Harlem Globetrotter Zeus with Webster and Nancy

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Monday, February 19th

The Harlem Globetrotters will be in town this weekend.  Zeus with the Globetrotters stopped by the WILK Studio with Webster and Nancy.


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I'm globetrotters coming to town it's February 24 are amazing feats of basketball world tour disease from the Harlem Globetrotters and the studio this morning. You know I'm looking at your bio and let me just say you it says here you have the Guinness world record your world record holder. The most basketball slam dunks in one minute. Yes yes I made sixteen slam dunks in one minute now you're looking at a guy who's never come anywhere even close to one slam dunk in a year the you know the basketball quickly Yahoo! around things about it it's not exactly bid here's the thing is sixteen slam dunks in a minute. And a guy like you six foot eight yes so does that make you a reason why I think that should be twelve to fourteen yeah. That could I got to crank it up or may be a make him variable where there's a guy with a switch the shot I would lose my vantage. That this. That's at did you watch the all star game last night if that didn't exactly what you think about Fergie is a National Anthem see you cats she killed the. He figured the league. I said that they needed a cigarette after hearing a thing that was pretty funny sultry. It would. I've never the National Anthem then to be before that you know as news goes it'll pay my Islam exit art is so anyway of course are Harlem Globetrotters all my guys so much fun it's it's great time I did to take that kids out at great memories from that tell us about. I'll what you guys are gonna be doing with the people LC. So this Saturday coming that the guy's got a chance to see is he got a 2 opportunities at 2 o'clock and at 7 o'clock at the Mohegan Sun arena you guys are gonna see some hot line slam dunks half court tricks out Spain crowd participation that's unraveled in sports we've come up into the stand there at the Mohegan seller might bring you down spin the ball in your finger. Come up into the stands featured domestically get targeted again. The ability to receive you know you're gonna have agreed to. And again I'm looking at west of where your bio and from information here now at our week we will late bloomer like did you hit six foot eight heavily hit because this is early on you got cover every basketball team to try to outlets. We're dormant in the past is okay. In my gut it clean and we can't just say I got to change the sleeves in NCTA. I did make leprosy was really eleventh grade I got cut from six grade all the way to tenth grade didn't like you said the summer to greater miracle happened I grew five inches over the site. And is still the all Michael was his teammates at the same thing for me it's Allison nice they said in order to be good at basketball you have this killer instinct a mean streak with a member develop. So it was only later on in life you know laughing people can't tell me do all you want to do is smile and dunks Holland and easily do that Tyler in the Harlem globe studies they need to do that so. It is important now for me played against the booked times for one season after college common and I decided Tesla wanted to do my life and for the last eight years and in Harlem Globetrotters. How cool is that that's excellent and it says you know and speak to be in a nice guy and all the rest. You have advice for young athletes to Korea I tell on until we got to be possible bomb be the accountable he means what you know mr. attitude you're you're on time or early. Exactly ME got too many people out there who you know they gamers basketball is is given to them just because they had the natural ability. I tell him because it will be the person that the clothes could depend on with his plan or his philosophy and he couldn't dress you and EE he knows you're gonna take care of it like I played a lot of minutes over guys who were better basketball players in me by far but because I listened to the coast you put me out there even. I played over people who ask Alice it's arousal walk on in college. You know and I took it is not just his torso because of life he knows he appears as he is he Souza adults as he bosses anybody who wants to give you any type of advice they obviously care about sued enough to one city data tell you something and is free to list the same as a hero. Just ask you this because of LeBron James sank right now. He's you know he's talking just like you are mean people look up to sports. Stars and they really can make a difference for young people's lives and now we've got some talk I host who's trying to tellem that he's got a shot up and dribble. You know I completely disagree without but just under your thoughts on that as someone who is you know playing in the sport what do you think about this whole thing. We you know we didn't ask for this magnetism. This is guy giving guy -- -- that mouth saying give us his microphone he gave us the ability to it to do the things that we do so you know with like Peter Parker is uncles and agree power comes great responsibility. You know and I think it's great that he's using his platform to -- either responsibility widely and I you know we do the same thing the Harlem Globetrotters we go to we've been to a 123. Countries -- provinces around the world as ambassadors of good will come later on a dale Willits who schools or go -- England to some boys and girls clubs in the area I'm talking that it kids about the ABCs of bullying prevention because bullying is a huge epidemic nowadays the school comes I -- opportunity as I sit with the kids modeling experience and you know I like that polygamy like here's this guy six foot 8225 pounds and if he was able to make it doable only experience that may be I can't do so is this really get that we get his hands he's a platform. Great now so there's a lot of kids out there who'll go watch you guys in an injured talking about advice for kids about being coach of ball. On the deal also think that act like watching kids go to basketball I also think a lot of the worry so much about themselves and how many points they score and you know and I think what's missing sometimes as a whole like part of a team we all again as early as saying. That's and that's what is so great about the globetrotters a lot of times kids when they come our game with their first introduction to the game of basket law and they see guys and girls out there who are enjoying themselves you know not taken his game to see is like SA -- student -- from the stands we're bringing you down were spent in the bawling your finger we're having a good time you know we're not yelling at each other we're showing you how important it is to have a good team bonding camaraderie among two teammates in I think that's what's most important about the game of basketball what you really learn is how to you know. Life skills for later on in life. So if you don't think there's any chance they're gonna raise a group of fourteen yeah. He and you think they'll drop down to like eight feet for a guy like me. And critically challenge there. See what I can do not address anything like this. Division are the guys and you get out there and see. By the Harlem Globetrotters coming to town it's February 24 are amazing feats. A basketball world to work disease from the Harlem Globetrotters and studio with a sport these thank you look at the arrow and a prom thanks guys value greatly I didn't get it could actually.