Gene Talerico, Republican candidate for District Attorney Lackaawnna County, with Frank Andrews

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Monday, November 6th

Gene Talerico, Republican candidate for District Attorney Lackaawnna County, talks to Frank Andrews.


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Now Jean salary goes to Republican candidate is with us and I think in all fairness I have to say I have known gene for twenty years gene 25. It's a good wildfire. I should you know and that and I hate to think to Delhi but a sometimes I think in terms of tough crimes that you know as a reporter we were driving you crazy how are you. I'm doing well yourself I'm OK are you tired you are in just you know just kind of dragon at this point in the campaign. You know to be quite frank I I'm I'm really energized I think our whole team has energized we've we've had an incredible response throughout this county and from then went to old forge Taylor Carbondale. It's been truly an incredible experience it's incredible to get the opportunity. Just because people face to face when you're knocking on doors speaking on a column owner or going to different community events. It really get your sense of of the pulse of the community and what what things it is. But they are concerned about what bothers them cues from overnight and what you're looking for the prosecutor what are they concerned about what they talent. Well a couple of things first and foremost. Experience as it is a really significant discussion point. Well I talked a Coke. Once someone that's on the job and has a record to stand up you know over the course of the last 25 years as you know I I departed the office in March 2016. But over my 25 years from don't 1992 Tony sixteenth. Prosecutors 27 homicide cases hundreds of child abuse cases and so many different types of cases in between. I had the opportunity to. Mold envisioned different programs. It was just an art community whether they before our older residents for young people. Our drug prevention programs community awareness. Crime watch programs. All of those things they make such a difference you know we've. We've done some incredible things mark or drowning when you engage the community justice program where we tackled issues a neighborhood blight. And really still a great tool box for communities can use to tackle that issue she won those. You know one of the things that I want I really wanted to ask though and and I am sure I said that these are going to be different kind of interviews or are you know we're we're should grow up what are what are your roots what do you tell us about your family tell us who come who you are in your heart and soul. Absolutely I'd be proud to do that I am not absolutely positively blast. To be married to my best friend of 25 years of marriage one week after the election Amara. We both help promote sport took a few blocks away from each other and not. We met when Marlins in high school so we've been together. About thirty years we have some an absolutely wonderful daughter who's twenty years old now. I can be more capital and she is as student at University of Scranton and she's a junior. And we immensely proud of color and all all that she's accomplished. And that I think said yeah we grew up in a small town both of us not what I was young guy I'm I'm wasn't the best served a student since cold. And I really loved what I guess I'd like to I want it caps gas station are committed to bring you back here I don't know for sure to do on the corner of Drake Tulane and main street all fours and I can agree your primary learned how to do some light mechanical work or pond got so I delivered newspapers. And and and that made me very happy that wasn't so like I got exposed to the criminal justice system by I being an intern in the district attorney's office in the late eighties. That it really focus my energy in terms of what I wanted to beat. And what I what I aspire to be was not simply a lawyer but a prosecutor but as they said you know my wife and I are Stanley. I have been all towards residence all of our lives every one in our Stanley is in and around that area it's so wonderful place a little. And a wonderful consensus up. What might be the most dangerous political campaign question to ask you what's your favorite old forge pizza. Oh that's the tough questions. What kind of fees you'll actually when it comes down to I love the long. I. Geologists say is it is your your greatest accomplishment. Are or one of the things that you are most proud of it in the in all the time you've been working in the DA's office. I think that you know when it comes down to try to select one or two particular things. That's very difficult because you are handled so many occasions over the course of my career then each and every one. Was a real person a real family that were impacted by some sort of spoke tragedies. And I have very difficult time saying this one is more significant than another but there are some truly significant ones what I can tell you would attract. I have gained and learned so much from the courage of families as they went through these most trying of times. I provided whatever I can do was a public service might my experience. And prosecuting the case of one I've gained from those same when they have lost a mom or dad or brother or sister or god forbid a son or daughter. It's just immeasurable it truly has the courage to wake up every day and put your feet on the ground. And begin to live life again knowing that there's this whole. That's in your world that can never be replaced and the other criminal justice system doesn't very fast. To provide some sense of justice but it's truly imperfect we can never bring back someone that was lost. And from me. My proud moments are getting the opportunity. To be friendly with these people and to understand what makes them tick. And how they survived and how they again begin to try it. In their lives it's it's just been unbelievable this is unbelievable story time and time again when you when you look at the courage of people. She we have a bottom a minute left in the interview and I asked the same question to market pulse for all the people who were in their car all the people who are sitting home all the people who are having old forge peace or whatever what reason would you give them to vote for you on Tuesday. Experience. You know when you look at this race to presents a stark contrast. You have one candidate who spent 25 years prosecuting crime and one candidate is never prosecuted a single crime in his. In his career. And this job is a complex job it's difficult job and you know we're both lawyers. So in theoretical terms were qualified but if we used the analogy of going to your position you certainly wouldn't go to your general practitioner. To perform heart surgery. You would go to someone that has the experience in the talent in the time on the job that you could look at what they've done until constable and the result but you're going to get. That's what we have here and leaned leaned into the election night. We will be open to open in Scranton election night with my family. And we'll be anxiously awaiting the results and hopefully everybody in this community gets out and cast their vote and makes their voice or. All right well Jean I have a good weekend thank you for talking to us good luck on Tuesday. Thank you learn okay by a bunch.