James May, from PennDOT to Harrisburg?

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Wednesday, September 2nd
He spent years as the public face of PennDOT. To his credit, James May didn't hide when the public was angry about road conditions in snowstorms, potholes that didn't get filled, or traffic that made them late for work. May would frequently come on the air at WILK News Radio with updates surrounding all things PennDOT.  At the end of January 2020, James May resigned from his position at PennDOT and soon after announced he was jumping into the world of politics. 

What May didn't count on was 2020 being the year from (you know).  Why did I censor that?  I didn't want to include that word in a story about a former Army Chaplain.  Wait, you didn't know James May was once an Army Chaplain?  What else don't you know about James May?

James May agreed to call into my show to talk about his current candidacy for PA House of Representative, in the 114th District, in Lackawanna County. We also discussed multiple topics including his time at PennDOT, his service as an Army Chaplain, and his crazy car ride with a then, little known, up and coming politician named Mike Pence.