jim zaremba

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Friday, July 28th

Pvt. James Zaremba is a first responder with The Wilkes Barre City fire Department...with WILK's Karel Zubris


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Scares you Richard have you I'll pay music radio and I would teens are gram fat yes first responders with the Wilkes-Barre city fire department to. Press conference here on the urgent need for an arm. Along. Tell me first hand. You actually use this an honor responds yeah. Thanks everybody on the armed freemen case. Women experience and play another. Is the Internet. I need you need. In Venus and. As a first responder someone who's unconscious overdose. Slowly. Come back till like having them make you feel. You know it's pretty good anytime you can save a life. The drug really is pretty amazing. The timing ministry. And is married you overdose they can certainly around the eighteen minutes and NATO. Basically. Very little partly. Very fast. Yeah I think he. During your ship just in general number how many com. You get her overdose. Do you think more in the summer or more in. Pretty much present. That's why do urgent urgent need for this. Antidote. It really is you know it's urging calm we need to have this now it expires after two years you are you going to release a lot. I can't stand much. Higher and mussina. I'm pretty sure that we would go through are lining. Was your youngest victim. We've we've seen teenagers. It's it's not uncommon you know see teenagers. We don't get the age of it all mean patients. Anything. And people. Peer network. Harry nights.