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Friday, September 29th

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To cut hams. Think he's content to children in the district will need my entry or a five week strike last year. And the airing now on strike again. Until October 19. Term is mainly and they haven't we been talking here about the app that eats mainly as. Kind of hope that they're going to be resolution. That we're not at a school Brad Bryant they think we're going to beach. Nag her keen to calm about. Dell. I last year started in on mine in groups he moved the quiet at strike three any and and are being content and I've done nine to play me started of people sometimes teens not Larry. I'm me. People are sitting here now and let me get beaten and when they're going career. In Millen really needs attention to the right cricket being out of talks and that's what you're kid going their match and then now with the many neighboring district being on strike and Abington strike. And we've gotten up at 14100 and it. Proprietor and now compared him to. I'm right house bill nine took money. Yeah who is the the Braves sponsor of this bill to put it because what I think about putting thing is it's gonna take a lot of courage to get Pennsylvania change in and I think we both know apparent prayer. Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah. And representatives come in news. The rather round that they're all from means a lot working I'm kind of getting hit. Getting interest group. Are now where is representative common problem which which should account year. I'm doing NORAD bounce back have you had any interaction with this represented. Her current economic. The opponent. Jerry had. Yes thank rallying and then Jiang. And Clinton really lining now yeah and that's fine and we we understand natural sound because we're in radio but. Any conversations with this represented him Julianna. I'm I'm committed here and. That are working and then. Whitney has spoken or proponents on an average there's not much in Bernie Indian get an accent playing me are asked that yesterday you know been operative. You can go back and that's. Fooled. Signatures are trying to me I'm training keen signatures rain apple addict yeah how. Not that I now. Okay what I'm gonna have to do that has little homework on this giant Communist if I get this representative to talk to us about this. How is it your expectation. How many people would be there it doesn't make it a little bit of a rumpus and yeah. Expectations. Are there on your side. But Bonnie and you're kidding really not. Now is that is that we expected did you think the 25 people might take apartments well I only got. Funny I have people to sign a fine line and I wasn't sure how many we're gonna come I think you're at nine parity and Nolan is here I was laying out. In the audience teacher is an I did get a little nervous but what I. And now they Al came out the ratings we've had a great turn out in Ireland really. Vocal on ballot it being very far right position we are trying to you know I Aaron. District again and not that I get that we are not hearing about all the teachers or the board we are here didn't. A compromise and all I hope. Okay did you get any flack from the striking teachers when you're out there or they respectful of you when you were alone. Then they've turned back as well airline mystery. Now a lot of Ben trinity in front and I break out today. And so that Bernanke saying they're here they're watching but they have been respectful. Excellent have you tried to have any kind of a dialogue with them. I have not that I have an idea. Yeah absolutely Avant rap name Michael string got her I think at that president. They teacher union bid to gain any that he wanted to be canceled it he would be willing to get out. You know I like does have. Wouldn't it be great if you as the parents where the conduit for these solving of this. It would be great and mine intention that it might help. Mind your brain. And it and once there is so have returned to the classroom perhaps because it is it is mandated by the school calendar may be it would behoove people to be. On our our legislators to solve this but you know John and add that not every area of the state seems to have a labor problems so some. Lawmakers made V a little reticent to get involved in something like Tennessee that they may have to be convinced. Yeah they're supposed supporters on the L I he has general partner named Alfred I interpret them that it. I'm you know from our entire region is my question anybody an hour not. Ignorant to get our people on board with this giant and we need to speak to them about. How important it is as send taxpayers and parents and supporters of education in and supporters of teachers overall that this needs to be taking care of the matter. After aiming not a very good out of our intention in my people that we can get to recognize that that the good thing for everyone I'm and that you know 37 others ain't it already adopted this. Alliance and the gown and into working and it's working allow. And that they have been working at what we're doing here in Pennsylvania I mean yeah I am. Straight green in the country me double aisle the other car I didn't think they're allowed to strike combined. And and it doesn't. How. Anyone you know different than forty not I mean me the ability to strike at the proper proper. You know Arnold got high above ninety when he lit a little strange. Finding it would bring arbitration and it would bring its. Public transparency of the political let me get all the leak I think she indicated decisions about what we think what we want our community and our children. To Cunningham thanks for getting it done and I hope you do have some dialogue out there today because I think it's it's the right venue for it and it's a place she got to talk it out. You so much for having me and now and ten of fighting men and letting everybody know what we're trying to deal. It's.