Janet Serino, Superintendent of Wyoming Area School District, about increases in safety procedures at the schools

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Tuesday, March 20th

Janet Serino, Superintendent of Wyoming Area School District, talks to Frank Andrews about increases in safety procedures at the schools in the district after a recent incident.


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Superintendent Janice are Reno is on the line with us right now Jan you've had a busy few days have a yeah. It's been quite harrowing and I would just helping we're going to be able tumbled for a wary and continue to do. All of the educational things we need to do what our student. However we realize we're educating the whole students and we take everything that comes with and one of those things to say. Now I understand that they you know I mean we we talked about the steps should took last week but now you're using the metal detectors you're doing all kinds assert or what what is the latest on your school safety probe proud. We are dealing is being began this. On Monday eight I meet have been using our metal detectors at art to attention since the students entry in the morning. I'll BI inspecting backpacks purses any kind of bag that they may bring end. And we had higher get some umpire take constable to help assist our administration and an article police officer went vests. And that that that's that's aggressive and get on I want to ask this question. Harrisburg. Washington and you know that you don't take their good old time trying to figure out what as a superintendent what do you need from the government to help you what do you need from Harrisburg or Washington. We certainly need as much funding if we possibly can get because I certainly. I'll bow I have to say I'm very pleased that our school board has been extremely supportive. And asking me to do be anything I need to do to help our children to make sure that they are safe. Any kind of bonding that we could that would certainly be helpful because not only are we meeting our door is. I wish I didn't coming in and the mining we have been keeping a constable here in our building as well. I showed any day consider any student center entering school aid. Also going through a metal detector as well as having what ever they're bringing in fiscal enriched so there's another percent. We ought to have added security measures that we certainly want to be able to can I want to goes to gossip hiring another school police soccer fact. He wants to be able to have education and we immediate respect need to make sure that action is safe because they're not going to be able to function and articles unless they can feel that way. Now based on wages and what's the reaction to all deception taken from the students and the parents. I really believe I'd I'd spoken with many many hidden inside and having meeting with the students. And I had spoken with parent app idea of a deal that. In the metal detector if it isn't some measure of safety I mean we have several players and those are things that I certainly am not at liberty to discuss because they are security measures. But with a metal detectors and what I asked students how they helped tight. Sitting in a bit of a line in the morning. Fed well they don't want a blind but they certainly about the fact that they can feel safer with do you have to teach these tactics. Odds are parents I have had a lot of I think it's with parents bring their own help. To come in and help us do that. And I've also had I'm looking at other things that they might be able to kill and be part of to make things better for our students as well. How I feel bad for the most part it is spot they have. I'd also authored by Allen time to be able to speak with any parent who read any concerns or pot and they like to meet with me individually. I would certainly make appointments to do what I did answering email and phone call assigned to get it I have received them to try to BB eight of those scared. I'm I'm just hoping that the parents will continue as they have the Obama side with tasks as I look back community we've also been bringing an end. Directly opposite to look at that can lead to meeting these political incident happened but I woke up chiefs of police as well. Janet I eat you know you do your your kind of responsible for the whole school which is a pretty pretty tough you know assignment how are you are you okay through all of this I mean you know it's it's takes install a neutral. I appreciate your gas and saying that it does but it certainly as the paid off staying how America if I cannot remain calm and cool. He's just going to look round and I think we have to be a level headed as we possibly can he act and it didn't really think through what we need to deal with. I have to say I've been very lucky to have supported my administration in my teaches them might boards. This is that we're putting stressing yields but I also have people's. And he also giving input and I don't have to make every single decision alone I'll go ultimately. I do you feel that it is my responsibilities. Well Janet I appreciate all you're doing I appreciate talking to us and I hope the most serious thing that you have to worry about this current parents forecasts and a delay or I. Thank you. All my my pleasure thank you very much you can answer Reno superintendent. Wyoming area.