Ira Mehlman of Federation for American Immigration Reform, about immigration with Frank Andrews

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Thursday, December 7th

Ira Mehlman, Media Directord of Federation for American Immigration Reform, talks about immigration with Frank Andrews


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I I asked a Ira Mellman who is a media director from a group called Federation for American Immigration Reform to join us and kind of explain what's going on bench. Ari first tell us about farewell what is your organization. And Perry is a national non prop partisan immigration advocacy group that. Present interest and use of the American people on immigration policy. Recognizes that the policies are there to protect the interest of the American people. And they understand the country and we believe that those laws need to be important way that recognize that the American people are the primary constituency for immigration policy cost. Now before before we contact did you in the last hour people started out calling and texting about this Dhaka issue and it is seems like they're divided one caller said anybody over eighteen can stay anybody under eighteen cent a Mac other people saying you know these are kids we got to take care of them can you kind of sort out this whole doctor thing for us. Well and I too was a program that was instituted by President Obama it was very likely unconstitutional. Was just never challenged in the courts I no easy. We all understand the circumstances. Of people who came into the United States is children who brought about by their parents. But you know you also have to remember that when you allow people to come to the United States bring their kids and you grant them amnesty. I that you are only going to encourage more people to violate our allies can I think that the reason these people in the United States illegally is not a call to the American people it is the fault of their parents who knowingly broke the law and brought them here and like any other parents. Who violate laws as they need to be accountable for the impact that their actions have on their children. Now that that you know to be president. Has agreed that we ought to do something for the people who have this stock of protection right now. But you know the advocates for the illegal aliens and pretty much all the Democrats in congress. They want to pass a clean amnesty bill that nothing in there to give the American people assurance that we're not gonna be right back in the same situation a few years from now that the president has said he is willing to bargain on this issue but in exchange. He wants some kind of protections for the American people to make sure that our borders are secured that illegal aliens can't come here and claim American jobs. I can read former legal immigration process so that it is merit based rather than these statistics act. The way it is right now are all these things he says the ought to be on the table. And the Democrats and the advocates for the illegal aliens are simply balking at this and this it's basically threatening to hold the country hostage of. Britain but what but I mean that if he had two X two extremes to get you know one group saying we we we have to have this the other groups saying we will never support does what what what's gonna happen where we had it. Well I think I'm not sure there that many people were saying we're never going to support this. For the most part in both the White House seats and Republicans in congress have said you know we're willing to playing some stuff. Workable solutions for these stock recipients but in exchange and we expect that the Democrats are going to agreed to provisions that will give the American people assurance that this isn't going to happen again. And by the way you have to remember that the person who the point guys on the democratic side is Chuck Schumer. The Senate Minority Leader he has been a party to every single one of the promises to the American people there have been broken. We've been Thomas secure borders can actually were promised it hasn't happened while he promised that we're going to prevent illegal aliens from taking jobs in this country can actually make that promise it hasn't and kept. I knew going down the list every single one of these things are things that you already agreed to. So you know why not just say okay we we will fulfill our past promises to sickened people in extra present consideration for the doctor recipients. But they don't seem to wanna do that. Thought that your website says that the estimate of illegal aliens in the United States is twelve and a half million that's us a lot of people how many of those would be the children. You know they estimate that there about 3.4 million illegal aliens who came to the United States is miners but only about 700000. And doctor protections that you were able to claim under president Obama's program. So you were talking back to separate population here and there has to be some meeting of the minds here the Democrat is saying we want to. And the people 3.4 million. The Republicans are saying only the people who stepped forward and it took advantage. Of the program the President Obama. Created back in 2012. People took the initiative to do this at the base should be the ones who were considered. About the entire 3.4 million but who you know what I am. What whatever position you take what we should not be holding. 325. Million Americans hostage. To look no it most 3.4 million illegal aliens. I know these Congress's responsibilities to keep them. Beat out blood flowing and I think that finance the government we should not see our government shut down over that. Now you know a one a mark caller said that his concern is that so much money is going to I take care of the immigrants that you know people who are citizens of the United States are suffering is that is that a fair statement. Oh absolutely he's actually right about that. He is costing the American taxpayers about a 135. Billion dollars a year to provide for the needs people who are in the country illegally and that there are dependent children some of them are American citizens that they are born here but nevertheless the illegal immigration it is page usually expensive proposition. You know we're told that this is cheap labor it is not cheap labor. I think it is very expensive labor it's cheap to the current employer the direct employer gets to dictate the wages and working conditions. Because you've got an advantage but the real cost to educate. These other things. That didn't pass along to the American taxpayers and didn't know what to do powering this for a long time. Did it but you know we it has stick and we have to recognize is that it is the American people who are paying for all this and it's costing them dearly. All right Ira thank you for taking time money today I appreciate you helping us understand this have a good afternoon. Thanks very much Ira Mellman that is our group called the federation for American immigration reform now.