Helen Gohsler, President Pennsylvanians for Human Life Scranton, about President Trump address the March for Life on Friday, January 19, 2018

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Wednesday, January 17th

Helen Gohsler, President Pennsylvanians for Human Life Scranton chapter, talks to Frank Andrews about President Trump addressing the March for Life in Washington, DC via a video feed on Friday, January 19, 2018


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Ellen goes where is the president of Pennsylvania's for human life in Scranton Helen how are you. I'm doing what else you face. I'm good how how long have you been involved in Pennsylvania's for human life. I attended my first meeting back in December of 1970. Praise. And I have been involved. Everything and then ninety then president of the organization friends. 1980. Tilts. Now what does it mean to you. That the president is going to address the group first presidents 45 years. Well I actually he is that the first president. A President Bush has and oh. Until President Bush is I have in the past. But I think it's fantastic this is what we asked what we're waiting for a president trump. Says he is pro life and so far as we truly believe that he is pro life. Now are there and other bus is coming from our area. Yes so we we have a bus going here pretty standard there's another one going from Wilkes-Barre. One from. It's a holy cross high schools and they are leaving tomorrow. You stay overnight. To go to the. The shrine of the immaculate conception and then onto the march for life so that's an organized trips for the student only cost. Also I am now aware that the church in clarks summit sir ladies these stones is also having a book. Pay presumably there are others but so weird but northeast Pennsylvania is going to be well represented at first at the march tomorrow. Our and you also haven't odds a dinner coming up. That's going to take place and Saturday's Janet January 27. That's to really impact felt at 9 o'clock in the morning and we of course accepting reservations at this time for a vote. Some marginalize. Him for his these prayer breakfast. All right Allan thank you very much for calling us I appreciate it good luck and I hope rush to help the march gets lots of coverage with the president Helen goes on pennsylvanians for human life.