Dr.Lynelle Buchanan.

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Wednesday, August 1st
Associate Professor and Chair of the Counseling department at Clarks Summit University Dr. Lynelle Buchanan with WILK's Nikki Stone

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And I had a call in my expert. Lindell Buchanan. From the collection and the university to help me understand this. Sex addiction is a real NL right. Yeah. And of course our addiction is one of the most powerful addiction. Especially the most powerful electronic addictions. It's a lot stronger than electronic gambling. And that I'm a big game means. And social media page what researchers have found is that that that are really difficult. I'm thinking it escalate and it's a difficult habit to break. We'll pornography has been around a months long I thought that was the reason the Internet was invented in the first place really. Can only hopefully get more porn I'll Internet and then it was invented. That's just seeing how people think you put and it's great. So it. 888 in its poorest and around a lot longer than gaming. Well that we have we hold different kind of escalation going on now days. And that its previous generations and it is reaping some very devastating consequences. Get a couple illustration that there was a news story last week. I'm aware woman shot her husband. Over pornography. And she shot and killed her husband. Hugh is no he what he had. He tried to order something she can't believe order and then he did it anyway and that he shot as she killed and another one manner intersection let's write columns of I met me in it then. And that could mean that definitely right cinema ironic. I'm story ever at last week that being ushered into the writing a column for days do you mean. And somebody asked her what daylight view about my boyfriend it seemed to be and that kind of opt actual state and PM yeah. Some questions and one of the questions lies and he consuming pornography. Because she believed that pornography. It is undermining. Intimacy and straight sexuality and making a generation of men who are basically sexual in relationships and now they're coming from Pam Anderson. It's kind of you know it's like just. Suits me well eases. But he has this year hurt now and then you should post I think in the record of clothing for Playboy and -- you know. It's so she had that time baton that person for. You know and other women bite figures he would change that that part of our generation is really. Destroying young men and for the readers has that covered things like. It's my debt to body related to pornography and masturbation doesn't satisfy. Delayed sexuality in intimacy and relationships god and so it leaves the brain creating more and more. Without letting it it can be satisfied. And that's what pushes people back over and over again and then causes them to do stupid things like download stuff on a school laptop. Okay and out makes a little bit more sense for you this like you're chasing that temporary pleasure same thing would do in I drug addiction. And as you want it it's not enough I gotta get more got to get yet. Yes it is exactly and he is so here's the problem I'm not only did that. Frequency accolades. But even that bad per person that. It escalates. And that's and things that are not normal become normalized and things that are not safe to become normalized and things that are not act not immoral acts are more normal I think it. Stunning to me the fact that there are huge block. Pornography related to be reality related to it that just related to rape stand at these times and this is yet it doesn't warned it stuck get normalize it. There have been more people think that first of all OK she's and they're more likely research showed the more likely to want to try to themselves close to. Its outlook born to actuality it's phenomenal kid great. But they're there have to be context around it can make sure that you don't hurt yourself or others. And that is that what it is rejecting that context it said it if you function in that way at the spot them. But did pornography is escalating. I'm behaviors that are harmful chipped out and harmful to others and and normalize things any easier than here's the really bad thing firm from my perspective is. Important and you have to contend a lot of prior to see what they're discovering. Is that they're having a hard time. There having a hard time functioning an actual relationships. Though it is destroying. Their ability QBs sexual. In the context of an intimate relationship. Because they are so addicted to the digital versions. A case like this I mean are we have a man who's married. And and he's otherwise happy with his life. You know and then he's done downloading something easy going out and cheating on his wife as well as it causing. Other problems and friction. Well not meant to see that they're linking with anybody else from. I mean there there is great third set point to a regular pornography used to increasing the potential. For infidelity Howell and her for the amendment. That the amount for accuracy that they have experienced it makes it. Less likely that they would even find satisfaction with another person. To set it doesn't get on the same delta mend it don't mean high. Does it how do you overcome something like this. Well we're going to have to contend with it at the culture that has the research has really I'm kind of caught up to act on how tactic that is even from young man. I'm there with the adapting research that suggested that teenagers. Are not interested in in relational sexuality and for those. So that I can enter that had period that's mind blowing how is it that Tina Richards. Would not be interested in effect and in it because there's so. Addicted to the digital version. And nothing in real life. Massive. She's a lie angle of the digital versions it. That drop it. So they're research an athlete is overwhelmingly negative. I want the Japanese video by a Russell Brand I'm an a team that it. He's an actor English actor he's done. And musician I think you David Kay Katie Cleary at one point and it can have a movie. And he did that little video I think from his house and instead and grabbed all of that information about the negative effect of pornography need to let that I see that in my life. I think if I had total dominion over myself. That I would not want to choose that. And it and he was acknowledging that sometimes it doesn't feel like he has total dominion over him up like this it's something that is a powerful powerful draw its yeah. Because they're resurgent overwhelmingly negative. But at the society the approval. Pornography. Has increased like it's considered okay and is considered normal and ten in cape as recommended. Settle out why wouldn't we see that must mean that researches negative negative negative negative wire we've been saying that the that good next choice for us. Meringue and that now have another question too though aren't in a world where we excused everything as I have a disease. Oh there's something wrong to do we excuse we don't just excuse this behavior. Do we. Think. Well I think if there's a difference between excusing and understanding. So we need to as a society understand that power. This is it something they can very quickly become kind of liked dominating and time dominating and that's especially important. In regards Q. Understanding. What teenagers are experiencing with that because I think young people are introduced to it. It's such a young age and they are not prepared. For her how it's going to affect them and they are now compared with the new German. I'm can control and allow it if we understand the power of this. And I think we should be a little bit more support adds. To try to help them make better decisions that we don't have these negative range ramifications. I brought that up because I got a text in the center holt Harvey Weinstein is listening. He will use addiction for his plea in court. Well let's let's argue that I'm there's no question that has a very solid addictive property on the range. I actually detects and removes accountability. And that maybe that's part of the disconnect in the way I see addiction. There's some people that the addiction and something that you have no control over. And I and I don't think that's treated Jimmy people who have conquered. And there that haven't and most of the people at that point recognize it. Their own I mean part of the twelve step sister wrecking your own responsibilities within. You know it still. Still I think get there the day I don't think addiction and understanding addiction should necessarily remove responsibility. I think hopefully make that work harder to help people to it. A void in the first place. Iran as a society on a hole or something that's so acceptable I mean when you say somebody like Pamela Anderson who's been known to not only. Pose in Playboy but. I mean look at the way she's dressed in a lot of that and actually would say that because you know you womanly she dresses he yelled at for that too but. Seriously she's her own sexuality. To become a star. Correct you know right I also somebody texting and sounds like she's borderline hates men in general what about women who watch porn that you did you pointed that out that. Pamela Anderson had her own addiction and to correct. I I certainly don't hate men down and it certainly. Yeah that's. That certainly analogy that. Turn on her feet it's not just an issue format. A lot of the recent surge has centered on man and that's part of the challenge in the areas there's not any huge amount of research on the fact. On women's anywhere near the volume that there is and its effect on man. So it settled that part of life at the pointed that analogy because there's a lot of research on it. Now regard the city Harvey Weinstein. You know part of what we have to recognize as part of their meet cute era. Is that that there has an Cheney. Our way of looking women. There has been very normal lie to our society and it is really valuing women in their teens are most in the entirety. For the sexuality for appearance. For for how they gratify. Meant. And that's that's what has allowed some of these people and places of power to abuse that power. By taking advantage of women and not caring about that women can now just what can that women and what can that woman do. For me. And it did this it is very negative try and in our society I think we have to push back against all of these forces. That are deep personalizing women and how and turning them into a chunk of meat and there's no question pornography. Contributed. Pornography contribute to I'm a negative view. The opposite sex. What about I mean this from you this wouldn't. A man that the men become addicted to porn because we can get off with porn rather than honestly. Deal with the boat load of crap that women put us through in order to get sex. Some excuse for being taught core human being I think. And he is I don't I'm sorry what was that didn't. Well I'm a little bit and there's no question that per vehicle lot easier than a real relationship. We're relationship complex and it require compromise to get their required. Working with another person but I would argue I've been happily married for 23 years and I do you mean happily married. And this is. Yes. In those processes. I have found joy and satisfaction in the area of my life. So I think it did it definitely something that we should be expiring Q did that intimate side of sexuality. Even though it didn't work and there's no question that it take to work. Nine I got another text sex addiction isn't just porn it's than it has in many ways. And on and I put in context with that he not only was downloading the porn. On his device that was issued by the school. There are allegedly. He was also was supposedly. Looking for escorts so there's a tie there right. So and that's still sex addiction. Yeah solidity. And other than those two things you going to pay for it in northeast PA you have to pay for IC a lot of people given away for free. To me that some you know was trying that addiction. You know what else would constitute an affair you know you're paying for it you're what else is did you consider. Sex addiction. I think and I want and that's you because I think that. A bit there's a whole lot of other things that. That a fact. The use backcourt and prosecuted to and not just a lack of availability. Sometimes it at his dire as you make sure that bears. No I am relational side effects that there's. There's no strings attached. Q it. That that's being cleaner Serb people. So. Yeah it was text and I have to walk away and you don't care about the individual down to power palatial links that are actually think that there there are people who. Who would prefer that. Over a real connection with somebody that they wouldn't have to pay for almost. Legally should hang in the studio for this discussion easily probably go on for hours. But we've normalized all perversion in this country pedophilia will be next. They are born that way will be their cry and is that I mean that's the fear were coming to with any of this. Well and Internet difficulty with that dialogue at the top ten and it meant that the slippery slope fallacy. Because I am because he said he did they can be at that back however. It's elementary content shock. We hear that assertion was actually mean to. That. Get past the idea is she warned thing and we need that that can damage. So so I think unfortunately it is. It is something that they are those who will. Consider that normal and okay now I'm I don't think the whole society is ready to go there. I and one more one more question before I let it go hang. Now at. It that this person's. Who sends him a message that says where is this woman coming from I don't think like this garbage stock which it would I think you're saying is just because you look at porn doesn't mean you're. And that it. Correct and. Well I had that it and and it's true but that is true wanted to stay. However. We that the research is just undeniable and that. That day don't wait don't mean as released in in habitual user pornography. Will change the brain. And so you don't have to like what I did today but I'm gonna tell you about the research that's out there because the psychological research on the it's a really solid body every searched. So. It would explain that to me so I can understand a little bit better thank you it's based on the research. There's a ton of research on the impact of currency I mean content and hand it. On a salary they're out there and it really speak to the fact that. They don't mean that is what it is like to release in the peak experience that our life it's usually released. During. Relational sexuality. Is definitely released during pre Nazi and it but it's released a little bit differently it's released without a break. It's released without a dipped in it that it kind of dissatisfaction think he'll leave people craving. More and more. And more felt for some people they might be able to visit periodically. Walk away but most people report things 66%. Report that not only did the frequency of their youth increased. But the height of pornography is escalating. In it per person that. They're looking for something more on something better I have to have you in again to discuss some of these issues in our news I appreciate you checking in with us and explaining that. A little bit better today. I but Linn LP Canon Clark coming university here chair of the counseling department. And our expert on anything has to do list dealing emotionally in this world pretty much right. I wanted to make up there -- I'm glad it during the making the union leeson's actually can understand things better. And we'll talk to again and I'll think Ari have a great day.