Joe Harrington Abington Heights student

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Monday, September 18th

Abington Heights Senior Joe Harrington talks with WILK's Sue Henry about a Facebook page he created.


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One of the of people really should be in class today. Is a young man up in me act coming tends to strict who. Has said Dong something that maybe not a lot of people would do bad day he's done it to Joseph Harrington joins us. On W I'll pay good morning young man how are you. I'm pretty good how are you. I am living my dream now you you'd be in school right now see you couldn't call talk radio right. Yeah normally. Your teachers up at Abington have decided to. I walked out of the classroom. And at first and on one askew. Alice a student. Who is that you're near the end of your school career correct. Yeah I'm a senior now and I. Would have liked to graduate on time but it I don't think that's gonna happen now. Okay and have you been involved in the in the past Jo Lynn in any kind of events happened in that district where teachers have gone on strikers this year the first time. They threatened to before. I think two or three years ago they have and they stopped doing other than eighth grade and his staff doing. Like trips quite BC and I'm just just so I called the students leverage really. Can't the does the first time they've foe locked out. Of the classroom and out from it do you personally have talked and your friends. Joseph before we get into the FaceBook page or just might currently the ground work for us in talking with. Seniors and and maybe other students. Opt and that district from your perspective. How do you. View this strike that I'm sure you understand the issue of the fair wages compensation etc. but to fit for the students. What are you feeling right now. Well. They have been heard the student the most. I mean we. You know most of us want to be in class so we want to. You know. We we went to school for four days and I and I. And now there you know outside and inside lark and they're their pages they have been doing. Our community service them. Whatever but it hurts that hurts us most. The students. What what are some of the things that you're you're losing out on right now at at school beside the fact that you may have to graduate. Later than you expect it LLC is is happening you believe this is detrimental. For the students who I think should be the most important. Individuals and all this but what he does miss not on up there. Oh I can't get my letter of recommendations. To apply for college picnic that my. Transcripts. And and just a little match is class time to retreat could be and right now. Yeah I don't think that that this is a situation that is particularly personal because I'm sure you. He thinks highly of your teachers in one not this is I guess on both ends of the more of a decision that has to do with some. Education right. Yeah yeah I mean I definitely I definitely don't have a problem with the teachers themselves those people. There's been in this situation it's outrageous that. I mean they take campaign further their fair share inside. Help there. Okay so in this regard there was. A C spoke cage. That was put op. I don't know who put up but it has something to do with the education. Association. In the Ab intense correct. Yes. And yes side I put that I made that age. Because he. The they have our FaceBook page on the Abington heights education association. And I've spent a week just reading all the comments sound manner. And down there mostly. For the teachers. On the what they want and and I was reading and I just couldn't agree with that. So I finally put a comment on merit and that we didn't know personally offender attack anyone. And about a day later they took it down. And I find out this was happening to actually ever want. And so their entire FaceBook page issues. They can get full and accurate sense of trying to. Support that they happen looks like everyone's. On their side and just not true there deleting every one count. So I created a new page called and it's a great education taxpayers. Where we don't believe anyone comment. And we support for transparency. And so obviously we're. You know we're we don't want via district board to give in to the their futures down. What they want but we've still. We still welcome all comments. Hand though I don't believe anything and really we we have nothing to hide anyway. When you when you put this page apple won't what do you think we'll beside the fact that. Unflattering or negative. For. Different look diverse opinions from what they want it it comments were were deleted from the FaceBook page rule where Joseph were think. The the information in this. Strike has been not lost a war what do you think is happening here. To change the facts so est Mort what are the biggest facts you think that are being misrepresented. Here. I'll hold mainly via the numbers that are they're posting. And and there are they they posted the down. It's. How I'll be eighty dollars with a 2% braves is that is the current. From the district it is. Our firm. And they don't want a ticket because according to their mass it is not they would actually lose money. And I don't really believe that because they posted three different times during different math problems for I have no idea were getting the numbers from. So finally. Board released the all of that teachers' salaries. And their numbers and I believe they've been down to be more accurate because. I'm they said no future. It would with Emery is less than a thousand dollars within do. The new offer. So although the money is not substantial you don't think that they would incur a loss according to these statistics put out by the school board to separate. Now they definitely wouldn't do what don't have any loss could. That I referred. But what's your reaction. To use dealing NASA as a young person and a student of the district how how have you been received. I'm. I'm lectures. Her whole well you know people. Any occasional. Bad. Who Credo that because those. I told a couple people there I was really waiting for. You know the and actually release that. But you know most most of the comments on the new page and in his book three or four that are. You know still for the future and there either teachers or knowledge teacher or whatever but. Well most of the comments are definitely on our side and I'm I'm getting a lot five star reviews from bank used for creating this page it's finally a place where. People can actually go and I'm their voice you know it's going to be heard in fact going to be deleted. Well I Y in another we just received news that these. Negotiations session that they have this morning at Abington heights was not successful. The strike will continue the union has not communicated to the district when a plants and the strike. They have negotiations set for Thursday today is Monday so. It's kind of disheartening right to cede that to that you're going to be out for awhile their job. It is but at the same time I'd I'd rather wait for to support the right thing and and I. Now I'm glad that the that this report of them have been just living in just stand on the strike early in their letters supporting ultra right. Married to Joseph the pages Abington heights education tax payers shortness eight hacked. And thanks for letting us know about this and forest speaking your mind today Joey appreciate it. Are you are.