Francis McHale, Democrat candidate for PA State Representative 112th district talks to Frank Andrews

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Monday, May 14th

Francis McHale, Democrat candidate for PA State Representative 112th Legislative District talks to Frank Andrews


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And on the line with us right now is the fifth candidate that's Frances McHale Frances how are you. Prank thanks for the opportunity to secure listening audience of my. Vision and qualifications. To be the next state representative. From the 112. Legislative district. That's how people little bit about you who we are where you are what should do the holdco background. Sure I'll I retired from state government approximately two years ago after serving four months short of 29 years. On unlicensed eternity I'm a licensed CP AI. Have an MB master's of business administration from the University of Scranton. I was pretty years ago I was happily teaching. At the university out of tenured professor. Aside governor Casey downtown he said he was going to run for governor. I have some fact that volunteering his campaign I did he was elected governor. I resigned from the university faculty and want to work and state government and how expert pork. Seven years to four months with governor Casey in the Pennsylvania Commerce Department at the end of his administration. He transferred read back to France since I work in the state workers' insurance Fonda as an administrative officer or 22 years. And every senator retired two years ago. When this position opened up. I decided to run Forrest. I want it to use my qualifications. In my experience to our. That's the citizens so that 112 legislative district and that's why I'm doing books. Now I know I know you because your very active with Pennsylvania's for human life Franco. I am I've then on and this is part of my but as soon my platform. I've been down on every year for 25 years for the annual more neutralized. And a home I'm in conformity with governor Casey's position on abortion calm up I really think it's some. You know it's one of the things that's motivating me Iran home so abortion on the command the Roe vs. Wade decision. 1973. I think it it was cooked country on this terrible pass out and pump it doesn't motivate Mitterrand. So now when. Up in addition to that and and you know that's that is in my heart a big big issue too but what what do you think of the big issues facing the commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the 112 district. Centers there's the issue of property taxes. That that's a big issue I understand I understand the senior citizens are hurting. You know and but I'm against abolishing property taxes and shipping everything else facts I would be. In agreement with what senator Blake wants to do. All home in keeping his proposal is to rebate property taxes up to a 100%. Oh with a capital 19190. Dollars benefit 500 dollar rebate for renters. Without holding conflict 50000 dollars so last. And that would take care about 3.2 million homeowners and 800000. Renters. How would I pay for that I would paper that by connecting a statewide tax from the Marcellus Shale drillers. That the law had at least 5%. In closing what's called the Delaware loophole. On the Delaware and move cold. Is but tax avoidance scheme though large corporations. Corporations and Pennsylvania employed what they do it they transferred. And intentional intangible part of their business such as trademarks and to corporations state of Delaware. And then the PH corporation. Both of the subsidiary around EPA's side pays royalties to the sister corporation in Delaware. Portrait marks. And they quite a bit and expand and deduct that from the Pentagon and state income. The income ineffective shifted over to Delaware army intangible well. Assets in the Delaware corporation. In that state picked eight girl packed with some. And recently the Pennsylvania department of revenue reported that I'm pulling your watch 493. Million dollars through that loop all scheme last year. Which is 35% mobile home. Total amount Tatum business taxes for Pennsylvania last year so they glued to concrete thing that I would interest them. Thanks to try to result for her. Our senior citizens I know they're hurting. I realize that you know since they're terrible recession in 2008. On they rank up many increases in there on Social Security payments. Com I know that they're all medical tax Payer medical bills are going up purity here. So yeah now closer to look at things the other things arm. That I mentioned that in is that strong that landfill issue. On the keystone landfill. And I came out with a letter about two weeks ago I'm I believe two or three weeks ago I believe I'm the only candidate that address. The constituents. Specifically on that issue. And I'm heartened by the fact that commonwealth court recently announced. All reinstated that arm to back to lead commonwealth court of oak completed the black wanna county common voting issue and more so. All home you know I'm very excited about joining with a friend or lack of one now. All home in in a home who presenting Baum you know good district. To make sure that the DEP. On itself to the proper and correct standard so. Is all about France's one group one of the issues that has become. A big issue in the 112 racist campaign financing. Man I respectfully ask where your getting your money words coming from and what you think about campaign financing. Yup arm IE finds itself finance my own campaign. Home in my first letter to the voters in the district that stated that's what I was would be doing. I think my my first camp campaign finance report last week's. And in that report I reported that I spend approximately 171000. Dollars up from that point in time and I preferred. Out of my own fond. Com I out an additional 5000 dollars that's spent and I will be reporting that in a couple of weeks IMAX. Out of my own funding. I'm in favor of public financing of campaigns. On in Pennsylvania and on the federal level I think it's just it's. Also what's going on its wide open my Pennsylvania there are no limits. I've been favorable pool of money. For. State house races some states senate race to the governorship. And then limits Strickland it's like for the governor's race 2000 dollars. A person. Forest state house races limit so. 500 relish the first some current trends is that imagine imagine everybody's lined up period you included. What the other one question should be asked of all six candidates. What are what are. No I'm I'm asking you to come up with a question what do you what do you think everybody what what one question should everybody be forced to answer. Our group. A pity that that that's a good question. Com eight you know. My concern is the call it issue. Oh it's it's a big confirmed for me you know I'm not a home defeat here now. It's that's a personal thing for me I think the country and as an over the equipped for that well. I I was interstate in the first debate the third question that came up when we were in troop. A blunt but polite question. And bomb everybody stated their position it was out there and I was happy that. He would you know all the candidates were required commutes there on that issue as south. I mean I respect. Armed the other candidate's position on an issue. I'm telling you what my position of the song on the clothes so abortion on demand. France is I wanna thank you for taking time to join us gridlock and and and thanks for us for spending time this afternoon with us. Thank you crack my pleasure our friends is to jail and.