Gary Grant.

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Friday, June 15th
What did an historic bare knuckle event in Cheyenne Wyoming have to do with Plymouth, PA?  The "Squared Circle" boxing ring was created by Gary Grant Jr. He tells WILK's Nikki Stone some of the history of the event and where you can see this one of a kind ring just for a short time.  It's at Grants Martial Arts    Monday thru Thursday June 18-21 5 to 8pm and on Saturday June 23 from  2-4pm. Admission is Free.

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I have Gary Graham on the thought yeah you have something brand new and made in Plymouth to PA tell us about this. Well and I I was involved so very closely Libya bare knuckle fighting championships that just thought about it. Cheyenne Wyoming. And it was the first bare knuckle fight. In over a hundred years 129 years I believe first legal sanction regularly fight I was in its. Yeah well you know if it didn't happen the thoughtfully fury yes it would be illegal. Charles Dillon what are you doing in Plymouth that it isn't Pennsylvania right now. Well where London and implement in the actual promoters. These sultan and Dave Sullivan junior there from Philadelphia. Yet. It and I do a lot of key travel boxing ring Ralph fight. And I met him at a promotion and we actually contract with the I'm. So bill called the actual rig that these bare knuckle fighting championship goes. Taking place and so we're actually doing the very couples fight here. There's a strong a local connection here. And do what what they want it was 88 circular boxing revealed that a perfect so awful. A twenty foot circle so we we built that here on the PGA it's. Really the first of its colleague in the we we shifted out to Russia and oil Entergy effective for the fight. We are well behind it put together assembled. And it was a one night of fights it and create site fights I've ever been involved where. And then we brought about it is it's it's implement that might Jim and we'll look very. You know we're we're going to be open up to the public very soon. Actually we got this really eat pizza. Do what I am frustrated I can tell inflate some. Well he gives you know he's we have outlets that if you wanna put down a punch the bag as we do our analysts and at all more illegal martial art being shelled them views you have plenty of our. Are you currently are certainly any frustration with the are you you're saying this is your GM. Yes. Yes it's regiment grant Marshall or implement. Them we we actually built this. We were also squared circle the that the square platform there. The circular including a top. And we don't database immigrants martial arts and it's on the Internet. Now is that specific though that ring is specific. For bare knuckle boxing which makes it. Different than regular boxing. Yes it I mean rendering itself is patent pending the way it was built. The he squared circle it is news trademark so. You're not gonna see an either or any other type of boxing him and they kick boxing to complacent up like this if you see the scores Serb ought TD. You're watching a bare knuckle fighting championships. And working and o's have we will we watched these already. Played in February correct. And these meetings are played June 2 options on paper view. Are you. Well that's when I accidentally gone and never watched because it was 66 dollars. As it is these indirect I don't think it's that he's big dollars that's I think you a little better deal about. It but. Yeah yeah. And we just coming to remotely accidentally hit by there was some kind of fight for 66 dollars. But that's just let my understanding the first one Alou who has thirty dollars five are. I'm eager to let that that might not have been the. Are there more affordable than watching let's say other fights on pay tribute. To. Well prepared and you know all that work that future interest that he. But. This senseless I to a lot of fights for the marquee draw business and watching real business. You using wants the fights start I've been playing with my phone and you know look different things to do just seen so many fights but you know this is bare knuckle I mean there's there's no course for the fighters right. I'll do this pretty exciting event I was referred crowd to be part of. Do you I'm. Of the martial arts and boxing seem to be two totally different sports in your involved with both of them you know they're both fighting to an extent. How are they Adam has had a you really both of them to building. A row how could. There that that's our you know what do well I was a kid up for whatever reason. I I want to be won a few things that I grew up are you wanna be. Sooner or ninja. These because you know the compromise my parents of the will be the pluses and and that's kind of how I got my started cropping world. You today everything has to be on the you pretty easy to be right yeah well I don't know what my problem so Dubya. I. Did you grow up and limits or are you from outside the area. I I don't overlook pretty I saw about two slots all. I'd probably go home to the northeast PA bully. Of that involved with that this bare knuckled. Boxing matches in nations and a national thing. Two main thing as well and you have a studio Rick they're implementing. Do you find that these squares circles on. Pleasure from your fun facts about the square circle. I think you're asking what. Well of course circles first I mean we we knew we do look at it is a huge 24 plus more than it is it's only two foot circle on the up. And originally boxing took place in and you know what they call you know Ray Emery was just teetering of people Korea Turkey you on the ground. This yeah and then when he started. It's when he started closing at the end. You know. With ropes or would do whatever they did in those days you know they couldn't get a Tibetan and a Serb also. Even though it's called boxing ring or even arrest clearing squared circle. I mean who are leash do you do the first fight actually taken place anywhere he goes to open a Serb also. So pretty interest in me. My goal is bring you the Sunday and that's not fox theatre all day because there really is. The first true glory. First for. Provides for. And hopefully it will there will be a hall of fame. It might be the only thing in the veteran of the bunch in whole thing because you have gloves there because they're pulled up I DLC. Going to be at this hall of fame. Yeah that is true but there there they burn up all paying adult you work. I mean and then there's there's championship belt voters you know fight posters does the story is that she looked fighters so. So until he comes to Plymouth and view EU our boxing. Your bare knuckle boxing and here's. Important people coming and tried over the next two weeks somewhere actually are trying to setup would be here. They get more information on the the grip martial arts FaceBook page or displays up. When did it for display you are always welcome to checking here at 57083009. Inches Bulgari and tell us. Great great moment. It is open. Well from got to work earlier frustration with it and that's what. I don't know if there's enough time how many times. I actually let people get in there and of Lou we get taken off the streets of Plymouth and put it right there there's an idea pulled off the streets. And in the boxing ring. Yeah we'll see you make a little more barbaric actually it is. Bode well what I told the promoter element of you said this is the budget that lets people see it. And his first words were you elliptical trainers are either that's sort of normal people treat it was special. Yeah it's pretty cool because. You know like I said giving ropes the kind of perfect circle will no easy task. Yeah Andy making it at its siege as well for the fighters were brought those was pretty cool you know he's become front factually going to be figuring. You know you can hide in the corner and there's no word gets stuck in it it was designed to make the fighters actually fight so. Accents too easy and you get that guy in the corner and just pound. And we have to do that Mullen to either apple could keep going and you just have to keep Golan at a mix of warfare doesn't. They're posting so you know on the if you if you don't get stuck in a quarter of that's probably huge advantage there HTTP actually got so. You have got a lot to last season before you watch so I felt that. Whom I might have a ton of these coming up the kind of damage check it out is to make sure you give us a call us now it looks forward to talking to again in the near future Gary thinks he'll. I do appreciate it thank you.