Father James Martin about reaching out to the LGBT Community and speaking at Misericordia University, with Frank Andrews

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Tuesday, November 28th
Rev. James Martin, S.J., who is speaking at the winter commencement at Misericordia Universrity and has written about reaching out to LGBT Catholics- "Building a Bridge: How the Catholic Church and the LGBT Community Can Enter into a Relationship of Respect, Sensitivity and Compassion" talks to Frank Andrewsabout a petition to cancel Father Martin's address at Misericordia.

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He is father James Martin he is on the line with us familiar city father Martin thanks for taking time to be with us. My projects well let let's begin by asking him to tell us about your book because the book is kind of in the focus here building a bridge what is it about why did you write it. Sheriff the book is about reaching out to LG BT Catholics senseless being gay bisexual transgender Catholics. And without a assistance relationship their respect and compassion and sensitivity can happen between them and the Catholic Church so it's basically it's pretty mild. Has the endorsement of several cardinals and bishops and archbishops sending a crew of my Jesuits superiors learn. It's it's trying to tell the conversation and trying to make people who are already Catholic of course LG BC Catholics feel more welcome in what is after all their own church. Now was this book published when measured according invited you or did come after our wasn't the book that caused the invitation. That's your question I'm trying to think I. I think that Serb party invited me last year or so I think the bendable can now only in June so I'm not a terrible memory if my memory is correct. I think mr. according invited need. First and then the book came out. Okay now I'm sure you know this in the northeastern Pennsylvania near my audience is probably about 70% Roman Catholic. And very very conservative and boy people are really pointed about this state and and I think now there's 20000 signatures on this petition to to say don't let him speak or what is your reaction to that. Fast I mean this type doesn't visitors that online from what I ate ice here. So and so you know and maybe 20000 people don't have the might be in you know the Philippines fraud now. So I'm nothing in the Philippines tax. You know they need to know that that a book is totally in line with church teaching and you know get the Vatican cardinal like colonel Farrow who has a prefect. The Vatican thank kestre first family lay any animal life straight in the box then you know no problem they have put this burden now I would just thinkers who read the book a lot of what's being. Suggested that that's kind of ginned up online and that's tonight I wonder how many in 19181000 people actually read the books. Plus I was gonna say I mean is is a lot of the reaction rumor rather than that having read the book I mean what what you what did you what did you try to accomplish with the book what do what do you want to happen here. Welcome to call the reactions. That the overwhelming reaction has been positive. And so you know I've been you know giving talks both in the northeast but in some places left so I'm from Philadelphia Philadelphia New York Boston Washington and have people come up to mean they're crying and asks hugging me and they I said the books gotten them very well reviewed it's been endorsed by cardinals and archbishops and bishops and their pejorative response has been very positive because most people at this point in their lives. No LG BT people maybe you know a lot of particularly. Parents and grandparents one very Childs and children and grandchildren to kill welcome in the church. And he has said that certain so that when we talk about the reaction. There is that but the reaction from the kind of I would say a lot of these certify our right. You know a couple planned orthodoxy police sites. Oh you guys actually admitted that he had never read the book and so. I don't know what they react until I think a lot of that is homophobia basically so simple. So the visceral hatred. Homosexual person and the bisexual person and on and on towards that comes from. Oh a lot of places first of all it's done. Not here so there is a fierce summoned his other or different you know I mean I I think they've. We see that in terms of other minorities. You know African Americans or Latinos. Irish Italian I mean at some point. You were Paramount nor an intense northeast Japan during the polish people suffered that you know for awhile so. There's. There is sort of hatred that lead and hatred as a kind of schoolyard bully and that happened. So I think that's that's part of it and you know there's a kind of visceral disgust about. That you know the same sex relationships some of that has there was Indian and they think the book is since stepping on church teaching which it has been so I think most of its homophobia. Dwayne day is what you say it's not stepping in church teaching did they are the bishop here bishop then Barry has said you're speaking that that does the screening process was was done to you have to check with him before you commence in the diocese. All of beyond. The universe to his have to check with them you know for a came into the guy's system for I think they did before it was. It might have would you have any communication with him more with the diocese. Almost. Generally know on the sun giving a speaking now I'm not really if I'm giving had invited to give a commencement address or some thing. Usually the president you know well I'm seminar is done in this situation the president woke you know run up piety to dish a pretty archbishop. But down you know these are I am in the trying to is that people are getting fewer people who sign the petition. Getting upset about a book that basically talks about loving people respecting them. And what the catechism asks custard don't treat them retrospective compassion and sensitivity that's part of the catechism. Well the people who I've again guests who have senior book or know something about you are are complaining that you want to read you write some of their catechism to. A differently ordered opinion you speak about that. Yeah I think trying to catechism. Says that. It's homosexual people are objectively disordered. There actions are objectively disordered and they themselves are intrinsically disordered you know there. And so you know they sure I'm sang in the book is you know we need to look at how that language is received by people impaired by people on yeah basically. All I'm saying is that there are several bishops who got fed said that that wording need to be looked out. And now imagine someone telling you are intrinsically disordered I mean how would that make you feel. It's just toss phrases. That the saudis more the less you know I would sound. I would giving a talk in Washington and the mother of a game boy camera to make a fourteen year old and a young man. And send in the united if I put this in revised version of my vote that's coming on a couple months to come that are quote. Few people. Understand. What that kind of language can do to a young person. It could destroy him. And we so what the book says is we need to listen to pat the probable excess what does that mean. Can we listen to that mother. And the stroke I mean LG BTUs are five good times. Five times more likely to attempt suicide. Then straight kids five times. Father do you have any any sense of of how many. Roman Catholic would be in the LG BT. Well that's a great question. You know I think you know I'd I'd a mother of external list but you know who bit the percentage of like 5% I'm sure you connect understand it around. So like five to 10% of the population boost LGB case. But if you know I think it's important to look at. You know how they're treated in the church and if you have for example. If you have 20000 people where they are now all over the world we think that I can't even speak because some advocating respect compassion and sensitivity. That showed you what they have to put up with every tech. Sounds. Another statistic 85%. And LG BT kids. Report bullying in school. Of those people. A reported 64% say nothing is ever done I just happened to look at these phases you know this morning. Now father god can I ask you don't hold lunches we have to learn to take a commercial break going to put John holder will be back and we'll continue our conversation. Father James Martin onto the world building a bridge commencement speaker at his record if I'm allowed us his father James Martin from New York City he is a commencement speaker and his record yet. Father can actually Regis some of the tax that are coming in because I I just wash and here people are calling you a heretic. People are saying I urgent cancel it talks schedules. This event should be canceled in its entirety is a Catholic I'm outraged you are confusing faithful Catholics. I'm I'm sure you get again a lot of this that the that these texts that are coming in are really really pointed. Your being called heritage you're being told to cancel your being told you're splitting the church which your reaction to that. Father Martin are you there. Yep I'm here okay did you hear what I said I say dump people are calling you a heretic people are calling you. Someone who splitting the church people are saying that. That this proves that the Catholic Church is losing members won't what are your thoughts on that. It's trading. It's good I don't know I guess someone called me a murderer has sometimes I mean I'm not. Parity in the particular. Kind of denial of her revealed truth and the Catholic Church like the resurrection of the incarnation. So asking people to treat. Go ahead hi there. Go ahead Sutherland right there yeah so there ya asking people to treat. Asking people to trade LG BT Catholics with respect is actually part of the catechism. She and as part of the catechism the most people don't read. But it is part of the catechism and also I might remind people of the gospels which is shows us the way Jesus treated people on the margins and he reached out to people on the margins and loves. And so the idea that this is that that loving people and asking their people to. Welcome LG BT Catholics into their own church is heresy is in fact. Heresy but that's that's. I mean that's a bad you know I don't think that people who he can't decide to throw around the term Mike Carrick tickets at Charlotte I think murder like your murder scene they disagree with you that's baloney. She's out what would you ever would you ever get to a point where you would say I don't need this kind of baloney I'm not coming to Dallas Pennsylvania college and his record your would you look you know I mean what was your memory walk away from this are you coming no matter what. No course I would have quit thank comments first off. You know I've had I've had people say they going to protest you know before and you know a handful of people show up then. You know why would I as well they're not commonly because his feet a certain few people. Who probably haven't read the book. And probably don't know what heresy means because really in the wrong way. And you're homophobic you know would rather me not stick up for people on the margins that's I mean what kind of general what I discs and 10-Q this is Jason had never. If you just you know lose decided that he would do you know only talked to people who except this Hemmer who liked them he would have never left his spouse and now the rest. Well father I wanna thank you for taking time to talk with us and I appreciate your honesty and now I'm good luck and your speaking engagement ms. recording. Thank that I grabbed me out okay but by a bigger brother James Marten. Who is from New York City.