Elizabeth Brassell of the PA Liquor Control Board

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Thursday, April 19th

Elizabeth Brassell of the PA Liquor Control Board with WILK's Sue Henry on the Know When, Know How Campaign.


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We are welcoming welcoming to our show Elizabeth the brash self from the Pennsylvania liquor control board. Where she is the director of policy. And communication hi Elizabeth. I am doing very very very well when I was reading the materials that worsen over it now. I was a little surprised. At the a young age when when some kids are exposed to alcohol for the first time and then subsequently a couple of years later than the number of sky rockets right. Yeah yeah you know we upright you know we we have embarked on the street search effort a couple of years ago knowing that we wanted to do some sort of alcohol education. It. Reached. We started doing a little research digging into you know scientific journal health journal than any doing some of our own research concerning apple thing up and find them some statistics that are a little scary you know there's there's pitcher adolescent health that suggest the one and three kids has tried alcohol by AG and eat straw that number grows to the street so that an economic health of the little shocking but then when you consider that journalists substance abuse says that children who begin drinking age thirteen four times more likely to become alcohol dependent later in life it. Yeah really underscored per they need to develop a campaign. That top step and about the importance of these discussions and agents perhaps earlier than they thought that. Pennsylvania is a statistics are major magically different from other states if you now. I don't know that you know we we took a look at the national research and and everything that we did specific to Pennsylvania now. What really gauging parents' perceptions about all of their awareness of underage drinking. You know what and they think it's appropriate to talk to children if they think it's their responsibility to talk to their children about alcohol. And that the vast majority have loving parents about 94% they do believe that it's their job to have these conversations what they can't get it up to this school it's not to it's soccer coach it's not up in the scout leader. I don't know it's their job to having conversations that only about a third of them had ever seen or read or heard any. Information on how to approach it and so this campaign turns aims to fill that gap. And answer reader in case people missed that one in three kids. Has tried alcohol by the age of eight so you have to think Elizabeth in your mind about age appropriate. Discussions when that when the kids are east. And yeah I am sure that to in parents might wanna Knoll. What what does work what's an effective strategy in talking about the secure. Absolutely and you know what those during the initial statistics are a little scary is that silver lining out we also Islamic kids aged eight to eleven are certain that magical age were their most receptive to appear and after back grade based steel capped at peace and they felt like therapy and the great opportunity and and well worth stressing for Panthers that this doesn't have to be one big intimidating discussion in the united got a piece. And think about. And it can actually be at he said very age appropriate complications. I am looking for every day teaching moment for. I have an eager upon another developing this campaign I was excited in the boat you know I know my job but if it gets a little early and how do I really do it can. I want I want to lend him a bit different tools and no way to know how dot org is the web site that provides all of that you know with the sanctions. To provide its holiday just about bits and pieces so it's not overwhelming for parents. Meet personally at that kind of became a little more are uncomfortable effect got over that mental hurdle of that it's going to be really. And it happened so organically. On my son and I were reading Harry and last pol. I looked up to the point in the big book one where pro Catholic world. Group to come to learn the secret of getting past talking the three headed dog. Like that light bulb went off and on like this this this could be you know which it's completely argue opportunities certainly wasn't expecting him to evening self selective reading. But he took advantage of that opportunity and it was shot and simple and I just kind of got a baseline of what his understanding of alcohol was what he's. He knows what trump be into it's a little too much quieter a little too much beer for adults who make start acting a little funny. And it was it was an easy conversation and it will be no weird he and his understanding and away. He'd meet confidence to look for those opportunities on an ongoing basis and can't pull that comfort to sit at the last few months. I have to ask a question which may make some of the listeners uncomfortable but if people are in a family and that they are the parents obviously they're able to drink in their homes Selz you know it's it's legal. Isn't deep part of it is. Behavior this being modeled in front of their eyes are they going to be able to. I look at this in a way were they see may be mom or dad dead drinking. And they think all right while they do it so it's going to be okay. Absolutely and that's one of the key takeaways and we have been talking to pass something to be direct focus groups. And that Pennsylvania. Are really having. At a tough time reconciling their own alcohol use link to what we need competition with respect supposed to have with their children you know and and it's. And so a wind mom culture has proliferated over the last few years senator social media means can't. I'm seeking jokes about how alcoholic and I looked up and king requirement at that point. And really hit it this campaign for a number of folks has history the number of social issues and so. It showed the web site like at that provides since the tickets and carrier expects it it really is an opportunity for our. Parents took static. What sucking on you know their own alcohol you've been thinking you know maybe maybe you don't want to be that mom that has. Kids you know on the first vehicle when he cut out the Stanley say mom's favorite drink it checked. Yeah. You know I can't blame insured may but I certainly don't want my you know my kids bringing back deck circle for the school. You know like it up comic having conversations with children but it's all about just becoming a little more aware of the adult how we're easing up on how we are modeling and children. And I I think that that's a good thing because it does seem that they do pick up on cues when we don't expect them to be. Picking up on cues so maybe it is time for us to look at a little bit of our own behavior modification in regards to those. Absolutely do and and you know another another interesting piece that came out of our research we asked me if I'm you know do you security alcohol in your home. And within about seven in ten Pennsylvania and don't have an and I can tell us what it but apparently never really a lot of you know putting telecoms shelf for Orton not having the beer in the fridge. And I think that we're encouraging parents come to think about in the campaign the acceptability of alcohol. And the hole because it's important because about 85% of underage drinkers get alcohol from not their own home the home of up into. Stating you know we need to be locking up to eat the beer cooler talks kicked eight years old at but it it's just again an awareness and and to get adults to start thinking about that acceptability. I'm because it can lead can under chicken. And know certainly there are parallels her Elizabeth with some other problems that were experiencing in Pennsylvania right now on they would have to do. With the OP would crisis the medicine cabinet and so on so forth so be able via a multi fascinated. Discussion with your kids about. The dangers of some other things that they may come across in the home. Right endlessly talked and particularly at our focus groups you know we did get out at some of that fadiman. You know there are so many others. Scarier things that I've got to worry about my kids you know this how kinda taken a back seat thinking about having a conversation with my child about alcohol. Content in the top priority. What worked to help parents understand that that alcohol is often something that leads to a lot of those riskier behaviors. And even outside of that. Starting these conversations. I'm having them early and often. Didn't really sat agreed to parenting foundation you know related to underage drinking just that he had deleted everything else as well if you could get. That plantation where you have an open two way conversation and I am and and get children become comfortable talking about these things at you how cannot. How can not benefit them as safe face. Rick here and scarier things I think grown mature. Subject compensation in sort of grow and mature as a child that. The and you said something earlier that I don't know if I thought about much of before and that is. That when your kids RV they are more inclined to listen to you than when they are fourteen or fifteen and then there they say look mom doesn't know anything look at her. Right and they get yours kind of derisive of of your. I existence. The research supports that but it is sort of back golden age of opportunity com and the influence that parent I think sometimes underestimate their own and trying. The 80% of teens say it to the biggest factor in whether or not they decide to drink but again if you lay that foundation even before their teens and you can really think getting to their heads before they bombed during the interval a teenager monster you know APEC great except that. C area you have two little boys and they're not in me at the end age were there and rebelling openly or this. Yet now but I mean you know that first conversation with my son that it was by opening tip get to understand that he knows what drunk mean and you know I have to admit it and talk about it. Land and kind of got pavlik I roll like like got that step it's so low why would we even. You know I don't even think about it but I'm Betty eight blanket that I know where he would. And it went polity it came around and there was the kid line in there ready adult cocky confidence. And questions about you know why why is it that I have the kid line and you have that in the conversation about how he'd had during celebrations everybody can have a special treatment to celebrate we expect the tip line it's not rockaholic in the adult popular alcoholic and you know there's recent. You have some materials that earn in a good centrally located. East so if they if people are listening to us right now Elizabeth and their thinking. Well I like to know more and I'd like to do some research you owner hit them to the website these guys have put together which is. Extremely user friendly in contains all kinds of our resources. For my parents with kids of of all ages which is off some. That was the goal it's www. No way no how dot org. And and the web site provides a lot of information that the commission on these physical effects of alcohol on the developing body and it provides information on the I'm legal and criminal consequences for both adults and children and engaged in underage striking. And that provides that particular scenario that how to eat right up by the teachable moment how to treat everyday activities into opportunities for these discussions. And so we get we developed it intentionally you know again bits and pieces not overwhelming. I'm TJ it really facilitate these conversations between parents and kids. And we'll now and I knew I know when the kids are real little dull never latch on to this but we do now. That there are real evidence based. Studies that show Elizabeth that the the when the brain is for remain. That alcohol could really harm. A child's a development. And in their full brain development to really does not take place until they're in their early twenties. And I know that's a hard sell. But when when I think about big kids today I think about so well a lot of them wanna be at their greatest potential mate who would be able to tell them listen. You're really hurting yourself with. Yeah you know we heard from talking to Pennsylvania and since that different things appeal to different kids cannot I would try to prevent a variety declaration on the web site. Our kids who are fascinated by science that really you know we heard from Mike actually firm would be fascinated to learn about that the brain damaged and cell damage all of that medical staff would really appeal to. Apparently heard from say that's not gonna get them to get the world will get to like hit it if he gets caught underage drinking and played soccer anymore. And feel it we again we try to provide information in a variety of different on different subject matters different approaches to the conversation. And helpful under stress from the let's say we developed we put all of the typing on the web site for the TV commercials that radio commercials we have web banners. We also try to make this campaign accessible to parks and promotion ladder back the a school. A local community organization and I'm public culture and chest. Nobody can go on to that web site and grabbed a one teacher or handout or you know utilize their digital assets can and come up a month social media so those partners that protection that this message really resonates with and and may have. An avenue for reaching even more apparent we encourage them to go in no way no how dot org and and helped to promote that not just much of that cap. A cat before really done Elizabeth what else what might we be missing air what don't we know although we should be doing these thank his. It it it should be very obvious to people that sometimes they miss it. I keep you believe that we're stretching your number one alert that backs a lot of those facts we just talked about the consequences and underage drinking the impact of underage drinking. And again peace and have a tremendous influence so encouraging parents to use fat and content having these conversations. I am starting to cover it patent earlier than parents thought necessary thing that's one of the big things that came out of this since that need help thanks to Gerald let. Allow it's it's really what I should start thinking about it and and we think that it's affected if you do start Ackerley. And yeah at some sort of a gimme but you know parents stay involved know what your kids because I know what they're doing and even be on the get to milk and your kids first and I'm even if you alcoholic teacher in your home maybe it's not that her you know kids their kid to cure its creature earthen and they're going to be leaving your environments at some point so knowing Mac community Europe part of and personally again just to think about how you can secure alcohol in your home. Okay and these there are good ideas also that that reinforcement. That goes between. Parents who tock and school programs that talk of there's a consistency. In these messages sometimes that helps kids to write. Absolutely yeah. Well Elizabeth for doing our show that it was great to talk she would like to touch you in the future if you have any other things that we need to know. About the Pennsylvania liquor control board and the things that they do so I'm pleased. A feel free to come back you're always invited. So thanks so much still really appreciate the opportunity. That is Elizabeth breast cell of the Pennsylvania. Liquor control board that talking about the campaign. That they have it's called a no win that know how and certainly if you look for this on the Internet no win no how. Act as the PL CD you'll find out more information okay so.