Ernest Lemoncelli, Republican candidate for PA State Representative 112th district, talks to Frank Andrews

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Thursday, May 10th

Ernest Lemoncelli, Republican candidate for PA State Representative 112th Legislative District, talks to Frank Andrews


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One of the people who is running is on the phone this right now he is Ernest lemon selling how are you mr. lemon Sally thanks for joining us. Hello frank it's a beautiful day in northeastern campaign hi I'm sure it is I can't we have no windows and here's some take your course. Our borders so somebody genocide dubbed by introducing yourself to our audience who are you what are you know what your background. My. And then in turn this lemon Kelly I was born in Scranton. State hospital which is I believe now this kind of that you know burly veteran center. I grew up and I and I went to prep and graduated there and onto blooms bird. And I've got a degree in teaching but there were no jobs here so I left and went to Texans. And then. Eight ended up in May career in industrial electronics and turn your round. After that in. Now I'm running for her again this this CNET brand integrity. Two years ago I remember and then there's narrowly missed it. That's I have the chance to be true then I had a chance to interview you endure a decent honorable man I appreciate the conversation we had but I have to ask you after being so successful why would you wanna be Sarah presented us. I'm tired of see in this serious short changed in oh I had to leave because there was no jobs to enlist them and not no job no good jobs. I was offered and what do with the teaching degree I was offered a 4000 years can contain position which is the creepy. All important. Many of our. Graduates when you because there's no career position here we have an had. Big industry come and I would think compare well with the last time we had a manufacturer commandment and what was in my office. It's been it's been decades since we've had some good jobs here and and I think. Com. I like to move to aggressively pursuing new barriers new employers the company area to actually make phone calls and trying to iron. Small companies that are that are looking to expand especially manufactures. That would be well located here because we're so close to a major populations. Senate on these posts. Shut down mazzola's so let me ask your question and I'm asked this of everybody and I know I know that you have spoken about this property tax relief for what are your thoughts on its on the senate bill on the house bill where we're where you stand. No pretext. One of the important aspects of our American freedom and our rights on crop. And we got that right comes the right complained to to retain their property they have no one can get away from. Property tax. As it is now. Cause does good government to come and take your home should you not pay the tax cut and that's that's obviously a bad idea. I would have been supportive. He didn't really don't completely he can tax on property not reducing are getting rid of that. Because I don't trust them. I don't trust the politicians to that if we let them reduces that it would come back to later and then we'd end up put to practice. I think that what they don't like about our age he's 76 is a Texas clothing and food. To necessities and everybody needs I don't think that it appeared here. Intensely you you like to but with some amendments. Minor amendment protection now. Big issue in the 112 districts environmental via the power plant the landfill what are your thoughts on messer well. Gotten started. We only have three hours yeah. And well actually that I would love to discuss it and got to use some of these environmental issues but I thought let's talk about just absent without a doubt. The big issue that I have a real problem and her parents from day one instead. Putting that plan they're reduced to the property values of the people that live here by anywhere from 38%. And they. There are people brought up in meetings. They've brought studies from Berkeley and other places he could look here cook who gonna do this tour property values. You're told vote wouldn't apply in this case. There have been absolutely ridiculous. It's located in an inappropriate place. It's too close to the population. Phnom. He's one of the major problems with the it is sentenced it's going to it's. Without such an amount of pollution. He's. Well compared to fork. Yeah including volatile. Organic compound and nitrous or credit Richard carcinogens and we're talking about. And I just saw a creditor estimated 270 tons per year to pitch commuters. Numb. Bad deal then and it was. It was forced upon the talent and they're council and the solicitor can't seem to well. Over every time and it didn't vest and embody. Developer. Com. Combined and about you go to the opinion no tracks they're not stand tanks because they're not tax resolved and the Delaware corporations so they have avoided stayed there. Excellent so southern that thing now though is it MES a done deal right it's just a matter monitoring. Don't do so far but I don't believe there are operational some. My understanding is there are so very has been some settlement and they work cracks and some of the structure of sorts here you know an operator that this planet don't believe how. And yes but monetary and has he done and I have to praise. Very highly of the citizens for so congested because they started Eric Munson months ago testing. The water. And equality to establish a baseline prior to this facility coming on line because 12 time one. There you you can't do that you have to have baseline test it and I think that they are encrypting not a monitored by DP and another E*Trade or by the developer. Not by these guys. At citizens have been through so. Sandwich and some things to raise money. Are you know what about the land fill certain. I'm glad and so it another bad idea. We. The state of Pennsylvania the number one. Tom Cruise super garbage in the United States. In the friends who black wanna have brought out up a number of harmful. Effects of this. Land so it's been leaking for decades and can quite well I'm glad I. And then it just keeps getting bigger and bigger and they wanted to nude should it decide to quell the question we've done enough. This can be tracked from your connectors and and the story we don't need anymore well Bob Casey suddenly came up with depression which. Would allow states to. Certain they. The standard for incoming trash as far as. Recyclables in the kind of thing because it would occur. It would definitely stepped it up and restricted and expatriate obviously that the federal bureau in February. But that didn't go anywhere that was a good. Idea but she unfortunately can only work. Our diamond and I'm gonna ask you hold on a second we're gonna take a break I'm a few more questions Soto some of our our listeners they've Texan and some thought stuffed earnest lemon Sally is a candidate for 112 legislative district which is involved in the primary and we'll talk to him after we take a break can WLK and primary is Tuesday the fifteenth. Out one of the races in like one account 812. Legislative district earnest lemon selling is a candidate and he has been on the line with us for a few minutes mr. lemon solely on what are you in favor of shrinking in the legislature house and senate. Yes absolutely lights. Well first of all we have the most expensive. Government debt of all the states. And a smaller legislature. It would obviously save us money. And I believe it would be easier Q and 150 people to agree rather than 200 people to agree. Okay and that that makes them makes a lot of sense and a couple of any of the other candidates have kind of suggests that as well I'm. If if you had all the five candidates lined up here what question they think that we should be asked of everybody including you. I would ask. What would you do to increase in volunteers some. Unpaid volunteerism. For a organizations. Such as the fire department EMS. Locally. Now why is that why is that something big guy you're aren't volunteering. Well first call it. If you look at this area. Go ahead a bit of it is covered by volunteers and fire department and and I'm I am a member of behind the fire department. Come. To eat. The problem most of the organization couldn't voluntarism has dropped out significant. And I am. Step which if it had to be paid. You you couldn't afford your tasks and good because. There's just so many people that would be required. You have people that deal lions club that that work hours and hours helping people with. Eyeglasses. And transmission and doing other things and you don't even know about but you're doing this because get it and we we do bring the troops it's part of the American. What if beings. Estimate that that's you know volunteers and is always something near and dear to my heart so I appreciate that woman's eleven selling good luck to you on Tuesday. And I thank you for taking time to talk with us. Your welcome Franklin DUI but earned the slimmest cell.