How Coca-Cola Gained Global Dominance with "Counter Cola" author Amanda Ciafone (From the Jason Barsky Show)

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Wednesday, May 8th
How did Coca-Cola achieve global dominance?  Jason Barsky got a piece of the story when he interviewed author Amanda Ciafone about her new book "Counter-Cola".

Here's more information about the book (from the University of California Press website):

Counter-Cola charts the history of one of the world’s most influential and widely known corporations, The Coca-Cola Company. Over the past 130 years, the corporation has sought to make its products, brands, and business central to daily life in over 200 countries. Amanda Ciafone uses this example of global capitalism to reveal the pursuit of corporate power within the key economic transformations—liberal, developmentalist, neoliberal—of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries.

Coca-Cola's success has not gone uncontested. People throughout the world have redeployed the corporation, its commodities, and brand images to challenge the injustices of daily life under capitalism. As Ciafone shows, assertions of national economic interests, critiques of cultural homogenization, fights for workers’ rights, movements for environmental justice, and debates over public health have obliged the corporation to justify itself in terms of the common good, demonstrating capitalism’s imperative to either assimilate critiques or reveal its limits.

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