Greg Korin in Las Vegas

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Tuesday, October 3rd

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Craig carton is supper early but maybe that's not unusual for him because he was in the morning radio in northeastern Pennsylvania. On most every radio frequency possible all right Greg. I epithets but you know it didn't take long to get out of the habit of waking up early but it. I have a Golden Retriever who gets me up at 7 o'clock every morning those two particular couple blocks so so that's it's it's become part of the routine again. Also nice to hear your voice send them I'm glad the year well after what happened in the in the place that you now call home Las Vegas and if if I read drag on FaceBook Q were out thereabouts on Sunday evening correct. Yes I was that Bally's there were a bunch of friends in town from northeast PA. And I've met them at Bally's and we were all prepared for error. For some fun and games which we did get some in the four before everything went down. It was it was it was a very surreal bizarre situation to save at least. Not some pics well. I can't say it's not it's it's not something we expected to happen. Persons plus Sega showed up on that terrorist lists. Everyone's just kind of been well it's not a matter if that wind and it's it's finally happened. Weirdly enough so it will it wasn't one of your usual. Terrorist groups that you read about in the paper it was a local guy. Now. T know when you buddy Craig that have any kind of interactions with this guy at all. No I didn't eat actually even women rights saying he lived in mesquite. Which is very it's mostly a retirement community. And it's about. 3035 miles away. It's I'd I don't know that anybody had any interactions within. He was a retiree. Two is. The buy it by all accounts. Just been normal. Normal retired accountant. He had some money that you save them choose living quite well but it just. It is in right now nobody is still nobody still knows what's going on his brother was on. His brother was all over the local news last night and he was just a surprise to anybody else. Man and I think now America has kind of surprised when you're in at the casino on Sunday evening. How you find out that something was going terribly wrong. Well. Strangely enough we lead into it and actually. We we were at Bally's which is about a mile north of Mandalay bay which is where everything happened and we got into a taxi. To go somewhere and it was on the radio because the taxi driver had another radio and and a few didn't. He didn't seem to be too concerned about it you know over the taxi driver you know. And he was afraid of losing its fair. And but we just Turkish queen and you can police keep the property. We do that in that we don't like about a hundred yards and we had a drop itself possibly do to protect hit a and we sort of a funny which would which was OK for his trouble. But. We whitbeck in the valleys figuring we'd be safe there. And just in the short time that we could want to beckoned to Bally's. Everybody knew about it. And then not only not only did everybody knew about it but the stories are already started to surge started circulate. The story was going that yes that was the mentally being the guy who is. He did there was there were people shooting down off the roof of Mandalay bay at the concert which is right across street. The concert let me let me. Explain little concert crowd. He's so has been vacant lot across the street from Mandalay Bay's they were going to do something else there. Stand the developers money and so the they let it go and and there MGM properties spotted and turned it into a big country currently have. Folds five or six big concerts there you know festivals every year. And so the rumors going around that there was a band there that there are terrorists on the roof of Mandalay bay shooting down the concert that. It was multiple shootings in multiple locations being shot up the lobby of the New York, New York which sort of about. A block the street Tipton where every place in that they were there did there and so we decided we were just. Stay there are ways we were parked in front of poker machine and there we just. We figured that we would their ride out the storm there. Ten minutes after the had a turnaround in what they're there is Leo walkway going from the terrorists. To bell he's doing it started each other little walkway between you can there's a lot of shops and so it's like a mini mall where you can. Or through to go from Paris to the two values without even going outside. And artillery and there were about our would seem like a hundred people just came letting it was like something out of a movie being came running through there and all headed out the backdoor. And its external considerable health is a guy is some. So we got up to take from schedule and let us south the front door so. My first side was to get to a safe place. So. And this is is this is just that I thought is that the show room. Play within the showroom and I've been there many many many times says performer a couple times. And that. So I myself was that they were gonna tremendous start shouldn't play except they would not think it was surely wouldn't think that there was anybody and so I went to work. I hear told server follow me we went to we jumped on the escalator went to the Shura which is on the second floor. And try he's been there but it was all locked up. So. We've found a hall rotunda and stairwell that for employee use we just took off down that. And when not one of the side doors. And we ended up being escorted out to the back of the property where tennis courts where. And that's really cool our heels for awhile but I mean the stories we're going on there were crazy to reserve. The lyrics they're saying that he was in planet Hollywood which is right sort of terrorist. And there were people in the shooting at everything and I was kind of embarrassed skeptical public release its. Any that he was the setting gantlet. You know my best smell the gunpowder. They were shooting at everybody and planet Hollywood. Of course are all but it all turned out to be false. There was there was just a one. And real guy who whether. He is a big hammer to to break out the winners the wins that windows and casinos in the hotels don't open. Because so afraid in the sentinel com. But they're afraid that there are people might jump out the window and commit suicide after losing all their money gambling so the windows don't open. Does this go ahead take a sledgehammer and possibly know. And then that's that's when I'll have been it was just Tim. Shut. He just opened fire I don't know what what turned it gunning had a what caliber was put. He just started taking potshots at the guys that the people of the concert ground across street. And and this year is right around sixty people dead now in two over 500. Got sent to the hospital. I had friends over the thankfully they don't all the rights. We were worried about dark costume I was I was gonna show us so long running show a planet Hollywood for five years here costume was working down there. And nobody heard from him until about two. 4 o'clock yesterday afternoon so we were a little worried about him. But it seemed everybody that I know that was or gone out okay sadly there were people who weren't. Vegas is in shock right now. Sure absolutely. I mean it's it's like New York City after 9/11. There's just stick kind of appalled that hung over the city but it was. It's nice to see. All the march geez I IA I live in Henderson which is about a 25 miles. Tried for a minute right it's seventeen mile like 25 minute drive from the strip so and leave the house yesterday. Except to go to the food can bring Christmas trees. But. And I slipped and I didn't get home until about. 2:30 in the morning. How old cell like for your grad was that it would did you seal on a police presence was hard creating get out of that out of the city. Well it was so patrol out there was there was a lot of police presence that. You could that the emergency vehicles were just they were all over the place they were. They were arrogant every single one of them of if it was if it was an heading heading toward Mandalay bay it was heading towards. UNC which is certain medical center the university medical center. Or sometimes hospitals. Let my daughter in law. What works for blood bank at one of the hospitals and there she was slammed. They were she was she was she was our see things going for like fourteen hours before she came home. So it was it was just. Once everybody got out of the casino. In this horrible by Jewish terrorist hundreds of its. And they base that they hear herded us all back to where the tennis courts were. And we and we all Coulthard feels very very it was very. After reading that there it was kind of like who will relieve twelve okay everybody's saying. And then. You know people started talking and joking with each other and and there's just sit. But it was there it was it was just because the of the you know the people live from a different departments at their the beverage department. The casino managers they were all getting their people together. Been in spots Specter to make sure you know that they were all there that everybody was okay. And the rest of us just kind of all cooled our heels over by a Krajicek but it. As I said one Germany get back there there was a collective sigh of relief that everybody was okay. We just canister around and waited for the all clear to be surrounded. So we could. Get on with things you know. Who. But we were tractor fraud trial we're live there for about. Particularly fingers. For about three and a half hours. Before before. They said okay gays say go back Keyon. But there was still a lot of misinformation going around one of the security guards there again was. Was saying no no you can't go back and what they told us it's OK to go back and no no you can't imagine there's four dead people in there you back and it's been disturbed crime scene and yeah that was totally false human to another door and let history and. And this is where I I guess it happens and in every event like this that is sand you know that there is a lot of misinformation that. You know people soccer and there were multiple shooters in the multiple hotels are targeted and so on and so forth and and you're saying. That sound you hit it got kind of smelled gunpowder when that's not even at how how does it happen I mean you read their what do you think was going on. Well it's it's it's it's cut elegant hive mind type of thing. And you know. I think that I can get messages from friends and shooters at the Paris somewhat poke outward world war right now and were wrecked behind the terrorist. There by Israel which is right across street I mean people just these stories. I don't know what people have of their minds they think the guys consumer. Gunshots and smell the gunpowder is the human mind is saying here. It's very ships up so acceptable to powers of suggestion and once once she gets something like getting your head the guy in my you know the guy. I actually thought he heard a gunshot and actually Yugoslavian car just superpower suggestions. Justice panic from something else that. Peter somebody else saying that's. You know that you remind his very susceptible to happily. And you know the stories started going around him but as I said once we were out of the casino. And Outback Bowl the tennis courts everybody's just. There was a collective sigh of relief. Then hopefully safe now work or work out in the open and a giant wide open space. Is safer than who would be in the casino. Again the human mind is this is susceptible to that it turned out that was true. Tanks armored we've got to slide that you're okay and. Eat you know we need east sounds. OK and then and positive than nine I hope that to Vegas where you live in you know wean them you. Have your livelihood based is is gonna make. Recovery you're gonna show all right that's that's coming apparatus such. Well no I was excellent in the evil dead the musical which our planet Hollywood for five years. And it closing in April when they're closed I went over to the production of young Frankenstein. And now is we just finished that. Last week and they're not last week that we can before it was designed to be. It was limited run and so. Only ran for a short term and so you know amount. I'm committed to a that it. And new unsigned Bonior are at the end looking for another show. I'm sure you'll find one he always seemed to Greg currently got a five but I'm glad you're okay. Well thank you soon thank you for reaching out. As son my pleasure.