Eileen Rishcoff Wyoming Area Catholic School

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Thursday, September 7th

Taking Harvey donations at Wyoming Area Catholic School.   Principal Eileen Rishcoff has the details with WILK's Sue Henry


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First to have a little girl from march 3 grade come and with a beautiful handwritten note to. Asking if we could please feel collection for the flood victims of Houston Texas she says we need they need our help. And she's got a two dollar donation per student. We then I PV ten an email from our superintendent of schools as the United States conference of Catholic bishops. It also collecting. This weekend and our parishes in emergency collection for. Those victims of hurricane Harvey Phillip kind of combined. A little dress down day today to his butt and monetary donation but we wanted to do comfortable that they currently have their bedroom here at our school. To do community tries to actually land and iron PP she looked into it. And they research that the Catholic Charities and taxes are looking for some new items and that puts spearheaded that it had just. I'm Brooke started this so little Thursday there and it just snowballed. And so we have a list of those items. And cart drive play in front of the school is set up. And I gave up a question Szczerbiak people who wanted to make it to come and we'll have people set up in front of the school they can just leave a lot of volunteers. Just drop off these new items and we have. That support as senator UT cap can Johnny. They aren't comparable. Make sure that these items get to Texas for. Okay now. Tell the people hope what they can bring in an alien in in situations like this and people are good hearted but sometimes it brings stuff that's not usable so we have a very specific list of items that you're looking for. We deal and I think that we got this from Catholic Charities or helping parent is in taxes. I'm and they told us they need blank granulated and they should be no blanket and pillow. If clashes and toothpaste. Diapers and baby away those are very much needed. On during for the victims in this devastation and then. Some are crafting new items for children have learned elementary school. A lot of these chill dinner and shelters right now homeland. To a looking to give them something to do so and the coloring book for children game and equally. Crayons purple children's book. Anything that's plan you know. We don't wanna take time but I'm not you know because we don't know what the protocol is in terms of transporting things that are not rap didn't. And field and verified that there you know. Could he is still asking for brand new items it. And I think that's why is this list of courses and our our FaceBook page if people wanna see it to the blankets toothbrushes toothpaste diapers baby wipes. Pillows for the kids coloring books trans. Children's games puzzles toys in children's books just to recap we sent Eileen. And do you will be up on Sunday this coming Saturday September the ninth. From ten to two I think the big drying car that the people just drive in an and drive out there won't take very long. And more centrally located will write off of that eleven land we now can help. And if you come beyond blaming avenue. He our dresses 1691. And we have an ill and I think that we belong driveway or not asking you to go off. You know into a small neighborhood Petra what kind of half of it eleven right up slamming happen ill come into the driveway and we come right around. Make that south buffalo lots of volunteers and they can just continue and go right back out to the ad now. So it's they're making it as easy as possible. To do this and it nobody have to get out of the car unlike anything we've got volunteers to help with that. Harrington also was the principal the school I think that the EU must be. And gratified by the response may be the scene with the students who who show their spirit of giving in a time like this. I have to tell you we have the that didn't and I know everyone says that about their schools and and things blew really killed. I. Yeah that we would probably do something and that's when they just getting back to school. I I didn't even have to face who wanted to help I have third graders coming in the same we have to help. And Napoli teach it we teach them to live love and learn by their faith and servant in the big part of that itself. I'm it's if they're going to be here they're going to be helping them build this club what which is connected with the Kwan as they will be doing their service hours. Lots of our families have volunteering to come and give up their time and our teachers and I tackle art teacher faculty and our staff as well. I I have the best group of people here feeling the whole community is it just let me see. I'm ranked well I we wish you well with facts and knowing that that's a great success. Act so Wyoming area Catholic school sixteen. Nine he Wyoming avenue is the is a physical address for people gone 'cause they GP asset. And then the details. Earn our our FaceBook page UW I'll okay. And then again Eileen thank you were room for appearing for earth creating a spirited but in the kids' T to give back and volunteer and help because that's. That's stunning if you learned when you're young you'll you'll do for your entire life. The police hope an I have to thank you for giving at this time. So that we can get the word out because of more people that now the more we can collect and the more we can get fillets cut at the whole community efforts. Again thank you nicely we'll see you soon okay thank you Bob.