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Wednesday, April 25th

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She's got to go and Cleveland. Pain and pain and in Scranton she might spa days per cent. We are welcoming to our show this morning on a WI LK a man who many of you may have seen no unprofor paying. Throughout our region Germany had to contact with Hammond has that gift shop. Or in other ways this is a young. Juan on good morning. Good morning through hell are you. Doing very very well how are you. I am side and and be forward and it creates I don't want to forget about because Bobby's these updates see. Who said he knows you very well see that's a lot to you. You want me to go soft in the interview because we both know Bobby's the hunt. And you know it. It could affect and he says he's actor are a lot of dug down in Florida are right. Yeah but he both he did that the development at times here and we talk about curious that they I thought he'd you know worked cooking so. Keep that don't forget she cuts reliably lately she's gonna be so nice to you. I because you what. So I'm gonna have to watch my p.'s and q.'s here. You know the. Don't yeah you know I very much open to everything solved. Aaron I did does seem that the movie the poker King and I also saw. The documentary piece that was also done about in the man who would be polka king. A few years back side I do a little that about your life story but for those who do not on your. You're a whole desire. Is slated to live the American dream current. Yeah that's special now. That what I went through. I kind of a copy that. In many people coding. And by Dodi their consideration foot put them. Which is great I was really bit concerned. How all of this big on the continues talks the right ball. When started their action and of course I would never give up and I am very upkeep. That's. We're doing here it is interviews and to. People upload them. And these ships and in my idea. Mighty. Experience. And get to that. Okay now for people who may not know the one to the one fact we have to get on the table right away. Isn't it a lot of your story took place right here in northeastern Pennsylvania Leon how did you find your way. To northeastern Pennsylvania and how did you embrace. Having a polka band and playing out on the road what what attracts you to us region. The more productive chuck surety days cheap credit goes to it he alignment decry the rules from the hazel but hockey dump on the front page of dom would that would also earning the confidence. Senate on for many years. They actually dot dot do broad support dale owns the biting through with the concept. And I'll idea they they got beat from Canada I was working in cannot be intimidated but to be chain cartels. Did the boating playing game in that guy named a knot things up but when I came to. Didn't own that he beat station the two two is built on. And seen this thousands of people and they're copying gamut hop beat duke where you know people all got a bit. And then on top of this site I met. A young group you know reportedly be a trend may moves around and I was bouncing quit. What 25 years. That's that that's a pretty good record that Tony I've yet to of that dancing at so. That's what I've brought used to the hazel to an area but I. Okay yeah and yet you've discovered probably. Have much sheer delight that people here. Have a great fondness for polka music and that kind. Of live performing so many people would come out to an end and dance to music and have a good time. Talk about it that kind of life for you where you had to. You know get your band in and take them to various places and it it's it was pretty challenging if if I'm going back. Oh yeah movie camp. Exactly I I have nothing to do with Boca. And you might background. Mighty music school and I was I used to seeing him operate docks today KG down monkey out. I was musician act or from Poland not. Quote they're kind of and that came out. When that when I came here and I was singing and Melo deal populate state Bobbie bean Don and that we did who would go to grab beat. Didn't go polluted to needed to to go till I changed the beat to vodka and everybody at that aren't they getting trapped again that back them myself. Wow but then again the direction I should go to like change. All of that police form and medal of these. To DePaul got and I end up obviously doing that don't like Joseph Dunn ET couldn't get brought this from our area. Then then then then nice even people might dull there's thinking. And then all pink. So to be a different level. And their lives in po and up. Would that the plate followed up with play top bullying that somebody got me cica. That's. That's that way you know and the agency would that spoke out all of the gains. Change here bit different direction more excitement. And then I love. Also I hear your work in any the field of hope that one time you're actually nominated for the Grammy right. Which yeah that's that they understood to have their mighty. You think Benedict knows he's got the scheme and a great musicians who led. Lou what you we have you now yeah like you say you know so let them and that. They beat me to the bed nominee. Slowed to a program he. A political think you would in their high level entertainment. My he had new big Citic that was the graduate. From pot of music school. Keep up the Pope got nobody. It is educate that the collapse they. Musicians. They not a that he turned to pull out. And to put that lethal more professional laborer in in the World Cup. They can be salute to some kind medical commission and then eventually this too guilt when you're recording for the movie Jack black and then everybody. They didn't believe. Support 'cause it can sound like dot you know would that be banned and integrate them great arrangements now. Wow. That that's a prime minister and I define get to with the U Basilan topic today you had. He had the band and you are on the road and you hand it the gift shops. And he's adults and knows some people couldn't go there and and get some. A polish treasures and so on and so forth just when did you get the idea. That you wanted to trying to get involved in financial. Investments was or somebody buyers cider or somebody in your life who said beyond this is the direction you should go in or did you just think. Yeah I documents and a place. If I was stuck doing it to others to Poland and in parliament in a leaky ducts behind everything was a little vote is very cheap. You would fight Clinton sends them at least held in a medic I sometimes I get up at the dog days is built. And Lou it's selling for ten dollar OT you know twenty. That think what we're buying for mopping and my two birdies. So and they say hey young. We don't keep you what we're gonna get your money guys that what you mean yeah when coming back and you. And you why don't you think you know everything you brink Dominic at least now we all gonna get there reach. So I. I go for it that I I love it absolutely do we when did you can bet torn knee and acutely view it. On the voted not to what my account two on cue up they'll kiosk. Missed the war. It is prepared that. That my hat to media news that it view everything. But I want them. I want to mention that I chipped to. Do more illegal. Things like I'll I cannot take from others. Newton is state so I expect to grow in the big cheese that. Don't ever think you sent a fine and that go for daylight land. I was doing the wrong thing but that being kind to bite days. Thought ten cents from Portland you didn't need that sense sense site you're going to. Bill vertical empire. It's sort of they kidding on ten different bids but then then there except that but he held on brand separate but it was get involved. I would have been told from my friend it's been so Oprah might come by a man who has probably put me all the time he was Joan quipped that I keep that job. Do not accept this. But he helped the blind date is gonna eat Jews to their own bit of action and you know he was the right. You. I make many bad days. I didn't. So we're ending might sell with the professional people would keep you write a fight I accept that out. Very and Noelle key. Dave. Do their brand said with a tree and me. Advocates and they just kept the good cop and they want it helped me and I and I went wrong way so when I was told. I should do what I doing it was. Too late for me what you do well. You won't catch anything to Kim out so I would keep going because they still believe that I would make it. But well you look at stepping up and up that look. It on my way. To not make it you know. Use that space and followed that'll be doing for mrs. Pennsylvania which but what is that. Download the moment for me and that's not true. I did do that. Why so what's not true about the misses I know we're kind of move and on the topic but to your web goes yeah this is Pennsylvania pageant and there were some. People who believe you I tried to. Yeah six I guess fix that pageant set to go her way is that right. That's exactly they would think that is sent on me and unfortunately. Yeah I mean fortunately the netted. Would there have been at the gates and it's showed that. I had nothing to do without. But. That that this it was bed and got goods so that you both those because you bet that they advocate. She did something wrong with the wanted that money aside about that was putting on one and that start dipping pot there and how'd that and I'm. But VI I I locked myself in that. Yeah Bennett and and certainly AM it at the at the end of this of course. Leon a lot of people who. Put all their faith and trust in you lost. A lot of money and them some of them were very very very angry about that. Yes yes that's unfortunately I'm I'm I'm those those sorted but they've. I actually was the moment. Opted accident. When I got bit but don't shoots. That you know millions of dollars underfunded you would to bite my musicians who get killed. It's IE I actually decides to go. On date it is on Chapter Eleven it's too cool. It to secure that the business won't be take. Overt through belong shall see and they of course in the merchandise we accept a million dollar. Today is is laying down mean this in this this two story sort of a lot of jewelry and merchandise you know soul I wanna say that goes into but I was making mistake after mistake I mean night. You know you can not kidding ten different businesses. And and and one man and secure Europe I'll but it is it we do with this. I unprofessional people are around today in entities and shape. So I looked at all. Am heartened to know how much how much money people who invested with you that they lost. Yeah upload to get that was I'm like million dollars. Five billion dollars who ate eight. It is. If I want to believe gradation. Which you was giving away or ten cents a bought Eva let. I probably would continue dot I would be able to he's due to Kohlberg. Dumb all of all this the best thoughts and I am I'm sorry about that. Wouldn't you know would this legal way with all of these things. Eight if everything went nav. Then but all directions you know. And the morals for diabetes federation more Ford did you know Wednesday. The weekly date Q is that it's a great that they've seen in in America basically they they closed the books they sell to somebody else. Well and they cry you know my daughter went 450000. Dollars which it. Which was worked at the museum and I have very easily so. Where do they didn't get too cute to doubt that gave it it was kind that kind of neat. Tool. Two out that accident benefits include just to give up so that's what Dick and I paid a high price. Now did anybody did did the investors get anything back Deion did and. How you guys will pray guides speak every month I hired but it situation. No lie I you know I don't need. I just want it to be a light to do think he pleaded that the longer open topped. What they do it now and what happens now will Qian that rate. To be dictate or two that it that the Russians. We're gonna take commercial break carry on because we pay for this but we'll be back with you. After our break on WOK it's 1022 against is that on the line may be seen his life story in the motion pictures the Polk looking on Netflix. And he's joining us from off nestled talk more about some of the events in his left which largest on unbelievable. Please stay tuned. Just your chance had a serious medical conditions such as terrible policy and his new born are born less than twenty years ago. The total to yeah. 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Do you traveled the upper northeast extension of the PA turnpike tied for 76 near Scranton. On April 29 the Kaiser revenue and clarks summit tolling points become no cash sales and cash will no longer be except for the peaceful play. Drivers without these events will pay using PA turnpike pulled likely. Simply drive through the lanes at posted speed of photos taken of your license plate and and invoices meal ticket. The easy pass customers continue to pay as they always have. Visit no cash zone dot com for more information. And that's the yeah. Mean we have ten Tony five AW out there I guess this morning is beyond the law on Yahoo!. Was the subject of a major motion picture had his connections to hazel sand and I would just asking him some questions about it his life and times young when you. You know you're involved in this and eventually in this this came to an end for you and you had to serve. Jail time for what five years does that rate over overpriced over five years amber. What it would jobless was transpiring. Did you wanna come clean with the people did you want to let talk about what he had done and how what was wrong and do you feel that you you deserve that redemption because she did did the prison time and you're trying to make the restitution from what you said. Well replied is Oprah's. It's got is that they're questionable because. I'd probably my fault but I would never give up. And now you've got your attention plugging along with that I take it and now. I didn't give up without it if I read you one that is. It'd be great for two bit restitution to the people and to try to make them. Did it kind of hockey opt they'll. A war. Now eight up cause it it it it by continual. I habit to carry this to give Bob I'm I aimed at the age that I can enjoying do without that money. You tight match. All I won't give up and I will do everything the best to bailout they died. And that's what they decide idea site. Two walks to do to do they show. That's only what I can do it by gonna go to the (%expletive) do it and and they've helped in diagnosis go to pot bit that it is that shopping. I not gonna make it much need to too great to destitution. But it by and do what I used to do and not it looks like it's a company alone these. Indeed but higher bit than ever. I able put to you that we gonna do about it looked until it that they I mean that's not exceed it. The union show that we going to have even not mean they can become made up body. They seek huge sticks it they are new Bart today. They put me all about to come over into the shows. I don't think he needs to be too need to. The positive thinking on on und dot. Sound the same day people who who who didn't think that way a lot of the money they. They dig down pretty scared if it I will. In the public duty to their highest starts right now but that's only the way to make money and it. So and that money will go to bed so I knew that you know hey look at he's doing something right and then they are doing. And there I do about the opportunity right now. Chip that Oprah well I'm not that movie that light up the pretty them. Did they start working on the but oddly show which would be date gave put cut kink on the roadway. In my book going to be that did do a population. It's probably true. Eight and all of these things at the relate that Leo we'd might come back at night I concerned about I kinda. Come back I'm. I and I'm proud that got beat that way. It's nothing mean that's I I thought he to a Dubai they are I don't need that yeah I bought it it I gonna make get every bout that mate to. Didn't know the polka king on Broadway his and that's something. Eric guesses that beyond the law on the puppet king. Yeah it's it's good to have you on the show again and not I want you did talk about it. Or that situation when you're in prison and you were attacked. Did you see that coming at all was there any reason that inmate attacked chew anything specifically or just a disgruntled what happened. Still have a bad dreams sobered up I hope that wasn't the reason I called. I am wrong cook but Maya. My suspicions. It's very much you're accepted on the outside you know it's that I shall not repeat that. At the crime Michael made I should be independent of treason. Like everybody all that you that can you know crying. Their attitude to try to. To be humble and and walk myself. They do it through without. They put me we'd have more errors. They put me in the war is treason in Delaware. If he had big some are now. Midnight is you know got to Wear a seat but have many independent. Treason. The jello. Very hippy in the business but I secure business in Delaware in the jail. Day. It could be they have called it needed to fill in a Daze prisons. To build up in bed. And. They won't do anything to to get Andy Bobby and I was dead in the middle of the of that war horse you can you can dream about that they put the and that. In this in that it is spelled with Dave it will witty inmate who tried to burn it jailed in 1990 by. And this 78 years in the basement stated that Saudi Derry. To state and I've looked at ports one when they. They say well it's about time he gets to try to eat with somebody. Well. It's like to let you would put that had at stake in it that tigers beat it is they. Can't catch. Cage you know saw and that's what happened with me. Idol might that might try to be my outdoor new dog is so what are you gonna eat find your such as. For somebody to wait it's so this. Think it well got bit in the war to go with that so that's when the wrong direction they. Date they thought I'm somebody out you know and and honestly. I'd I'd still till to day one debt. Who. Make that decision to put me like duck. And while it's it's it's sounds like it was terrible eventually you did. Leave prison and two you. Became that the subject of a documentary piece that was a done locally. What did you come any kind of reservations. About appearing in that documentary. And trying to tell your story in a different way that maybe people to know about no. No no agree I always told John equally the producer who did an excellent job. I told him Jon is the longest if you go and then made about lagged these laws. Don't make anything that's got. Yeah and days and days and unfortunately. Is it due to a bed he Kiki explain to me due to bed they're collection of show that you would put this actual keys will Monday to do quality product which is not true that only one thing what I would I I I regret that I I wasn't able. Being in des industries and to date two digits in the right time to to explain a look at best not. That wasn't pop band and and I broke out bleak and I am I may have very much you they could open dot. Meeting with UN Pope John Paul the second and your tour group. How did that happen than what what what well I met. I met the jumbled this second for all but twenty tie. Each time who went to Rudolph is this special. They called Ben it which you eight if he would turn to be out forty thought that foundation. Home win that two outings against state but a body counts. Don't like to stay up because they have a one stop till eight even in each floor for twelve votes twin did looms. You know but we did say we pay we need to stay. We eat would pay I would pizzas too cute to eat that that that good that we support that foundation that foundation was. To el duque. Date he'll breeze that was the goal of John Paul the second. They knew that I put up confidence 200 Americans would go on to say that. Everybody. Support when you go to chose to put some money on the I'm on the but skipped. Building demand was sure she eats it sure that the device dumb call by all. They were slipping in and put up. Did the money with that name with dates which supports two Cody by the foundation. We put all to get that and I present that to quality father. That that weight that Los. And I I was the only dot fall by 22 times. Need to equally by the Pope got. What got they only say what would be we've we've basically you followed dale put dipped put dale and they all week with very great school. We don't know week what ideally but anyway to get put IE on decades. Two years ago up the jail we think I went to Rome and activate these sit with my little weight of holy father brought. The year. Very quick out wait out this rootkit Oakmont you're at. Does this documentary pieces remain in and then I guess about that Davis the movie that was made about you. Let. How involved were you with the making of of that. Yeah it won't snooze you lose your play book Michael who I here is who filled the Bill Hall lights. John because that came over to Prodi that yankees play and did. He cutie deal although this would teach he was that he was that the wide web scripting guide its you can buy light. That I Rick you everything. Everything thing to junk at their body lightning beat go and he's got a pretty joked you know they way that we were working so hard. To make everything to do it bad at all. And Giambi clinic went to adopt and keep it fantastic. Job you know what I did that with these souped it that he note said and I he meant it that well. Dual disc called for a critic gave. Do corporation in there in the church has died we thought that would be well on my expenses. But anyway. And Nokia I got the movie and I I'm really grateful for about because. My daughter I wanted people to do and does not follow my good quality. But I cops. Not only then what what happened but may be sub somebody somewhere will that they don't go but that action. Now that that's good to what did you think about the portrayal of Jack Black as you would just thanked. Bad that Jack Black walk with me. Put six love and every night they still plan. He called immunity to sneak even when he was in in Coke but had in the you know. Up debt was 2 o'clock in the morning April CI 8 o'clock here I got it called for a job and we talk. He led from that day I ball. And I think Jack Black was dead need to date critic right is. What would he led me to my eight tiny compared to a good time on the face. On on the on the bond because we're taught we were talking in the say they saw but who played on the vehicle so all. Did it on top albeit they got my mind not folks of 15100 pages and and this. That job dot. Condit but since the I'd need some bank in the studio when Rory code pink. In cohesion bid that followed trapped and that which you may eighteenth and then wet week. When will that I wasn't sure it's meal machine in bend it meant a moment like about. So all you got blocked pileup that does it can only mean my oldies but I. Young Milan it's great to talk to today and that too. Listen to your life story and then what you of what you've been through an end what you're doing now I know maybe when you're in in Cunningham if you come to that event maybe we can catch up when you're there. Yet when you. And we appreciate you doing this Saturday it was a nice to hear your voice. Thank you thank you so much and thank you both went to give up the bulk up because they're happy followed up. He did so well. The Orioles might I and I'll let go to violence which the act only opponent that that but. Anybody who would it did have that goaded me. How does this show coming on thanks so much.