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Wednesday, January 3rd
Author of  "Inconvenient Facts", Gregory Wrightstone with WILK's Sue Henry

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Greg your rights don't thinks about captain planet in the planet tears like Gregory. Our good morning how I do outstanding I knew he had you called. Oh my goodness she's yeah I am in your if you recall though back in October predicted that the December January February we're going to be above average temperatures. I'm sure looked at a batter when they go to thirty to fifty year projections. And you know you cut that out I love your cynicism by the way is very fraction daft but up. Whip when you started to thinking about. Trying to speak out against. Popular. Pop I'm I'm gonna caught popular science right it when you decided to be that guy a you know how good that the fly and the punch on all that is did you expect to meet fierce resistance and have you met fierce resistance. Along. I want to do with some further success of the book I'm sure though they'll really be coming out after he was for long not just that you base surprised. At the scientist so recently spoke to a large meeting of geologists. And virtually every geologist I talked to agrees. Pretty much what with what I have to say is that there were not not a had denied error ID I admit it. Carbon dioxide has increased a bit and it's due to our burning of fossil fuels some of that carbon dioxide is probably having a small. But effective warming or on or in the temperature spread. I think there's the temperature increases greatly overwhelmed by the natural drivers have been in place for hundreds of millions of years such as. Well this. Actually turns out the new discovery of a giant star in the middle of our solar system. That's driving the temperatures. It's called the sun. And not say it's a solar cycles and it did did a lot of this is driven by via. But SourceForge. The abortion part of the lowest temperatures were called it was called them on demand among. Back in the media late sixteen hundreds were torture you horribly cold. 600000 people died one year in France and took in the steps of the laundromat in a month. Half the population of Iceland perish from the bad things happen when it's cold. And historically civilizations flourish during warming periods like Oregon. Do you actually force C Gregory that we could actually go. In the other direction and had it toward colder temperatures in the future. All all absolutely it's gonna happen but the problem is we don't know when it's going to app and it might do. This might be a harbinger of something now there's been a lot of work on. On the source cycles that were saying that a lot of recent report to just came out this week it's predicting. Thirty year cooling period of significant cool and I'm starting in a few years. It's going to calm. And one of the big guy over overarching themes of the book really. Is so the horrific things happen when things stick coal. Famine pestilence. A nasty populations. And they do things that technology. We really can't overcome we can't. Which is mechanization. And fertilization to grow more foods. But if we get bad weather like we have in the little lights agent the other cooling period Judas. Crops don't or don't don't growth of fifty don't have dishonest there's too much water. And you can't you can't replace food that you don't grow and that's that's a real concern. He has always been. Beneficial civilizations prosperous or urged people have. Lots of food. The overarching. But I think from most people just weren't my next meal coming from her alma gonna feel and feed my family. And there's an essential base and to colder temperatures. Can you go back to hire gave needs where your just in such a struggle that you. He can achieve any kind of enlightenment you only worry about it and basically feeding yourself so that would be that some. Climate dot gov and and no account for the fact. Did their charter was was way off I mean has anybody accounted for what happened here. They they tend. Quickly forget about things like that one of my favorite quote slow is from Yogi Berra yes he says making predictions is tough. Especially about the future. Than not it is right about that you know we can say. I can confidently predicted at some point. Remember back into cooling period. Maybe going to be another little lies sage. Were also at some point gonna go back into another. True place sage which would be horrific. If you look at the last guys sage. Virtually all of Keanu and most of the United States is covered in hundreds of feet device. Most of king of the marry would that be abandoned. I'd do to. National nice and you just can't live there so you know this possibility of the Donald Trump may be building as wall in the long boarder Crist we're gonna have. Eighty million Canadians trying to come south. Get into the southern United States. So when that when that climate. That event does occur. I'd advise your listeners to either buy a new permits you better yet move to Costa Rica. What do you think we may appear around for this or do you think this is on a lot of time in the eye and I know you said it's. Very hard to predict the future but still woody do you think who is what I want from us and our lifetime. Well 111000 years into the current inner glacial period and these that are glacial periods last anywhere from nine. 14151000. Years so it. It could come. Within the next couple decades term problem might be. The next couple of thousands of years. There's not a really good way to protect us we do know that these. I sync events occur 100000 your cycles. That you. I'm not gonna give details was caught the ball I commit these are quite commit cycles that are driven by. The Earth's orbit and the ball below the of the earth from the eccentricity of the a liberal or sort of orbit there. But I get I don't want beauty we'll and we argued too deep in the ways but these 200000 your cycle regularity. So could become and to that. In this is we have a huge storm is brewing. In the southeast in the ocean and often I. I looked just canceled a lot of things that they predict that some people really respect like lion I always have fronts whether belt like com. It's predicting super storm that may lead to some of the lowest temperatures we've seen over a hundred years. And again that that would take is back into the little ice age. The electronic temperature. The temperatures we see there. So why so much acceptance. Of climate change slash global warming because we know that to people often. Intertwine the terms about why so much acceptance. Gregory in your opinion. Of that and sites be dismissive nature of what you believe might happen. That's a good question. Ideal a lot of the aspects of climate change in my book inconvenient facts. But it doesn't. Leaves open Roy what's the biggest question has some what is the biggest question is why are they lying to us. It's a hole it I know channels are huge conspiracy but if you look at my book I looked at each one of the major. Things that we're talking about drought. Polar bears. Same element. Cheap way it's would see that these are all completely well what's what's actually happening. I live in the real world like your Rush Limbaugh I would move outlet in the real world I look at what's actually happening. And the ball on the apocalypse cement sort of predicted. Are these are just not happening or just the opposite what we're being told. And there's an apocalyptic climate events are really based on. Future predictions using severely flawed climate models. But then they often point towards and you know things like melting. Ice collapses as physical evidence that things are changing how do you dressed things like that. Well lets your listeners may not be aware we could melt the entire northern polar ice cap. And it wouldn't raise sea level one millimeter and the reason for that is. And the same with the Arctic Antarctic ice shelves. Because they're floating on water. Just think about the Titanic we've gotten 90% of the iceberg it's under water. So as iceberg melts and the polish caption now. The water this displaced it is actually he equalized. By the melt they can do that experiment and homeless. Some ice cubes and a and a glass and market level. I melt the ice cubes water level remains the same it's just saying what the northern polar ice cap. Sea levels driven mainly by entirely by melting of glaciers and the lights. On life and and that's we're seeing the sea levels been pretty consciences about the early eighteen hundreds says it is not the way it is not increasing. As we can out of a little light sage. Of glaciers started receding and they've been receiving since them. And that was completely naturally driven we saw that the little ice age the warming trend of Warren right now. Actually began the year 69 B five. So we knew that when notion suvs are coal fired power plants in India in your 69 to fall. We've seen. 300 plus sure some warming must have for that had been completely naturally drive. And what the climate warmer stressed and they're asking your listeners they think your listeners are idiots they think that what they're asking us to believe. Is that that the natural drivers of climate and temperature that'd been operation for hundreds of millions of years. Suddenly Steve ceased operations beginning of the twentieth century. We'll come off you know that's not correcting your listeners know that's not correct. It just doesn't work that. Gregory and al-Qaeda I'm saying that. I'll tell you that if you're listed through the treasury englishman approaching its purchasing my book both Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Are actually sold out of my book right now called news. Is IT it's that the spring there aren't on an Amazon very good. Yeah we routed Tucker Carlson interview really drove those numbers and for your listeners or give you a special promo code of 1776. And they can go to my web site which is inconvenient facts dot XYZ. And by that there was a promo codes 1776. Get five dollars off the books. If they use that. So you have the the book has been extraordinarily. Well received from what I my publisher talked to the other day. And cities and oversee another book like this make this is huge publication cut and the building that was. There are seeing large numbers of people buying multiple copies of the book. He just now perceive that. And what we're finding people by the book we'd go oh my god. You know I need to buy this for my kids my grandkids and people need to read this book. Good is the book is written targeting. Non scientists the main thing tiger about the book it's very readable. People were partly able read a definite real and about science pick this up. And in some cases can't put it down so. It's it's it's out there are also a peace sign up on the web site. I got about mayor I will send a PowerPoint presentation at the top 25. Figures in the book everyone who signs up there but I don't want to vote to be just something that's what's on the shelf. I want your listeners to go get PowerPoint. And have some things so they're idiot brother in law from Baltimore. You know post something about polar bears on FaceBook they can go oh what about this. And they can show actual science to its source but referenced. Now you a part of your book where you talk about. Hurricanes. And how they are politicized. Extreme weather Gregory is often talked about. As evidence. Something going on rang it was that climate change a little bit about that because I saw that we've never had this before these hurricanes back to back to back extreme weather except her tighter so glad you asked that. We have had hurricanes back to back back what we have in Baghdad or twelve years ago will simply no hurricanes we get no. Major hurricane making a landfall in the United States for twelve years. And that it never happened before a the previous record was eight years back in the 1860s. So with a bit unusual has been a low number of hurricanes some may have seen it three. Perkins was a large number but if we look at the big picture. Which is approaching it's actually been declining not increase. And actually the in a government panel on climate change actually recognize is that. And they say enters the link between increasing hurricanes the end the warming pursuing. We also see the tornadoes. Are. Decreasing 26 team had the lowest number of tornadoes and up 26 you know got that in the book. According to Noah who got could chart from an over the I've done in the book. What was number of working as they've ever over core group of tornadoes that they cover record. So that I know it sounds counter intuitive but. It. Well I think temperatures don't cause severe weather severe weather is caused by biffle and should differentials of temperatures in other words. A really low temperature verses are very high temperature. Lies in temperatures tend to equalize. The differentials. And actually leads to less. Severe weather regrets. Just feel like to talk about this for a really know what's another thing do you believe this floating out there they'd like to say now it's not what it seems. What they took the big thing when we talk you're gonna talk about how a lot of you that. A decline in a lot of that's driven the forest fires is a great example. I thought going into the book that forced I'm do you believe force far from increasingly probable. Yeah because California everybody ran into the ground yeah. Why exactly but if you look at the long term. Numbers are a force far transferred well documented. There are so long term insignificant decline the fact by just one back in the book. I took the forced our data for the United States back to the year 1960. I just found some other additional data from the US Census Bureau that takes a back to your 26. Again confirming that we've been out long Tom decline and for most number of forest fires and an acreage burned. And true to what you might thank you think would rising temperatures cool droughts and hurt her the forest fires in the way it should be increased but. They're not mainly because of increasing sort of wish to across the world to what was actually screaming it's not turning into a desert. And that's actually due. The directly. To rising temperatures. Which increased water vapor within the atmosphere at least more precipitation. And also. The CO2 fertilization effect means that. Plants don't need to suck more water out of the ground Chile's more water in the ground. Those things always tool greater sort of moisture. Which ban courses are dampening effect on forceful our first hand. And a lot of the other bench which so less rushed to short rest easy it was the plain is actually. Seeing great benefits. From rising temperatures and increasing CO2 which just made one of the biggest star overarching things in the book. And it's actually contrary and things may be your listeners have ever heard. Hurt this altered so fact based well sourced well referenced. Should do in the showed they give bureau web address out one more times so their dad because I Ann Rutherford he caught it if they'd like to get the book because it really is sold out on Amazon that's true. Yet it inconvenient. Facts dot XYZ. Used to promo codes 1776. To get five dollars salt. And go buy one for yourself from five for your kids or grandkids. It's it's well worth your time and it's an easy read. You demand an hour in. He can't be too much demand. If I actually I just I just thought or just. As by as you were calling me this morning I just don't pull the trigger on our second printing of the book excellent so we're gonna get. We we have in our workouts we have books left we'll probably get another shipment in and a couple of weeks but so if you wanna get better warmer now. All right buddy thanks to do the show today I had to that the great pleasure having an an it was sent enlightening to say at least thank you.