have a pretty good idea. And that person's ability to two function properly in society. This is a much larger question that needs to be taken I I'd. Honestly believe at the national level schools spend all this time and money they know everyday you're laid in or every day that you missed they know your academic scores are rate down to and you know tangible point com but as far as and schools objectives is to prepare you for life the society announced to prepare you for a rod to function. As FOR functioning member of society. And indeed nobody here remembers trigger my country you're algebra afterschool. But we do use our social skills every day but there's there's very little guidance I think in India educational system that helped track that Amtrak early signs of mental illness. Usually out by the time we discovered the had a person's. Handicap since you know unfortunately is too late. Irish take a break from news I've quoted something that you said last time about twenty times here you said more time in my video game should say you know. Is score points if you kill someone and I thought wow that is profound. Welcome back we're gonna take more of your tax more of your phone calls would talk enjoy Harris overall cost of one talk about training for training and the school assessments when we come back and WLK. Point four minutes now before 5 o'clock I'm frank campers WYOK good to have you were talking about it. Protecting our kids and safety gonzo whole issue Joseph Harris from roll call us here it is to lose this poor guy all time I ask you stay for a half hour an impressive for about 45 minutes on Sorkin Charlie I think now I love being there are right. You got a teacher at the M a wherever this bill goes whatever whatever happened to get a teacher who wants to do concealed carry kind of training. Do you offer what kind of training do they need. We don't we don't offer that because this is not insist not developed at this point. I would be more than happy to help developed a curriculum. But I do know what they kind of training is going to be part of the curriculum is obviously I'd use of force. Our rules of engagement London the school district's gonna have to rent an extensive policy on abuse in the weapon. Deny using a weapon to hold somebody at bay that is may be let's say running from the cops eight it's it's in a life or death situation. It it's because the weapon only has to be used during the mitigation phase so one when the shots start firing. Is wind. Who is the only time that I can proceed at this point. They teacher actually actively engaging in in the threat com there are browse obviously. Well I'm talking about weeks or months of training. Weeks we weeks Gallo this all your armed security. We get to see him drive in the armored trucks or stuff that's that's Pontiac is 35. That's about a two week course. It's there's a lot of the a lot of the curriculum for the act to 35 is not applicable to I had teachers actually carrying armed. There there are you know a last ditch effort to save lives is what that comes down to they're not secure money they're not learning handcuffing technique some pepper sprayed Saturn. So they a lot of it is just gonna come down to the use of force. You're working under a stressful conditions a scenario type based training religion basically kind of like what we do a roll call with us civilian home defense courses we do scenario based training. Put you in different scenarios in your react accordingly are you see more women and interest and in his protection than you have in the past. Oh my god Dey got absolutely and and I think it's I think it's fantastic. Yeah I'll Lotta Lotta women that probably makes up. If I mean yes 3040 flat at 103035%. Of our clientele. Wow okay now to a couple weeks ago we gave you the list of of of off suggested safety measures from Homeland Security. Joseph Harris is certified with the Pennsylvania Department of Homeland Security. At for doing these risk assessments that schools are you going to take a look at the whole situation this was a shocking answer he gave to me I said to him. What would you see as the biggest. Problem in the schools that you have surveyed and you set. Awareness. I don't think it's like you know related bulletproof glass and using awareness it's very inexpensive it's awareness. It sounds. We want. Frankly I get asked this question and the sketch the people that are and you know skeptical about this they would ask me will come I'm really what's the chances what's the chances my school's gonna get shot of what's the chance boost the chances. And I look red and face and say I'm very slim chances are slim there is no doubt about it there's many schools I mean nobody. Nobody job reports on the plane that did not crash OK there this stuff is actually BM prevent a daily but it's never really gonna make the media. But you chances of your school is slammed. The chances are you winning the lottery are also slam but he still have a better chance of the school shooting and then you are winning the lottery and you are willing to take that bad. Are you willing to you know take preventative measures to us to die hard and B I security of the school. So they bearish and so what what what tends to happen is ray now word like I said they weren't a recovery stage rate now as a nation trying to wrap our heads around this. Re now everybody's very interest and in British says well hey how how how should we have responded how low and and it's all the questions don't go wise in the house. Unfortunately in a week or two. This is gonna die down and unfortunately the interest is gonna kinda diminish and everybody's energy back to normal until. Unfortunately the next. School shooting arm my last question out of people get in touch with you for a school assessment safety for any question I have. I eat you can always contact me a roll call we're online role call 91 dot com music and I believe my emails on they're also or just pick up the phone I I try to get facts everybody's calls solemn also on a social media all right well thank you very much for letting me impressions extra time thanks for sir thank you enjoyed it thank aren't thank you.