Jessica Altman PA Acting Ins Comm

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Friday, December 8th

Jessica Altman, PA Acting Insurance Commissioner


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My baby needs. I've yet to. I still don't get the botanical. What do you. Stephen. Who's in Atlanta Braves you know. With no particular place to. That's amazing. Good. Was your record producers pick. I'd ballad not my and it never got quite an introduction. It's it's part of our show we usually have some kind of thematic music for everything because. So we just sit around and dream of how we can make it harder for everybody I'm glad that OK this is Jessica Alba and she's the acting insurance commissioner of our beautiful state of Pennsylvania Jessica thanks to take the time to let us. Sorry thank you prodding. And the on the show because men are people save money it makes us feel good talk about this notion now with senior auto insurance in Europe offices. Attention to it. So it though governor Walt pat obviously need meeting that they need that and Albania's scene near a top priority for the commonwealth. And consumer protection and education a priority for my department the insurance department. As the part of that the mission that we put together that he'll opt senior auto insurance chocolate. I'm a senior think about their insurance means there are there automobile driving in China and and really find ways that they might be able to save money by making changes to their policy. That would flocked to bear their credit lines and not alive that they may have what made opt out policy it's. And turned can be an expense that we want people to have the cupboard to meet him and not have coverage they don't need to that's what help them make that assessment. People are prone like me Jessica wanna get their insurance policy when it's renewed. They throw it in the are right it would benefit. Is actually because they look at they think Gladys is a long dock you and this is just about what I play paid last years I guess some okay an epic what you're saying is. As your life changes. So your insurance season there are very specific things in these policies that may change so can you outline some of the ways people may actually save money. Absolutely so one thing that's pretty common on an auto insurance policy. It will replace an income blocked the food cupboard where if something happened here in a car accident. And you can no longer a market the public will pay your bill pay your paycheck. If you know her work and you can no longer receiving a wage you don't need to pay for coverage for wait for police at. And so that's one thing that we help people fewer are tighter policy turn moved the comfort that you don't need can lower your rate. Another is in relation to your guiding behavior so. I drivers paying more when they drive during rush hour because there's a higher frequency and during rush hour. And they can more states are do a lot in a year because. Mario on the road marching and that you actually actually can no longer commuting if you're not driving during a slush hour. If you're not driving nearly as much as you use steel by informing your insurance company of and making sure your coverage is appropriate to one and how often you dragged. You can also save money. And for those and peanut Sterger our our recent anti NAFTA or that your adult children have moved out. They should also move off of your insurance policy of not something to think about it while I can lower your rate. It is the most joyous day ever on that happens in that exactly someone that is. And as I've seen people leave the family policy and it sits down a delightful and joyful now you also say. That there are other ways to save as well and that there is something offered called a mature driver class right. After the great benefit. That is guaranteed under Pennsylvania law but it every lie on the policy it's over the age of 65. You can take a mature got a clock but the truth by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation or cannot. And he complete back cost you can actually get a guaranteed five per cent cut on your premium and I can really add up. I was say especially in in families we have multiple drivers I mean that this sounds like it could be big savings class like do you know anything about the commitment to the class or how many hours to aches or whatever. It's not. Alarm clock that I don't know the exact number powered if it's not I'm not certain that going back to colleges and taking it cannot turn our pocket that. A few hours out of your day I would just speaking to the senior than Hershey Pennsylvania who'd taken a crop since. They were Italian actually it really played great they learned a lot of their did the new changes in their neighborhood with new traffic circles or may actually. Learn the rules that they hadn't known before and they found it really able meant of course that great bonus for the bleeding on the premium. Update using. Other methods like shopping for insurance I know when when my parents. And I when I lived with them. It seemed to me that they were kind of devoted to any particular insurance and I don't know if they did a lot of work. Investigating. Of whether or not they could save money elsewhere do you recommend. Two seniors that they should shop. For insurance. I always recommend that people shop for insurance on Pennsylvania has been incredibly. Competitive automobile insurance market. And exploring their options can copy save money or get better coverage for you the one thing to do you always an option and individual could have their insurance for a long time that people often can get it sort of loyalty discount. I Wear the longer they stay on a policy that more are he'd get cheaper it is and I don't want people to leave those without understanding that they well. Especially because they're all the new driver that Townsend that sometimes it may seem cheaper vegetable I actually only be cheaper. For the first here are adorable because we've got you covered stick caps felt. Absolutely shop but also make sure you understand all of the nuances that what you're shopping for an whether it's gonna be a better deal. I'm in the short term or really handle in the long term. So many words mean they they say that they were told to change your insurance every five to seven years street cheaper rates is that an urban legend here is that true. And effects. We had it been good ruled out every five depending here you're not always confined at battery by shopping around the UK and. Okay and I think that Jessica as you move along and may be had a car for awhile right in and you know really think about some of the cover other coverage that you can consider because. Dear really wanna carry. Collision and at do you really only one I carry full tort verses limited toward can't talk about those things. Yeah there are always straighten that you have to make on your policies then and one of the things that we encourage it. What you do burn your poppy or shop. I'm I'm not did what your what your congress has to understand what support means that if you why can't understand if you want such. Change your our coverage limit carrier deductibles and allowed not to deal. We have what do you wanna change all persons. I what you may Iraqi leader that's how deductible works would you rather pay more in your premium and locked if you happen accidents or the other way around so. Fully understanding all that coverages and the choices that you can't make as a consumer are. Double impact not just of course the price you pay but also the coverage you'll have a few unfortunately our in an automobile accident and you need to cut back coverage. Nice turnaround and your web site insurance dot PA dot gov and of something that I think is pretty cool that I have and see the forest for Smartphones. That anybody can use your ideas senior uses and it's the and you wrecked checked. App talk a little bit about that has not. Sure I got about a great app that actually developed by the national association of insurance commissioner. And popular you are in an accident I'll let you do what inoperable run through your mind who view column what information do you need but you need from the other driver. And I actually attempting an acute obviously on her donor can download it a lot he crew. All of that everything you need to do and it just something really great to have on hand to meet and. You also have some big where you did some statistical research about. Zip codes. And accidents that's pretty fascinating stuff isn't it. It is interesting and edited it's always amusing to think about how. Where you live skin and the cost of your coverage and then you get into the statistics that explain all of that in its its its interesting especially for those that do. I'm actually love insurance which is a very small group I'll bet. How did you Carla for insurance name is but how are you know insurance I don't loved. You know shopping printer and that everybody out but I. I think it's one of those things where. People don't like it because it's hard and they don't know that they're going to need it but when you do need it it is so important and it opted out could not get a call. Hardest times in your life and could be a regulator to be a part of making sure the consumer of those protections understand that protection and I can rely on man when they need that is really owe a wonderful place to be in public start. To tennis circle back to the beginning of this conversation when you're asking older drivers to. Examine whether they need things or not is it. George turns companies trying not to have a discussion with people about how to make their insurance rates lower mean. Did they avoid it should there be some sort of insurance check up that they do with their customers are not so much. You know I admire about our that's not something I've experience in the read and then there's that. When you are paying lots generally it's because here we're paying for a lot covered it not mean last wrecked for the insurance company and suffered bad. And generally intended that they want you to have that covered that that you want to have and pay what we call an appropriate rate for itself on an issue I've really seen but I. Always but once again I think check understand. What your coverage is an if you. Need help are a lot of popular it our department and here are certainly there are many trusted advisor. People opt for these issues but. I PDF we are also here for anybody who wants to talk about insurance. How could they reach that your department shot and so on he can reach up certainly on our website at Inchon and dot PA dot gov or you can call us two or 38778816388. Okay apps and if you are interested may be can come back and talk about other types of insurance Jessica did people. May want to consider throughout the course of their lifetimes because there are so many things. That we what about is this a good idea you know a bad idea I think about that the types of life insurance products and no nursing home insurance and so on and so for us would you be up for that kind of discussion in the future. Absolutely okay we'll have you back is anything us need to say about to of the senior drivers that may be we neglected the formula ego. I know I think we covered everything very well aren't Jessica all the men the acting insurance commissioner for the state of Pennsylvania it was great pleasure to have you Michelle thanks Angela. Chart here.