Ira Mehlman, Media Director of FAIR, about zero tolerance & family separation of aliens crossing the border illegally, with Frank Andrews

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Tuesday, June 19th
Ira Mehlman, Media Director of FAIR (Federation for American Immigration Reform), talks about zero tolerance & family separation of aliens crossing the border illegally with Frank Andrews

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And on the line with us right now from fair is Ira Mellman. Tyrant thanks for joining us how's your afternoon gone so far so good okay the easy question to begin to and you can you tell us what the heck is happening I mean. I I have a stack of about two inches thick here a hundred different stories. You know and and kind of conflicting. Reports this is happening that's happened can you tell us what's really going on down there. Well what is going on is that the administration has been limited to two options to deal with this flood of people coming across the border illegally with their children. Under a consent agreement that the Obama administration entered into the Mac to the map to tie and dad eight Stanley which children can beat. DP and these twenty days. And that's clearly not enough time to adjudicate any kind of claim that we've seen here in the United States these other alternative is to simply release the entire family is unit. And in the hope that they won't show up ordinary Iranians statistics tell us that the vast majority of them will never show up so essentially. What is happened is we created the situation we're showing up with children. Essentially amounted to get out of jail free card and be sure that but the kid. I had to release you can order option which the administration is now taking it can be adult B adult can be detained much longer than the kids can be detained for ID can be insulted and placing the children in the custody of a relative who happens to be here in the United States or some other guardian or in the custody of the Department of Health and Human Services can go to. But because they're both of these options are bad options and can be fixed any kind congress too is do they pass legislation today. OK we are going to allowed the detention of children long and families together longer than twenty days in reasonable amount of time that is necessary to determine whether the family has a right to enter the United States. You could solve this problem today you if congress chose to but instead they'd rather have a political football pick around. So so you know I mean and then there's a story on the Drudge Report you know that says that don't like a 196. Minutes of network coverage has been devoted to this in the past two days. We're or do you think this story is going and I mean what what's gonna happen next. Well in the ball's now in congress' court there as well you know they're going to be dealing with immigration legislation this week should certainly be a part of it. But it's congress induced problem policy to be fixed they make the laws in this country. It's under the lies now existing administration has. Only two options I get cute kid in the get out of jail free card released openly or separate the adults and detain them. And place the children in the custody of relatives or in the department of homeland sit up and human services. So be it that they've got to give the administration even larger menu to choose from. And the most reasonable doubt in this scenario it is what they say. Okay we're going to a lab for the detention of families as a unit until such time as we can determine whether the family has a valid claim that I didn't know if they do then the whole family is released into the United States if they don't the whole family as a unit is returned to their home country. Now Ira you one of the things that I said was you know we we we got to improve the immigration was a real hot topic then it kind of dropped off the front page everybody's talking about gun control and a whole bunch of other things that of course North Korea and now you know that the and it popped up and we're gonna stop the caravan from coming in the -- we're sending National Guard troops and -- just an hour hearing 250. Young people a day each coming to cross the border and it's almost like people are saying wall why is this started again but it's not starting again this has been a regular a regular current strength. I think it is continuing and we need to address this. I know one of the ways is to make it clear to people that you are not going to be able to use your kid as a get out of jail free card are there other things that congress these statistics and I hope you come across as an unaccompanied minor from Canada or Mexico. We continue right back. If you come from any other country we have election win following lengthy procedure. Did tell us why you should get to stay here in the United States that this attacking people and unaccompanied minors to come to the United States illegally so there are things that we need to pick to remedy these situations we all. Also need to start holding the current government's of these countries accountable. You know sovereignty comes with responsibilities you have a responsibility. To protect the interest to be your own citizens and you're not doing that we don't hold you accountable in terms of pollen in terms of Abdel ability a bit of loans from the international lending authority is these of this sort of leverage is that we ought to be able to use against these government because. You know it is unreasonable of them to expect that they can neglect to be accustomed to citizens and then have the United States or some country and Western Europe to deport them. Now firewire one more question you mentioned and an earlier in it when you were you began to it to explain what's gone on down there you talked about. Consents. God did create or something like that I believe you're referring to the Flores dissent. And Flores didn't give consent decree right now people are screaming and any Elijah Cummings on the ABC newscast said this is 100% all created by the trump administration there and a double but by the stuff Flores consent decree was under Obama right. That that's corrected me the original decision was handed down in 1987. Then takes judge and done it I believe was in California. Under her and her interpretation. That. The field backed the ruling. Doesn't tell much more than play gave me a bomb had been traced and so okay we except that you know what you've been hearing is that you know the administration does not have to do that that's true. They could just let continue to let people use their kids to get out of jail free card. There are two bad options on the table there need to be other viable options on the table. The reason they're not other viable options on the table is because people like Elijah Cummings would never let that go through congress the last thing that Elijah Cummings and some of these other folks want is the ability of the government to detain people want up to determine whether they ever write ten for the country and they don't just send them back to their home countries they don't want people being sent back and so there gonna refused to that. Allow legislation through that would change should visit the holding true. To debate now Ireland last question and and who is based on what you just said. Our first call today was from a gentleman who said you know how can you send them back to those countries death squads squalor how do we send them back I mean if they if they've come here to get out of you know a sore I don't know what are we doing we just put them on a bus and send them back into into that mass. Well look I mean why would we have to face reality and the reality is that there are growing number of fell society is not just the Central America but around the world. And you know the United States and a handful of Western European countries. Cannot be expected to indefinitely deal with the human fallout from the failure of these countries to provide the basics that they're their own citizens need. To provide safety to confront the gangs. These are things that they need to do. You know to keep it fair failing they cannot expect that the United States is just trying to endlessly. Clean up their messes they have to be forced into a situation where they need to do what they need to do and until look and prepared to put pressure on them that's what can happen. Ira thanks heard talking to us Federation for American Immigration Reform I'm grateful for your time. Thank you my pleasure.