Greek Food Festival

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Monday, June 4th
It's time for the Greek Food Festival at Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church on North Washington Ave in Scranton. Sophia Fives has all the details with WILK's Webster and Nancy.

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The morning news western Nancy NW OK so it's a favorite time of the year the year goes by fast you know not this time of the year I'd love it because usually it's plagued. Really sunny and warm militia would get a little bit more that which I guess we are gonna get by the middle of the week but also it's the Greek food festival time. Just like the best time of the year Sophie is here is a fee of five tier Carla mare named when he Sophia that would it's always a pleasure to see even if you don't show up with delicious good. When you did once again if you didn't he'd be very sad. Hey you press consequence time Greek I feed people. I thought hey. Hey guess you do you might bring us this is such nice little I love packages but I'm starting tomorrow it's a Tuesday June 5 and it's going on through Saturday June 9 so let's talk about what people can find that the Greek. Food festivals. Sure you can find lots of delicious food we have our. Traditional you don't which you know gyro however you want okay you'll get one no matter like we have bombed spun a copy that gave up eight the chicken dinners. We have lamb shank dinners. We have bomb lots of desserts too you know. You know there are you can pronounce those words but could the beauty of it is when you show up if you can't pronounce the words he's got a point three let this. I'll have now have that John Boehner what is that the Delonte is those Omar are monitoring the necessary police all they are uncle standing right I mean I'm gonna gonna. Not as one of my favorites as well absolutely I am so there's a lot of really good stuff on view they have picked up till I mean you can order ahead in a takeout order a list for template under assault on our website and on our Facebook's as well seek and check it out for change afoot FaceBook page right our errors I'm looking Monterrey area they have a FaceBook we have a FaceBook page to our web site and design www. Annunciation Scranton dot org new. I mean you have entertainment to break my entertainment is the stuff that's we're getting this year. I love you like there's always music that's I am going to always what are we used to do is we go down Larry it's beautiful day get the food to eat outside you got the music playing it's just it's a really nice place to head for people who are at work a lot of coworkers shall go. And enjoy the time at the annunciation Greek orthodox church again this is dying only right across from these Scranton public. Library across your am I going college and I've said this before we came in here in the past it's it's the it's almost oh. Devious really because when you walk in the first thing you see is all the desert yes all of this because strategy here oh yes I. Actually championing go through my eyes a lot of great food if you get to the end and and that's where the deserted Michael my mom made a is that one of those. But if you see the dessert first start with like two or three of these are doing though. Algeria. Family the idea can I ask a question about this about just desert chair so okay so bock LaBeouf certainly the most generous for my glove box on my uncle Bob. So it looks like if you look at and I hope I don't but it like it's due to superhero books like it's all layers like it's it's like. The winds get this is made is it like made and there's a lot of zone players yet. Individual layers and then the walnuts and the sugar cinnamon not mad and I sprinkled in between each layer so takes like three weeks between Zaire. Yeah. Good it's scary it's it's one of those things are inducted and it requires a lot of work in a lot of love and yeah what. Straight stop on aids and we were eligible others there's you could thaksin in order. You can call in an order yes you can college in that run in and pick it up and it's and we have a little window we have like a walk through. Walk up window. Where do you pick up your take out order right along says don't know Mehdi army where Baxter called in and we have a beautiful ten set up outside waste tons of tables so rain or shine it's covered so it doesn't really matter. The weather's actually looking pretty nice yeah and it. You know the way out of downtown Scranton where you know where we're talking about caddy corner from the library but if you don't the address is 505 north Washington avenue occasion put that in your your after your GPS is suddenly a 505 north Washington avenue Scranton thank anomaly should put up on our FaceBook page to the information I was carrying out tomorrow what time the doors open if they open at 111111. To 8 PM. And every day every day Tuesday through Saturday as beautiful it's off somewhere go every year. Can't miss it since it's a great time there's no doubt about it. It's and if you wanna check out the website again is www. An NCAA that's within 88 and and you and the CIA. TO in Scranton dot org annunciation Scranton or.