Jill Murray, Executive Vice-President of Lackawanna College; Ted Delaney, esports administrator & head coach; and Joya Whittington, athletic director, about Esports program at Lackawanna College with Frank Andrews

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Wednesday, June 13th
Jill Murray, Executive Vice-President of Lackawanna College; Ted Delaney, esports administrator & head coach; and Joya Whittington, athletic director, tallk about Esports program at Lackawanna College with Frank Andrews. Also Jill Murray talks about Attorney General Jeff Sessions visit to the college.

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Attorney general Jeff Sessions is coming into Scranton now with us in the studio or three people and begin by talking to the vice president of like when a college Joseph Murray. Jeff Sessions come and a lack a college did you meet the big scoop there what's what's Conan. It's always an honor to have many more like the attorney General Counsel at one a college we've had many. President's presidential candidates there he's coming to lug on a college I think we can enlarge marked in large part because of these. Excellence of our police academy. Audience is mostly please can we law enforcement. Group and having two of the best at least enemies in the state that's a logical place for him to come absolutely and and his news release from his office has been talk about immigration law enforcement. Right and so I think you're gonna have of IR and there is a select group of of folks being invited. Obviously. You know we don't have control over who's invited. Washington makes all those arrangements the FBI has been there been our college for the last couple of days and making sure on the securities in place it's it's really going to be about a 150 folks give or take its its amazing that are going to college gets picked and and you know a lot of that you know don't blush but a lot of that is you know you're always out there promoting the school class time you're here you talked about you know placement in your culinary program which is like a 100% I mean I'm just I'm scratching my head on a 100% from. And you also are one of the least expensive private colleges that you least expensive daily expense the state of Pennsylvania RF yes it's different I'm going to clarify that you absolutely. All right in the studio when those three people like when a college now he's always have to make sure you understand in the interest of being transparent I'm part of the adjunct faculty there are so I love this school. And I don't mind polishing their halo anytime I can't. All right they had a program called peace sports. Now when you hear about this so. In this in this studios Teddy delaying Teddy tell us who you are what you do there SI and the OK and joy Whittington you war yes I am the athletic director at the college as well as a head woman's basketball coach okay. Have a good season coming up. We we do have a good season coming out for six or turn herself. OK I have a couple of our grandchildren who I think are going to be star basketball players aren't good enough as far as who wants to start by telling me what east forces. Charles and are ready go ahead so he sports is essentially competitive multiplayer online video gaming. Endowments huge industry on the professional stage right now and we're very excited to bring into a collegiate level. We are one of under seven. This sport. Now what what when you send us this is this is like basketball and football this is now a part of the athletic program that's sort trying to do we're trying to make an extension of the athletic department essentially don't worry that we did this come from I mean these forces popped up for what what do you mean what was going on. Back in January frank eight. I got an article sent to me. About a college actually Harrisburg university. Offering scholarships to students playing these Boris tonight I just couldn't believe there are so busy sports. Tonight I know attendees I immediately. Sent him the articles and what do you know about the season what do we know about this I'm such a gamer as well in the you know this is this is the biggest industry going it's. Exploding all over the place is starting to tell me about all of the new facilities the Luxor for example just built a 30000 square foot arena in Vegas. Arlington Texas is building a 100000 square foot arena. Two house competitive gaming it isn't enormous. They do it enormously successful industry about ten billion dollars could be bigger than me all okay I just just for the people who were out there I'm not sure I understand how I mean who you're talking about Arenas. I mean is that sitting in front of a computer playing a game what. What what is it how does it work the other thing that's basically it sound I mean what we're doing a lack of one is word renovating the facility herself. And we're gonna play it's 125 high end gaming PCs it's going to be like a state of the art facility. Right now I'm recruiting new very very heavily to bring in. Musicians currently enrolled students who I get together and see what kind of gaming experience they have but now that's the digestive and as we get together. We logging in Leah. Play. I mean to the sounds fabulous Dreier what what now what's your role on this whole program yes so. Joseph presented the idea to us and you know as a as a head woman's basketball cause she's just custom action on Carnegie you know and then he really diamond Gillick what does this mean what does this hinged industry gonna do for our department and they're really just cause us some media falls in line and every other sport that we had their you know on the same standards the same. Go to common do we have first enough reason and it puts us in the path of progression that puts us ahead. Come and that's only wanna do we want I had only status and one of the best so the more things ink and other progressive and high ending cutting edges is great for our department and our. Oh all right we're tundra this. Think more about how did the young people are getting involved and how you can get involved we're talking about an. Fascinating I cannot believe you know I'm I'm reading this we're we're we're overwhelmed with tax from people who wanna know more about assault Anemia in just a kind of a heads up here reach for a pen and paper or whatever you need to because we're gonna give you information on how to contact the school but I but I want to explore this more this is this is. One Oakland textures as well so much for people criticizing videogames especially taps into the people who love video but it's not a violent Isp. Or striped absolutely I mean there's there's all different types of video games but. One major thing that we want to point out is that because we are creating an extension of the athletics program is that we're we're putting an academic stamp on. And we are holding all of our student athletes and academically accountable across the board the same look good for the basketball team the football team. We want them to be fully enrolled twelve credits per semester they want them to maintain 2.0 GPA. Didn't take part in in study halls and tutoring sessions and and everything. Having topped the football players I know that that you guys have a a very strict policy which I think has worked tremendously I don't live bugler are held to a higher standard which really were children you say scholarships scholarships. Just like. Someone coming to let wanted to play football and blue women's basketball. There are scholarships for. Dear your recruiting someone for your women's basketball team you're gonna go on you're gonna watch some high school kids playwright you saw I mean I get. You don't watch people playing these sports and recruit them. I mean that's that's the beauty of a video games in and being online news you can record everything and for these games that were playing there's there's different ranks there's different levels you can be out and like I said you can record all of that and you can shows statistics just like you can for any other sport. And so once we once we get her facility up and running we wanna bring kids and can't complain together get them talking to each other and we'll see you but the schools are now there's maybe a dumb question but. What sports I mean it isn't all sports. So I mean. And we're literally playing video games and there's all different types of official. Are over watch. League of legends and broccoli can. And now ahead. Iraq really is essentially. Soccer for cars going into. And that even joking at the had to settle. It and then they'll over watch is a 66 multiplayer game where EE get to select a character that each character has a different set of skills and abilities. And the same thing for legal legends except as IV five and I mean that's where that the critical thinking and the teamwork and strategy come into play and that that's why it's it's it's that's why we're calling it a sports essentially is because all those things tie into athletics just the same other coaches. Guess study head coach and we have an assistant coach Robert ask her. Okay and or how I mean how do you coach video games. I can explain how Oden was explained to me what should probably help view on. It it's just that it is so similar to coach in nice or aware mania on the bus before and I'm analyzing a movement pattern or on the analyzing the worker body where they're they're essentially doing the same thing there's. There's season there's tricks with having your your hand placed on the mouse the right way in just. Things like that and just the strategy in its humor behind it is that is essentially the same then you know we would have to do on the football field you're on the basketball floor. Not so easy I used to you mentioned it when we're in the break commute is fraught Notre Dame Irish premier Wu well one other schools are into this I mean it's not just like or college discuss this nationwide it's. It's they starting to become nationwide there are so I'm just under seventy of us across the country and there aren't many. Locally in fact were the only local school in northeastern Pennsylvania are free sports. But we would be playing schools like Notre Dame like USC the bigger schools that we would never get a chance to play perhaps in footballer women's basketball or some other sports. We get exposure to their students. There are dozens of Community Colleges across the country who are also participating in the so there's not a community college vs four year college. Desegregation so to speak it's all one now. And infected I think just a couple weeks ago Tony I'm one of the Community Colleges in Oklahoma beat Notre Dame bank. I don't know what this. Yeah AAF there today it it that's that's what's crazy is we do tend to expose our name with the with these. But these other big name schools because like she said there's no there's no divisions there's no separation. Much like. And in the NCAA you have different divisions in which you plan this has yet to be. A sort of looking for regulated or regulated exactly. And so we have the chance to play the LCC up the road and we had a chance play Notre Dame and it into the options are limitless right now OK this is almost a dumb question based on the text responses I'm getting around just throw this out and anybody wants answered kemba it. What's been the response. It's overwhelming it's absolutely. Overwhelming I think. The initial interest has outpaced any other sport that we that we had to start. And you know we're we're talking about hundreds of people making contact hundreds of people eat kids so that. Armed students potential students people are and other schools that want transferred command high school so glad schools principals teachers it has been absolutely number moment. In a in a really good positive. OK so. If I in nineteen views you're talking you're drilling you're you're you're you know basketball coach and so you can't take everybody that wants to play basketball career so is this the same thing you have to recruit the best. Content that's very correct anyone can get involved and now another beautiful thing about not being regulated ged is weakened fields multiple teams for multiple games. So we can have a and so I mean as of right now I'd like this that are recruiting very heavily in we're trying to get everyone in the door and once we get a facility in nineteenth place and together. Like I said we can put our best foot forward we can have a JV team we can we have a lot of options okay I look I think though that one of the biggest trees. Us is I'm getting here and I'm sure do you he'll understand this immediately is that people are saying. That they aren't necessarily athletic but they love. Our sports. And that this just gives them an edge a chance to be involved in sports programs without necessarily having to be the jock. Absolutely I think that's what's great about it I think you know we're providing a platform and have a new first student athletes to come in and be a part of something. And that's you know that's that's why we have teams you know. So I love the social aspect of this and I love bringing more and more Stinson is enough incentive fallen our umbrella. I have a we have a bunch of questions asking for more information on what you mentioned. Leo legends over watch broccoli could you explain I know you mention of it tells more about what that is. Sure so rocket Leakey is. Essentially like I said soccer for cars. We can have teams of three year teams of two. Ended in what it is is you have a rocket powered car and there is a soccer ball obviously the physics are a little played with there. But it's generally a five minute match and score as many goals as you can. Forward rocket Lee Terry Allen for over watch from sarge. You have teams is six. You get to select from a number of of different characters who each character has their own specific abilities and strengths. Found some may be up offensive players some may be defense of players some may be healers and some may be attackers. I mean they didn't they key to that game is putting together the track team and that and that's basically the same thing it as subtly you'll legends. Is sound. That's five feet five he gets to select from over a hundred characters and I came. And indeed the skills and abilities and I came are very extensive so. That that comes down to finding. The right players to play the right people and and pair them together with the right people in order to. I'd get the victory. We have them. More information on our website I believe the end as soon as they were you know before run out of time how are people get involved in this way rush people are saying this is great because it's gender neutral right is I mean gender neutral bias so bright absolutely and that's another cool thing is I've had just as many girls apply as I've had guys and Andrew just quickly before you give us the information era to be a computer nerd to do this no not at all. And that's another cool thing is I've had kids. Contact means they had never done this before but on the interest it's all right and we're. OK sports program out of people to get involved well I mean you can go to or elect our web site Black Swan a dot edu slash. Delaney he had Black Swan a dot edu that's DDO eight and EYE at Flacco wanna dot edu. I'm more you can contact my cellphone 5705740437. And this interview and everything will be on our website so you can also take a look at WYOK news radio dot com will give you all the information. You guys are great thank you thanks for you and your.